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Camp Quid by KenmareKestrelsftw
Chapter 2 : Meeting the Campers
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 A/N: Here goes chapter two! enjoy! Disclaimer: I am not J.K. Rowling, and anything that you recognize is not my own :)

“I’m Home!” I called out as I entered my (surprisingly) empty room for the next eight weeks.

The cabin had three rooms, two rooms for campers, and a room for the counselors in the middle, the girls cabins were always on the left and guys on the right, so I dropped my duffle bag onto the bed on the left, and glanced around the cabin.

It was covered in the graffiti of counselors past, saying things like ‘I’m a keeper, owl me!’, ‘beaters get the bitchez!’, ‘go tornadoes!’, ‘tornadoes suck!’, and ‘Kenmare Kestrels ftw!’.

“Hey there roomie!” Said a deep, and familiar voice from behind me.

“You’re my co-counselor?” I asked in disbelief.

“No need to sound so disappointed.” He feigned hurt. “I can think of lots of other girls that would kill to be in your position.” He winked.

Other than growing physically James Potter has not really changed in the past eight or so years, he’s still very good at quidditch, he still has an annoying smirk, he still enjoyed pranking me, and when it came to quidditch he could still be described as my rival.

In the past year or two things between us had calmed down a little bit, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it had been in our first few years at school. It seemed like Merlin was doing everything possible to makes us into rivals; we were sorted into opposite houses, I was a Slytherin and he was a Gryffindor, we both made our house teams as first years, and we were both close to the top of our class in lessons.

The prank war was epic, at one point the entire Slytherin common room was turned into a pool (instead of getting angry we had a pool party, thanks Potter!) and at one point the whole Gryffindor quidditch team was turned into lion shaped shrubs. But after the headmaster threatened us with a permanent quidditch ban, we called a truce in our pranking, and put all of our efforts into just being rivals on the quidditch pitch.

At this point I wouldn’t call Potter and I friends, but we certainly weren’t enemies any more.

“Darn it Potter!” I grinned. “I was hoping that I could be co-counselors with Samson! He’s quite the fittie!”

Darren Samson was another counselor, he was also very hot, as well as the Ravenclaw captain, and a douche bag.

Potter made a face. “What a blow to my ego.”

“Sorry, but I think your ego will be just fine if it’s a little bit smaller.”

“Maybe you’re right” he smiled. “On my way over here John said we should stop by his office, something he wants to talk to us about.”

“Lead the way!” I pointed towards the door, and we headed out together.

James casually swung his arm over my shoulder. “How was your first week of summer?” He asked politely.

“It was good, I visited my brother Julian and his girlfriend, which was lovely even though she wouldn’t stop telling me about how important is that I spend this summer studying for my NEWTs.”

Julian’s girlfriend was quite nice but a bit too much of a Ravenclaw for my taste, what kind of normal human spends the summer before their 7th year studying?

“Well that’s a bit boring.” Said James. “It’s not like you’re even going to need your NEWTs anyways.”

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Well, I mean I guess I assumed that you’re going to want to play professional quidditch, I know I do.” James rubbed the back of his neck.

“Oh yeah… I always forget that I don’t really need school for quidditch, everyone always tries to drill it into my head that I should focus on school and ease up on the quidditch a little bit.” I muttered.

“I know exactly what you mean.” James smiled. We had reached John and Phoebe’s house. “After you!” he held the door open.

I nodded thanks and walked in. “John!” I called out. “Your two favorite first year counselors are here! Did you miss us!”

“Of course I did!” Said a voice from down the hall. “Come into the office!”

James and I walked towards the office looking at the camp photos that lined the wall.

“That’s us!” I said excitedly pointing at a picture of us from our first summer.

“Look at your hair!” He laughed. “You look like a boy.”

“God I know! I was experimenting with the idea that if I had boy hair I could infiltrate your team and steal all your secrets!”

He laughed. “How’d that go?”

“Not well at all! Come on!” I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards John’s office.

“I never thought I’d see the day that Carrie Felix and James Potter were holding hands!” Laughed Phoebe from her desk.

Phoebe was John’s wife, and they were one of my favorite couples, they were both tall, tan, athletic and shared a passion for children and quidditch. Phoebe was the heiress to a broom company; she was the reason that the camp always had enough brooms for everyone, and really good brooms at that.

I glanced down at James’ hand before dropping it and smiling at John. “You wanted to see us?” I asked.

“Yes, take a seat.” He indicated the two chairs in front of his own desk, his chocolate brown eyes twinkling. “You two have obviously figured out that you are going to be co-counselors, but there was a bit of a problem with enrollment in your age group.”

“Which age group do we have exactly?” Asked James.

“The nine year olds.” He smiled. “But the problem is that we only had a total of eleven applicants from that age group, which means that you only have enough for one team, with substitutes.”

“That’s fine! The youngest kids get tired anyways.” I laughed.

“But this also means that your team is going to have to be co-ed.” Said John a twinkle in his eye.

“That’s not a problem, co-ed teams are fun!” James leaned back in his chair.

Phoebe laughed. “You two seem to be forgetting how much you hated each other when you were nine, imagine trying to have you play on the same team back then!”

“I forgot about that.” Laughed James.

“I honestly think James and I would have gotten on a lot better if we’d been on the same team instead of being rivals.” I said looking down at my fingernails.

“Really? Said John disbelievingly

“Yeah, if we had been on the same team I wouldn’t have needed to beat him.” I explained.

“Well it’s a bit late for that.” Said James.

“Actually, no it’s not.” Said Phoebe. “You guys are going to have to work as a team this summer since you’ll be sharing your coaching job evenly.”

Awesome!” I smiled at James mischievously. “Now I can finally figure out that beater training drill you used last year!”

The Gryffindor beaters last year were fabulous! I would legitimately kill to get the Slytherin beaters looking that good this year!

“Not fair!” Grumbled James before his eyes lit up as well. “But this means that I get to learn those dive training drills you used with your seeker and chasers!”

“Fine, but only if you show me how to do that reverse pass play!” I smiled at James. We were such Quidditch nerds!

“Well it looks like this is going to work out just fine, you should head down to registration to meet your campers in a few minutes.” Said John glancing up at the clock.

James and I got up and headed towards the door.

“Don’t forget your staff t-shirts!” Called Phoebe.

James and I changed into our maroon camp t-shirts and headed down towards the shelter by the lake where campers and their families would be apparating.

The rest of the other counselors were already there waiting for their campers to show up.

“Carrie!” Called a girl with short brown hair. “You made it!” She ran out to give James and I a giant bear hug.

One of my favorite things about camp was how physical all of the counselors were, they had no problems with tackling each other, or hugging each other, and it was nice. I felt so comfortable and safe around all of the counselors.

“Hello Ruby!” Laughed James.

“I heard a rumor that you were going to bale on us this summer.” Said A boy with curly blonde hair walking up to give me a hug.

“Where did you hear that Jude?” I asked smiling in his strong embrace.

“Lydia.” Jude laughed.

“What?” Asked a girl with long brown curls, looking up from her copy of Quidditch Weekly. “Oh, Hi Carrie! I heard from your brother that you were thinking of abandoning us this summer!”

“No way!” I wrapped my arm around Judes waist. “I got offered a spot at a training camp in America, but a friend who went there said it wasn’t very good, and instead of earning money I would’ve been paying money to go there.”

“You definitely made the right choice.” Winked Elsa, a tanned girl with platinum blonde hair.

There were eight counselors other than James and I, four girls, and four guys and all hogwarts students or alumnus. Darren was in the same year as James and I at hogwarts. Ruby had been a Hufflepuff the year above us, as had Evan. Lydia and Jude had been in my brother Julian’s class four years above me. Rick, Evie, and Elsa had been five years ahead of us. All of them had been campers, Rick’s team had won the camp tournament in my first (his last) summer.

“Now I hope you and James here can get along this year.” Teased Rick as everyone else laughed.

“They got along just fine this year actually.” Said Ruby looking between James and I.

“I thought you broke his nose?” Asked Jude snickering.

“Actually she broke Darren’s nose.” Said James quite happily.

“It was an accident...” I said guiltily.

“Yes because it’s so easy to punch someone in the nose because you mistook their face for a quaffle.” Said Darren angrily, causing everyone to laugh uproariously.

“I mean with a face like yours...” I trailed off.

“Ooh! Burn!” Laughed Evie.

All of the counselors were sitting around chatting and catching up with one and another when John’s voice crackled through the speakers announcing that the portkeys of campers and their families should be arriving momentarily.

“Right,” Called Rick. “you lot go the sign with your age group on it, and Evie and I will get the campers checked in and then send them your way.”

James saluted Rick comically and did a mock curtsey in my direction, “After you my lady” He said.

“Oh why thank you darling.” I responded in my most posh voice as we headed towards our sign.

As soon as we’d reached our sign, the air was suddenly filled with lots of loud chatter, as groups of parents and children appeared from the air.

“Please form an orderly queue,” Called Evie. “And we’ll try and get you checked in as quickly as possible.

Despite the queue that was begrudgingly formed, things looked pretty chaotic. There was lots of shouting and hugging as old friends were reunited, one or two of the smaller campers were clinging to their parents robes looking close to tears.

“I hope that one in the grey isn’t one of ours.” James whispered in my ear, tilting his head towards a little boy with tears silently streaming down his face.

I gave James a look.

“What I mean,” James backtracked hastily. “is that if he’s one of ours I hope he cheers up, and doesn’t get too homesick.”

I nodded in agreement, watching as a man with a boy and a girl headed our way.

“Hullo!” Called James.

The man smiled and tried to get the girl to stop hiding behind his legs.

“I’m Carrie,” I smiled, “And this is James.”

The boy perked up, looking at James, “My name’s Jake!” he smiled a toothy grin. “and this is my sister Zoe.” he pointed at the girl.

Zoe peeked out from behind her father’s legs, and sent me a shy smile. It was obvious that they were related, with their matching black curls and striking blue eyes.

“It’s nice to meet you!” Said James.

“We’re going to wait a few more minutes for the rest of the campers to get checked in, and then we’re going to go play a name game, and then you guys can say goodbye.” I informed the kids father.

“Looks like we’ve got a few more coming our way.” Said James cheerfully.

A group of three boys who were chatting animatedly and ignoring their parents were headed towards us, followed by two girls holding hands with their mums.

“Hello.” James smiled as they approached us. “I’m James and this is Carrie, as soon as the rest of our campers check in we’re going to go around and learn names, but for now sit tight!”

I did a quick head count of the campers. “It looks like we’re just waiting for four more.”

“And here they come.” Cheered James, as the last four campers and their parents approached us. “Hello, I’m James and this is Carrie!” I waved and smiled at the new campers. “We’re going to head over to that big oak tree,” he pointed to a tree about 30 feet away, “where we can sit down and make a big circle so that we can all get to know each other.” A few of the campers nodded seriously. “Follow us!”

James and I headed towards the tree, glancing back at the campers who slowly made their way behind us, and their parents who were obviously trying to distance themselves a bit. Once we reached the shade of the tree we formed a misshapen circle with the campers while the parents stood back and watched.

“Ok, so what we’re going to do is go around the circle and say your name, and your favorite color.” I smiled. “I’ll start, My name is Carrie Felix and my favorite color is green.” At this James snorted.

“My name is James Potter,” James paused as some of the parents gasped. “ and my favorite color,” he glanced at me “is gold.”

Typical Gryffindor.

The next camper was Jake, who smiled happily and introduced himself, and Zoe saying that their favorite color was blue.

Zoe smiled quickly and nodded in agreement.

The nex boy, a brunette with a bowl cut glanced at Zoe before introducing himself, “I’m Seb, and my favorite color is red.”

“Same,” Said the blonde boy next to him. “I’m Zak.” he added before elbowing the dirty blonde boy next to him.

“I’m Tony, and my favorite color is blue.” Said the boy.

Seb, Zak and Tony clearly already knew each other, and kept giggling and poking each other.

As the rest of the kids went around the circle we were introduced to two sets of cousins, Holly and Kate with their matching brunette bobs, and flame haired Abby and Topher. Olivia was blonde and very vocal about the fact that pink was her favorite color. Mattias (but we can call him Mattie) was pale with white-blonde hair and freckles.

“Excellent, now we’ll just tell you guys a little bit more about ourselves, and then we can say goodbye to your parents and head to the cabin.” Said James. “I’m seventeen years old, this is my first year as a counselor, but I’ve been coming here since I was your age, I love quidditch more than anything in this world. I’m a chaser. I’ve been on the Gryffindor house quidditch team since my first year and I’m currently the captain of the the team.” James glanced at me. “Anything I’m forgetting Carrie?” he asked.

Ah yes, now how should I embarassing dearest James this time?

“You really love being called Jamsie.” I smirked.

“That’s false.” He said quickly. “Please don’t call me Jamsie.”

“Sure thing Jamsie.” Giggled Olivia.

I knew I liked that one, she’s got a lot of spunk!

“Ok, so as you know I’m Carrie-”

“But she loves being called Care-bear.” Interrupted James.

I rolled my eyes, “False, I’m seventeen as well and I’ve been going to camp with James since we were nine, I’m also a chaser and captain of the Slytherin house team at Hogwarts.”

When I mentioned the fact that I was a Slytherin a few of the parents gave me distrusting looks, while one father gave me a nod of approval.

“And James doesn’t like me mentioning it but my team has won the house cup for the last few years.” At this James pouted, and I wrapped my arm around his waist in a hug. “Both James and I come from big families, so we have lots and lots of experience with kids!”

“I think that’s about it.” James glanced at me and I nodded. “So now is the time to say goodbye to your parents.” A few kids began to look apprehensive. “And then we’ll head to your home away from home for the summer!”

Seb, Zak and Tony raced towards their parents, hugged them, shouted goodbye, and raced back towards us. The other campers took a little bit longer, but surprisingly after a few minutes they were all clustered around us waiting to be led to the cabins.

“Ok, we’re off!” James and I waved to their parents and began to lead the campers back to our cabin. it seemed like the campers were slowly coming out of their shells, Olivia was chatting animatedly to Zoe who seemed to be listening intently, and all the boys were whispering together, followed by Holly, Kate and Abby who were admiring all the dandelions.

As we reached the cabin James and I made eye contact. “Welcome to cabin number five!” We cheered in unison, while doing jazz hands.

“Girls on the left.” I said.

“And boys on the right.” Said James.

“Your stuff should be on a bed waiting for you, once you find your bed and unpack come meet in James’ and my room so we can go over rules!”

“Um...” Abby blushed shyly. “Where is your room?”

“Oh right.” James laughed sheepishly. “It’s right in the middle of your rooms, just through the curtain, you’re always welcome in our room, just please knock first.”

The campers nodded and headed into their respective rooms, while James and I headed back to our room. James immediately went over to lounge on his bed, checking his wiz-mobile for messages, while I went through my trunk looking for my pictures and posters.

I was in the middle of hanging up my Kenmare Kestrels poster when James groaned loudly and swore.

“What’s wrong?” I asked

James sat up. “Brooke.” He sighed.

Ah yes, Brooke Sykes. James’ girlfriend and one of the most popular girls in the school. I genuinely don’t understand their relationship, yes she’s tall and beautiful, and together her and James are probably the most attractive couple at Hogwarts but still... She’s just so... well not right for James. When I hated James I thought she and him were perfect for eachother, she was a bitch and James was an asshole, but now I know that’s not true. Yes James may have a bit of an ego, but he’s choosing to spend his summer with little kids, because he wants to, and underneath all that ego, he’s actually a nice guy (but don’t tell him I said that) Brooke on the other hand appears to be nice and friendly, but is a wicked gossip, and known for being horribly mean to girls who try and cross her. Yet somehow she and James have been dating for two years.

“What does your beloved Brooke want?”

James rolled his eyes at my sarcasm. “She’s pissed because she’s realized that I’m going to miss her birthday.”

“Ooh tough blow.” I joked.

“I know I’d much rather-” He began.

“Knock Knock!” Called a voice from the girls side.

James glanced at me. “Come in!” He said.

The five girls all filed in, looking around at our walls.

“You guys can all sit on my bed.” I smiled at them.

“But then where will you sit?” Asked Holly.

“She can come sit with me.” Supplied James, patting the spot next to him.

“But then where will we sit?” asked Seb from the door to the boy’s room.

James and I glanced at each other. “How about you guys take the bed, and James and I will take the armchair.” I suggested, and the boys headed towards James’s bed.

James got up and pulled me to the armchair. “Do you mind sitting on my lap?” He asked as he sat down “I don’t think we’ll fit otherwise.”

“I’m good here.” I insisted as I sat down on the arm of the chair.

“Ok,” Said James looking out at the campers. “We’re here to talk about rules. There aren’t a lot of rules but the rules we have are really important. You are required to go to every meal in the dining hall, unless you’re at a cookout or picnic with one of us. At dinner you’re required to sit with your team. At lunch and breakfast you can sit wherever you want to with whomever you want to.”

“You are all on one Quidditch team with 11 players.” I continued. “Because there weren’t enough campers in your age group to have two teams of 7 you are going to be one big team. James and I are both your quidditch coaches and counselors.”

“We’ll wake you up every morning at 7:00.” Said James. “Breakfast is served at 8:00, and at 8:45 you’ll have flying lessons. Morning swim is at 10:00, lunch is at 11:00, from 12:00 to 1:00 is B.O.B. time, which means butt on bunk time, we don’t care what you do, sleep, read, write home, whatever you want to do as long as you are in your bunk and quiet.”

I nodded. “After B.O.B. time, is team practice, then a swim, dinner, and whole camp activities. You can start getting ready for bed at 8:30 and lights out is at 9:00, but there will be bells throughout the day to let you know when it’s time to move on to your next activity.”

“I know that‘s a lot of information to remember, but if you have any questions, just ask us.” James smiled reassuringly.

“We do have a job for you guys though,” I looked around at the campers who were beginning to get restless. “By tomorrow night you need to come up with a team name that you all agree on.”

“Got it?” Asked James.

The campers nodded enthusiastically.

“Right,” I stood up and pulled James to his feet. “Let’s head to dinner.”

Dinner went smoothly, as the meal progressed our campers were more and more talkative, although Zoe had yet to say a word. At dinner all of the counselors were introduced, as well as John and Phoebe, and the campers were taught our basic crowd control methods, (if you can hear me clap once, if you can hear me clap twice, ect...) as well as being taught the camp cheer.

After dinner we took the kids on a tour of the camp, and then took them to the volleyball court, and taught them how to play nukeum, a modified (and much easier) version of the muggle game volleyball. To play nukeum you split into teams and threw the ball over the net, the other team had to catch the ball, and if the ball landed on the ground the player closest was out. Once you caught the ball you couldn’t move while holding the ball.

After several rounds of nukeum we decided that it was time to get our campers to bed, and surprisingly enough they didn’t protest, and got ready for bed quickly and quietly.

James and I had been lying our beds silently for a few minutes before James turned to face me.

“Carrie,” he began. “I’m really glad you’re my co-counselor.”

“Same here.” I smiled.

James smiled, and stifled a yawn. “I think it’s going to be a really good summer.”

Still smiling, I closed my eyes and nodded.

It’s definitely going to be a good summer.


A/N: Thanks so much for reading, I know that this was really long and probably really boring because there was so much introduction and explanation, but it's all necessary! I hope that despite it's wordiness, you still found it entertaining! what do you think of James and Carrie's interactions? Let me know what you liked and didn't like, and please drop me a review, even if it's to say that you thought it was awful!

edited: minor grammar and spelling errors fixed 5/19/13

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