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Beauty Explosion by QueenOfNargle
Chapter 4 : Oh woe is me
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  I changed my mind, this is so bad after all!

 I've recently discovered that the students of Hogwarts do either not enjoy or understand the concept of change. This whole process makes NEWTS seem like a breeze, okay, slith exaggeration. But seriously, what's so complicated about being hit by a mixture of Beauty Potion and Amortentia?Nothing. Idiots.


 Breakfast was not the normal hoo-hah that I expected, no, not at all! You see the students of Hogwarts were still confused as to who I was and felt like asking me questions and using chat up lines such as:


"So my names Dan, you don't have to tell me yours I'll find out on our date"


"Who even are you?"


"Is it true you sold your soul to the devil to be pretty?"


"So I see you're in Gryffindor, shame they don't have any big snakes for you. But I can show you a huge one if you come down to the dungeons with me"


And my favourite of all..."I don't care who you are or what your name is, let's just go to that free broom cupboard over there!" Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the monstrosity that is Hogwarts pupils.


 After breakfast I still had to deal with the sneaky glances, blatant gaping and outbreaks of whispers wherever I roamed. I was pretty much fed up. I thought whilst I was inside lessons teachers may be able to handle their students but obviously I was wrong. Mr Lupin couldn't stop staring himself, not in a pervy teacher way(even though he's young and very,very good looking) but more in a concerned, older brotherly way. 


 By the time I had reached the last lesson of the day,Potions, I was at boiling point. Dom had smiled at me when I walked in and I had begun to head towards my seat, I was inconveniently stopped on my journey there though as Mr Slughorn decided to tell me I wasn't in his class. It took half an hour, a pensieve, my memory,Dom's memory and Madame Patil's memory to jog his old noggin in to remembering that I was in fact Ally Wood and the reason for my drastic new change. On the downside though I discovered that by jogging his memory, I had allowed him to remember that Dom was in fact a horrible potions maker and I was re-located next to a person who "shared my gifts and talents in potions"! James Sirius Potter.


 And all this chaos is the reason I'm currently sat in a little alcove behind a painting, shaking with anger and shivering from the drop in temperature. I don't understand how people can treat someone like this. Its disgusting and frankly really irritating. Titheads.


 The temperature had reached my toes and I realised if I didn't get out of here now I'd most likely be going home toe-less.


 Walking down the corridor I spotted my younger brother Mitch!


 "Hey!" I shouted from the other end, waving my arms to him.


"Hey good looking." He winked at me, he fricking winked. After the day I had most people would expect me to have a breakdown on the floor and cry and turn into a human ball but no, expect the unexpected, because I...laughed in his face hysterically.


"You-you don't know who I am do you?" I choked out, words barely escaping from my fit of giggles. 


"Yeah of course I do. Pfft, come on, you're erm..." His smoulder became a look of puzzlement.


"I'm your sister" I stated, face straight.


"No you're not? Have you seen my sister? She is ug-"


"You better not finished that sentence" I snapped, "Did you not hear about the seventh year girl who got hit by the potion?"


"That was you! Oh my god, Al, I'm so sorry! But if it helps then you're pretty foxy now." He laughed, pushing me into the wall. I found it severely unfair that even though I had grew he still had a good five inches on me...bollocks.


"Thanks Mitchmiester, hey can I ask you a question?"


"You just did" Another wink.


"Don't be an idiot."


"What did you want to ask me?" Another wink, god that boy is going to get a twitch if he keeps that up.


"When are Quidditch trials?"


"Saturday, you going for one of the chaser spots?" He asked, I nodded.


 Our family was very Quidditch orientated. My mam and dad both used to play for Gryffindor. My mam was a chaser and my dad as a keeper. Mitch now played keeper for Gryffindor and had since his fourth year, I however had been waiting for a chaser spot to open. In second year I had been so excited to try out before realising that all chaser spots were already filled. In my fourth year a spot had been opened but the tryouts were held the same weekend that I had been splashed by butober pus and was unable to play so the spot was filled by Alice Longbottom. And now, FINALLY, two spots were open as the two previous players had finished school last year! Playing Quidditch is all I want to do so there is no way that I am missing these tryouts!


 "Good, you're definitely going to get that spot Al! Show them what us Wood's have got! See ya later Ally bear" He smiled, giving me his signature "Ally-bear hug" and left...with a wink.


 And with that I headed back to my dorm room.


------------------------------------------------------------AN: Hey amigos! Wrote this quickly on my phone because I had been asked for a new update very quickly! Hope you enjoy it.


 And I have a quest for some of you, I am in need of a banner for this story. If you're interested let me know in a review or something and we can talk details!



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