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Vanishing Snails by AliLorai
Chapter 2 : Classes, Scorpius, and Quidditch
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The next morning I awoke with a feeling of dread that I couldn’t really place. I just knew that something was supposed to happen that was not going to be good.

“Morning Tara!” Dani exclaimed happily as she got dressed. “Want to come with us to breakfast?”

I smiled and nodded. “Sounds good.”

“OI TEAGAN GET A MOVE ON!” Dom screamed at the closed bathroom door. She pounded on it until it opened, revealing an annoyed looking Teagan.

“A little loud next time Dom, I think there were some people in South America that couldn’t hear you very well,” She said dryly.

Dom flipped her off and went into the bathroom to get ready. I sat up in bed. “She’s not what you would call a morning person, is she?” I mused.

Teagan raised an eyebrow. “It took you five years to figure that out?”

I giggled. “I meant it in the most endearing way possible Dom.” I could hear her snort.

Dani laughed. “I’m sure you did.”

When everyone was ready we headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast, sitting next to Elliot and Will. I looked over at the Ravenclaw table and saw Grace and Cameron looking at me apologetically. Suddenly, their expressions turned to shock and fury and they looked away.

I looked to my left and saw Dani and Teagan, who were sitting next to me, flipping them off.

Dom saw them too and turned around to see who they were looking at, her face darkening when she saw the Ravenclaws. Grace and Cameron glanced up for a second to see if it was safe but when they saw Dom’s expression they immediately looked down in terror.

I laughed. “I think they get the point guys,” I laughed.

Elliot laughed from my right. “Although if that happens again, let me know next time, I want to participate.”

“With what?” James asked as he and Fred took a seat.

“With flipping off and glaring at Alexander and Hanson,” Elliot explained. They looked excited.

“I want to help!” James exclaimed.

“Me too!” said Fred. “We should try out some of Dad’s new stuff on them!”

I laughed at the idea of Grace and Cameron getting pranked by Fred and James, who practically lived in George Weasley’s joke shop. Should be interesting. Maybe I’d be willing to help.

Later, we all headed off to classes. Which were all pretty much disastrous.

First there was potions. I wasn’t bad necessarily, but Dani was dreadful.

“Erm… Tara? Do you have any idea how to make this potion less green and more purple?”

I looked at the potion. We were only like fifty shades off… whoops…

I laughed a bit. “I honestly have no idea what we did wrong here.”

She smiled, but she looked panicked a bit. “Don’t worry Dan,” I calmed her. “We’re not getting marks for this, remember?”

She relaxed. “Oh, that’s right. Thanks Merlin.”

“Here, let’s go ask Dom and Teagan.” We left our table for a moment and went over to theirs. “Hey ladies, how goes it?” I asked her happily.

They smiled at us. “Wonderful. You?” Teagan asked.

Dani laughed. “Well we’d be better if our potion wasn’t looking like it was ready to explode.”

The thing is, I didn’t think she meant this literally.

But the next second, our potion literally exploded.

It was amazing.

“HOLY SHIT!” Someone screamed. The room filled with smoke right after the huge BOOM sounded.

“Nobody panic!” The professor yelled. But he sounded pretty panicked himself. “NO ONE PANIC! IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY! I THINK…”

“Oi Professor, you should take your own advice!” I called.

“Who said that?” He demanded. “If I find you, you’re dead meat!”

“You’ll have to find me first!” I heard Dom call as well, joining in.

"Oi professor, how many teachers does it take to clear a room of smoke?" Teagan joined in.

"A lot, apparently!" I shouted.

The class laughed. We all moved through the room, unable to see. “I CAN’T SEE!” I yelled. I heard a couple laughs.

“That’s kind of the point of wands, genius!” I heard James yell back. I glared, even though he couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see him.

Suddenly, the smoke was gone, along with our potion. Professor Derion looked pissed with his wand out.

“Class dismissed,” He grumbled.

We all ran out of there as fast as possible.

Next was transfiguration. This was an issue. I hated transfiguration.

“Stupid snail. Vanish!” I yelled at my snail. It just sat there. Stupid snail.

“I don’t think it understands you, Tara,” Teagan giggled from the desk in front of me.

I frowned. “Of course it does. It’s just being rude.”

“Then maybe you should talk nicer to your snail,” Dom snorted.

I grinned. “Okay, Mr. Snail. Now, I need to pass this class so if you could pretty please disappear for me, that’d be ace!”

No response. The snail just sat there.

I tried again. “Please?”

No response.

My grin slipped. “Stupid dimwitted unresponsive thing, VANISH!”

“Ms. Rivers, perhaps instead of arguing with the snail, you get back to the task at hand,” McGonagall scolded as she passed my table.

Dom, Dani, and Teagan were laughed uncontrollably at me, and I just sulked.

As the day progressed, I had pretty much given up on classes. The day had only gotten worse when I slipped and fell in Defense and accidently shot Will’s eyebrows off. He was currently in the hospital wing to have them re-grown. I knew he wasn’t miserable though, Dom went with him. He’s head over heels for her, so it couldn’t have been that horrible for him.

Still, though, I felt bad. Although my day brightened a bit when I accidentally fell again on the way to the common room for my free period. Normally falling would be perceived as something bad, but when I saw who it was that helped me up I squealed happily.

“Scorpius! Albus!” I hugged each of them excitedly.

They were both grinning. “Hey Tara,” Scorpius said. “How was your summer?”

I shrugged. “They fed me, so I guess I can’t complain.” He nodded in understanding.

“Well that’s good at least,” He suggested. I smiled at him.

I loved Scorpius. He was my honorary little brother and I adored him. I was one of the very first people not to treat him like everyone else during his first year. Everyone had expected him to turn out like his dad, cold and evil. But one day he found me crying in the library after getting harassed by some boys and consoled me. Since then, I’ve loved the kid. Plus, I knew how much he liked Rose Weasley and I was very encouraging with him. He trusted me, and the feeling was mutual.
“Yeah. I have to go now guys, but see you around!” I said happily. Al and Scorpius smiled at me and I walked off to the common room. So far, the day hadn’t gone that horribly. But I still felt like something bad was coming and I couldn’t think of what.

At lunch, I saw Will with his newly grown back eyebrows and I smiled at him sheepishly. "I'm so sorry Will!" I exclaimed.

He shook his head. "No worries Tara, I'm fine." He winked and gestured to Dom sat next to him.

I snorted and shook my head. "Yeah, you're fine," I agreed.

I remembered. I remembered why I was dreading that day.

James Potter’s Quidditch practice. Also known as living hell.

I was the seeker, the best seeker in Hogwarts actually, and everyone knew this. Teagan was a chaser with James and Elliot. Our beaters were Will and Fred. Albus was the keeper.

I had always gotten along great with James, him being Elliot’s best friend and all. He was actually my favorite Potter/Weasley aside from Dom and Albus. We talked all the time, and got along great, aside from our habits of bugging each other every once in a while.

But at Quidditch, I want nothing more than to take his head off.
The first thing he had us do was run laps, starting with thirty of them.

“I’m going to sodding kill him,” Fred wheezed as we rounded the pitch for the seventeenth time.

“Death,” I panted. “Sounds good to me.”

It wouldn’t have been so bad if bloody James hadn’t been standing there watching without running a single lap himself.

“POTTER!” Will yelled.

James looked at us expressionless and continued to watch us run.
“I swear to Merlin his mum is going to hear about this, and then he’ll be in so much shit,” Elliot swore.

“I’m writing Mum the moment we get off the pitch,” Albus assured us as we struggled along. I slipped suddenly, and fell in the mud, taking Albus down with me.

We landed in the mud. “I’m sorry Al,” I cried.

He shook his head. “Don’t be, it’s my arsehole of a brother’s fault.”

We continued to lie there for a moment, not caring that we were lying in the mud.

“OI! GET UP YOU TWO!” James screeched at us.

Albus’ flipped him off and we continued to lie there.

"Al?" I asked.

He looked at me. "Tara?"

"Would you mind terribly if I murdered your brother?"

He snorted. "Mind? I'd probably help you actually."

I smiled until James came over to us and forced us up. He shot spells at our feet to get us to run.

That was warm-up. It was an hour before we finally ended up in the air. And that was just as bad.

Did I mention it was pouring rain?

I had to practice my feint for about twenty times, when I could barely see the snitch. Each time James yelled at me to be quicker, or to make it look more real. Then, he had Fred and Drew launch bludgers at me and had me dodge them. Luckily, I’m really quick.

However, for every ten minutes I didn’t catch the snitch was just another lap I had to run.

At one point, James yelled at me to hurry up, and when I turned to look at him a bludger slammed me in the head and I fell off the broom. I didn’t fall far, I was near the ground already, but my head was pounding.

“Are you okay?”

“Holy shit, Tara.”

“Do you need to go to the hospital wing?”

I groaned. “No. I’m fine.”

James looked pleased. “See people, she’s fine. Back in the air!”

I glared at him and shot up into the air where we continued with the torture that is practice.


James glared at me and flew over. “Taralyn.”


He glared. “Exactly. I’m captain. So do what I bloody say and don’t complain.”

“We’re playing Hufflepuff, James! They have never won except for one time against Ravenclaw. I think we’ve practiced enough today! Not to mention it is freezing out and I can’t see the fucking snitch, and my head hurts!”

James sighed, frustrated. “You’re right. ALL RIGHT TEAM, PRACTICE OVER, GO CHANGE.”

Everyone cheered and flew to the ground, rushing to the locker rooms. At one point, Fred dropped to his knees and started praising me. I grinned and waved back at him.

I flew to the ground with James, him scowling the whole time.

“I’m only letting you lot off easy because it’s Hufflepuff, Rivers,” he told me. “Next time, I’m not letting you tell me how to run my team.” With that he turned and stormed away.

I rolled my eyes. “Nice talking to you too, Captain,” I muttered.

I changed quickly, eager to get back inside the castle.

“My legs,” Teagan was moaning as we attempted to make our way up to the common room. So far we had gotten past the castle doors.

We were cold, tired, soaking wet, and covered in mud. In all, we weren’t too happy. Thank Merlin I at least had Teagan with me or I probably would have just cried and let myself lie there to rot.

“I know,” I cried. “I don’t think we’re going to make it.”

I fell to the floor and tried to army crawl to the stairs.

“It’s no use,” Teagan sighed, copying my crawl. “Let’s try the kitchens, they’re closer.”

They weren’t that close, but they were still closer than the common room, so I agreed, and we attempted to army crawl across the castle to get some food.

Suddenly, we heard someone clear their throat. “Um… what are you doing?”

I looked up and smiled at Scorpius, who had just approached us.

“Trying to make our way to the kitchen. But our legs won’t let us,” I explained. “By the way, I want to murder James Potter.”

Scorpius grinned. “So do Will and Fred, they were in a similar state last I saw them. At first they just yelled some very colorful words at me. But they gave up and just sat in the corridor, and passed out in like a minute.”

Teagan and I laughed. “Well, at least we can pride ourselves on not passing out,” Teagan said. I nodded in agreement. “Scorpius, can you help us get to the kitchens?”

“Er… I can try,” He said, looking doubtful. But suddenly, he looked behind us and grinned. “Oh thank Merlin. Hugo! Come help me, mate.”

I looked behind me and saw Rose’s little brother staring at us, like we were freaks or something. I dunno why, I mean it’s not like we were soaking wet and muddy while army crawling across the floor while talking to the son of his father’s old enemy.

Hugo laughed. “Sure.”

Scorpius supported me, Hugo Teagan, and we all started off towards the kitchens.

“Let me guess,” Hugo said. “James.”

“Wow. You are the master of deduction. Absolutely brilliant.”

“Okay, I get it, thanks Tara.”

“No problem.”

He rolled his eyes.

Suddenly, Teagan squealed with excitement, and I noticed that we had reached the beloved fruit bowl. I tickled the pear, and opened the door to the greatest place in all of Hogwarts: the kitchens.

A house elf ran up to us all of a sudden. “Hello Misses and Sirs. What can Tilly do for you?”

I smiled at the little elf. “Hot chocolate for all of us please.”

“And chocolate chip cookies!” Teagan interjected.

Tilly nodded. “Give Tilly five minutes.” She ran off.

“So what did Jamesie have you lot doing?” Hugo smirked. It only just occurred to me how random this meeting was. Teagan and me, Scorpius and Hugo. It was perhaps the oddest group one could ever come across.

“He made me dodge bludgers and chase the snitch in the rain, and then he made me run laps for talking back and not catching the snitch quickly enough,” I whined.

“He made me shoot on Albus even though the rain knocked the Quaffle down, so I’d have to go get it every time. Plus he made me run extra for rolling my eyes at him and the ground was slippery so I kept falling in the mud!”

“At least you didn’t get slammed in the head by a bludger,” I muttered bitterly.

Scorpius sniggered. “Wow, that sucks.”

“Yes I’m sure you feel absolutely horrible for us, I can tell by your laughing!” I snapped.

Hugo smirked. “I wish I was there to watch.”

“Same here.”

Teagan and I glared at them. Some friends we have, huh?

“Yeah, well, it’ll be worth it when we whoop your arse when it comes down to it,” I warned Scorpius.

“That, love, I will believe when I see it,” He grinned.

I pouted. “Be nice to me, I’m cold and sore,” I whined. He chuckled.

“Okay Tara, but only because it’s you.” I smiled at him. “So how’re Grace and Cam?” He asked me.

Teagan huffed from her seat, knowing what Cameron and Grace had said to me.

I frowned. “Well, they told me how all Gryffindors are pompous and too proud, and they started insulting my brother and his friends. And me, though they weren’t consciously aware of that one.”

Scorpius raised his eyebrows. “They did? Well that’s stupid. I have more friends in Gryffindor than I do in any other house… including my own.” He put an arm around me. “Ignore them Tara, they’re idiots.”

“Yeah,” Hugo chimed in. “They’re just jealous of the best house in all of Hogwart’s history.”

“There’s that pride,” Teagan pointed out with a smile.

I grinned. “Yeah but I find more endearing then rude, to be honest.”

She rolled her eyes. “Well obviously. We’re Gryffindors. We’re naturally better, we can’t help ourselves.”

I giggled and Scorpius snorted. I elbowed him.

“It’s true!” I told him. He rolled his eyes.

“Anyways Tara, we’re much better company,” Teagan informed me.

“They’re Ravennerds. They just study and read and do homework. We’re much more fun.”

I laughed. “I believe it. Don’t worry, I’ve been ignoring them and it’s going well. Looking back on it, I suppose that makes things less awkward, considering the fact that they’re dating now.”

Scorpius choked. “They’re what?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, well. It’s okay. Aside from Quidditch, today’s been much better than it usually is with them. You’re right about one thing… they really were boring.”

“Then why’d you hang out with them?” Hugo asked bluntly.

I blinked. “Well… I dunno, really. I guess it was because I knew them from the train ride in first year and I just kept talking to them after the sorting. Since then, we just… I dunno, stayed friends. I didn’t realize they held such low values for our house.”

Scorpius smiled at me. “Well, it’s all good now. Except for your legs of course.”

“Ugh. Don’t remind me.”

“I‘m never going to walk again,” Teagan exclaimed dramatically.

Suddenly I groaned, my head hurting again.

“You okay?” Scorpius asked with concern.

I nodded. “Yeah, my head just hurts from that stupid bludger.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not surprised. Your eye is black and blue and your cheek is swollen.”

“What!?” I exclaimed.

“Did you not know?” Teagan asked me. “Here.” She handed me a clean plate for me to look at my reflection.

“I look like a zombie,” I muttered.

Hugo grinned. “You do actually. It’s quite scary.”

I glared at him, though only one thought was on my mind.

I was going to murder James Potter.

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