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Complicated relations by HonourableAngel
Chapter 1 : Not so secret admirer
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Rose Weasley is not the prettiest of the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry, and as a Hufflepuff she easily blends in as an average student. Rose is tall like her father, and has also inherited his red hair, but with the bushyness of her mothers hair. Rose falls into the 'average' category amongst the students because although she has the intelligence of her mum she has the clumsiness if her dad, meaning she often makes the perfect potion or spell only to make a wrong move and ruin it all. She has never had a boyfriend, mostly because she has a mass of family at the school and she would be embarrassed if her parents heard.

Rose is studying for her O.W.Ls and will often be found in the library or great hall with her nose in one book or another. It was after a month of cramming her studying in that she noticed she was being watched. She ignored the boy for a few weeks before she decided she would ask him what he was staring at, not that she knew where the confidence to do that had come from! She knew that the Malfoy boy was a Slytherin in her year but that was all she knew. He had platinum blonde hair like his father and grandfather, but had a very slight frame like his mum.

"What ARE you staring at? I'm TRYING to study for my O.W.Ls!" Rose stated.

Scorpius was shocked by her tone and stuttered over his words when he said "I haven't been able to take my eyes off you."

"Is this some sort of Slytherin prank," she sniggered.

"No! No prank, I'm being totally honest with you, I have been adoring you from afar for months"

"With our O.W.Ls so close I can't afford any distractions"

"Who said i will be a distraction? We can help each other study."

"Oh NOW I see, your yet another person coming to me to get help with learning magic theory before exams, well you can find some other moron to embed the knowledge into your think scull!" With that she slammed her book shut and stalked from the Great Hall, attracting looks from numerous students, including her brother, Hugo. Scorpius stared after her, gobsmacked, trying to work out exactly what he had said to anger Rose so ferociously.

Hugo chased after his big sister, he didn't really want to talk to her when she was doing 'that look' that Mum does when she's in a mood, but dad made him promise the he would be the man of the family at school so he went. He had to catch her soon, she would be running off to the Hufflepuff common room and as a Gryffindor he wouldn't get him. He sprinted in the right direction until, "HUGO, what on EARTH are you doing chasing after me like that?"

" Rose I wanted to make sure your ok. You look pretty angry and I wanted to make sure that dumb Malfoy isn't bugging you."

Hugo looked so genuinely concerned that Rose instantly mellowed. She grabbed her brother in a bear hug, "oh Hugo, I'm fine! I'm the one that should be looking out for you, but I have been so busy I haven't even asked how you are in weeks."

He looked at the floor and mumbled that everything in fine. They then spent a while catching up, until they realised it was dinner and they continued to talk for hours, although they very carefully dodged the topic of Scorpius, Rose because she didn't know what to do about him and Hugo because he was enjoying her good mood far too much to spoil it.

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