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Blue by CooperTowne
Chapter 10 : Return of Rose
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Julia is kinda pretty...


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(I might be changing this just warning you)


This is awkward. Really awkward. The kind of awkward of your mom and dad giving the sex talk or walking in on them having sex and then having them give you the sex talk. If it happened to me, I pray I will never remember.

“So you’re Henry,” Louis said lightly crossing his arms trying to look menacingly at Henry.

Henry met Louis’ gaze, but did not look threateningly at him. “Yea that’s me,” he said nonchalantly sticking his hand out to Louis. “You must be Louis.” Louis didn’t shake his hand; he just looked at Henry’s hand like it was dipped in motor oil. Henry paused awkwardly before turning his hand to Scrap. “Scorpius then?”

Behind Henry, I glared at Scrap.

Just shake his hand Scrap, it won’t bite. I don’t understand why you won’t give him a chance! We had only stopped in here for a couple seconds, Henry just wanted to see the place. We were in the neighborhood, and I thought it would be fine. Not that Louis would attempt to interrogate him.

Plus we wanted to the park nearby. Apparently there is some live music playing there tonight.

“Yea,” Scrap said finally shaking Henry’s hand. “Nice to meet you Henry. We’ve heard a lot about you.” He didn’t sound friendly, but he didn’t sound angry.

“Likewise,” Henry responded drawing back and standing up straight. Such good posture and facial bone structure of a god. Swoon. “Blue is very fond of her flatmates.”

“That I am,” I interjected before Louis or Scrap could say anything. “But we must be off,” I said grabbing Henry’s arm and dragging him to the door. “Bye!” I sang as I slammed the door behind us.

Henry chuckled as I let out a sigh of relief. “Louis is not how you described him,” he commented walking down the stairs with me just beside him. I shrugged.

“He can be like that. Especially when he doesn’t have a great first impression of someone.” Henry stared straight forward with his brow knit together in thought. “What?” I asked him.

He snapped out of his daze and looked at me. “Huh?” he asked.

“Why do you look so confused?”

“It’s just that, I have never met Louis before just now,” he explained. “How could he already have an impression of me?” We reached the park and followed the sound of music through the park. There was the soft hum of people talking and enjoying the music.

“Well,” I said as we neared the music. We sat down at a park bench and watched as a family walked past, the kids screaming about ice cream. “They are my flatmates.” Henry nodded. “Obviously they heard about how I was acting at the party. Al told them how I was dancing with you, and yea, that’s about it.”

Henry scratched his jaw and leaned forward resting his forearms on his legs.

“Listen,” I sighed when he didn’t say anything. “Right now, yea, they see you as the guy who made out with me when I was drunk. But that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna change.”

“I know,” he said resolutely.

“Louis and Scrap are the least of your problems. They are cotton balls. I can take care of them,” I said rubbing his shoulder. He smiled and leaned back. Henry draped an arm around me and I scooted closer to him.

We sat listening to the music for a while, before Henry said, “I was just hoping they would like me.”

I wrinkled my nose in confusion. Why does their opinion matter? Is Henry honestly looking for their approval? “Why?”

Henry took a deep breath. “I maybe really like you,” he admitted slowly running his hand through his hair. “And you know, the friends of a girl you fancy need to approve of you, before you can further your relationship.”


“You like me?” I asked pulling away from under the safety of his arm. I looked at him seriously. He looked back and his eyes were screaming in fear. “As in like like me?”

His eyes immediately switched to humorous and he broke out into a smile. “Are you twelve?” he laughed. “Yes like like you!”

“So you have a crush on me?” I clarified narrowing my eyes at him.

“Is that what you Americans call it?” He asked. “Once again, twelve?”

I’m a twelve year old at heart. Ugh, no pass. Twelve is not a good age for anyone. “I may act twelve, but you are the one who likes me,” I countered.

“No, I like like you,” Henry laughed. I rolled my eyes. I am never going to live this down. Nope, Henry is always going to ‘like like’ me. If we get married, his wedding vows are going to be ‘Blue, I like like you’. Real romantic, thanks.

Once the music ended, people began to disperse and travel home. Henry stood up and straightened his shirt before grabbing my hand and hauling me up. He didn’t let go of my hand as we walked back, and I made no attempt to stop him from holding my hand. I liked it. Holding his hand felt familiar and new at the same time.

Having him in my life is something I never knew that I needed. But I need to know what our relationship actually is. I want to be more with him, and obviously he wants to be more with me.

“So,” I broke the silence quietly. We had almost reached my building after a walk in silence. Both of us might have been too nervous to say anything at all. “I have to ask, what is our relationship?”

“Like if we are going out?” Henry asked. I nodded. I know the question was awkward, but I needed clarification. “Well Blue,” he said stopping next to the entrance of my building, “do you want to be my—uhh—girlfriend?” he asked nervously. “But you don’t have to if you don’t want to!” he added quickly.

I laughed. “Yea I do,” I answered giving him a sweet smile.

He smiled and leaned in. He brought his face close to mine and—what is he doing?! Panic. Panic. Panic!

“What are you doing?” I squeaked.

He stopped and smirked at me. “Well I was going to kiss you.”

Internal explosion.

I nodded at him trying to not look so afraid. Henry leaned in closer. “This is like my second shot at a first kiss,” I stammered before his lips touched mine. Drunken snog not included in this. It doesn’t count. “I might be bad.”

“I have it on good authority that you are actually a good kisser,” he whispered before closing the gap between us and kissing me softly on the lips. The kiss was slow and sweet. Nothing like the party. It was bliss. It was comfort. It wasn’t desperate. It was like he wanted to kiss me and be with me.

His hands were gently holding mine when he pulled away. When I opened my eyes Henry smiled at me. “Night,” I said softly barely louder than a whisper.

His eyes crinkled and he laughed silently. “Night.”

I kissed him one more time before turning to the door. I opened it and waved one more time to Henry before going up to my flat. Once he was out of view, I sprinted up the stairs.

Louis was looking at me as I closed the door. I smiled widely at him and skipped around the room. I collapsed on the couch next to him breathing heavily from running up the stairs. Louis didn’t say anything; he just looked at me judgmentally.

“Hey,” Riley said appearing from the kitchen and sitting next to Louis. “What’s up?”

I rolled my head to her and smiled like an idiot. Her eyes widened and she squealed. “No way!” I nodded. “Are you serious?”

Louis looked around confused. “What happened?”

“How? When? Where? Did he—” Riley stammered.

“He asked. Just now. Outside. Yes!” I exclaimed. Riley screamed happily and bounced on the couch. “It was so,” I sighed dreamily not bothering to finish my sentence.

Riley bounded over Louis spastically and tackled me in a hug. “Oh my Merlin! That’s amazing!”

“What happened?” Scrap said. “I heard squealing and the sound of Louis dying inside.” Riley and I looked at Louis who was trying his hardest not to grimace.

“Just the most exciting thing to happen to Blue. Ever,” Riley explained rolling off of me and onto the floor. “Blue’s got a boyfriend,” she sang. I smirked at her.

“Henry? You’re dating Henry? Since when?” Scrap screeched.

“Blue! Why?” Louis exclaimed. “How did you know that by just looking at her?” he asked Riley. Riley smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

I stood up and placed my hands on my hips. I opened my mouth to barrage Louis with comments about him being insensitive. “He seems like a nice bloke to me,” Scrap said before I could say anything. “She could have done worse.”

“I could have started dating a Clarrice,” I laughed.

“That’s right!” Scrap exclaimed throwing an arm around my shoulder. “She obviously knows better.”

Riley laughed and nodded. “Yea, why did that happen?” Scrap and Louis shrugged. “You guys don’t know? Don’t you guys have sleepovers and tell each other everything?”

“That happened one time at Hogwarts, and Louis spent the entire time saying that he wanted to get in your pants,” Scrap defended. Louis punched Scrap on the shoulder.

“Scorp! Seriously?”

Scrap laughed and bounded out of the room.


He looked about ready to die. Honestly. Clarrice won’t stop petting his face and the fake smile he plastered on at the beginning has faded significantly. When he suggested Clarrice came to dinner, I imagined there would have been more talking than uncomfortable staring at the table while she rambled about “Allie-poo.”

“And I told him that he had to meet my friends. Didn’t I?” she asked snapping to look at Al again. Al gave a tight smile and nodded. She scooted a little closer to Al to the point where she was practically sitting on his lap. “Yes I did!” she giggled. “And you’ve only met Molly so far!” Giggle giggle.

“Fascinating,” Louis mocked interest and rested his chin in his hand. “What else have you forced Al to do?” Scrap and I smirked and stifled laughter as Al glared at Louis.

I think Allie-poo is going to give us a firm talking to later.

After dinner, Al and Clarrice disappeared to a place I’m assuming to be Al’s bedroom.

“That was dreadful,” Louis moaned collapsing onto the couch. “Seriously just awful. Why did we agree to let her come for dinner?”

“He’s been asking since he announced her as his girlfriend,” Scrap yawned. “A week of whining was all we could take.”

“I was not included in this decision,” Louis grumbled.

I cleared my throat and they look at me curiously. “You wouldn’t mind if Henry came to dinner one night would you?” I asked them. Louis frowned deeply and Scrap didn’t say anything. “Please, he is a very nice person.”

Louis’ frown deepened. “He hasn’t given me a reason to think that,” he said defiantly.

“That’s because you haven’t given him a chance to,” I pointed out. Louis shrugged and opened a magazine. “Well, I’m going to invite him to dinner, you can join us or not, I don’t care.”

There was a crack and Riley appeared in the middle of the room. “Hi Riley,” Scrap and I chimed together. Louis peeled himself off the couch and greeted her with a kiss.

“Why the long faces?” Riley said trying not to smile. “You look like someone set your Halloween candy on fire.”

“Clarrice is here,” I said.

“The devil came to dinner,” Scrap moaned.

“Oh?” Riley said lightly flipping through a magazine that Louis discarded on the table. “And where is the ray of sunshine and Captain Dumbass?”

“Fornicating probably,” Louis said with a grimace.

Riley wrinkled her nose. “Lovely,” she grumbled.

There was a tapping at the window and Scrap got up and opened it wide. A brown owl hopped onto Scrap’s outstretched arm. “What is it?” I asked. Scrap gulped and his eyes were wide when he looked at me desperately.

“That’s his owl,” Louis said quietly. “It’s Rose’s response.” Scrap took the letter off of the owl’s leg and the owl flew to a perch nearby. Riley looked up with interest and closed the magazine.

“I can’t read it,” Scrap stammered visibly shaking. “I can’t read it.” He shoved the letter towards Louis. “You read it.”

“No!” Louis said jumping up and running around the table further away from Scrap.

“Come on please,” Scrap pleaded. “Just tell me if she says yes or no. I don’t need to hear her reasoning.” Scrap ran around the table to force on Louis.

“I can’t! You have to read it!” Louis exclaimed.

“Louis is right Scrap. You need to read it,” I told Scrap.

“Blue, I am begging. Can you please read it?” he asked. I shook my head, but he grabbed my hand and pushed the letter into my palm. “Please.” I sighed and nodded.

I opened the note slowly glancing up at Scrap’s desperate face momentarily before folding it open.

It was short. Not like painfully short, but short enough that Scrap will be whining for more.

“Read it out loud,” Scrap whispered poking my stomach.

I snapped my head up at him. “You want me to read it out loud?” He nodded looking like a helpless child. “Fine,” I mumbled. I cleared my throat and began to read.

“‘Dear Scorpius,’”

“Promising beginning!” Louis exclaimed. Scrap and I both glared at him. “You know, she didn’t—umm—call him a name.” Riley rolled her eyes and leaned forward to ignore Louis further.

“‘I can tell Blue helped you with that letter.’” Scrap whimpered softly. “‘But it was sweet and honest, so you must have put a lot of effort into it. As you said in your letter, we do have some things to talk about. And I do want to figure this out. Mainly this stupid misunderstanding that drove your jealousy through the roof. We have important things to talk about. I’ll be home in two weeks. Love, Rose’.”

Scrap waited and looked at me with puppy eyes.

I put the letter on the table and sat down. Scrap looked down at the letter and then back to me. “That’s it?” he screeched grabbing the letter off the table. His eyes scanned it quickly. “That can’t be it! We wrote her a page long letter!”

“Wow Rose,” Louis said peering over Scrap’s shoulder. “Insensitive.”

“Oi!” I cried. “Don’t be mean! And Scrap shut up. She acknowledged that you guys need to talk and that she wants to talk. Never did she say that she has no interest in you anymore because you aren’t trusting and frankly that can make you seem controlling of her! But I’m going to guess she’s going to say something like that, so prepare yourself to grow a pair and listen like a grown man!”

I got up from the couch and left the room. These boys are going to be the death of me. I reached my room just as Al came out of his room. He was only wearing his boxers and his hair was all over the place.

“Hi,” he said tiredly.

“Hey,” I snapped still fueled by anger induced by Scrap and Louis. Al looked at me confused but didn’t look angry with me for talking to him badly. “Sorry,” I moaned leaning on the wall and closing my eyes.

“What’s up?” he asked walking to me.

“Rose replied. Her note was short and to the point and Scrap and Louis were kind of assholes about it,” I explained looking at him. It was strange seeing him without his glasses on. He hadn’t been wearing them recently and it was confusing the hell out of me.

“What did she say?” he asked.

“That they had to talk and she would be home in two weeks,” I replied. Al nodded. “I mean I guess I can see why Scrap would be disappointed.”

“He was hoping for undying love profession, and that’s exactly what he didn’t get,” Al stated understanding. I shrugged.

“So this is where you are,” Clarrice came up behind Al and hugged him around the waist. Al gave a weak smile at Clarrice as she glared daggers at me. “You said that you and Blue had nothing going on.” She stared at him with sickening puppy dog eyes.

I shook my head at her. “No, we don’t,” I said as kindly as I could. I looked at Al and he was shaking his head quickly. “My thing with Al was a lapse of judgment.”

Al stared incredulously. “Excuse me! It was not! You enjoyed every second of the ‘lapse of judgment’.” He’s defending it like it actually happened. Bad news Allie-poo.

“What?” Clarrice screeched gripping Al’s shoulder with her claws.

“You’re lucky you’re pretty Al because you are stupid,” I said shaking my head. “I must be going,” I said opening up my door and disappearing inside my room before either of them could retort.


Fun fact: Beth snores.

She was sitting in a chair in the back room with her head on the desk. One of her arms was trapped underneath her head and her mouth was slightly open.

“Is there a reason she’s already asleep?” I whispered to Fred when he came into the room.

“Recent Hogwarts grads moved in right next to her, and they have not really given her any sort of peace,” Fred shrugged opening a drawer and putting the folders he was carrying inside. “They play music all the time.”

“Shame,” I shook my head. “Hogwarts gets out early,” I commented. The box I was carrying made a dull thud when I placed it on the table. No sign of life in Beth even after that. I pull out one of the shirts and watched it as it changed from bright pink to a forest green. The Every-Changing shirts needed folding and I was the only person for the job.

“We graduate in May, but all the other students don’t get out until June,” Fred answered. “Beth,” he poked her arm. She grunted and buried her face. “Beth,” he shook her shoulder. “Time to get up.”

Beth grunted again. She slowly pulled herself up and rubbed her eyes tiredly. “I don’t care what you say,” she grumbled, “I am sleeping on your couch tonight.” Beth stood up as Fred chuckled.

“Fine with me,” he said with a wink and a pinch of Beth’s passing ass. She squealed and tried to suppress a smile.

“Oh, sod off,” Beth whispered to me as I stifled a laugh. “Can you do me a favor?” Beth asked me tiredly.

I stopped folding the shirts and set them aside. “Sure.”

“Garbage?” she asked hopefully. “Can you please take it out today?”

“The smell might wake you up. Are you sure you don’t want to do it?” I asked with a grimace. Fred does something to the garbage, I swear. There is something distinctly off about it. It smells like a troll’s backside after it’s been dragged through the sewers multiple times.

“Please?” Beth batted her eyelashes. I groaned. “Thank you!” she squealed and flounced off to Merlin knows where.

I found the trash bags and began dragging them to the back door. “Merlin, what is in here?” I gagged.

“That is the sweet smell of inventions,” Fred said breathing in the smell clearly not fazed by the rancid smell of what could be radioactive elephant crap.

“If they are inventions,” I said, “why are in the trash?”

“Not all inventions work,” he rolled his eyes. I frowned and opened the back door and pulled the bags through it. The alley behind WWW was crooked and narrow. It had enough room that two people could walk shoulder and shoulder and nothing more. The garbage bins stretched over halfway across and successfully squeezed me against the building next door.

I opened the lid and nearly gagged at the smell.

“Lovely,” I said to myself. “Simply lovely.”


I screamed and clutched my chest as I turned to face the bright and overly peppy wizard that appeared out of nowhere.

His smile wavered at my shocked expression. “Didn’t mean to frighten you! Sorry about that!”

“Um—no, it’s fine,” I said nervously. He continued to smile at me. I gave him a weak smile. “Can I help you?”

“Yes!” he exclaimed. “What do you think of the new relationship?”

“Sorry?” I asked confused.

“Al Potter and Clarrice Finstroke? Must have caused a problem at home,” he said quickly. “Over here!” he called over his shoulder all of a sudden. A second man appeared and this one had—oh shit! Is that a camera?

He lifted it up and a flash went off. “So tell us what you think?” the first one said. “Good? Bad? Do you hate her?” He took a step forward and I was literally trapped. I looked around desperately. Another flash went off. “We have it on good authority that you and Al were romantically involved.”

“What?” I stammered. Another flash.

“Canoodling with a flatmate is dangerous, don’t you think?” he pressed.

“That’s why I tend to stay away from it,” I mumbled.

“Don’t deny it!” he cried. “Do you hate it? Is there going to be a catfight over who gets Al?”

Now I’m not proud of this. I’m usually a very nice human being; my sarcasm has a little bite sometimes, but I usually very nice. I spotted the garbage bag lay on the ground forgotten. I picked it up, ripped a hole in the side and let the gooey trash glop all over the reporter.

The smell instantly hit all of us. The photographer ran away and as far as I can tell is now delivering his breakfast to the ground. The reporter won’t stop screeching and I—well I ran.

I slammed the back door of WWW and Fred jumped at my sudden entrance. My eyes were wide and I was panting slightly.

“Blue?” Fred asked cautiously. My eyes snapped from their semi-focused position on the table’s corner to Fred apprehensive face. “What’s wrong?”

“Reporters,” I croaked. “Alley. Questions. Flash, flash. Why?”

“Asking you questions?” he asked. I nodded. He sighed and scratched his head underneath his dunce hat leaving it crooked on his head. “I hate to tell you Blue, but I think they’ve found you. The tabloids have found you.”

I groaned and sank to the ground burying my face in my hands.

That night I apparated back to the flat ready to demand answers. I found Al pacing back and forth in the living room. He didn’t notice me right away, he was glaring at the floor as he paced.

“What the hell?” I said loudly pulling Al out of his trance.

“Ok, Blue please don’t freak out,” Al started to say.

“Oh good,” I said sweetly. “You know why I’m angry and I don’t need to explain myself. Goody.”

“I’m sorry,” he sighed. He sat down on the couch and gave me his kicked puppy look that he knew I could never stay mad at.

I looked away and sighed angrily.

“It’s Clarrice’s fault. She was talking to some reporters. She told them about you and how you are a clingy bint,” Al explained.

“Clingy?” I asked.

“You still live here don’t you?” Al gave me a half smile. I shifted my weight to my other foot and crossed my arms. “She has come under the impression that you are still living here because you are still in love with me.”

I groaned and sat down on the couch next to Al. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly.

“It’s fine,” I said. “It’s technically not your fault.” I leaned forward and put my face into my hands. I stood up for a few seconds and stood in the center of the room with my back to Al.

I’m not in love with Al. I pretended to be his girlfriend to get rid of Clarrice and that one other girl—what was her name? But nothing more. Figures that Clarrice would just assume these things. She overprotective, but she’s no threat to me. And by threat, I mean my own well being. She can have Al. I have Henry and I’m fine with that.

“Why did you ask her out in the first place?” I asked suddenly turning on Al.

Al looked surprised at my question and opened and closed his mouth searching for something to say. “Where’s Scorp and Louis?” he asked suddenly springing up from the couch and darting from the room. I narrowed my eyes and ran after him.

He slammed his door before I could stop it. I pounded my fist on the door a couple times, but he didn’t open. “Answer my question!” I shouted. I persisted more out of spite than anything. He seems too evasive and it doesn’t sit right in my stomach.

After a while of no answer or sign of life, I gave up. “You’ll regret this Potter,” I warned before walking away.


A week later, the flat was buzzing with excitement and escape bees, but that’s a different story.

Rose was returning today and obviously we were all very excited. As usual, everyone was gathering at our flat since that seems to be the generally agreed on meeting place.

Scrap ran around trying to prepare everything for Rose’s arrival in less than fifteen minutes. “Everything must be perfect!” he exclaimed. “Not a thing out of place. This is Rose we are talking about.” It was true Rose was a perfectionist, but she’s seen this flat in a lot worse shape. She came here before I started giving the boys some chores.

Louis and Riley rolled their eyes simultaneously. “Mate,” Louis said. “Rose has seen the flat in its absolute worst, she’s not going to care.”

Scrap shot Louis a glare that would be deadly if it weren’t for the apron he was wearing. Scrap didn’t respond and instead began running around again.

“Hi!” Julia exclaimed as she appeared in the middle of the living room.

Scrap screeched and began sweeping around her feet. Julia looked confused, but decided not to say anything. She sat down in a chair and settled back smiling contently as Scrap ran about the room.

“I’m excited to see Rose,” Julia piped up. “Her letters sounded urgent and very quick. So it’s about time we sat that girl down to talk.”

“Now, now Julia,” Al said striding into the room. “Lover boy needs to win his lady back.” Al sat down in Julia’s lap and relaxed. Julia audibly sighed and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Where are Bella and Kole?” I asked finally noticing the one missing person.

Riley and Julia shrugged. “I think Bella is still at work,” Riley said thoughtfully. “But I’m not sure.”

“Charming,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Kole is stuck doing paperwork at the office,” Julia said smirking.

“Why are you smirking like that?” Louis exclaimed. “Paperwork sucks.”

“He was the one that insisted on arresting a third party accomplice, so he is the one that is stuck with the paperwork,” Julia snapped. Louis opened his mouth to protest, but Julia cut him off again. “Don’t you cross me Louis Weasley, I know how to make people disappear.”

Al shuddered from on Julia’s lap. “You get frightening when you go all out auror on us.”

“It’s a talent,” Julia laughed.

There was a timid knock on the door just then. Louis’ brow furrowed together as he stood up. “Do you think that’s Rose? Odd, she would have just apparated in.” Riley shrugged before kissing his hand and then let go.

“Maybe she felt like walking,” I shrugged. “Can’t blame a girl for wanting her exercise.”

I watched as Scrap tried to act as normal as he could. He folded and unfolded his arms and leaned against the doorframe, then upright, and then he settled for leaning against the doorframe. He desperately tried to look casual, but his rigid posture and contorted facial expressions betrayed him.

Scrap really wants to make a good impression on his ex-girlfriend.

Louis shrugged and disappeared to the front hallway. Louis’ voice was loud and clear after he opened the door. “Rooooo-oh holy—!” His voice shifted dramatically to one of shock from his loud greeting.

All around the room, we exchanged nervous glances. For Louis to notice something that quickly it would have to be very obvious. “Is everyone here?” Rose’s voice came sounding small and nervous. A few seconds later, Louis entered the room followed by Rose.

She looked the same she always did. Same red hair, same clear skin. After all, it was only a month, not much could change.

If you believe that, boy are you wrong.

“Rose,” Julia breathed out her mouth as wide as everyone else’s. “Please tell me the food was great and you just ate too much.”

Rose smiled meekly and placed her hands over her slightly round stomach. “Sorry, no. The food was awful, which isn’t good—um—considering,” she said glancing down at her stomach.

“Considering what?” Al said his voice cracking. He had stood up and was visibly shaking from his nerves.

“Are you going to make me say it?” Rose sighed defeated. Everyone nodded. “Fine. Merlin, I’m pregnant. Happy?”

“Totally!” Al squeaked. He had a pained expression and jittery hands.

I looked over at Scrap since he had been oddly silent when Rose first entered the room. Scrap stood in exactly the same awkward position leaning against the doorframe, but his expression had changed from one of nervous panic to pale and expressionless.

“Scrap?” I said nervously.

Everyone’s heads snapped to Scrap as if they just remembered him. Rose held the hem of her shirt in her hands and she looked hopefully at Scrap.

“Scorp?” she said slowly. His eyes flitted up to Rose’s at the sound of her voice. “I mean—Scorpius—,” she softly sighed. “I didn’t cheat on you, so whose baby do you think this is?”

Scrap stiffly straightened up. He walked robotically to the couch and sat down. He leaned on his elbow on his knees and placed his head in his hands. Riley placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and we watched as Scrap took a couple deep breaths.

When he raised his head, color had returned to his cheeks and his eyes looked—happy.

“I’m going to be a father,” he croaked smiling slightly. Rose visibly relaxed when Scrap stood up and repeated himself. “I’m going to be a father!” Relief was evident on everyone’s face as Rose and Scorpius hugged.

Rose was crying. Julia and Riley crying. I totally wasn’t crying.

“Blue, are you crying?” Al exclaimed.

“No!” I cried wiping my eyes. “Shut up! It’s romantic.” Rose and Scrap laughed and Scrap placed a light kiss on her forehead.

Kole and Bella joined us soon and more celebrations ensued.

As I watched Rose and Scrap finally recognizing their happiness, I felt sad. I couldn’t help it, and I don’t know why I felt it. It felt similar to the sadness I first felt when I woke up. I had a strange feeling that I had been this happy and that I have loved this way, but I can’t remember.

I felt a hand cover mine and I looked up at Al. He looked almost sympathetic at me and he gave me a half smile.

“What?” I asked quietly looking away from him.

“You look far too sad right now. Be happy!” Al encouraged. I shrugged. He continued to look at me for a couple seconds before letting go of my hand and looking away. He didn’t pursue the subject.



A/N: Yay update! I hope you all like it. And please don't hate on Henry because he isn't Al! I kinda like him...

Please tell me what you think! And there might be one more chapter before a three month haitus (sorry) 

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