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Music is Might by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 8 : Apologies of Sorts
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 I hadn’t spoken to anybody since that incident. Not even the band, in fact I was avoiding them like the plague, I couldn’t face them not yet. I was embarrassed; I’d ruined it for them. I shouldn’t have run off like that, nobody is ever going to take us seriously again. I hadn’t even looked at the papers, I was too scared. I shook my head, still trying to get over last night’s events. So that brings me to my current position, hiding out in the astronomy tower, avoiding everyone.


The only problem? I was bloody starving.


My stomach would not stop rumbling. I had no choice but to venture out and get something to eat, that or I could stay up here and waste away until the house elves find me. Actually that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, at least that way, I wouldn’t have to talk to anybody. No Ally you are not starving yourself, to death. Not now, not ever. I sighed, as I stood up and made my way down the stairs. I was walking hesitantly, just waiting for one of the band members to jump around the corner. I thought hard about my next move. They would expect me to go to the kitchens, Marcus, would probably be there already, waiting for me. Dom probably has our dorm covered, which removes the chances of me getting my secret stash of chocolate frogs. Shh forgot I mentioned anything about them. They do not exist, I repeat they do not exist.


Adam would have Hogsmeade covered, without a doubt. That just leaves Spencer, with three possible options, either the room of requirement, with Jordan or the great hall. But they wouldn’t expect me to go the great hall, due to the chances of running into he who must not be named. They’re clever, I’ll give them that, but they’re also very predictable, so without a second thought I made my way down to the Great Hall. And surprise, surprise I was right, not a band member in sight.


I sat down at the Ravenclaw table, I did my best to ignore the whispers over last night’s events, but even my trained ears couldn’t get rid of the harsh words.


“I never liked her anyway”


“She’s not even that pretty”


“She’s a complete and utter bitch”


“James was out of order”


“I wonder where she is now”

“I cannot believe, what she did, she completely embarrassed James in front of everyone, I used to look up to her but now I can’t even bring myself to listen to their music”


“Are you serious? It was James who was completely in the wrong. I understand Phoenix’s decisions, completely. She should of punched him for what he did, he ruined her night”


I smiled at the last one, at least not everybody hated me. I carried on hearing arguments, people were being so petty into taking sides. Team James, Team Phoenix and here I am Team all alone.


I let my eyes wonder, around the hall. They hovered over the Gryffindor table, where James was looking almost as miserable as I was. Well at least that was what I thought. But that was before the doors of the great hall, slammed shut. And Freddie, elbowed James. He smirked, before standing up and standing on top of the table.


“Hello Hogwarts!” he shouted. I was so confused to what he was doing, I had no idea what he was doing actually, I just knew instantly Phoenix was not doing to like it.


“So you’ve probably all heard of the events that took place last night, or in most cases seen it” he laughed quietly to himself, I had the sudden urge to hex him there and then. I looked over to the teachers, who were just there sitting there watching him, letting him carry on with his public displays. I met eyes with Flitwick, who looked at me with fatherly concern, I turned back around and faced James.


“Well I’d just like to say, I have no hard feelings towards Phoenix, she did what she did. And I don’t expect any of you to hate her for my foolish actions, at all. No matter what is happening, my actions, do not change her or the bands talent, so I’d like to ask you to stop taking it out on them” Oh so the prick has decide to apologise, I should accept it and let by gones be by gones, but the way he said it, he had an ulterior motive. The smirk on his face was enough to know, how he felt about the whole situation, he wasn’t embarrassed about last night at all, he loved the attention, the tosser.


“And Phoenix, whoever you maybe, I want to apologise for what I did last night, from the bottom of my heart, I really didn’t mean it in that way. You said, that I didn’t really like you that it was just the bet, but I think we both know you’re wrong. I do like you, I like the real you. So what I’m trying to say is, if you think there is any chance of this working at all meet me tonight, by the lake, at ten o’clock without the Phoenix charade, and I promise, I’ll show you the real me too”. I think I just threw up in my mouth, how is it possible for one person to speak so much fucking shit? He smiled again, playing at the crowds, feelings I heard the mutters “how could she not forgive him” easily I thought to myself. “If I was her I’d reveal myself this second” yeah well it’s a good job I’m not you, and I have no intention of revealing myself to that prick.


“Oh and one last thing, Phoenix I will find you” he winked, before sitting down, he was met by a round of applause, and slaps on the back. I didn’t understand it. Why? Why would he go through all this effort for one fictional girl? The doors of the great hall opened, I waited for a while, as others began to leave so I didn’t look so suspicious. My eyes met James as I walked past the Gryffindor’s table, he smiled cheerily at me, I ignored it and carried on walking.



“Ally, where the fuck have you been?” Marcus demanded. I tried to run but he had me at the scruff of the collar, stupid polo shirt.


“Around” I said sarcastically.

“Around? Seriously that’s the best you’ve fucking got. We’ve been worrying sick about you, after what happened last night” second years were watching the scene before them, wide eyed. Marcus you have to be more careful, especially with my new top, Nan only sent it last blood week. I shook his hand of my top, and stared at him. I raised an eyebrow “What happened last night?” I asked. Knowing full well he wouldn’t blurt it out with little ear whiggy second years listening in.


“You’re unbelievable” he said as he dragged me up to their dorm, by my arm. I didn’t give up a fight, there was no use, Marcus was about a billion times stronger than me. I’m pretty sure he could lift me up with his little finger, actually maybe not, his little finger is quite skinny looking at it.


“She’s here guys” he said as pushed me through the door, and shut it behind himself. They were all staring at me, half with concern and half with annoyance, the room was silent. Now probably isn’t the best time, to mention both Dom and Adam where on the same bed, quite close together…


“Well I know why you haven’t found me, you’ve all been in here the whole time. You really don’t get the game of hide and seek do you?” I said sarcastically, hoping to ease the tension in the room. It didn’t work, if anything Dom looked like she was about to hit me. I could see Adam tensing, getting ready to hold her down.


“Where the fuck were you?” screeched Dom and there’s the veela blood. I was shaking, she looked like fucking medusa.


“around” I said quietly.


“around!” she repeated. “Do you understand what’s been going through our fucking heads, we haven’t seen you since yesterday! You ran out on us. YOU DIDN’T EVEN COME BACK TO THE DORM!”


“I DID!” I shouted back, “I did go back to dorm, I just left before you got back!”


“Why didn’t you stay?”


“I thought you’d be angry with me!”


“Well you’re fucking right”


“Dom shut up!” Adam shouted. Woah, Adam grew a back bone, even Dom looked shocked. He stood up, and walked towards me, I’d never heard Adam shout like that before, I was scared. He pulled me in for a hug, a brotherly hug. A hug I really needed right now.


He pulled away and looked at me “are you ok?” he asked as he stroked my hair. I nodded into his chest.


“Now tell me, why the hell you didn’t come back here last night?”


“I ran out on all of you” I choked “I thought you’d all be angry with me, I was embarrassed ok?”


“Are you serious? You thought we’d be angry with you? You did the right thing. If it wasn’t for Adam holding me back, I would have fucking killed James for what he did to you” I smiled at Marcus, and hugged him too. Adam and Spencer joined in on the bro hug, or should I call it band hug? Seconds later I felt another lot of hands around me and I knew all had been forgiven.



It was half nine. Phoenix was supposed to be meeting James in half an hour. I’d ask her, and she said she didn’t feel like meeting up with him today. How cowardly of me? Ha the only reason I would have to ever meet up with him, is to tell him to leave me the hell alone. And I would happily do that, but with the chances of me ruining my secret, I’d rather not.


So instead I was up in the astronomy tower, getting my seat to spy on my least favourite person, make that second, Slughorn set us a four foot essay to do, for Tuesday. Stupid buffoon.


Anyway back to spying, so far he wasn’t there. Maybe he was waiting for Phoenix to show up, saying that he’d be waiting a hell of a long time. Everybody else was there though, hoping that the mysterious Phoenix would reveal herself, or maybe they just wanted another fight. In that case they’d be thoroughly disappointed.


There he was, I couldn’t work out what he was wearing he was too far away, but his ego radiated off of him. He strutted down to the lake and sat down, he had five minutes until Phoenix showed up, or wouldn’t show up in his case.


Maybe he’d do a Louis, and believe the first girl that comes up to him. After all he did ask that she comes as herself. I laughed at the thought. It was ten now and he was looking at his watch and around expecting her to just come out. Maybe he’d imagined the whole situation, in his head, how Phoenix would just run down to the lake, apologise to him and then they’d hug and kiss it out, get married and have perfect little fame filled babies. Either way the boy was delusional.


It was half past now, and he was still sat there. I felt sorry for him, but then I remembered what he’d done, and the feeling just went away, all my feelings did. I just looked at him and I felt empty. He stood up and turned around, the last bit of hope etched across his face.


That was enough for me, I couldn’t deal with anymore, I stamped down the stairs and made my way back to the dorm.


I was walking slowly, not caring that it was after hours, that I could be caught out of bed at any moment. And neither did James apparently because he gloomily walked around the corner. Our eyes met, and he smiled weakly at me, I returned the favour.




“No luck?” I questioned.


“No” he shrugged “I tried, not more I can do” I nodded at him. “What are you doing out of bed so late?”


Urm, well spying on you didn’t sound so sufficient to me, “Oh I was just working on an essay in the library” he nodded understandingly to me, I knew he didn’t really care, because otherwise he would have noticed my lack of bag and essay.


“I better be off” I said, walking away, not wanting to spend any more time with him in fear of him finding out my secret.


“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow Ally”


“Yeah” I carried on walking, back to the dorm, wait what, tomorrow. Oh shit I was supposed to be tutoring him, fuck.




You know the drill, I don't own anything... that you recognise to be from somebody else, they of course belong to the wonders who created them, like good old J.K.... 

So what did you think from this chapter? Who's side you taking? #TeamPhoenix #TeamPotter let me know. 

I love reading all your reviews so even it's picking up on a spelling mistake, or grammatical error, just tell me and I'll try get it fixed asap, you're only helping me, I won't take the critism to heart!

Anyway thank you for reading, (and reviewing hopefully)

lots of love,


(ps check out my new story! - not begging it at all (: )

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