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The Upbringing Of Bellatrix Black by MagykNargle
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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                It is an overcast day, cold despite the month being late August.  A comforting, soft wind encases the girl, snuggling against her like a living thing, ruffling her pitch-black hair.  A single wooden fence lies between the pair, though it efficiently obscures any view each might’ve had.  Behind Bella, a huge, dark mansion resides, covering the rural grounds like nobody’s business.  The manor is so large it can’t possibly have been naturally constructed in the two weeks it claims.  In contrast, Everett’s home is small and humble, taking only its fair share of land.  Surrounded by flowers of every hue and shade, it gives off an aura of everything Bella longs for.  Everything she’ll never have.

 “Everett, Everett, listen to me.” Her tone is urgent, pleading, pained, “I can’t be friends with you any more; we can’t talk.”

The boy scowls, kicking his feet- unseen by his friend- against the dusty ground.  His long fingers unconsciously splay themselves against the fence that separated him from the girl.  He says nothing, standing in sullen silence. 

Taking this as her cue to continue and amend her harsh statement (though it is completely true), she whispers, “It’s not as though I want to go off to boarding school and leave you… well, I do, but not the leaving you part, but I’ve got to.  See, it’s my parents.  They don’t like, er, people like you.” 

This is met with a snort of misunderstanding, “People like me?  Bullocks, Bella, if you don’t want to be friends, just say it!  Don’t blame it on your bloody ‘rents!”  His voice has lost its usual touch of kindness and mischief, replaced with stony, angry, blunt tones. 

Bella winces, shuffling her feet in an unknowingly identical way to the boy hidden a few inches away,
“’m not lying, Everett.  Promise.  They think you’re filthy and unworthy.”

Another silence, and she realizes that insulting Everett mightn't have been the best route.  Too late, the damage is done.  But she’s promised herself she won’t lie on this important day.  The day before she goes off to school.  The last chance she’s got to explain herself to her best mate, unless she wants to wait nearly a year. 

Everett snorts, and Bella hears the soft thump of his back hitting the wood of the barrier between the two; he must be curled on the dirt against it. “That’s hardly the sort of thing a bloke wants to hear.  Especially from his best mate.”

The girl exhales a soft sigh, too inexperienced in such things as this to be much of a comfort to her best and only friend. “I know, Ev, I know.  But you know that I speak my mind often, and that there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Shut UP, Bella.  Please!  Just shut up for once and listen!”

The girl falls silent in highly suspenseful anticipation.

He takes a deep breath, “I do know that you speak your mind.  It’s one of the many amazing things about you.  But you know what else?  I’m sick of the way our friendship is.  I’ve known you for around nine months and never met you face to face.  Now you’re going to let your parents take even that away from you?  Away from me?” There is a pause.  “I thought you were stronger than that.”

Bella raises an eyebrow, gasping inwardly at her friend’s boldness, “I have to let our friendship go. There aren’t any ‘buts’ about it.”

Another snort.  “Why?  What could possibly be more important than this?” Bella knows he’s referring to their companionship.

 “Everett…” Bellatrix Black sighs again as she forces herself on, running a pale hand through her dark frizz of curls, “Everett, I’m a witch.”

That was the last time she ever heard from Everett Abel.  

Welcome to the Upbringing of Bellatrix Black!  This is going to be a fun journey, promise.  I’ve got to warn you of two things:  my updating mightn’t be the most regular, and I’m a smidge comma-happy.  I don’t have a beta, so I apologize for any typos you may see (and for the vague fluffiness of this prologue).  However, I’m very excited for this story, and I would love some feedback.  Also, I promise my A/N’s will be shorter in the future, and the chapters shall be far longer.   

DISCLAIMER:  Mates, I’m not making money off this, and I don’t intend to.  Anything at all you may recognize belongs strictly to JKR.  And, in case you haven’t gotten, I’m not her.  Sadly.  Oh, well.  :( 

Anyways, cheerio, and I’ll see you first chapter!                          

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