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The Sight by Xaria
Chapter 7 : The Legilimens
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Chapter 7: The Legilimens


The air was frosty and all of the Hogwarts grounds was covered in a blanket of snow. Delphia trudged through it with Lily and Alice in tow. The three girls passed under the Hogwarts gates and they followed the trail to Hogsmeade. It was the last Hogsmeade trip until the Hogwarts Express left tomorrow for the holidays. Hogsmeade's lights blinked closer.


“Okay, there's the Three Broomsticks. Let's hurry, my toes are about to freeze off.” said Lily as she shivered and wrapped her Gryffindor scarf tighter around her neck.


Inside the Three Broomsticks many other Hogwarts students were crowded around several tables. Alice picked out a table near the frosty window while Lily went to go get some butterbeers. Out the window the Christmas lights made the snow glow with different colors, Delphia gazed dreamily at the slowly changing colors. Lily came back with three frothy glasses of warm butterbeer.


“What are you two doing for break?” asked Alice and took a small sip from her butterbeer.


“It's just me, my parents, and Petunia for Christmas, we're heading down to Paris.” Lily said excitedly, her green eyes dazed over with the thought of Paris. “What about you Delphia?”


Delphia swallowed a mouthful of butterbeer and spoke, “Nothing, a few presents with my dad.”


The conversation turned over to present ideas. Delphia focused on her attention outside of the window, watching a group of Hufflepuffs walk by. Everything seemed so normal to them, but to Delphia nothing was ever normal. She could look at a perfectly normal thing and see every subnormal trait it possessed. She sipped her butterbeer until the froth had reached the bottom of the glass.


“C'mon Delphia, we're going to go to Gladrags Wizardwear. And then Tomes and Scrolls for Lily, and then you get to pick.” Alice said, Delphia had been too busy staring to notice she and Lily had finished already. She set down her glass and followed them back out into the snowy street. Gladrags was full of clothes and Delphia wasn't very into fashion so she said she'd stay outside while they looked around.


The wind carried a voice from the street closest to Hogwarts. “So I was thinking something really shiny, I mean girls like shiny things right?”


“Of course, oh and they like real sexy things, like lingerie or something.” came Sirius's voice.


“Padfoot, I think you're the one that likes the lingerie.” snorted Remus.


Delphia leaned against the store's window and listened to Sirius argue, she rolled her eyes, it was no shock that Sirius liked 'sexy' things. He was always the lady's man and got enough girls drooling over him to fill a pool. She watched the four Marauders head into Honeydukes, luckily not spotting her.


“May I stand here with you?”


Delphia knew who it was before she even turned around. He wore a thick silver and green scarf around his neck that made him look young but sophisticated at the same time. Unlike Sirius, who's hair was shaggy and hung in his eyes, Regulus's was shorter and he had it stand upright in an elegant manner.


“What do you want Black?” Delphia asked and looked away to the twinkling lights.


“I'm hurt,” he said mockingly, “Can I not just stand here and talk to a pretty girl?”


Delphia whipped around to glare at him. How dare he call her pretty? She knew as well as everyone else that she was no where near attractive in the slightest way. With her left eye a bright toxic green and the right like blue icy water, and not to mention the long mess of hair that looked like the color of a nighty sky.


“Shut up and tell me what you want?” She growled, her eyes flashing dangerously.


“Ah, I see you aren't soft on sentimentality.” Regulus said, his hard steely eyes betrayed his light tone, clearly showing that he was not one to ignore rude remarks. He pulled a letter out of his robes. “I was told to send this to your father, but I figured since you were here you can personally deliver it to him.”


Delphia peered at the letter in his gloved hand, it was written in neat writing that read Mr. Braxton Fairchild.


“How do I know I can trust you? You could easily take my hand off if I take this letter and it blows up.” she asked cautiously.


“That is a risk you'll have to take.” he smiled charmingly at her, forcing it into her grip. “But if he doesn't receive this letter, I'll know.”


He walked away with his hands in his pockets as if he hadn't even seen her at all. The letter gave her the impression that she should be worried, her mind scanned it in search of the darkness that many of the Slytherins possessed, but there was only a hint of it, as if it came across the Death Eaters by accident. Delphia looked up but Regulus had already left. A small bell from the door rang, Lily and Alice strode out, each with a bag.


“What's that?” Alice pointed to the letter.


“Regulus Black gave it to me, it's for my dad.”


Lily immediately furrowed her eyebrows, “Are you sure that's safe? Black isn't...exactly great company.”


“Oy, I can think of tons of people who would disagree with you.” Sirius stood a few feet away, surprisingly enough the other three Marauders were not in sight.


“We were talking about your brother.” Delphia said simply and watched as his eyes turned hard, all humor gone.


“I have no brother.” he sneered at her, his gray stormy eyes daring her to say anymore.


“I believe you do, shorter, gelled hair, green and silver uniform. You know, what you would've looked like if you were in Slytherin.” growled Delphia, she couldn't control herself, the words just spilled out. She was just so annoyed with him, his pranks that were always directed to her and the skanks that hung onto his arms all the time.


Sirius let out a yowl and charged forward but suddenly was held back. The rest of the Marauders had come to his rescue. Remus held him back as he cussed nonstop at Delphia. But his last words hurt the most, “You're just a freak Fairchild. You've always been one. Do you honestly think you'll ever get accepted? Go jump in the Black Lake and do everyone a favor.”




The train ride to platform 9 ¾ was a quiet one, Lily and Alice spoke every now and then but Delphia looked out of the window, her pale features showing no emotion. She was glad that her friends didn't bother her, they knew sometimes she just needed space. Because of her and Sirius's argument the day before the Marauders hadn't bothered them at all, which was very peculiar because James couldn't seem to go a few hours without getting a glimpse of Lily. And although Lily should be happy about that Delphia felt waves of worry coming off of her.


The train slowed to a stop and outside of the compartment doors a bunch of students streamed by. The three girls picked up their trunks, Delphia with Memphis in a silver cage, and followed the crowd off the train. The platform was full with students and parents and Delphia stood on her toes to try and look over the group, but unluckily for her she was shorter than most people, reaching up to only five feet.


“I found your mum Alice.” Lily pointed out, she and Delphia hugged Alice.


“I promise to write, I'll see you in two weeks! Bye!” she called and waltzed away into the mass of people.




She turned around to find Braxton standing behind her, he wore his usual dark cloak and his black hair was combed back as normal.


“Good evening Lily,” he said with a nod.


“Hello Mr. Fairchild.” replied Lily as she scanned the mob of people. An auburn haired woman and blonde man stood at the edge by the wall that led to King's Cross. Beside them was a blonde skinny girl who looked a few years older than Lily. “Sorry I have to go. Bye Delphia.” with a hug she hurried over to her family.




The next few days at her home went by slowly and quite boring. It wasn't until two days before Christmas that Braxton had knocked on her door to tell her to get ready. She found this very odd because they were the type of family to hide indoors all day. But she got dressed anyways and hopped down the stairs.


“I've arranged a meeting with some highly skilled people in legilimency, I had owled them quite some time ago and they finally got back to me” he explained, holding his hand out to her. She sighed and reluctantly grabbed his hand.


Once they had reached their destination Delphia let out a heavy breath, she was never a fan of apparation. She looked around, they had landed in front of a beautiful large house surrounded by lots of plants, there was a stoned pathway that led through neatly cut grass and up to large double doors. They crossed through and once up to the doors Braxton rapped his knuckles against the wood.


A man with black hair that stuck up in different directions opened the door. “Welcome Braxton.” he said kindly and opened the door to let them in. “I assume you are Delphia.”


Delphia nodded, her skin crawled as something seemed familiar about this place. A brunette woman walked into the room, her hair tied up in a bun. The pieces fell into place as he introduced himself.


“My name is Nathaniel Potter and this here is my wife Leah. Come sit.” he waved his hand to the red sofas.


“Potter, you said, is um James here?” she asked uncertainly.


“Ah, yes somewhere upstairs. You know him from school?” said Mrs. Potter.


“I am one of Lily's closest friends. No doubt you haven't heard of her before.” Delphia gave a small smile at the thought of James's little obsession. She'd be more surprised if his parents didn't know about her.


Mrs. Potter nodded while Mr. Potter rolled his eyes. Braxton, looking quite uncomfortable, spoke up, “Nathaniel here is one of the most skilled wizards with legilimency, so talented that he can preform it wandlessly.”


“Yes, your father and Dumbledore have both written to me to see what is it that makes your mind so exceedingly above the average wizard's.” explained Mr. Potter, he conjured up a chair and sat just a mere few inches in front of Delphia. “It helps if I touch your temple. And best close your eyes, you may feel nausea with them open.”


Delphia closed her eyes nervously and felt Mr. Potter put two fingers on both sides of her temple. She felt him prod through her mind gently until he stopped, it felt as if there was a great weight on her mind, like she was being prepared for something extreme.


“We're going to try some tests, but while you go into these visions you have I want you to repeat everything as it goes, alright?”


Delphia nodded slowly, not trusting herself to open her mouth. She was cast back into the unknown world, whispers of people from the past and the present, some from the future. Although she could concentrate on each one she didn't want to. It was like going into a very familiar room and have the lights turn off, groping through the emptiness for something that made sense. She felt the presence of the darkness.


“There is this darkness, it grows stronger with every time I see, terrible things happen there. The memories of anger and hatred, dark power. I think I've been there before, but I can't remember.”


“Go to it, see what is inside.” Mr. Potter's voice whispered somewhere inside her mind. As she stepped into the darkness she told them of what she saw.


A long black table sat in the middle of a large room, the walls were covered in dark green eerie wallpaper and the black wooden floor was polished cleanly. Around the perimeter of the table sat many clothed people, only a few were women. At the head of the table was Lord Voldemort himself, he peered over his Death Eaters.


We should strike now My Lord! It is an opportunity we cannot miss!” Lucius Malfoy said, his eyes shone with determination to prove his loyalty.


But Voldemort's eyes were fixed on the younger group of Death Eaters at the far end of the table. “Regulus, what news do you have of the letter?”


He has agreed My Lord.” the fifteen year old replied importantly.


Good, make sure he sticks to his decision, I don't want him getting in the way of my plans. And Lucius, you're right, we cannot pass up this opportunity, I trust you to organize a raid.”


Thank you My Lord, we will be successful.” he said as he eyed Bellatrix and Rodolphus.




Delphia peeled her eyelids open groggily, she was slumped over on the Potter's sofa.


“Are you alright Delphia?” Braxton asked anxiously, his face white as parchment.


“I'm fine, what happened?” she asked, looking from Mr. Potter to his wife and then to her father.


Mr. Potter seemed to choose his words carefully, “It seems that in dire situations your mind refuses to see the truth and rejects the vision you see. Although I may not be able to restore your previous visions I can lift the barrier that blocks them from your memory. Your mind is constantly working to block out everything it's able to do, therefore not using it's full potential. It's working so hard to reject everything that when you do see something you fall unconscious. I'm going to write down some techniques you can use to clear that barrier and let yourself be who you are without the boundaries.”


Delphia watched him jot down something on a slip of parchment, but before he handed it to her he looked into her eyes seriously.


“You have an extraordinary talent Delphia. In order for you to be accepted, you must accept yourself.”


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