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JJ Gone.... Wild? by PotterPrincess7
Chapter 18 : Balls, Babies and Boys.
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  Tonight was the ball, I was majorly excited for it of course but, my excitement was more for the next day, then tonight. Sirius and I had decided we would find out the sex. I couldn't wait to know if my  little football, a well known muggle sport where they kick a ball around, player. I had been calling them that because since the first kick it had barely stopped, was a girl or a boy.









    I had promised Lily and Halen to focus on the ball tonight though so my ultrasound tomorrow was temporarily pushed to the back of my mind ,sorta. "Hey my beautiful best friends." I said cheerily , classes today had already finished and we were going to our room to get ready.










"Hey darlin" Lily said.









"Well hello there." Halen laughed. I walked around the room grabbed a towel and a comfy outfit, then headed for the bathroom.









"Whatcha doin' , Miss Jaynee Jones." Lily asked.









"Well Miss Lily Evans, I thought I'd go use that magical device that sprays clear liquid out of it, to get all nice and clean for the ball." I smirked.










"Ha ha very funny." I heard her say before closing the door. I turned the water on and stepped under its warmth, I let the water run over my body and warm my skin.









   I just stood with the water running for a few minutes and then washed my hair, letting it run out to it's full length down my back.I hadn't realized how long it had gotten, It now reached to the middle of my thighs. After I finished I stepped out of the shower, dried off and put my bathrobe on, leaving the bathroom I said.














"Look Lily the magical water sprayer got me all clean" Lily threw the pillow she was holding at me, I caught it and threw it back to her. "Hey Halen do ya think you could pretty please brush this mess I call hair pour moi?" I asked shaking out my hair at her.














"Oui madame, take a seat at my chair." She laughed, I sat on the bed and she started brushing my long messy mane.Lily giggled.











"Jaynee, i dont know what your gonna do with that hair of yours but if you dont get started soon it'll never be finished."












" Thought I'd just let it curl naturally and leave it down maybe fix the waves a bit but other than that I'm focusing on your guys' hair." I replied. It took Halen about 15 minutes to fully brush my hair and then I did hers and Lily's, they looked beautiful, Lily's was in a curly updo with a few pieces hanging down and Halen's was in perfect ringlets down her back. By the time we finished our hair, it was 6 o'clock, the ball started in half an hour but we were meeting the boys at 7 to go down. We finished getting ready by 6:30, We hadn't put our dresses on yet so we were just sitting on the beds talking." Are you guys excited for the ball?" I asked, I already knew the answer but I still asked,












" Yes obviously," Halen said. " Remus said he had something to tell me after, I think he's gonna say 'I love you' ." 













"Oh Hay that awesome." Lily said. " I'm excited too James and I have a nice evening planned after ward in the heads room, so yeah." I giggled at Lily and Halen, it seemed weird but somehow i felt as though worrying about if my boyfriend is going to say ' I love you' or that we were spending a romantic night alone, was silly, Me and Sirius spent every night together and the ring on my finger and the baby growing inside me was the only conformation of our love I needed. The weight of how much I needed to grow up in such a short period of time hit me suddenly it was scary but I was ready.... i think. 












" What's on that pretty mind of your Jaynee Jones?" Halen asked.









"Oh stop I'm blushing." I laughed " Just thinking."











"Thinking about what?" Lily asked.














"How fast it feels like I've got to grow up."


















"Awe, Jay dont you see what's gonna make you a great mom is that you're not grown up, you're a huge kid all the time but, like McGonagall said you've been a mother most of your life, I know you guys say I'm like a mother to you but look at Remus,James and Sirius, how much they've grown up since first year, you may not have liked them, apart from James, until this year but you've changed them for the better."













"Wow Lils that was deep, but thank you I feel better now." I smiled and reached over to hug her. We awkwardly hugged around our hair, then Halen looked at the time.















"Shit! we've got less then five minutes to get into our dresses and go downstairs ." she exclaimed. We squealed in excitement and jumped up from the bed. We helped each other into our dresses hurriedly and checked ourselves in the mirror before heading out the door. It took us a while to get down the narrow staircase in our gowns,Lily had no problem but she had to help me and Halen with our dresses. We exited the stairwell and walked over to our dates.












 " Ladies" They said.











"Don't you all just look stunning" James exclaimed.












"Thank you" we said in unison. 














"Shall we." Remus asked gesturing toward the portrait hole. 














"We shall" Halen replied. we took our dates arms and exited the room.














"You are amazing " I heard Remus whisper to Hay, she blushed.














"So glad you made us wait to see the dresses you look so gorgeous, I cant wait for tonight." James said to Lily, she smiled. 











"I'm sure you can't" She kissed him and they continued walking. Sirius smiled down at me, 













"You are amazingly beautiful." He laughed " how are you feeling?" 












" I'm great my feet are a little sore but I'm fine and you are too, damn you look good in a tux." We laughed, 













"Your feet are probably sore because of your heels." he stated. I  smiled and said,















"Actually I'm cheating since you can't see my shoes in my dress, let's just say I'm not exactly wearing my heels." I lifted my skirt just above my ankles . "see" I said displaying my foot which was clad in a pair of black Chuck Taylors I had brought from home. He laughed.















"That's my girl" I let my dress fall back down and curled into his arms again, by now we had reached the doors to  the great hall as i looked around i was amazed, the hall was an icy wonderland, you could tell the theme was not focused on Christmas, but snow and ice itself, it was gorgeous. Sirius took my hand and we immediately took to the dance floor.
















"You've done this before" I smirked at Sirius.








"Once or twice you know, at weddings." I laughed, it was a good thing Sirius was a good dancer because I couldn't dance to save my life. " You're not to bad yourself " He said,I snorted.

















"Oh yah sure and i also have a flying pig for a pet." He laughed.


















"I dont think Looney would like to hear you calling her a flying pig." I smacked his arm as he laughed.We danced for hours, but it felt like minutes, even when my feet were throbbing and Sirius insisted i take a seat while he went to go get us drinks i didn't want to stop. "C'mon you need to relax a minute, or your gonna end up hurting in the morning." I sighed and said.
















"Fine, I guess I could use a drink" I smiled big at him and made my way to the table where Lily and Halen were already sitting, while he went to get drinks. " Hey where are the boys?" I asked them sitting down,













" They've gone to fetch us some drinks , what about yours?" Lily smiled.




















 "Same" I answered her question.


















"You guys having fun?" I heard James ask as they approached the table.




















"Oh loads" I smiled " Thanks" I said taking my drink from Sirius and giving him a peck on the cheek. I downed my glass quickly and jumped up ready to dance again,  "Ready?" I asked Sirius. He laughed.





















" Already?" He asked "Do you ever stop." I giggled.



















"Sometimes, Maybe, okay no but it soooo much fun." He laughed and took my hand.














"Well, Let's go then, my love." we went straight back to the dance floor and started to dance again.




















Lily's Pov














Jaynee and Sirius went back to dancing and we were still sitting around the table.
























" Lily will you do me the honour of dancing with me again?" James asked . I giggled and nodded before he whisked me to my feet. We laughed and danced, we were soon joined by Halen and Remus. The ball had turned out amazing and we were all having so much fun,"Whaddaya say we ditch this place and head to our room." James bent down to whisper in my ear, my insides fluttered as his breath touched my skin, I laughed.




















"10 more minutes Jamesie?" I pulled a puppy dog face as I pretended to act like some of the vain, whiny girls i had seen James date, he caught on and said.





















"Well,well, very funny , you know you should be a comedian, and of course we don't need to rush my dear." I giggled and we kept dancing on. 10 minutes or so later we bade goodbye to Halen,Remus,Jaynee and Sirius, and walked together to the heads dorm. I had butterflies in my stomach, we hadn't spent a night alone in our dorm and I had to admit I was very  nervous.James opened the door and I gasped.





















"It's beautiful" The entire room was filled with candles and there was a path of roses leading to the couch which was draped in a big blanket.


















"C'mon" James pulled me over to the couch, at this moment I was glad I hadn't gotten a big puffy gown because it would have gotten in the way.
























"James this is so amazing,you're so amazing." He kissed me and I kissed him back deeply .I loved this moment, our skin molding together and our lips feeling as though they were made for each other a perfect match,exactly what James had been telling me for years. I was just to stupid to see it, but now it was like every thought was being pushed from my head leaving only one thing, James. He broke apart from my lips and kissed my neck. "James" I whispered he looked up at me.
























"Lily, I- I love you." He stuttered breathily.
































"James i love you too." I had known it from the moment I saw the look in his eyes when I had said yes to going to the ball, and it felt so good to say it out loud.






















Halen Pov
















After Lily and James left we continued dancing for a while, before Remus asked.




















"You wanna go take a walk by the lake?" 
















"Yeah" I whispered nodding . "Hey Jay were gonna go for walk we'll see you later in the common room." Jaynee barely looked away from Sirius' eyes.




















"See ya bestie."I smiled at how cute they were and grabbed Remus' hand and we left the great hall.When we made it to the grounds, it was pitch dark out, as we made our way to the lake. We sat under a tree curled in each others arms.we just sat there for a bit, the ground was cold ,but we had stopped by my room and grabbed a blanket so it didn't bother us much, it was after about 20 minutes when Remus stood up pulling me up with him and said.























"Hay, I - I have to tell you something." He looked away unwilling to look in my eyes .






















" Remus, what is it?" I asked bringing his face up so he would look me in the eyes.























"Halen, I- I 'm a-a - werewolf." he sputtered out " I'm a werewolf" I gasped. the news shocked me , Remus backed away from me. 





















"Remus" I whispered.



















"No" he said " I get it I disgust you, why shouldn't I , I'm  a monster." The look of despair on his face made me want to cry, I had to show him that this didn't change anything. That I loved him.
























"Remus" I said walking back to him , he flinched but didn't move, I  grabbed his face in my hands and kissed his lips.





















"Halen" he whispered.

























"No" I said " Listen to me, i dont care what you are it doesn't change anything at all, so you're a werewolf and I'm a messy, sarcastic teenage girl, what's the difference? Nothing were humans, no matter what anyone else says you are amazing and I love you." I finished my rant and kissed him,this time he kissed me back.























"I love you so much, you messy, sarcastic teenage girl." he laughed.


























" Hey, no throwing my words back at me." He hugged me close and we made our way back to the castle.























Jaynee Pov












It was after midnight, when we finally made our way back to the common room, I was exhausted but the ball was so much fun, I couldn't even believe that just three days ago, I wasn't even planning on going to the ball but here I was all because of my amazing friends and gorgeous fiance. I turned into Sirius' chest and kissed him deeply. " Thank you for this, for the dress, the ball, our baby, everything , You're the only reason I'm still functioning, after my parents died, I didn't think I could go on, but you pulled me through, thank you , I love you so much."





















"Jaynee,you make me so happy I could explode you have no idea how much I love you." We kissed again and continued walking. When we got to the common room Lily,James,Halen and Remus were sitting by the fire.























Halen Pov










Jaynee and Sirius entered the common room, everyone else was still at the ball so the room was empty except for us, Remus and I had already got James and Lily and we were planning on telling them together. Remus had explained everything on our way back to the school, how the other Marauders had become animagi and they joined him at the the full moon every month, in the shrieking shack. We told Jaynee and Lily, they were shocked but they still didn't think it changed anything.Remus was relieved and Lily and Jaynee hugged him. I was so glad that there was no secrets left between any of us,


















" So" Said Jaynee "What's your animagus form, Mr.Black?"


















Jaynee Pov









"You really wanna know" Sirius asked a wicked gleam in his eyes. I nodded excitedly, he looked at James they nodded, and all of a sudden , there was a huge black dog sitting in front of me, It wasn't the only animal ,there was a huge stag standing by Lily. 
























"Oh My God." I whispered, the dog placed it's front paws on my lap and licked my face. "Eww!" I giggled "Sirius". Sirius and James transformed back into themselves. 





















"Now I get the nicknames" Lily laughed. we all laughed and chatted for an hour and then went to our rooms to change and go to bed.

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