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Trouble by Zyii
Chapter 5 : Never Give In To Lavender's Begging
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Mild Language

Headmistress McGonagall sat behind the desk in her office with a worried expression on her face. So far she’d had two complaints from students and a letter of concern from a parent, yet she could find nothing in the claims. She’d been very strict in finding replacement teachers for Hogwarts, each applicant had been checked, then cross checked and examined from every possible angle before being given the job. With the Wizarding World now more alert to the acts of Dark Wizards it was now harder than ever to be fooled. She was adamant that none of the teachers she’d hired were dark Wizards; they had – after all – all come up clean on the tests.

Why then had she received these complaints? She knew about the challenges Professor Shepard set and that they weren’t strictly related to Transfiguration but she felt it was a good thing for the students to keep exercising their defensive/offensive skills – thankful the war was over but that said nothing for future events.

Eventually she put it down to paranoia. These students had suffered so much and see so much that they shouldn’t have that they were bound to come out of it differently. In fact if they weren’t jumpy or paranoid McGonagall would think they weren’t dealing with the events of the war very well.


Deciding for the silent approach, McGonagall decided to watch and observe (it never did Dumbledore any harm), she could make it look like she was investigating the matter without really doing anything, that would placate the students/parents but not put the teacher on edge or under scrutiny. After all, there was nothing going on…


P.O.V. Change – Hermione Granger

Clearly it was one of those days when you feel like you’ve fallen out of bed and everything was going wrong. Hermione was grumpy – and she really shouldn’t be. She’d had a constructive day and it was Friday – no one should be angry on a Friday! Hermione was now more certain than ever that being a healer was what she was destined to be. The healer training sessions held on Friday afternoons were going exceedingly well, she was proud that all her extra studying had paid off – especially when she was called on to answer a question and got it right. She may have calmed down on the learning front but she still preened under compliments for her intelligence.

Plus she hadn’t had Transfiguration today which was a godsend. She now understood Harry’s reluctance when meeting fans. Professor Shepard seemed to think he knew more about Hermione than she did and he took great pleasure in telling everyone about her achievements – past and present. It was nauseating and Hermione half expected people to tease and bully her for it. However, thankfully – they hadn’t but their anger towards the Professor was as clear day. The class had doubled as well, mixing the returning seventh years with the current ones – McGonagall’s idea apparently – the idea was to make the challenges more of a competition with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Hermione thought it was ridiculous, thankfully there had been no more challenges as of yet and at least they were actually learning Transfiguration but Hermione couldn’t help but wish she didn’t have this annoyance this year.

Still she was grumpy.

‘What’s wrong with you?’ asked Lavender coming up with Luna and Adrian in turn.

Adrian seemed to be Lavender’s new bff, having a great fashion enthusiast near her was something she wasn’t about to leave behind.

‘Grumpy’ replied Hermione bitterly.

‘Why?’ asked Luna.

‘Don’t know’.

‘Are you PMSing?’ asked Adrian.

‘Do you have a death wish’ growled Hermione reaching for her wand.

‘No’ stuttered Adrian, ‘but are you?’

‘No I’m not’ said Hermione with a menacing tone of voice.

‘Okay, sorry. I bought it up’ said Adrian waving his hands above his head in surrender.

‘So why are you grumpy??’ asked Luna.

‘Woke up on the wrong side’ said Hermione moodily.

Luna rolled her eyes and Lavender’s eyes lit up with excitement and a mischievous idea.

‘I know what this calls for’ said Lavender in a sing-song voice, clapping her hands together.

‘Whatever it is the answer is no’ said Hermione.

‘Oh no, you don’t get out of this. It is Hogsmead weekend for goodness sake, you have to go out with a bang, which means; makeover!!!’ she screamed excitedly.

‘No, absolutely not!’ said Hermione.

‘Oooh, I know exactly what she should wear!’ gushed Adrian.

‘Hello, still here, I said no!’

‘It will only be one day’ pouted Adrian.

‘Yeah then you can go back to your lack of fashion sense’.

Hermione glowered at the both of them, her hand inching closer and closer to her wand, her mind thinking of all the spells she could use. It was Luna – the voice of reason – that stopped her.

‘You may as well do the makeover willingly – they have no qualms about forcing you’ she said, then added in a whisper that only Hermione could hear, ‘besides they’ll owe you one’ she said mischievously.


‘Ok, I’m in’ said Hermione the look in her eye saying ‘bring it’.


‘Hold still’ shouted Lavender.

‘I’m trying but you’re pulling my hair, it hurts!’ said Hermione.

‘Hush, beauty is pain’ said Lavender.

‘Why can’t you just use as spell?’ Hermione asked.

‘I will but I need your hair to be knot free first’ said Lavender.

‘Where’s Adrian?’

‘On his way and don’t you dare argue with his fashion choices, they’re marvellous!’.

‘If we were still in Gryffindor tower he wouldn’t be allowed in!’.

‘Well I’m glad you’re letting us do this’ said Lavender.

‘Didn’t have much choice…but you owe me’ replied Hermione.

Lavender glared but said nothing.

Two and a half hours later everything was good to go. Hermione’ patience was wearing thin as was the patience of the Slytherins and Ravenclaw waiting downstairs. Luckily Ron still wasn’t up for public viewing with his green face, so she didn’t have to worry about his reaction.

There was no staircase to walk down elegantly – thank goodness. Just the corridor from her room to the common room but it still felt like an age to walk it and Hermione’s belly filled with anticipation.


It was stupid; she was Hermione Granger, why was she doing this again?

Lesson learnt; giving into Lavender didn’t make her feel any less grumpy.


P.O.V. change – Draco Malfoy

They were all waiting for Granger to arrive and Draco’s patience was wearing thin, it was only 10am but he was impatient to get to Hogsmead.

‘Is she coming yet?’ Draco moaned.

‘Yeah, she is. Honestly Draco you can’t rush these things!!’

‘Then where is she?’ he asked.

‘Here’ replied Hermione.

Seeing Hermione dolled up in the fashion Lavender and Adrian had thought best was an eye opener; light black skinny jeans, a bright purple top that barely touched her belly button and the mess of wild hair tamed into silky curls.

Draco only had two words: oh bugger.


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Trouble: Never Give In To Lavender's Begging


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