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Love/Hate by Sleazy For Fred Weasley
Chapter 3 : Love/Hate: Chapter 2
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 We got to King’s Cross Station at around 10:45am.

“Here are your tickets” Hagrid said handing them to us “it is very important that you do not lose them”

“Pfft, Platform 9 and ¾” Bianca said.

“Oh right, you don’t know how to get there” Hagrid said “you go in between platforms 9 and 10 then run at the wall”

“Run at the wall?” Pat asked in a shocked squeaky voice. Hagrid nodded smiling.

“Come on” I said pushing everyone “Bye Hagrid”


We stood there staring at the wall for nearly 10 minutes.

“The train leaves soon” Jess said “I’ll go first”. She took a deep breath, ran and disappeared. Bianca went next, Eva and I had to practically push Pat through, Eva followed then I went. I closed my eyes and ran. I could feel a slight breeze and opened them to see this huge red steam train that said ‘Hogwarts Express’ in gold on the front. This guy took our trunks and we boarded the train. There were two compartments left in the back carriage, Pat and Bianca ran into the first one and locked the door.

“I’m gonna be checking on you” Eva warned them through the glass. We went into the very last compartment. Jess feel asleep within five minutes of the rain leaving the station. Eva got back from doing her first check on Pat and I was reading ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’

“So?” Eva asked and sat down across from me with Jess’ feet in her lap. I looked at from over the top of my book.


“So, tell me” she said. I put my book on the seat angrily

“Tell you what” I was fed up

“Why wasn’t Jake at the Portkey with everyone else?” I was dreading having this conversation, I know Eva’s my best friend ever and I’m supposed to tell her everything, blah, blah, blah, but I couldn’t tell her the whole story.

“Because I told him not to come” I said picking my book back up and finding my place

“Why?” she asked eagerly

“Cause he thinks I can’t look after myself and that I’m gonna get myself killed while I’m at Hogwarts” I said not taking my eyes off the page

“Why does he care all of a sudden?” I looked up from my book but not at Eva

“No idea” I said and went back to my book.

“Hmm” Eva mumbled. She knew me well enough to know when I’m not telling her the full story but she also knew when to not push it.

Oh how I wanted to tell her the truth but Jake and I promised we wouldn’t say anything, but here’s what went down. About five days before we left for Hogwarts we threw Eva a huge sweet 16/ going away party, at which there was an open bar that I took advantage of. So, Eva, Jess and I had just finished rocking out to ‘Ain’t It Fun’ by Paramore when I went to the toilet. As I headed back down to the party I stopped to fix my dress in the mirror when Jake popped up behind me.

“Jesus” I turned to face him “you nearly gave me a heart attack”

“That’s the farthest thing from my true intentions” he said doing his dazzling perfectly whited teeth smile.

“Well good sir, what are your true intentions?” I was very drunk by this point so I don’t know why I was talking like that

“To do this” he said and kissed me, I was shocked at first but then I continued it because I was very drunk and it was Jake, the kid I had a crush on for two years after I met him but got over it because he always saw me as a little sister. He pushed my back up against the wall and slipped his tongue in my mouth. We stumbled down the hall until we reached mine and Eva’s door. We went inside and Jake kicked the door shut. We stood by the bed making out while Jake took off his suit jacket and I took off his tie. We fell backwards onto the bed, me on top of him. I was undoing his buttons and he reached to unzip my dress.

“Wait, wait” I said pulling away and sitting up still on top of him.

“What?” he asked sitting up, trying to kiss me again, I pushed him back down.

“I take it that because you surprised me, you don’t have protection?” I asked raising and eyebrow

“Argh, shit” he yelled putting his hands over his face. I got off him and sat laid next to him.

“Maybe we shouldn’t” I said propped up on an elbow “I mean it’s Eva’s night and it would ruin everything if I told her tomorrow that we slept together”

“Yeah, you’re right” he said sitting up “just don’t tell her about this”

“Dude, I’m that drunk right now, I don’t think I’ll remember until the hangover wears off” I winked at him as he was buttoning up his shirt and smiling. He grabbed his jacket and planted on last kiss on top of my head.

“See ya later Sam”

“Bye Jakey” I let out a big sigh and laid back to look at my night sky thinking what the hell did I just get myself into. Over the next three days, Jake and I had been having make out sessions whenever we were alone, all of them instigated by him I might add. Then the day before we left we got into a huge argument about how he wanted to be with me and that I’d get myself killed at Hogwarts. So I told him to go fuck himself cause he won’t be doing it with me anytime soon and to not bother coming to say goodbye cause I didn’t want to see him again.

Eva kicked me in the leg making me draw a big black line across my zombie drawing, I paused my music, I was listening to ‘King for a Day’ by Pierce the Veil

“What?” I asked pulling out my headphones, irritated

“I’m so bored, let’s have some fun shall we” she did her little cheeky smile where she sticks her tongue out a bit

“We shall” I said standing up and grabbing my backpack which had my ‘Weasley Wizard Wheezes’ bags in it. I grabbed about 15 Dungbombs in a plastic bag and put them in my hoodie pocket.

“What are you doing?” Eva asked as I pulled out my screwdriver

“Be patient, E” I went over to our air vent and screwed it shut and did the same to Pat and Bianca’s. I stuck my head back in my compartment.

“Be back soon” I told Eva and did my crooked smile which Eva knows means I’m gonna mess with someone. I walked through the crowded train all the way to the very first compartment and opened the main air vent which runs throughout the whole train. I put all 15 Dungbombs in, closed it and made my way back down the train. I was stopped by this kid. He had jet-black hair that stuck out in all directions and green eyes with flecks of blue.

“You’re new aren’t you?” he asked with a cheeky grin on his face

“No, really, I never would’ve guessed” I said in a sarcastic tone and tried to push past him

“I’m Albus, Albus Potter” he said holding out his hand. Holy shit, I was being hit on by a POTTER, I had to play it cool and not lose my shit. I shook his hand.

“I’m…” I started to say before I was cut off by this really tall red head.

“Al, James is looking for you he said…” he stopped when he noticed me “Oh sorry, I’m Fred Weasley” he shook my hand “the second”. I stood there in awe, I had two extremely hot guys standing in front of me who are the kids of some of the most famous wizards ever and what do I decide to do, mess with them.

“Sam Lee” I said trying to keep my composure

“Well very nice to meet you Sam but I gotta go, Al go see James alright mate” he walked away. I noticed Albus’ wand sticking out of his back pocket. I pulled my screwdriver out of mine and before he could realise, I hugged him and made the switch.

“Sorry” I said as I slipped his wand up my sleeve “I’m a bit socially awkward, see ya” I pushed past him and headed back to Eva. I let out a big sigh as I sat down.

“What did you do?” Eva asked excited. I looked at my watch and held a finger to my lips. Then all you could hear was screaming a coughing from throughout the train. Eva and I cracked up laughing.

“What’s in your pocket?” she asked wiping the tears out of her eyes.

“Oh that” I said and pulled it out of my pocket “I ran into Albus Potter”

“As in Harry Potter’s kid?”

“Yep” I nodded

“And you decided to take his wand?” she smiled at me


“Are you gonna give it back?” she leaned back in her seat

“Maybe” I studied the wand “Maybe not”. I looked out the window as we pulled into the station.

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Love/Hate: Love/Hate: Chapter 2


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