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Soaking in the Sun by shayrocks50
Chapter 1 : Soaking in Anger
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A/N: As you may know, the Dobby Awards of 2015 have arrived! Please vote for my story! I would appreciate it so much! Thank you!

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belongs to J.K. Rowling

Lailey Evergrove stared lazily out the window as the gorgeous green hills and magnificent blue sky blurred past. The wind from the open window caressed her face and blew back her long golden curls. Her self-centered kitten, Puck, groomed himself in her lap. She had curled her legs under her thighs, something she now regretted as her legs stuck uncomfortably to the seat. She wore her best white sundress with a pair of silver flats that now sat empty on the floor.

Lailey allowed her eyes to close as she listened to the screech of the train’s wheels on the metal tracks and the occasional bustle from outside her small compartment—Clariette, her best friend, had kept the door open when she left  declaring her boredom.

It wasn’t long before Lailey began to doze off. Puck remained on her lap, curling into a ball, and purring until he, too, had fallen asleep.

The past five years of Lailey’s life was little more than a blur of homework, eating, sleeping, and pouring over her favorite play, A Midsummer’s Night Dream. She had never wanted to stand out. She just wanted to get through Hogwarts without the drama and agony her mother always moaned over. Her mother had been at the top of Hogwarts social hierarchy, or so she always said. Because of this, all her mother did now was lay around the house in a depression and complained about her past.  Lailey had always chalked up her mother’s depression to her Hogwarts days at least, despite her father’s assurances of otherwise as he always failed to provide a better reason.

Lailey had always wondered why her dad remained with her mother when taking his daughter and leaving was very palpable. Harboring on that thought made her bitter though.


Clariette stumbled back into the compartment nearly an hour later, Lailey had done little more than stretch her feet out. Jumping on her toes, she shut the door quickly and turned to Lailey with a proud smile as she twirled a wand that was defiantly not hers in her hand.

“To whom, might I ask, does that belong to?” Lailey set her big green eyes on her friend. Taking in her friend’s chaotic state, she shook her head. Clariette’s previously pin straight and neat chocolate hair was now dislocated and small strands sat of their own accord. Her blouse and jeans were rumpled.

“Oh you, know, just a mister….Sirius Black?” Clariette’s grinned mischievously and her eyes flashed with humor.

Lailey gasped, “How did you get Sirius Black’s wand?”

Clariette winked, “Through his greatest weakness of course! He keeps his wand in his back pocket; it wasn’t nearly as hard as him to reach.” Clariette shook her head, “Although escaping proved to be greatly difficult, I managed…I’m sure he’ll realise the absence of his wand soon enough…as soon as his other  wand—”

“EW! Clara stop! That’s disgusting!” Lailey squealed and covered her ears.

The door slid open and Remus Lupin stood there, with his arms behind his back and attempting to look formal. “I have come on behalf of one Sirius Black to retrieve his stolen, uh…wand.” His voice shook with controlled laughter.

“If Sirius wants this,” she twirled the wand around her fingers, “He’ll half to come get it himself.”

Remus cleared his throat, “As you very well know he is a bit…indisposed at the moment…”

“Oh Clara how far did you go with him! Sirius not coming to reap his own revenge, unheard of!”

Clariette fought away a smile “The only information that needs to be disclosed is that I had to take a bit of a drastic measure to get away…wouldn’t you agree, Remus?”

But he wasn’t paying attention. He was staring at Lailey and taking her in, his pretense of formality was completely dropped, along with the rest of the talk of Sirius.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t believe we’ve met.” Remus stepped forward and held a hand out toward Lailey, “Remus John Lupin, Gryffindor.”

Lailey met his hand, “Lailey Evergreen, Ravenclaw.”

“Lailey, what a gorgeous name.” Remus put on a charming smile, “I would love to get to know you better maybe we could study in the library….”

“Alright that’s enough,” Clariette stepped in front of Remus and began pushing him out the door, “Lailey is very shy and not interested, goodbye.”

“Hey—she doesn’t seem shy to me,”

“That’s because I’m here. She would be terribly uncomfortable in the library alone with you, especially once you try feeling her up!”

“I wouldn’t try feeling her up!” Remus laid a hand over his heart and mocked hurt.

“I’m sure Abigail Dew and Tracy Hargrove would completely disagree.” Clara placed her hands on her hips, “I will not have my best friend played by a marauder. Now, if Sirius wishes to have his wand back, tell him he has to come and get it himself, in person. No exceptions.” With a flourish she shut the door and sat across from Lailey.

“What a day, Lace, I think I’m going to take a nap.”

Not one person caught sight of Sirius the rest of the train ride, except, of course, the other Marauders.


Clara and Lailey strolled arm-in-arm into the great hall among the crowd of second to seventh years. Everyone sounded excited for the new school year. A group of third years giggled obnoxiously as they pushed hurriedly past. Second year’s galloped excitedly into the Great Hall, as it was their first year coming back. Lailey wondered several times if she had looked like that when she was that age, she shuddered to think so.

“We are going to sit at your table so it will be harder for Sirius to find me.” Clara informed her best friend.

They sat next to a group of studious seventh years who sat silently due to a lack of school work to discuss because Lailey’s fellow sixth years were rather annoying and rarely spoke of anything but gossip and school and Clara found anyone younger than two years to be quite tedious.

Clara scanned the crowed smugly for the marauders, wondering if Sirius managed to pull himself back together in time for the feast. She kept her eyes fixed on the marauders claimed spot at the end far from the teachers table. To her pleasure, they did not come in with the large throng of students.

“Welcome to another year at Hogwarts!” McGonagall boomed, “let’s start with the first year’s sorting before the beginning of the year feast.”

People clapped politely but the new first years were largely ignored, especially by the second years as reminders of the horror of being on stage and new were still fresh in their minds. Only when their house was called did people cheer and pay attention until the sorted student sat.

That year there was:

11 new Gryffindor’s
10 new Slytherin’s
12 new Hufflepuff’s
8 new Ravenclaw’s

When the food finally appeared, everyone cheered, even the new muggle-borns. Through all that, Clara noted the marauders were absent the entire time. satisfied, Clara turned to Lailey.

“Tonight I think you should sleep in the Gryffindor tower.”

“Why?” Lailey scrunched her face up, “Afraid Sirius is going to have his revenge in the middle of the night?”

Clara sniffed and turned up her nose, “No, I just think we need to have a girl’s night to catch up over the lost time during the summer. I haven’t seen you in two months and I want to know every moment I missed.”

Lailey snorted “trust me you didn’t miss much.”

Clara opened her mouth to reply but her words were lost when the door burst open in a flare of angry red sparks and a beyond angry Sirius Orion Black stalked into the room and silence choked the air.

Everyone shrank under Sirius’s accusing and determined gaze as he searched the Gryffindor table for a certain someone. Not seeing what he wanted he went to the next table, Hufflepuff and finally at Ravenclaw. He didn’t even consider she would be at Slytherin.

With his left fist clenched tightly and his right tightening around a wand, that clearly wasn’t his as his lay in front of Clara’s dinner plate, he stomped his way toward his intended victim.

The rest of the marauders stumbled in at that moment, all looking rather alarmed at Sirius. They seemed horrified as he got closer to Clariette, but they didn’t attempt to stop him either.

Sirius bent over Clariette to speak into her ear. He sneered, “No one makes a fool of Sirius Black. I wouldn’t get too comfortable, expect payback.” He snatched his wand back and angrily joined his friends. Lailey’s big doe eyes didn’t leave his back until he was seated, facing them. Her heart hammered with fear for her friend, she had never seen Sirius Black angry.

Clara gulped and tore her eyes away from Sirius’s seething glare, “On second thought, let’s do girls night in your common room…”

She stabbed at her food with a shaky hand.

A/N: Once again I would like to urge you to nominate my story in the Dobby Awards, preferably the Best Marauders Fic catagorey. I would appreicate it so terribly much and I have always wanted one of my stories to be worthy of the Dobby Awards!

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