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Object of Their Affections by ReignLee
Chapter 38 : Anger and Frustration
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“I’m going to run and take a shower. Want to join me?” Draco asked softly.

“Would it be alright if I took a look around? If I’ll be staying here for a week I might as well get used to the place.”

“I suppose that would be alright. Just don’t open any locked doors,” he warned giving Rose a kiss on the cheek. As he shut the bathroom door behind him, she stepped out into the hallway quietly. She didn’t risk opening any locked doors with the possibility of Draco emerging from the shower anytime soon. Rose simply wandered down the hallway, past bedroom after bedroom. She didn’t even have time to finish the second story before Draco found her.

“What’s the point in having all these bedrooms?” She questioned as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“When we have parties a lot of our guests stay with us. They often go very late in the night and travelling isn’t practical.”

“Why not?” She asked.

“Have you ever Flooed or Apparated when you’re drunk?” he asked with a laugh.

“No,” She replied.

“It’s a disaster. People either end up in the wrong place or get splinched.”

“Oh,” Rosevine giggled. “Mom never drank.”

“Never?” he asked.

“Not that I saw anyway. She was too paranoid. Always thought her sister or parents would come for her—for us,” She said cautiously.

“Why would they go after her?”

“Pansy’s mum always told her she would do whatever it took to find me. She said that a Pureblood baby like me was too valuable to the Dark Lord’s cause to be taken away by my mother’s decision to be a blood traitor.”

“That is true. Children are very valuable to the Dark Lord. We are the next generation. Our sons will follow after us. Even though we are mortal unlike Him, we can still give him the most important gift we have to offer. Our children.”

“You want to give our children to the Dark Lord?”

“Well, raise them to support him. Then when they’re of age, they’ll want the honor of becoming a death eater.”

“Do you consider it an honor to be one?” Rosevine asked.

“He gave me forgiveness when no one else would. I owe him everything. I’d be rotting away in Azkaban if the Order had gotten ahold of me.”

“I don’t believe that for a second!” She shrieked, surprising herself as well as Draco. “The Order of the Phoenix is a symbol of goodness. Those who serve the light will always offer forgiveness and sanctuary to those who want it.”

“You talk as though you’ve got experience with them,” a deep voice returned from behind us.

“Father,” Draco said, quickly coming to my defense.

“Quiet boy. Let the girl speak for herself,” he replied sharply, holding his hand up for emphasis. “She seems to have no issues with her tongue when she’s with you.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you, Mr. Malfoy,” Rose said quickly. “Draco and I are honest with each other as two people soon to be married should be. I trust him to understand the differences between the thoughts I voice and those I would speak in the company of anyone else,” she explained.

“Perhaps you should be more certain you are alone in the future, Miss Parkinson. If someone were to discover your sympathies for the Order, the result would most likely be very painful for you. I would report you to the Dark Lord myself if I had not already invested a small fortune into you. As it is, I have, and my son’s future is now tied to yours. A poor choice in a wife reflects poorly on him, and in turn on me. I suggest you be more careful with that mouth of yours from now on,” he concluded, continuing down the hall. She let out a deep breath she hadn’t known she was holding.

“Draco, I,” she started to apologize.

“Save it, Rosevine. I don’t want your apology. Just hold your tongue from now on,” he replied sharply.

“I made a mistake,” she said sternly. “Why can’t you see how far I’ve come? It’s all been for you! A couple months ago I would have told your father to go to Hell! At least I apologized!”

“It isn’t enough! He’s seen you twice. The first time you slapped me and now it seems as you have ties to the Order of the Phoenix! For all I know you could!”

“That’s absurd Draco! I’m underage! The Order doesn’t recruit underage witches, especially not Pureblooded ones no one knew existed until a few months ago!”

“Why are you so bloody beautiful when you’re angry?” he asked, harshly taking her face in his hands and slamming his lips against her. She returned his feverish kiss with as much heat as she could muster. He took her into his arms and carried her back the way they’d come. Several stumbles and impacts with stone walls later, he pushed the bedroom door open, kicking it closed behind him after he shuffled in. Taking Rose to the bed quickly, his hands ripped off their clothes in his haste.

Every other time she’d been with him he’d made great effort to be gentle. This was different. This was all anger and frustration, and heat and passion. This was the most dangerous version of Draco, because it happened to be Rosevine's favorite version of him.

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