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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 9 : Morning After
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Hermione opened her eyes. She jumped for a moment not realizing where she was because it was so unfamiliar. And she had a throbbing headache from her small hangover, and she still felt a little tipsy.

She then felt Draco’s warm skin against hers and she then smiled as she looked him over. He looked so wonderful while he slept. Like every trace of pain or bad past was wiped off of his face. He looked so innocent. 

The making love and everything last night felt like a great groggy dream. It seemed like it wasn’t real, Hermione realized it never felt like this with Ron. And she slept better than she ever had in the past month!

After about another hour of Hermione messing with Draco’s hair, twisting it around in her two fingers. He finally awoke, wondering where he was at first as well.

“Good morning Hermione.” Draco said, also with a headache from the night before, he was still a little tipsy as well, but could remember part of the night before.

“Good morning Draco,” Hermione said, grinning at him and she kissed his cheek.

“What would you like to do for breakfast?” Draco asked, “Are you hungry?”

Hermione nodded, “Yes, I shall make us some breakfast, we can just stay in, and besides we both have headaches. Then we will go home in a few hours.”

Draco agreed with this and Hermione decided to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon, something she wasn’t the best at was cooking, she was good at everything else but that. Luckily the hotel room had all the supplies they needed.

She wouldn’t have made a good muggle, so she was grateful for the letter when she was eleven so she can use magic to cook now. But the food was going quite well actually to her fortune; she tried to remember Ginny’s instructions from one morning when she went over the steps to make this meal.

“Smells good!” Draco commented as he finally got out of bed and walked into the huge hotel room’s kitchen.

“Ginny has been teaching me a few cooking skills, she cooks so great because her mum taught her,” Hermione said, flipping the pancakes with her wand as she sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on them, “Me, not so much! Good thing I have a wand and I’m not a muggle. I am a foul cooker for the most part...”

Draco just laughed and sat at the table, looking up and down at Hermione who just had a white robe on and nothing underneath, making him want to do quite similar things he did last night, but he shook it off, he wanted to be a gentleman and not take advantage of her.

“Did you have a good night last night?” He wondered, getting up and slipping a hand around her waist then dropping it to grab plates and silverware.

“Why yes, Mr. Malfoy, the best ever although it was foggy,” she giggled, blushing from him asking her this. She kept looking back at him as she finished cooking and he of course looked at her as well in wonder of what she may possibly be thinking.

Last night still felt like a dream to them both, and they could remember it but not some of the details… a dream that two years ago would be a crime to die for.

Them being together in the years of Voldemort’s reign and the Death Eaters and his father being around still, they would both be slaughtered and his Father, Lucius may have been glad to do it himself.

A pureblood, especially such a high class one like himself with a mudblood would have never been allowed in Voldemort’s eyes.

Draco shuddered at the thought of this, imagining what bad things would have come of that.

He could barely watch when Bellatrix tortured her last year; he couldn’t even fathom to imagine what she would do to Hermione now, for sleeping drunkenly with her most prized nephew.

Draco decided to start packing as Hermione finished breakfast. When the breakfast was done they sat down together and laughed about old stories from the past again, making Draco feel a bit better about what he was thinking.

It was the past, he could like and love whom he wanted now that Voldemort was gone. Getting his mind off of things, Draco told Hermione the whole Astoria story and why he didn’t have any trace of feelings for her anymore.

The two talked like old friends. Hermione liked the easiness with him. She felt she could talk to him about anything.

With Ron it seemed like she had to walk on egg shells. He would always come up with a silly comeback and never took her seriously, which she never liked about him.

“I’m going to wash up,” Hermione said after they finished breakfast and she cleaned the dishes. She kept the bathroom door opened as she filled up the Jacuzzi bath tub and took off her robe.

Draco sat on the living room couch and watched her bare back silently. Seeing her undressed was like watching a goddess in his eyes. She slid into the bubbling bath water. Draco wondered if he could join her. She curiously looked at him. “Come in then!” She laughed. He didn’t need to be told twice…

Draco went into the bathroom and slipped off his boxers. He got carefully into the bath with Hermione and she slid into the embrace of his body in the hot water.

This movement seemed to set off fireworks inside him… he started to kiss her again like he did the night before.

She accepted a little hesitantly. She backed off a bit and didn’t let it go any farther; she already let him go too far in her state she was in the night before.

“Thank you for last night Draco, and for this morning, for everything but I do not want to do this again today, we should’ve waited,” she whispered into his ear.

“No problem, I would do anything for you Hermione, and we were drunk Hermione, we were having fun, calm it down,” Draco said coldly, kissing her neck which she tried to slip away from.

The water got colder and they decided it was time to get out and get dressed. They got out and dried off, then after a few more minutes of packing they got ready to leave.

“I guess it’s time to go…” Draco said with a frown.

“I guess so,” Hermione said, grabbing his hand and he kissed her forehead.

Even if they were the oddest couple that could ever be paired together in the history of the wizarding world, they felt happy at this moment.

All the past loathing was let go last night, and neither of them regretted it for a second except that they went too fast perhaps. This was the best night the pair of them had ever shared with someone else. And they never imagined it to happen beyond their wildest dreams.

They finished packing up and said their goodbyes. After talking for a brief few more minutes, they apparated to their own homes wondering just what they hell they just did, and what the hell happened the night before, still trying to gather all the memory because they were both drunk and not thinking straight.

Ginny was startled when Hermione apparated on their front porch.

“’Mione! Come in! Tell me about it!” It was a Monday so obviously Harry was at work. The girls sat on the living room couch after Ginny put James in his swing.

Hermione told her every detail that the night held. Ginny was very surprised that this was all happening so fast.

“Oh my…” She said after Hermione was finished. “I hope this is the right thing! You’re moving quite fast ‘Mione,” Ginny said, smiling at her best friend with a concerned expression.

“Oh Ginny, I know it is. But Ron and I are over, I am heartbroken because of him, and Draco is filling up the holes Ron left inside my heart for this moment I am really happy…Draco and I are officially dating, look. I do remember this part of the night!” Hermione exclaimed holding out her right hand, showing her the glowing ring on her fourth finger.

“Blimey, that Malfoy boy spoils the ones he wants doesn’t he? Maybe he really does like you,” Ginny joked, “That’s prettier than the ring Ron gave you, but bloody hell don’t let him hear me saying that!”

Like his name was tabooed, similar to Voldemort’s in their seventh year, Ron and Harry walked in at that very moment. Harry was surprised to see them there.

“Ginny, I thought you were going somewhere?” Ginny shook her head, “No I was just talking to Hermione about her night and she just got home from her night with Draco!” Then Ginny realized she had said too much, Ron’s ears were turning dark red again.

But he seemed to contain himself. But with every strength he had. Harry also rolled his eyes and stood stiffly beside Ron.

“Can I possibly have a word with you Hermione?” Hermione agreed as she did every time he asked, and followed Ron outside to the porch again.

He was very angry at what Ginny said, but he kept his cool as he spoke to Hermione, he had to or she would never take time to talk to him, he wouldn’t be able to handle that! He might possibly really go mad.

“Hermione, I want you to know that I still love you very much. I am not sure why I chose to cheat on you but it was the stupidest decision I have ever made! You were my everything, still are and I guess when we started fighting and Lavender came I just went retarded when I got drunk like that, I regret it with every piece of me… I would love to have you back but I don’t think I can get you back…can I?”

Hermione was silent for a moment, looked into Ron’s eyes, and he looked hopeful and kind of scared.

“Ron, I am with Draco now as of last night, he's my boyfriend. I love you too, but am not in love with you anymore or I am trying not to be. You took that feeling away from me when you cheated on me with Lavender, you know you always have a choice to say yes or no, and you chose yes with her. I must not mean as much to you as you think I do. Otherwise, you would have never even thought about cheating on me. I am now in a relationship with Draco, and see our relationship going very far despite the brutal past. I saw you are with Emily Riker anyways, and I wish you the-“

“No! She isn’t my girlfriend ‘Mione and never will be! She is a backup and replacement; I am so torn apart like hell! How can you even like someone like Malfoy? You act like you don’t remember one bit of the war!” He said, raising his voice at her as he frowned.

“Please don’t call me that nickname anymore Ronald…” Hermione sneered, closing her eyes as if he cursed at her.

It just brought back memories of them...she did not want that right now, not in this day that she was somewhat happy for the first time in over a month.

Hermione then looked into his face again which was filled with disgust and disbelief; he looked like he had just saw his brother dead again, “Because he loves me for who I am, he is sweet and compassionate. Yes we have been together for not but a few days but I feel he is the one for me to be with right now… and you know as well as I Ronald that all of us do the best we can in blocking out the war. It is the worst thing that has ever happened in our generation of wizardry and I am quite sure that no one wants to think about it too much.”

Ron just sat back and looked at his feet and didn’t say another word. The silence between them was unbreakable. Then Ron suddenly said, “I thought that would be me…”

Hermione was so sad, seeing Ron so upset and sad broke her heart even though it shouldn’t have. “No it can’t be now, you took that decision away from me Ron, I am so sorry, and I can’t forgive what you did. I can only be your friend now…That won’t change. I wanted it to be you Ron, don’t you understand? But you did the most unforgiveable thing someone can do to their loved one. Especially a person whom you supposedly l-loved since you were eleven and was due to m-marry!” She stated, her voice cracking as her lip quivered. 

Hermione couldn’t see the pain in Ron’s eyes any longer; she didn’t want to cry in front of him. She would not show him that weakness. She got up and walked in the house as a lone tear escaped from her face.

Ginny walked past her after squeezing Hermione’s hand and proceeded outside to comfort her brother.

Hermione went into her bedroom and lay down, she didn’t want to let the tears come but they did anyways. Letting go of someone so dear to her was the hardest thing she ever had to do, but Draco was the one she must be with now, he just had to be.

Draco sat on his front porch chatting with one of the guards in the warm spring night when he saw a girl apparate by his front gates.

“Mum! Someone is here for you!” Draco yelled at his mum, who was somewhere in the huge manor. Narcissa replied back and then she apparated to the end of the yard.

Then the women both apparated back to the porch. Draco did a double take when he saw who the girl was, his ex, Astoria. Narcissa gave her a hug and walked in the house, “I’ll let you two talk, I think some sorting out is in order!”

Draco sat back on his front porch seat and tried to ignore her. “Draco, sweety, how are you?”

“Good never better! Why do you want to know Astoria?” He sneered at the beautiful girl, who was offended by his question, her rosy red lips in the pouty face again Draco hated so much.

“Draco, you love me, you didn’t want me to leave you! I didn’t mean any of it! I promise! I shall leave Steven for you and we can go back to the way we were! Just like we both would like! He has the money, but Draco, you have the charm and money although he has more money! And we both know you don’t really fancy that Granger girl, I mean, of course you wouldn’t ever go so low…what are you playing at? It's all just an act I am guessing?”

Draco got up and came toward her, “NO! You aren’t leaving him for me Astoria, in fact I gravely dislike you and would rather you leave me alone and never talk to me again. And shut up about my girlfriend!” She backed away, offended.

“What, it’s that filthy mud blood?! Huh?! Did her nasty looks steal your heart?! Oh my goodness what will my father say? What would yours say? You aren’t going to marry me anymore and are going after a mud blood because I left you for Steven for this brief break? Oh Draco, I never thought as little of you as I do now! I saw you with her last night, THAT WAS BLOODY DISGUSTING, YOU SNOGGING HER! I know that secretly you still want me, I know you will come crawling back to me eventually, and oh Drakey, I will be waiting, there’s not a doubt in my mind that the sorry little mudblood will eventually disgust you again. I know you are just torn up about your daddy and probably aren’t thinking straight. I mean Draco, they want us to get married! We must always fulfill our father’s wishes, am I correct? Oh Drakey, how I miss you, you are so much better at so many things that Steven isn’t,” she squealed at him. Draco just scowled... 

Draco sat back down and looked out at the horizon trying to contain the anger that this woman put inside of him as she did all the time, even when they were together, “Yes Astoria, I am now with another woman. A muggle-born witch who is the smartest woman alive, she is beautiful, bold, passionate, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her if I am to stay with her! I don’t quite care that our fathers wanted us to marry, you can’t exactly make love work with someone you don’t want to be with, and you have to love them. And I have never loved you Astoria, and refuse to be with you ever again!”

Astoria was very angry, she slapped Draco on the cheek very hard, “You are scum Draco Malfoy, and you never talk like that about a mudblood you are pure! Or maybe she has contaminated you! You have been with her for just a week, I mean seriously, there is no way this is for real, and this is barbaric Draco, daddy will hear about this!”

“I had liked her for quite a while Astoria actually but lot like you made me blind to it back in Hogwarts, making me hide my true feelings by treating her like Goblin’s piss. Of course I never realized it but I think I did!” Draco said to her.

Draco was tempted to get out his wand and throw a curse at her, and he wanted her away from there forever!

Astoria didn’t let herself believe any of this nonsense and leaned in to kiss him, “I know you still love me Draco, don’t be silly.”

“LEAVE ASTORIA!” He bellowed at her taking out his wand, walking backwards away from her.

She looked at him in disbelief. She laughed out loud at him and said, “Screw you, you aren’t even half the man Steven is you foul git! Have fun playing in the mud you arse!” She then apparated before Draco’s spell made it out of his mouth to curse her.

“Draco, what was that about?!” Narcissa heard the commotion and walked outside to check it out hastily.

“I was fighting with Astoria. There are some things I have to tell you.” Draco then led his confused mother inside and sat her down. He told her about Hermione, falling for her and possibly maybe even loving her and what Astoria did to him and what Ron did to Hermione. Everything… He never told his mum a thing in his private life and regretted that, he just let it all out.

Narcissa looked disgusted, but then straightened her face up for the sake of her son. “Draco, I am so grateful to them for keeping you alive during your sixth year and I shall never forget that. Though she is a mudblood and we have had a past with her and I don’t approve of her I am not going to do what my parents did and force you to choose what kind of person you should love,” she explained grabbing her son’s hand, “I hope she treats you with love and respect, I hope she loves you for who you are. I know Astoria was not the best for you Draco, but I never said anything because I thought you loved her and she was very pretty and pureblood, she was actually your father’s pick for you, he talked her father into getting her to talk to you.”

“Figures that Father would do such a thing,” Draco sarcastically said. His mother rolled her eyes and sighed heavily, her brown eyes searching her only son.

“She was horrible mum,” Draco grinned, shaking his head at the relief of her leaving.

“I know, well I suppose let Hermione know that she is welcomed here anytime you would like her to be, I don’t know how your father will react to this but it won’t matter anyway unless he breaks out of Azkaban! But I still don’t like her because of her blood status, I am sorry. Our family friends will not approve either, I can’t change too much Draco, not this fast, it will take time,” Narcissa said to her son, squeezing his fingers in her’s.

The “friends” were the Death Eaters who were all sitting in Azkaban. Draco rolled his eyes in anger but didn’t say anything negative toward his mum. She was ok with him being with Hermione just because he wanted it so much.

Hermione was really upset from her talk with Ron, she will never forget the hurt in his eyes and wondered if they could even come close to having the friendship they used to.

She looked at her phone that just had vibrated, Astoria came and we had a fight and I told her about everything with you and that she had to leave. I also told my mum because she was worried about all the commotion. Blimey, what a night… -Draco

Hermione smiled at this. She knew she had the right guy for herself to date right now. Even if yes, it was Draco Malfoy.

-Thanks for reading.. I hope you like my story so far.. ;) Review?

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