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This changes everything by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 18 : Preparing for the trial
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The living room was empty so Harry quietly made his way to the bedroom and gently pushed open the door. Ginny was still in bed, asleep so he quietly took some clean clothes and left her before making his may to the bathroom for a much needed shower.

When he was clean and dressed he walked into the living room and sat on the sofa, his head resting against the back. Fighting the urge to sleep he forced himself back up and into the kitchen where he set about making breakfast. There wasn't a lot of food in the kitchen and since he couldn't use his wand to make decent food, he set about making scrambled eggs by hand.

“Who's there?” Came a voice not five minutes after Harry had started and he turned around to see Ginny holding her wand out towards him.

“Hey,” he smiled and she sighed in relief before dropping the wand and walking over to him. She was still in her Pyjamas and her normally long red hair was thrown up in a ponytail.

“Don't scare me like that,” she told him before pulling out to glasses and pouring them a glass of butterbeer each.

“Sorry, these will be done in minute,” he told her before she walked back in to the living room and he followed a few minutes after, holding two plates in his hands.

“Here you go,” he said as he passed Ginny a plate and took a seat next to her on the sofa.

“So, is this the start of you coming home on a night time?” Ginny asked after a few minutes of silence and he shrugged. “So what brings you here?” She continued and he smiled.

“I need to talk to you,” he told her and she looked up at him. “Nothing bad,” he assured her and she nodded before continuing to eat.

“Go on then, what is it?” She asked and he took a drink before replying.

“At the trial, would you be able to give evidence, if you had too?”

“Me? How?” She asked, putting the plate on the table and picking up the glass before turning to face Harry.

“About the night Hermione was took,” he explained “you might not need to, it's just in case.”

“Ok,” she nodded before pulling her legs underneath her and laying her head on his shoulder. He placed an arm around her and laid his head back, a few minutes rest wouldn't kill him.

Something moved from next to him and he opened his eyes to see Ginny sitting up.

“Sorry, didn't mean to wake you, why don't you go to bed and get some sleep?” She told him but he shook his head before yawning.

“I need to go, what time is it?” He asked before rising to his feet and she shook her head.

“Half nine, what are you doing today?”

“Just sorting out things for the trial, what do you plan to do?”

“I was going to go see Hermione then do some food shopping, I figure they'll need some and we do,” he smiled before pulling her into a hug and placing a kiss on the top of her head.

“I'll try to be back tonight,” he told her and she smiled before letting go and watched as he spun round and dissappered out of there flat.

“Hey Morgan, any letters?” He asked as he walked into his office and Morgan followed, a piece of parchement in his hand.

“I was just about to send a message to you, Charlie just came down here with this and said it was urgent,” he explained as he passed over a scroll which Harry quickly opened.

“Thanks,” he muttered and Morgan walked out of the office, closing the door behind him. Turing his attention to the scroll he started to read,

Dear Mr Potter,
The trial will take place on the 17th of this month at one O' clock in the afternoon. You may have up to 3 witnesses for the Defence, including the defendants, and 3 witnesses for the prosecution, including the proesecuter. A letter will be sent out to the defendants and the prosecuter explaing this to them.

Best regards
The Wizengamot.

With the letter still in his hand he walked out of the office in search of Danny hoping that he had found some more evidence. If Hermione wasn't able to give evidence then they would only have him, Ron and Ginny and they were limited to Hermione being kidnapped, they didn't have any knowledge about what happened after that. Maybe he would be able to get James to talk about what happened if he made it sound like he was doing it to get himself less time in Azkaban?

“Danny, Danny wait up,” Harry called as he saw the back of a figure run through a door. The man came back through the door and ran up to Harry.

“Hey Boss-”

“Have you found anything, anything at all?” Harry interupted and Danny motioned for Harry to follow him, talking as they headed off down the corridor.

“Well I sent some men out to ask around the area to see if anyone had heard or seen anything and one women saw two men appear from somewhere with a women around the time Miss Granger was taken. The only problem is that she is a muggle,” he finished off as they came into a room where there was a pensive on the table.

“This better not be the women's memory Danny,” Harry told him and he shook his head before waking over to the pensive and pointing his wand at it.

“Of course it itsn't, this memory is mine, it's me talking to the women,” he explained just before a figure rose out of the pensive; she was a plump, middle-aged women.

“I saw two men one was taller then the other but they were both wearing long cloacks and hoods even though it was a hot day, I don't understand the fashion people were. Anyway, they seemed to be carrying something, I didn't know what at first but then I saw that it was moving so I phoned the police because they were carrying it into a building that has been abandoned for about 50 years, long before I moved here.”

The figure dropped back into the pensive and Danny turned to Harry, a questioning look on his face.

“Would this be acceptable, as a witness I mean?” He asked and Harry nodded.

“I see no reason why not, it will count as one so now to find two more. Ideally it would be Hermione and either Ron or Ginny,” he mummered, more to himself then anyone but Danny was still listing.

“Will Miss Granger not give evidence?” He asked and Harry shrugged before turning to walk out of the room but at the door way he stopped and faced Danny.

“She may not be well enough, the trial is on the 17th, just under a weeks time. You can go home now, thank you,” Harry dismissed him before leaving the room and disapperating to St Mungos, he needed to know weather Hermione would be willing to give evidence.

A/N: A new chapter, finally! Sorry about the wait and sorry if the words to do with the trial aren't perfect, I don't know much about it. Let me know if you spot any errors, thanks!

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