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What's wrong with Hufflepuff? by whatarenargles
Chapter 1 : Journey to Hogwarts
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 Hufflepuff's are known for being hard working, friendly, loyal, honest and are particularly good finders. Yet for all these good traits the other houses seem to think that they’re less worthy. Mostly because they seem to never win the quidditch house cup. People seem to think that they’re not very competitive.


Freya Long had always hated how Hufflepuff were viewed by others. She, herself as a Hufflepuff, had always been proud to be in that house and thought other Hufflepuffs who weren’t proud should be ashamed.


It was the beginning of her seventh year and last year at Hogwarts. Freya had many hidden talents that people never knew about. For example; she was an exceptionable seeker and her father had always taken pride in her inheriting his gene. Yet she had never tried out for the quidditch team because she never liked lots of attention put onto herself. She also had a feisty side which never came out unless she was in trouble. She seemed to become brave under pressure. So she decided that this would be the year to change the view of Hufflepuffs once and for all and maybe even win the house cup.


Freya and her father had just crossed the barrier into platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station. The platform was full of fellow witches and wizards all hurrying to say goodbye to their families and boarding onto the train to go to Hogwarts.


Freya was tiny at the height of 5ft and was slim. She had long dark brown hair that hung in front of her shoulders and green eyes. Her father was a tall man with a broad build, light brown hair and green eyes.


It was just Freya and her father in their family. Her mother had passed away a few years back after being in a fight to catch a death eater. Her mother had been an auror and always took her job seriously knowing that her life was at stake but always hoped to come back to her family. She had been a bright witch but eventually her luck had run out.


Freya had found her death particularly hard and still missed her desperately but she stayed strong for her father because he had literally broke down and wouldn’t move for weeks. Freya had made him snap out of it and he began going to work again as a potioneer. They became even closer after the death and were always there to help each other out.


“Right, so you’ve got everything?” Her father asked her.


“Yes, I think so.” She replied.


“Alright. Well I guess I’ll see you at Christmas then, love.” He said, longingly wishing that she’d stay. He always loved her company.


“Yeah, I’ll miss you.” She replied giving him and tight hug.


“Me too. Love you, sweetheart.” He said, squeezing her back. He let her go and waved his hand at her as she boarded the train and disappeared out of his sight. He looked at his watch and made his way back to work to start his day.

Once Freya had boarded the train, she quickly found a compartment and sat down near the window waiting for her two best friends to find her as the train began to full out of the station heading it’s way to Scotland.


The compartment door opened and in stepped her best friend, Felix. She had met him in her first year at Hogwarts.




Freya had been in the boats that Hagrid the game keeper was leading up to Hogwarts. She had been sharing a boat with three others boys. Two of them had already become friends and were messing about.


Freya had stood up ready to get out of the boat when someone had pushed her into the lake. As her body had hit the water she saw a glimpse of a giant squid and one of it’s tentacles touched her leg before disappearing.  


An arm had grabbed her around the waist and pulled her out of the water. As she emerged she heard the other two boys laughing at her finding the whole thing hilarious. To her, she thought it was silly and glared at them.


“Oh, look Sirius, she glaring at us. Scary.” The other boy who had been laughing said to his friend, sarcastically.


The other boy who he had been talking to, guffawed


Freya decided to take matters into her own hands and have her own fun. She never liked people making fun of her and getting away with it. However, most of the time she’d let it go and ignore them. This hadn’t been one of those times.


Freya slowly walked up to the two boys and fluttered her eyelashes at them.


“Hi, I’m Freya.” She introduced her self to the two boys whilst holding out both of her hands so they could shake them.


The other boy who had pulled her out of the water looked confused as to why she had started to be nice to them.


The two boys also had a look of confusion on their faces but decided to shake her hand and go along with it.


As they two boys gripped her hands she pulled them back and pushed them into the lake.


They both splashed in and spluttering as they reached the surface and glared at her whilst they were dripping wet.


The other boy laughed so much at her prank and high fived Freya.


Freya smiled at him and returned the high five.


The boys went on to follow the other first years whilst grumbling.


“That was bloody brilliant! Are you alright though? Those idiots shouldn’t have done that to you.” The other boy asked her whilst smiling.


“Oh I’m fine.” She replied.


“I’m Felix by the way. Felix Peterson. And you’re Freya?” He asked.


“Freya Long, nice to meet you. Thanks for pulling me out of the water by the way.” She replied.


“No worries. Come on then, let’s go and get sorted into our house.” He said, smiling at her whilst grabbing her hand and pulling her toward the castle.


“What house do you want to be in? Freya asked him whilst they were walking.


“Don’t really mind but I think I’m more Hufflepuff than anything else. What about you?” He asked.


“Oh same here. I thought maybe Gryffindor but I don’t think I’m that brave.” She replied to him.


“Course you are, you got those two guys back didn’t you. You could have just left it alone and let them get away with it. Anyway, I hope you’re in whatever house I’m in.” He said.


“Me too.” She replied, smiling at her new friend.


(End of Flashback)


“Hey you, God I’ve missed you.” Felix said as he went to give Freya a cuddle and sit down next to her.


“Hey! I’ve missed you too. I would have seen you more this summer if you hadn’t buggered off to France to go on holiday!” She replied and lightly smacked him.


“Well, I couldn’t disappoint the French girls, could I? They were calling my name.” he said whilst wiggling his eyebrows at her.


“Uh huh.” She said as she laughed at him.


The compartment door opened and in came her other best friend, Anna.


“Hey, can you get me two chocolate frogs, please? I’ve got to go to a prefects meeting, bye!” Anna said to them and quickly left the compartment with the sliding shut with a click.


“Well that was a nice hello.” Freya said and Felix laughed at her knowingly.


“So, I’m determined to get you on the quidditch team this year seeing as it’s our  last year.” Felix said to her threateningly.


“You don’t need to look so evil, I’m going to try out anyway. Might as well give the other houses a nice surprise when they soon have another house which is hard to beat.” She said, happily.


“Really?! YES! This is going to be great!” He replied, excited.


“What made you change your mind?” He asked her.


“Well it is our last year and I have always wanted to be on the team. It would make my dad proud to.” She replied.


“I have been telling you to join the team for years, you know?” He said.


“I know, but you know what I’m like with attention. I like my space.” She replied.


“I get that. At least you’re finally doing it though.” He said, happily.


They both sat back and caught up on each other’s summers whilst the train carried them on their journey.


Freya had just seen the trolley lady go past their compartment and bolted out the door after asking Felix what he wanted.


However at the same time, another person had done the same thing as her and they both smacked into each other.


“Oh, I’m so sorry. I should really look where I’m going. I swear my eyesight is getting worse, I should really get my eyes check..” Freya rambled to the person.


“Really it’s okay. It was my fault as well.” The other person interrupted her rambling whilst chuckling.


Freya looked up at the other person. It had turned to be Remus Lupin one of the Marauders.


Freya had always found him the most charming and kindest of them all. He helped with pranks but was never the one to decide or include himself if they were done on Slytherin’s. Freya liked that about him.


Remus was tall with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He had some scars across his kind face, she had wondered where they had come from but knew it was none of her business so she never asked around.


“Oh, hi. I really am sorry.” She said, shyly.


“It’s no problem. Ladies first?” He asked whilst leading his hand to the trolley lady, letting her go first.


“Are you sure?” She asked.


“Go on, I can wait seeing as I rudely bumped into you.” He replied, smiling at her.


“Okay.” She said, smiling back at him.


“What would you like, dear?” Said the trolley lady.


“Can I have two chocolate frogs, a box of Bertie Botts flavoured beans and some surgar quills please? She asked, politely.


“That will be 1 Galleon and 2 Sickles, please?” The trolley lady asked as she got Freya’s order together.


Freya handed over the money and said thank you whilst grabbing her purchase.


“She’s all yours.” Freya said to Remus, smiling as she walked back into her compartment.


Remus laughed at her comment and ordered what he wanted whilst thinking that Freya Long was a charming pretty girl and wondered why he had never gotten to know her. He suddenly remembered that he was meant to be at the prefect’s meeting and hurried off.

“So did you get my chocolate frogs?” Anna asked as she walked into the compartment later on.


“Yeah.” Felix said and chucked them at her, nicely.


“How did they prefects meeting go?” Freya asked Anna.


“Fine. Although you’ll never guess who’s head boy.” She replied, excitedly as she had gossip.


“Remus Lupin?” Felix asked.


“No, he was outside when I was getting food. I’m guessing he forgot to go to the prefects meeting.” Freya replied.


“Oh he turned up after a while.” Anna replied.

“So who is it then, if it’s not Remus?” Felix asked, wanting to know.


“James Potter.” Anna said and her eyes sparkled with excitement as Freya and Felix looked at her shocked.


“Seriously?!” Felix asked not believing her.


“Yep.” Anna said.


“I bet James is over the moon about that. He’s been after Lily for years.” Freya said.


“Yeah. He’s changed though. He’s actually taking his job seriously. Lily was shocked to say the least.” Anna said.


“No wonder, he’s been acting like a prick to her for ages always asking her out. Maybe Lily will actually give in.” Freya said.


“I wouldn’t bet on it.” Felix said.


Freya, Anna and Felix carried on chatting and changed into their robes during the rest of the journey to Hogwarts. 


Upon arrival, Hagrid was outside directing the first years to the boats.


The other years started to walk up to the carriages to take them up to the castle.


Travelling up to the castle, you could see views from all around. The magnificent castle, the quidditch pitch, the black lake and the forbidden forest. Everything was so beautiful at Hogwarts.


Once at the castle, students began to head towards the great hall for the start of year feast and the sortings of the first years.


Freya and her friends, sat down with the other Hufflepuffs at their house table and waited for the sorting hat to begin it’s song which had been placed at the front of the hall on an stool, where Professor McGonagall standing next to holding a scroll of the first year names.

 I might just be a hat,

But you'll fine no other like me.

I have the power to tell you where you should be sat,

And what house you truly should be.

Will you be in Gryffindor?

Where you'll find the brave and courageous.

How about Ravenclaw?

Who are the brainiest people you'll ever meet!

Or maybe Hufflepuff?

Where you can put your faith in them for they are loyal and kind.

Or lastly, Slytherin?

Who are cunny and thrive on power!

Now come on and sat on this stool.

So I can determine who you really are.

For I will not make you a fool.

Because in life you will go far.


The hall rang out in applause for the sorting hat. Professor McGonagall then started to read out the names to begin the sorting.


“Harriet Knight”




“Matthew Flint”




“David Horace”




“Sara Groves”




The sortings carried on and everyone applauded when each person had been sorted.


Dumbledore the headmaster rose from the head seat at the front of the hall and asked for silence from everyone.


“Now that everyone has been put into their correct houses, I say tuck in!” Said Dumbledore, cheerfully.


Tables magically filled with all sorts of delicious food and soon all you could hear was students eating their dinner with relish and exchanging conversations with their friends.


“I never tire of the food here. I could live in it.” Anna said stuffing her face with food without a care as to what she looked like.


Felix and Freya rolled their eyes at her, this was usual behaviour from Anna.


Soon the dessert came and once everyone had finished, Dumbledore again asked for silence as he begun his speech.


“I’m glad that we’re all full of wonderful food and that you are all excited to be started another year here at Hogwarts. I would like to introduce the new defence against the darks arts teacher, Professor Levin.” Dumbledore said, everyone applauded the new teacher.


“I would also like to remind you that the third years and below our not to go into the forbidden forest otherwise you might have a nasty surprise. Filch the caretaker also wants me to remind you that if you use zonko’s treats in the hall you will be given a detention. The house prefects will now show the first years to their dormitories and now I say that everyone should be off to bed, pip pip.” He said and the hall was filled with students moving to follow his orders.


Freya, Felix and Anna made their way to the Hufflepuff common room and sat down in the seats by the fire.


“Ben says that he’s starting quidditch tryout’s early this year, meaning tomorrow. He needs a new seeker and chaser since the last two have now left. So you’ll have a good chance.” Felix told Freya.


“That’s alright. I practised loads with my dad over the summer. To be honest, I’m not really worried about it but I don’t want to sound over-confident.” Freya replied.


“You should be, you’re great. You’ll easily get a spot.” Anna said with Felix agreeing.


“Still, I don’t feel like I should brag.” Freya replied.


“Anyway, you guys want to play some exploding snap?” Felix asked them.


“Sure” Anna and Freya agreed.


They played a few games until they all decided that they should go to bed for the first day of term. Felix headed up to the boys dormitory saying goodnight to the girls whilst the girls headed up to their own dormitory.


Anna and Freya both got ready for bed and got into to their beds waiting for sleep to come. Freya couldn’t wait for the next day to get out onto the quidditch pitch and tried to get to sleep to hurry it up sooner.


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