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What would you do for love? by beccam
Chapter 8 : DRACO
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                                I was sitting up on the roof, it was my normal spot where I went whenever I got the chance.


                               I didn’t have to put on an act and pretend to be someone I’m not, I could just be me.


                               My mind was focused on Hermione when someone apparated, just outside the manor gates and I knew them.


                           The mess of red hair and the mess of black hair weren’t hard to miss but the girl with the long brown hair, were unforgettable. I ran to my mother’s study.


                          “Mother they have her, they have the girl. She’s with potter and Weasley. We have to help her mum, or she’s going to be killed. I love her.” I said pleadingly.


                          “Calm down Draco, all in due time” she said sitting back down. “DRACOOOOOO!!!” came the loud screech of my aunt Bellatrix.


                                I walked into the drawing room to see her prancing around the golden trio. What was up with Harry’s face? I mean he was never all that good looking but now…


                         “Draco my dear sweet nephew, do tell me…. Is this Harry Potter?” she asked with a rather excited look in her eyes.


                         If I said yes, Hermione would be in more danger. If I said no and they found out my family would bein even more trouble.


                           “I…. I don’t know… there’s something weird with this guy’s face...” I muttered.


                              Bella looked concentrated, “yes, what exactly did happen to his face?” she said towards the snatchers when her eyes went wide.


                        “My sword. Where did you get that sword?!” she screeched at the men, Godric Gryffindor’s sword in one of their hands.


                       “It was in the girl’s bad, figured I could keep it” the man said simply.


                         “WORMTAIL!” Bella yelled as the rat like man came waddling in from the kitchen. “Take the two boys to the dungeon, I need to have a little talk with the girl” she sneered


                Bella immediately began torturing and interrogating Hermione on where and how she got the sword.


                              I wanted to leave the room, so I wouldn’t have to see her being tortured. I wanted to do something, to make my aunt stop but I couldn’t.


                         I felt sick to my stomach, watching Hermione fight back through the curses.


                       At first even while under the cruciatis curse Hermione didn’t cry, didn’t scream and wouldn’t break. An hour passed and Hermione was wearing down as tears began to fall from her eyes.


                            “Tell me you filthy little mudblood! CRUCIO!!!” Bellatrix tortured again. That’s when Hermione screamed.


               A scream so helpless it broke my heart. “Sister, leave her alone. She is not who you think she is?” my mother said finally coming out of her study.


                “Yeah, she’s a filthy mudblood” she said as she spat on Hermione’s face. “This is Hermione Granger but Granger is only her middle name. She is Hermione Granger Snape” my mother said with confidence.


                  Bella’s wild cackling filled the manor, “so you’re trying to tell me this is the daughter of little Severus?” she said in between laughs.


                  “That’s exactly what I’m saying. Severus is on his way now, he’ll tell you himself.” She stated calmly. What was my mother doing?


                  “Bella, this is Severus’s daughter. The mother got scared and left when she found out she was pregnant. When Hermione was born she altered her to protect her and gave the baby up for adoption, where Hermione was adopted by her current parents. Severus has no idea he had a child until Hermione’s first year at Hogwarts” my mother continued on calmly as she pointed her wand at Hermione.


                       Before our eyes Hermione changed, she got shorter and her beautiful brown curls transformed to straight black locks.


                         “I don’t believe it Cissy, anyone can alter appearances like you just did” she said, less excited than before.


                       Just then Snape walked through the fireplace. “Yes Bella” his slow voice drawled. “I got a girl pregnant in my 7th year. Obviously I was unaware of this until my daughter came to Hogwarts. She has her mothers’ eyes, when I first saw them I it was unbelievable. Her mother, she was in Gryffindor which is one of the reasons we dated in private. She didn’t agree with my plans to become a death eater and follow Voldemort. I can only assume she didn’t want the child to be born into that kind of life. She knew that the Snape family and the Malfoy family were to one day be joined by marriage, to strengthen our alliance and that’s why she changed her and sent her off to a muggle orphanage. She heard Lucious and I talking about it and panicked. Her mother is dead now, Hermione’s all I have left of her now…” Snape said before trailing off.


                     Bellatrix had nothing to say after that, instead she began to pace, looking rather sullen. 


                     ”Hermione my dear daughter, I’m so very sorry” Snape said before pulling a very weak Hermione into a hug.


                     “Draco. Would you please take my daughter upstairs, get her cleaned up and in proper clothing. Voldemort will want to meet her and she must be presentable” Snape then said to me.


                    I nodded before wrapping my arm around Hermione and leading her upstairs. I really hope this worked out.


                 For now she was safe, and she was alive. I was going to do everything in my power to keep it that way.

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