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Lost In Time by SwitchyWitch17
Chapter 3 : Chapter 2
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[A/N -  I am so sorry about the really long wait, life has been hectic for the past couple of months but I'm hoping to update a little bit more regularly now! :) ]


The next morning, they all woke up to a loud banging on the door of the Room of Requirement.

"Who the bleeding hell is that? It's 7 effing 30 in the morning!" Grumbled Ron as he rolled out of bed to see who was making the noise.

As he opened the door, he almost got knocked down by what looked to be an army of house elves. Nine or ten house elves all rushed into the room carrying platters of breakfast items to which Ron grinned.

"Master Dumbledore sent us to give you these and to tell you that he can't make it today, he has important business to attend to." Squeaked one of the house elves who was wearing a bright red tea towel.

They all dove into the food and began chatting about random things.

"So I heard that Lucius and Narcissa are engaged now Padfoot? What fresh hell is this?" James asked Sirius after he'd had his second helping of breakfast.

"Yeah, unfortunately. It really is a match made in hell. I'm just glad I dont have to go to the wedding." Sirius replied, laughing.

Regulus snorted and mumbled, "Alright for some. They're making me part of the wedding party."

"You know, I always thought that Lucius and Narcissa were already married by this time" Harry said thoughtfully.

"Well, a year ago they would have gotten married if it wasn't for the fact that Malfoy caught dear old Cissy with Rodolphus. Now Rodolphus and Bella are married and Malfoy and Cissy are getting married. They obviously would like to keep it to the evil families"

Ginny, Harry, Ron and Hermione smirked at each other with that.

As they finished breakfast they all wandered off into different groups to talk about random things. Sirius, James and Harry ended up playing an exploding snap tournament which got somewhat violent as Harry kepy winning all of the hands. Remus was the person who kept them all calm. Lily and Alice grabbed Hermione and Ginny and they spent atleast 3 hours gossiping about hair and make up, to which the boys raised their eyebrows and shook their heads.

"If Dumbledore ever lets us all out of this room together, I reckon we should all go down to Hogsmeade and have some fun in the Three Broomsticks." James suggested with a devilish grin.

Lily shook her head at him in despair. "What are we gonna do with you James. You're always trying to get into trouble." She said smirking.

The rest of the day was spent gossiping about happenings at Hogwarts and relaxing. They were all starting to get comfortable with the time travellers, which in hindsight was probably a very good thing as what happened next was as big of a surprise to the time travellers as it was to the marauders and co.

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Lost In Time: Chapter 2


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