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A Broken Jigsaw by Yayy im a Hufflepuff
Chapter 19 : Second day in My Flat
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The beginning of October found Hermione sat on her own sofa in her own flat reading a book from her own personal library. She moved in the day before and Draco had presented her with her birthday present. Hermione smiled as she remembered how happy he’d made her.




          “Hermione?” Draco called as he apparated into her flat. She stepped out of her kitchen and she saw Draco looking around her living space with appreciative eyes. Her flat had a bedroom, bathroom, living room and a small kitchen that was just big enough. She had magically painted the walls of her living room and bedroom cream while magically changing the bathroom and kitchen tiles to be cream, her flooring was a soft Ruby carpet in her bedroom and living space and the tiles on the kitchen floor were black. In her little living area she had a small black two person sofa in front of little TV. She had a desk in one corner and had a bag resting against the wall where she was currently keeping her books.


With a pleased smile at his appreciation of her small but pretty space, she made a small noise to announce her presence. Draco had jumped and faced her quickly before holding out his arms to her, an invitation she gladly accepted as she hugged him. Draco raised her head with soft fingers and placed a lingering kiss on her mouth that always made Hermione melt. It was becoming increasingly difficult to resist him but something was holding her back. Her restraint had upset Draco at first but when she’d explained that she couldn’t go that far with him until whatever was holding her back had gone, but she wanted to, he had cheered up. Draco pulled away slightly so his lips hovered over hers as he held her eye contact.

          “So, I realised I missed you birthday,” Draco murmured softly causing his lips to brush against hers. Hermione’s eyes fluttered closed at the sensations she felt tingling through her body.

          “You didn’t have to get me anything,” Hermione whispered. She waited for Draco to do something other than keep her in the agonising state of need she was approaching but when no answer came she opened her eyes, to find Draco watching her intently. She then shoved him away with mock annoyance. “You’re such a little… urghh,” Hermione growled. Draco laughed at her but pulled her back with a repentant hug.

          “I wondered how long it would take for you to realise I was in your mind,” Draco smiled. Hermione growled at him under her breath as she gripped his hair forcefully. Then she let go and went back to the kitchen where she was choosing something for dinner.

          “By the way, I did have to get you something, I mean Harry and Ginny got you the desk and chair and my mother and step-father got you the sofa, as your boyfriend I was obligated to get you a present. But I didn’t feel obligated to do this, I wanted to do it for you,” Draco handed her a small rectangular gift and kissed her cheek. Hermione looked curiously at the silver and red wrapping then she opened it carefully. Inside was a miniature bookcase made of bleached white wood. She frowned confusedly.

          “What is this?” Hermione asked.

          “Here,” Draco grinned. Then he took it from her hands and placed it in the space next to her desk and moved her bag. “Engorgio,” Draco murmured. The bookcase grew in size until it stood floor to ceiling tall. Hermione watched in excitement as she realised it was an actual bookcase. Then she sighed in disappointment.

          “Dray, as much as it is a lovely gesture, I would need at least another 8 of these to hold all my books,” Hermione murmured sadly. Draco chuckled.

          “How do you like your books arranged?” Draco asked. Hermione’s answer was automatic.

          “In order of genre then within that in order of the title why?”

          “What genres do you have?” Draco asked.

          “Leisure and knowledge. My knowledge genre is ordered by Hogwarts subjects. Draco why?” Hermione asked again with a frustrated edge to her voice. Draco didn’t reply and murmured a spell at Hermione’s bag and she watched in fascination as the books began to fly out of her bag and fill the space on the bookshelves. When the bookshelf was full Draco murmured the word ‘swivel’ and the books zoomed to the left and the bookcase was empty again. Finally realising what her present was she jumped on Draco and peppered his face and neck with kisses as he held her legs.

          “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,” Hermione gasped between kisses. Draco chuckled as he carried Hermione over to the sofa and sat down with her straddling him. Draco nuzzled into her neck so she couldn’t access more than his hair but pulling back Hermione met her lips to his in a soft kiss. “Thank you,” She murmured one more time.

          “Mione, it’s only a bookcase,” Draco chuckled.

          “Draco I could live without a desk, I could live without a sofa or a TV but my books I can’t live without. And you knew I needed something to keep my books in,” Hermione explained. Draco laughed at her then pulled her mouth to his.

          “I love you,” Draco whispered.

          “I love you too,” Hermione whispered back.


******End Flashback******


Hermione pulled herself out of her reverie and turned back to the page at hand. She had found a transfiguration book on her shelf on advanced, master level stuff and within it she had found chapters on how to become an animagus. Immediately interested she had begun to read, she was currently reading about the first instruction that told her that to find the animal that is hers she has to clear her mind and chant the words “find my animal” in Latin. Figuring it was best to do that when she was in bed she, placing the book on her desk open she wandered over to her kitchen. Just then Ginny popped into Hermione’s flat.

          “Mione!!” Ginny yelled as she faced the closed bedroom door. Hermione tapped her foot patiently as she waited for her best friend to spot her and finally when she did, she showed Hermione she had not only brought a cheese and tomato pizza (with extra mozzarella) but fruit twist Fanta. Hermione’s heart melted right there and then and she ran forwards and hugged her friend tightly.

          “You are awesome,” Hermione smiled as she let go.

          “I know,” Ginny grinned back as she walked over towards the floor by the TV.


When Hermione had finally settled herself into her new flat last night, she and Ginny had arranged to have a girls evening and told Draco and Harry they should have a guy’s night. The boys had happily accepted and that was how Ginny and Hermione ended up on the floor by the TV as Hermione searched through a stack of muggle DVD’s she’d bought earlier that day.


They ended up watching a film about a modern war that left Ginny staring wide eyed at the TV as Hermione chuckled at her facial expression.

          “Muggle wars look so much worse than wizarding,” Ginny finally spoke. Hermione shrugged.

          “How so? People die in muggle wars just as people die in wizarding,” Hermione questioned as she stood up with their now empty pizza box. Ginny stood up and followed her to the bin in the kitchen.

          “Well in wizarding wars you don’t see people hacking at each other with swords, or firing things into other people with gums!” Ginny cried. “It’s just a wave of a wand and an unforgiveable curse and they’re dead. No marks, no nothing.” Hermione burst out laughing.

“What are you laughing at?!”

          “Did you just say gums?” Hermione questioned through her giggles. Ginny frowned at her friend. “They’re called guns and yes I do agree that wizarding wars are neater, but still,” Hermione answered. Ginny then wandered over to the desk as Hermione re-entered the room.

          “Are you planning on becoming an animagus?” Ginny asked with a shocked gasp.

          “Why not?” Hermione questioned with a shrug.

          “Well have you sorted out legalising it?” Ginny questioned with a raised eyebrow at the irony involved with Hermione becoming an animagus after she caught Rita Skeeter for that same reason.

          “Well I notified the ministry that I’m learning; when I achieve it I just notify them of my animal and my markings,” Hermione smiled. Ginny nodded and placed the book back where she found it before joining Hermione on the sofa.

          “So what do you think your animal will be?” Ginny asked me.

          “I don’t know. I’ve done some reading,” Hermione started.

          “Obviously,” Ginny interrupted and Hermione cast Ginny a look.

          “I’ve done some reading and I’ve found that your animagus and Patronus are reflections of you, but different parts. The patronus is a reflection on what you find happiness in, that animal displays the personality traits that incorporate your simplest and most basic pleasures. Your animagus form is the form that reflects your most obvious personality, the animal chosen displays the personality traits on the surface,” Hermione recited. Ginny rolled her eyes.

          “20 points to Gryffindor for the perfect book reference,” Ginny grinned. Hermione huffed but with a quick flick of her fingers Ginny was dangling by her ankle in the air with a yelp. Hermione then laughed as she looked at her friend. “Hermione let me down!” Ginny yelled and Hermione snickered as she flicked her fingers and her friend dropped back onto the sofa as Hermione cushioned her fall. Ginny growled as she looked at her friend but it was only the fact that she knew her friend could do wandless and wordless magic that she didn’t pounce on her and Hermione knew it.


          “So are you back for good now Mione?” Ginny asked with a glare at Hermione. Hermione noticed the glare and blushed.

          “Yes,” Hermione murmured.

          “You know we should have got your dress weeks ago?” Ginny glared. Hermione nodded meekly.

          “I know, I’m sorry I just…” Hermione couldn’t find the words to explain her reasons but then Ginny should know and suddenly she embraced Hermione in a tight hug.

          “Gosh I’m being a bitch. I’m sorry,” Ginny said quickly. Hermione hugged her friend back and then when she let go she smiled softly.

          “It’s been a rough time, but I should have told you where I was going, or at least where I was once I got there,” Hermione answered.

          “I know… But you’re back now so tomorrow we can go shopping for your dress and mine,” Ginny grinned. Hermione’s jaw dropped open in shock.

          “Ginny are you serious! You’re getting married in what, a month maybe, and you haven’t got your dress yet?” Hermione breathed as she stared at her friend with wide eyes.

          “I didn’t want to go and get it without you and anyway we finally settled on colour schemes last week,” Ginny said with a wave of her hand as she tried to downplay the severity of the situation. Hermione shook her head in shock as she tried to get a hold on herself.

          “Right so…tomorrow… Oh shit,” Hermione said, her voice slipping into a growl as she realised something.

          “What?” Ginny asked in a low, suspicious voice.

          “Narcissa asked me to meet her for lunch tomorrow, she was adamant that I meet her without Draco or Carlos,” Hermione sighed.

          “Why don’t you just ask her to come with?” Ginny asked easily. Hermione looked at her friend.

          “But your mom-,”

          “My Mother and Narcissa need to settle their differences once and for all, really, the war is over,” Ginny said quickly. Hermione swallowed the words that got stuck in her throat and called the owl Draco lent her until she got her own. The tawny owl fluttered from Hermione’s room and landed on the back of her desk chair and clucked its beak impatiently.

          “Is that Draco’s?” Ginny asked with a chuckle. Hermione nodded as she went to stroke the owl but almost received a nipped finger.

          “Yes can you tell?” Hermione hissed as she sat down at her desk and pulled some paper and a pen towards her.

          “Yep,” Ginny smirked, popping the p.


Hermione sighed as she pushed a lock of curly hair back into place and then began to write.




Hi Cissy, hope you and Carlos are okay.

Just writing to ask if firstly, are we still alright for lunch tomorrow at The Three Broomsticks? If we are, Ginny has asked me to come with her and Mrs Weasley to choose mine and Ginny’s dresses for her wedding to Harry. When I mentioned lunch with you, she suggested asking you if you want to come along.


Send a reply with Abraxas




          “There, was that so hard?” Ginny asked me as I rolled the paper and sealed it with a touch of my wand which was lying on the desk. Hermione ignored her as she was currently trying to tie the scroll to the leg of Abraxas but her was stepping around awkwardly and nipping her every chance he got.

          “Merlin owl, what is wrong with you?!” Hermione cried in frustration as she snatched the scroll back. The owl looked at her then turned its beak. “Bloody hell as if any animal could be exactly as arrogant and stuck up as its owner once was then it’s you!” Hermione snapped. The owl nipped at her finger again and Hermione screamed in frustration. “Bloody bird! What’s the problem? Is it cause it’s on paper you snooty ass… ARGH SCREW IT!” Hermione suddenly screamed. Ginny stared wide eyed at the antics of both the bird and her friend.

          “Sweet Merlin Mione, it’s just an owl,” Ginny tried to say softly but Hermione wasn’t having it.

          “Screw it. Go to your master you stupid, stupid bird,” Hermione snarled. The bird took flight with an indignant screech and cuffed Hermione’s head as it left. “Fuck you, you stupid ass bird,” Hermione snarled under her breath. Ginny stared at her friend in shock.

          “Mione was that really necessary? Now you have no owl to deliver your letter,” Ginny said softly.

          “I’ll send it tomorrow. I wasn’t meant to meet Cissy until 1 anyway,” Hermione growled.

          “Send it with what?” Ginny asked.

          “I’ll go to Diagon Alley first thing and get my own owl,” Hermione sighed. Ginny chuckled softly.

          “I didn’t think any animal could be so much like their owner,” Ginny suddenly laughed after a while. Hermione froze and then burst out laughing.

          “I know, can you believe it? Turning its beak up because the letter was written on paper and not parchment and with a pen not a quill. Bloody ridiculous.” Hermione chuckled. Ginny just shook her head as she stretched with a yawn.

          “I should head home, I want to see Harry before he goes,” Ginny smiled. Hermione nodded and stood up to hug her friend.

          “Okay. If Narcissa says yes, do you want to meet at the Three Broomsticks at 1. Just assume she says yes, unless you hear any different,” Hermione smiled. Ginny nodded and Hermione lead her to the door. When she opened it she met Draco with a ruffled Abraxas perched on his shoulder. Ginny laughed out loud.

          “Enjoy Mione,” Ginny grinned as she apparated from the corridor. Draco entered as soon as she was gone and went to kiss Hermione, but she pulled away as she saw Abraxas leaning in.

          “Take that bloody pigeon away from me,” Hermione hissed. Draco drew back shocked as he looked at Hermione then looked at Abraxas.

          “What Abraxas? He’s a lovely owl. What’s wrong with him?” Draco asked as he looked hurt. “I used Abraxas when I lived at the Manor, throughout school,” Draco smiled. Hermione shook her head and went to collect her wand which she stuck through the bun her hair was in.

          “That explains a lot. He refused to let me tie a letter written on paper with a pen to his leg. So he attacked my hands and I screamed at him a bit then sent him back to you. I’m going to get my own tomorrow,” Hermione said quickly. She heard Abraxas snap his beak and she glared at him. “You heard right you bloody pigeon,” Hermione then snarled, ignoring Draco’s chuckles.


Turning her back on Draco she collected her book off her desk and sat on the sofa waiting for Draco to get rid of his owl, she heard it take off and then she felt his hands on her shoulders, his thumbs softly rubbing in circles as he leant down to place a kiss on her cheek.

          “Well now the “bloody pigeon” is gone, may I have a kiss Mione?” Draco asked. Hermione chuckled as she turned her head to the side. But Draco had other ideas as he slowly pulled her back so her head could rest against the back of the sofa and she was looking up at him. Draco then placed a swift, piercing kiss on her mouth smiling as she let out an involuntary moan.

          “You know you only have to say,” Draco whispered against her mouth. Hermione frowned then pushed him away as she sat up.

          “You need to behave,” Hermione smiled. Draco came around and sat on the sofa next to Hermione and slid the book from her lap placing it on the floor gently as he pulled Hermione into his lap.

          “I’m sorry for misbehaving, can I be forgiven?” Draco asked. Hermione smiled slyly.

          “You can if you can deliver this to your mother for me, explain to her that Abraxas has been dismissed, and then go and enjoy yourself with Harry. You’re not meant to turn up here today,” Hermione grinned. Draco huffed as he pouted like a child. Hermione merely kissed him on his pouty mouth and got up to hand him the sealed roll of paper. Accepting it less than graciously Draco wrapped an arm around Hermione and yanked her to him. Hermione let herself be pulled close to him and almost succumbed to his wishes as he planted another ferociously hot kiss on her mouth, but all too soon his mouth was gone and she found herself trying to catch her breath.

          “I’m not an owl. And Blaise is coming with us now, we’re on strict instructions to bring him back at least reasonably sober,” Draco chuckled.

          “I know you’re not an owl, but since your bloody owl is being an arse about delivering your mothers letter, you can take it to your mother for me…and have fun trying to keep Blaise sober,” Hermione chuckled. Draco groaned and then grinned.

          “It’s going to be a task, but we’ll try,” Draco said smoothly. Hermione then pushed him away and frog marched him towards the door which she opened before pushing him out. Just before she could close the door Draco ducked and pressed a chaste kiss to her mouth before apparating away and leaving Hermione alone.


Hermione sighed tiredly as she stepped back inside her flat and closed the door. She was alone at last. All evening the book had been calling her attention to it over and over again and now she was allowed to read it and learn and excel just as she always had. So taking her book off the floor she turned the lights out and locked the doors with her wand, setting non-apparition wards at the same time before heading to her room where she settled into bed in her pyjamas as she held her wand. Placing the book on the bed next to her she read aloud the incantation.

          “Invenire mea animalis, invenire mea animalis, invenire mea animalis,” Hermione murmured. Then she lay back and closed her eyes, routinely clearing her mind just as she had to do to work her occlumency. Holding her wand in her right hand she murmured the Latin words and eventually felt her conscious mind slipping away from her reality.







When she opened her yes the first thing she registered was that she was lying on something cold and damp but soft, the second thing she registered was that the light filtering down to her had a greenish tinge to it. Sitting up and looking around she realised she was in a forest of some sort and the air was quite cool on her skin. Noticing the coolness made her realise she was naked, but in the same second she remembered that only she and her animal could access this place. Yet still a set of grey robes appeared folded on a rock next to her and she pulled them on.


Once she was dressed she began to pace as she began to think.

          “This stage of becoming an animagus is where the most could go wrong. Failing to move or failing to find the animal will result in being lost, but as I’m moving the only way I could be lost is if I fail to find my animal, but I can call anyone from my memory to help and my animal will come if it feels like I’m behaving as it would,” Hermione murmured to herself. Then she stopped and faced into the dark green woodland where her eyes couldn’t distinguish things any further.


Hermione closed her eyes and in an instant she called her images of Harry and Ron from her first year. That was the one year when she definitely knew that all three of them had had to work together and each had played their own role. Eleven year old forms of Harry and Ron would be helpful.

          “Hi Hermione,” Both boys murmured at the same time. Neither made a comment on her age, nor a comment on why they were there, Hermione then figured they were there simply to help her.

          “We’re looking for an animal. There will only be one animal here so I think we should space out and move forwards parallel to each other, keeping an eye out for any animal. Any sign at all green sparks at me okay?” Hermione pronounced. The boys nodded and moved away and after calling out when they were around 10 metres away and could no longer see each other they began to move.


As they moved Hermione checked all around her, making mental notes about every paw print, every scratch mark, every single clue, until she came to a clearing. Harry and Ron got there at the same time she did and to her surprise she saw three animals step through at the opposite side. Opposite from Harry stood a magnificent lion with a strangely dark black mane that was as unruly as Harry’s own hair, while he had a grey mark on its forehead, similar to Harry’s scar. Opposite from Ron stood a fox. The fox had a sly look around it with brilliant red fur and eyes that were the exact blue of his eyes.


Hermione tore her eyes away from the animagus forms of Ron and Harry and faced the animal directly opposite her.


The animal was distinctly feminine with brown fur that was sleek and thick. The defining feature was her tail which was the bushiest thing Hermione had ever seen in her life, except for her own hair. The dark eyes of the animagus form locked on her own menacingly as she pulled back her jaws and let a warning growl slip through.

          “Figures,” Hermione snorted. “The bossy, know-it-all isn’t actually a Gryffindor Lion as everyone thought.” The animal stopped growling and trotted forwards. Hermione smiled and crouched down and touched her hand to the dark brown snout of the animal and found herself back in her bed with sunlight streaming through her bedroom window.


Author’s Note


I knowwww cliff-hanger on the fact that I’m not spilling what her animal is. You’ll find out soon, promises on that one… But for now, anyone wanna have a guess at what the animal is?? Everyone to guess correctly will get a definite mention at the start of the next chapter.

This Chapter is a bit of a deviation from the main plot, but I love filling in the tiny little spaces in a story, anyways let me know what you think of this chapter, I love your reviews.

There’s a long way to go until the end of this story, I reckon we’re around 2 thirds through, not sure yet, but I hope you stick around to the end, even though I’m not sure whether there shall be any heartbreak left: p


Hope you enjoyed!


~ eden xxx


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