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The Sight by Xaria
Chapter 6 : The Quidditch Match
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Chapter 6: The Quidditch Match


For a late November afternoon the air was surprisingly warm and the sun cleared the few clouds that were in the sky. The Quidditch stands were slowly filling up with colors of red, gold, and blue.


“James is going to be so upset when he finds out you're not here to watch him.” mentioned Alice, her brown eyes cast to the field where the players would arrive.


Lily shook her head, “Maybe it'll finally get the point across that I will never like him!”


The two girls sat on an empty bench near the edge with a perfect view of the field. A few moments later a tall figure stood nearby. They looked up to see Remus standing awkwardly at the end of the bench, an identical Prefect badge to Lily's pinned to his vest.


“Alright if we sit here?” he asked and nodded to Peter who stood slightly behind him nervously.


“Of course, just make room for Delphia, she should be here soon.” Lily said and scooted closer to Alice to give Remus and Peter a seat.


But as more students filled the seats Delphia hadn't shown up yet and Lily had begun to get worried. She shook her leg up and down as both the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor quidditch teams strode across the green lawn to greet each other. James shook hands with Alex Goldstein, the captain of the Ravenclaw team, and with a loud high pitched whistle the team kicked up from the ground.


“Maybe I should go look for her.” Lily offered and went to go stand up but Alice pulled her back down.


“I'll go look for her, stay and watch Alex okay?”


“Goldstein?” interrupted Remus. “That's who've you come to watch?”


Lily nodded and turned back to Alice. “You know how Delphia gets when she's alone, are you sure you don't want me to come?”


“Fairchild can cope by herself can't she?” shrugged Peter.


“Can she, Peter? With you four bunch of lunatics and those bullying Slytherins, do you really think she can cope on her own?” growled Alice, her eyes burning into Peter. The two Marauders looked guiltily away to watch Sirius and James play. “I'll be back shortly.”





A portrait of a bowl of fruit slowly opened and a head looked out, dark blue hair hanging in feathery wisps. Delphia silently stepped out of the portrait hole and closed the painting, a basket was clasped tightly in her hand. Footfalls came from down the corridor and she quickly tried to look inconspicuous as two Hufflepuffs came into view.


“Wow! Look at this portrait! Doesn't it look delicious?!” exclaimed Delphia with a bit too much enthusiasm.


The two Hufflepuffs gave her a bizarre look as if she had made a bray like a donkey. “Freak...” one of them muttered and they hurriedly walked away past her.


“Talk about rude.” huffed Delphia and raced back to the Great Hall where she collided into Alice.


“There you are!” gasped Alice and straightened her uniform out. “What took you so long?”


Delphia grinned evilly, “I brought snacks!”


On the grassy pathway up to the Quidditch pitch the two girls walked quickly, their hair blowing back with the light breeze. Uneasiness crawled up her spine, giving her shivers. Delphia quickly turned around, far back were a group of Slytherins, their cruel eyes glaring at her. The group consisted of Severus Snape, Rabastan Lestrange, Regulus Black, Evan Rosier, and Walden Macnair. Luckily for Delphia Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Black had graduated a few years before, but that didn't make her forget what they had done to her.


“Yikes, that's a scary lot of Slytherins.” Alice whispered and grabbed her arm. Delphia broke eye contact with them and they continued back up to the Quidditch pitch.


Up in the stands Lily was clapping loudly as a blue and gold figure shot for a goal. The Ravenclaws cheered as the quaffle went through the post. In the air Delphia could make out James yelling at the Gryffindor Keeper.


“Here you go Lils.” Delphia sat beside her and Remus. She handed Lily a bit of chocolate.


“Oh yay!” Lily grinned and took a bite of the chocolate, but in the next second she stood up cheering, the dessert flying out of her hand and to the ground far below. “Darn...”


Remus peered suspiciously into the basket on Delphia's lap. “Where did you get that?”


“Oh don't get all hurt because someone else knows where the kitchen is.” sniffed Delphia and handed Alice a cauldron cake. Remus looked taken aback at her tone and whispered something to Peter.


The game went by smoothly but Ravenclaw and Gryffindor were both tied. It wasn't until the Gryffindor Seeker took the snitch out of the air that the game had came to an end. Lily, Alice, Delphia, Remus, and Peter ran over onto the field. The three girls going to greet Alex and the two boys cheering for Sirius and James. The latter grinning widely as he spotted Lily.


“Great job Alex!” Lily said cheerfully to the Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain. Alex Goldstein was well built like all Quidditch players, he had sharp features, blue eyes, and straw blonde wavy hair. “I'd like you to meet Alice and Delphia.”


Alex smiled at the three, “Nice to meet you. Hey Lily, can I ask you something over here?”


Lily walked off with Alex a little ways down the Quidditch pitch where the crowd was thinned out. Alice grabbed Delphia's arm anxiously and she did a little happy dance.


“He's going to ask her out!” she squealed and gripped Delphia's arm harder. They watched Lily and Alex talk, she suddenly broke into a grin and wrapped her arms around his neck.


Someone shoved past her, knocking her into Alice. James strode up to Alex fuming, he pulled his arm back and punched him squarely in the face.


“What the hell Potter!” the Ravenclaw growled and put a hand up to his bloody nose, clearly startled.


“What is wrong with you?! I don't like you and I never will you stupid prat! Stop trying to control my life!” Lily screamed, her face turning almost the shade of her hair. Her hand struck him across the cheek.


Sirius came over and put a hand on James's shoulder, “C'mon Prongs...” he said softly. But instead of listening to his best mate he toppled Alex over and the two went sprawling across the grass, fists flying. Students hovered around them, trying to pull each other apart and somewhere in the distance a whistle was being blown desperately. Once the two were torn away from each other Alex turned to Lily.


“I'm sorry Lily.” he said while massaging his jaw.


“It's fine. Someone had to give him a good thrashing.” she replied viciously with an evil look at James.


Despite James's bloody nose and bruises, the pain that showed the most was in his eyes. His three friends took him away, giving him words of encouragement.


“I'll see tomorrow, by the beech tree at eleven.” said Lily to Alex.




Behind the portrait of the Fat Lady Gryffindors were running about and cheering. The quidditch team was surrounded with happy students discussing the match they had just won. Delphia caught a glimpse of Lexi Monroe hanging onto Sirius's arm while her friend Gwen Jorgensen hung onto James. Lily snorted and marched up to the girl's dormitory. Alice shrugged at Delphia and headed on up after Lily.


But Delphia didn't feel like going up there, in fact she didn't feel like being around anyone. So she slipped through the crowd of red and gold people and hopped out of the portrait hole. The seventh floor corridor was empty, Delphia walked silently across the stone floor, her fingertips brushing lightly against the walls as she went.


She adored Lily and Alice, but sometimes she just had to be alone. She was glad they understood that. Delphia had reached the astronomy tower, although they weren't allowed to go up there unless it was for class she sneaked inside easily. The stars glittered above in the blue sky. Delphia leaned against the wall of the balcony and looked across the Black Lake, questions beginning to stir inside of her.


Why does this happen? Who was my mother? What is my father trying to hide? Will he ever tell me?


Some questions were about the events in Hogwarts itself.


Why doesn't James be nice to get Lily? And why does Sirius have to be such a player? Do they know that Remus is a werewolf?


But there was always that one question that never ceased to baffle her.


Why can I see everything?


Delphia closed her eyes slowly and listened to the soft wind against the trees in the Forbidden Forest. She concentrated on the lapping of the shore against the soft pebbles, the water lulling her into some other world only she could enter.


It was like trying to swim against an opposing current, or running against a hard wind. But when she slowed down and let the flow of it carry her everything opened up. She could hear the whispers of hundreds of students inside the castle walls and below the stone floors. She could feel the dark shadow that hovered somewhere outside of the Hogwarts grounds. A shadow that grew stronger with each coming day. Her skin crawled as she zoned in her concentration on the darkness.


In a few weeks, My Lord. The young Death Eaters are watching every move she makes and studying her carefully.” a Death Eater said, his hood drawn back to reveal pale blonde hair and a pointed face.


Than we must use her weakness. Tell them to find it, and they will be greatly rewarded.” a hissing voice replied.


“Beautiful out here isn't it?” came a soft whisper, bringing Delphia back to reality, the vision she had witness turning into a far away dream. She whirled around to come face to face with Sirius. But when he mind cleared some more she realized it wasn't Sirius but his younger brother Regulus. The green and silver robes confirming her guess.


“Why are you up here Black?” she asked suspiciously.


Regulus loomed closer, his gray eyes bore into hers, “I could ask you the same thing.”


She said nothing and continued to look over the Hogwarts grounds, her fingers tapping anxiously on the ledge as Regulus moved to stand next to her. Too close for comfort.


“Aren't you Slytherins too good for us Gryffindors? Why are you talking to the likes of me?” Delphia sneered and inched away from him.


“You are a pureblood aren't you?” asked Regulus, moving a little closer. Delphia nodded but kept her distance. “Good enough for me.”


“Good enough for you? And what about Sirius?” the words had hardly left her lips when Regulus grabbed her hair and slammed her into the wall, his body pinning her.


“Don't you dare talk about Sirius! He betrayed my family!” he hissed, his eyes blazed like a gray storm. Regulus threw her head back against he wall and she collapsed, welcoming the darkness she had come so use to.


Images ran through her head. But each vision had one thing in common. Sirius Black. Delphia saw his past race into her mind, his memories becoming her memories, his pain becoming her pain. And suddenly it stopped, she blinked back into reality with a huge headache. Her eyes wondered around the top of the tower to find that Regulus had left her there unconscious.


As Delphia trudged back to the common room the memories of Sirius were still fresh in her mind. She tried to shake them but they wouldn't go away. Normally her visions faded away, like a dream after waking up, she knew something happened but she can only remember one detail. It was lost in her mind. But these memories didn't fade. They stuck.


In the common room students were still having a blast, drinking pumpkin juice and eating sweets. The quidditch team had changed out of their uniforms and the Marauders were spread across the furniture.


Her eyes met Sirius's from across the room and in that moment she knew; to him they will never be just memories.



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