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Brutal Love by Fonzzx
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Sixth year

We'd spent our last day together before the holidays outside. The guys didn't like her and called her a mudblood. She didn't seem to care too much. The only winces she made were when I said it. Everyone else went in for dinner, so I grabbed her hand and took her to the nearest broom cupboard and kissed her, harder than I'd ever kissed her before.
Things were getting heated. I'd never done this before, and neither had she. But it didn't matter. All that mattered is that we were together, right there and then. She was in my arms, her perfect body pressed against mine.



The next day, the guys and I had a compartment on the Hogwarts Express all to ourselves. I was telling them what I'd been doing with Emily the previous night. Lots of rude comments were flying about the compartment, mostly from me. The guys were jeering.
I realised that the door to the compartment was open, and she'd heard everything I'd said as she was coming to visit. She turned around and walked out. I followed her, ignoring the catcalls of my friends.
She looked furious. "I'm so sick of this shit," she said. "I'm so sick of being entertainment for your friends, I'm sick of the way they talk to me, I'm sick of the way you treat me in front of them. We're finished."
My stomach dropped. "Oh yeah?" I sneered at her as she walked off. "At least I'm not a filthy little mudblood like you." I added nastily, to the cheers of the guys behind me.
Oh crap. As soon as the words left my mouth she spun around and stormed back over to me, looking madder than I’d ever seen her. She slapped me straight round the face, hard. I could see in her eyes that she regretted ever having anything to do with me.


I didn't see her again until we were all trying to push our way off the train and onto the platform. She didn't look too upset, I noted to myself. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail, so even though she wasn't directly facing me, I could see her eyes. She didn't look like she'd been crying.


You're an idiot, Malfoy,” a voice came from behind me, and one of her friends appeared, levitating her trunk off the train. What was her name? It was the blonde one. I'd never really paid much attention to Em's life.


Ah yes, it was Louise.


Am I?” I asked her. “Why's that?”


We'll tell every single girl in the school that you have diseases so you won't ever get laid again,” she informed me, her blue eyes flashing with anger.


Well that seems immature,” I replied, raising an eyebrow.


So does telling all your friends the juicy details of how you 'fucked a mudblood last night',” she quoted my own words to my friends back at me, and my stomach dropped.


Louise smirked and pushed her way past me towards Emily, who had no expression on her face whatsoever. Her lovely brown eyes met mine with a stony gaze, and she turned away.



My Dad came in to tell me that I haven't got out of bed since I got back three days ago. He said my room smells like a pigsty and I should get up and go outside, or do something. I didn't say anything and he left, shaking his head. He'd send Mum in but she's off on holiday in China with her sister for the summer.
Thoughts were chasing around my brain that didn't make sense. I kept seeing Emily's face right before she slapped me. My face still tingled a bit.
It hit me then, like a bludger on the Quidditch pitch. I love her.
I was in the sitting room when Dad came back. At least I was up this time, and showered, even if I was just slobbing about on the sofa in my comfy clothes. Dad was in his 'casual' suit. I really don't know what it is with him and suits. He's always wearing one.
Dad just came straight out with it. "Did she dump you?"
"Yep." I answered tonelessly.
"I called her a mudblood."
He shook his head. "She sounds like this girl I once knew. She wouldn't take any of that crap either."
"What, did she dump you as well?" I asked, slightly more interested. The way Grandfather Lucius told it, Dad was the perfect pure blood prince when he grew up.
Dad laughed. "No. She wouldn't have me in the first place. I knew I didn't have a chance when she started going out with Viktor Krum."
"The Bulgarian Quidditch Captain?"
"The very one."


What happened to her?”


She married my arch enemy's best friend.”


I had an idea of who this girl was. She was part of the Weasley family by marriage.


Unlike when Dad was at school, I had the sense not to pick fights with the Potters and the Weasleys. There are quite literally thousands of them, and just from watching others make that mistake, once you fought with one of them, you fought with all of them.
I sighed. "So what, am I supposed to just give up?"
"No, you're supposed to treat her with respect. Prove to her that you can behave yourself."


Can I behave myself?” I asked, worried.


That's the great thing about summers, Scorpius,” Dad smiled. “You've got two months to mature, and I'm sure you will.”







A/N: As you can tell if you've already read this, it's going under some pretty heavy revisions. I'd like to thank my beta reader Richele_xo for helping me and giving me some brilliant tips and pointers :)









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Brutal Love: Prologue


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