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Not So Simple by ExplosiveBlunderbuss
Chapter 11 : Boxing Champ
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 CHAPTER ELEVEN:  Boxing Champ

We went to the youth club and we looked out of place

I didn’t know where to look so I looked at your face

But you were a boxing champ and I was a weakling

You didn’t give me a chance, you gave me a beating

~ Boxing Champ ~ Kaiser Chiefs~

“HALLOWEEN PARTY!” Perry announced loudly as she approached us in the Ravenclaw common room. It was the night after my argument with Remus. I was sure I’d failed the Ancient Runes test, the first time I’d ever failed, and I didn’t know whether I should be happy because I had vowed to experience everything, including failure, or whether I should be bummed because I’d failed.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea, Perry. Remember last year?” Frank pointed out. He was sat with Alice in his lap, playing with her hair. The two were disgustingly cute. I thought back to Halloween last year. There was always a party in the Room of Requirement- and Perry was always invited, even though Alice, Frank and I were never cool enough. Last year she’d been, and she ended up drinking so much of the alcohol the Marauders had smuggled in that she couldn’t walk, and Frank had gone to help her get back. When she got into the Ravenclaw common room, she threw up everywhere and we had to take her to the hospital wing to get a Sober-Up potion from a pissed off Madam Pomfrey.

“I’ll be fine! You guys should actually come for once!” She added.

“I’d like to go.” Alice said somewhat cautiously. “I’ve never been to that kind of party before.”

“I’ll go.” I agreed, determined that even if it turned out I was more annoyed than happy about the Ancient Runes failure the party would be one of the good experiences I had to live this year.

“I guess I’ll come too.” Frank said, “To keep an eye on you lot.”

Halloween was on the coming Saturday, and the week couldn’t pass quickly enough. Remus seemed happy enough that I was going to be at the party, and Sirius wouldn’t shut up about it, repeatedly making sure I would be there.

Finally, Saturday came, and I found myself in the dormitory, getting ready for it. Winnie wasn’t going, and she sat on her bed looking angry with us as we giggled and laughed our way through applying make-up. I didn’t do anything too special with my hair, leaving the brown curls loose, but I did apply flicks of eyeliner on to my eyelids and a dark purple lipstick to match my dress. There wasn’t really a theme to these parties because it’d make it too obvious if anyone got caught in the corridors on their way to or from the Room of Requirement dressed up.

“David will be sorry when he sees me.” Perry declared. I looked around and I had to admit, in her powder blue mini-dress and heels, with those never-ending legs, she looked amazing. I smiled as Alice looked cute in her dress too with her tiny waist. I always felt inadequate next to my best friends whenever we had to dress up.

“Are you ready to go?” Alice asked excitedly. She always toned down her excitement in front of Frank, but when it was just me and Perry she was as chirpy as either of us to be going to this party.

“Yep, lets rock and roll!” Perry led the way and we followed, walking down the hallway to the common room. Frank was already waiting and he and Alice held hands all the way there.

Hands pulled us into the Room of Requirement, where music was blasting out and everyone was drinking and dancing. Sirius distractedly thrust some drink in my hand and I downed it for confidence, which had flagged slightly when I saw everyone there.

“Remus will be along later.” Sirius informed me loudly. I could tell he was already tipsy. “He said he didn’t feel too well but he’ll be here soon.” I nodded and couldn’t really fight when he made me have a shot of Firewhiskey. Then suddenly I was being pulled onto the dancefloor by a drunk Lily.

“Merlin, I’m so glad you came! Doesn’t David look gorgeous?” She laughed. I looked over at him, his muscles showed off in his well-fitting t-shirt. He was talking to Perry who was being friendly, although evidently trying to flirt with him.

“I guess he does.” I agreed.

“Where’s Remus?” She wanted to know.

“He’s coming later!” I called, and Sirius manoeuvred between us, an arm around each of our waists.

“Hey sexy ladies, dance with me.” I was already feeling a bit woozy and played along. Lily wandered off to David and Sirius focused all his attention on me. I didn’t think much of it, and we went back for more drinks. I was having even more fun than I suspected, but an hour passed and Remus still hadn’t shown up. To be honest though, by then everyone was drunk and I’d kind of forgotten about him. I ended up sitting in a corner with Sirius.

“Moony doesn’t like us talking.” He informed me.

“Merlin, I know. What’s all that about anyway?” I giggled obnoxiously.

“He thinks you’ll choose me over him.”

“But there’s not a choice… I mean, oh, you know what I mean.”

“I know. Erin, you are beautiful, and amazing, and brave. But I can’t do that to my best friend, no matter how much I want to.” His grey eyes were right on mine when he said this, but I was too tipsy to take any meaning from it. He could barely sit up straight, he was so far gone, so I guessed he probably had no idea what he was saying anyway.

“Thanks! Wait, you what?”

“I want to but I can’t.” He put a hand on my leg and leaned towards me seriously. “Remember I said that.” We looked round and there seemed to be a lot of couples making out. I watched the nearest one. They were against a wall and the guy’s hand was up the girl’s skirt. She was laughing raspingly. I felt my cheeks go hot and looked away. Sirius was staring at me with a strange look on his face.

“What?” I asked, our conversation seeming ancient history when he looked at me like that, and after watching that couple.

“Follow.” He stood up and dragged me up with him, pulling me to a door in the corner I’d never noticed before. He opened it and pushed me in before following and locking the door behind us. It was a bedroom. I felt a little rush of excitement and fear before he whirled me around to face him and kissed me.

A/N: So something very big is about to happen! Please let me know what you think. Also special  thanks to Ram and Evelyn for the reviews :)

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