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Beauty Explosion by QueenOfNargle
Chapter 3 : Welcome to a whole new life
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  The stares followed me as I made my way to the Gryffindor common room. Of course the students were on their way back from the Great Hall for dinner, just my freaking luck! Whispers plagued the corridors;



"Who the hell's she?"


"Is that a new student?"


"She's hot!"




I had to admit, I may of smirked at the last one...come on, I never get called hot! I kept my head down and allowed Dom to lead the way, James and Fred had gone to get food from the kitchens since we had all missed dinner. I never realised that Dom had stopped until I crashed into her, looking up I saw the faces of Poppy Brown and Olivia Parkinson..*cough* sluts *cough* bitches *cough*.


 "So whose this Dominique? Did someone finally take you on as a charity case?" Olivia sneered at my bestfriend, anger raged inside of me battling to be released as Poppy chuckled. Brown-noser.


"Actually I'm Dommy's best friend, surely you know who I am right Livvy?" I smirked as confusion flashed across her face.


"Why would you be hanging around with her?" Poppy snapped, "Do you not know that pretty people hang around together...erm whoever you are. That's just the way it is!"


"Well, of course I know that why do you think I'm with Dom? Don't be such a hypocritical asshat Poppy, obviously these 'pretty people' you speak of don't hang around together since you two look like Buckbeak's arsecrack" I laughed before walking away with Dom. Turning quickly over my shoulder I told them one last thing. "By the way, the names Ally Wood, thought you would've knew that by now."


 Dom and I walked down the next few corridors until we reached the tower, shaking with silent laughter. However, my problems soon bubbled to the surface once more when the entire population of the common room turned round to gape at me. Crap.


 Dragging Dom upstairs, I went to sit on my bed. It was the furthest away from the door but the closest to the bathroom, the window that gave a glimpse to the Quidditch pitch was right next to it and if I lay on my side facing it I could see the whole pitch. My bed had a patchwork quilt that my mum had decided to make after hearing about how fond muggles were of them, the quilt was thrown over the Red and Gold duvet that was on every bed. The wall above my bed had previously been covered in photographs that I had taken down last year, every year I collected photographs of me, my friends, Hogwarts and stuck them on my wall and then took them down on the last day to take home with me. This year would be the final year of my little tradition.


 I stood up and walked to the vanity table that we had put up. My now blonde hair was a bit messy but it looked good, like really good. Even though I had no make-up on, my face was glowing and my lashes were long and full. My uniform had been cleaned and extended in order to allow me to put them on, they were handy for the walk back to the common room but I wouldn't be able to use them again as they had became dishevelled and worn for worse. That was the highlight of my previous body, my clothes lasted for ages. I looked at Dom and she gave me a sad smile, I decided it was best to get a good nights sleep and I coulddeal with this all in the morning.




"Dom" I groaned, "What the fuck are you doing?"


"You need to get up, we're going to be late!"She threw my covers off me.


"I'm not going." I pulled them back up.


"Yes you are!' Off they go again.


"No." Ah they're back.


"Yes" Gone.


"No" Back.


"Yes and that's final!" She yanked them off and pushed me out the bed before I could grab them back. I landed in a heap on the floor.


"Fine you bitch." I grumbled, you see I'm not really a morning person. Or afternoon person. Or evening person. I like my sleep okay!


"I love you too, Ally poo!" She giggled.


 Muttering, I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and other things you do in the bathroom, do you really want to know my morning needs?! I began to pull my clothes on when everything came flooding back to me. The potion. The boys. The change. The asshats. Oh no, oh no, oh no!


"Dommy, do you have a spare blouse and skirt I can borrow?" I asked softly.


"Oh yeah, I forgot! Mcgonnagal spoke to your mum and she sent some new robes up straight away. She really wants you to write to her as soon as you can," she said whilst handing me the robes.


 Pulling them on I checked myself in the mirror. My blouse was snug around...certain areas but looked nice. My robes didn't drown me in a see of black cotton. My skirt was a bit shorter than I would of liked but still an appropriate length. My hair was left down but had been put in a center parting with some parts clipped back. I didn't look so bad. Actually I looked really good. Maybe this whole thing wasn't so bad after all!




----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AN- So hey guys, this is my first time really introducing myself but I'm Katie.I'm so excited to be writing this story as I have this whole thing which I like to call the 'second chapter curse' and basically I can nevee get past the second chapter in a story that I write before I decide that I don't like it that much really. BUT YEAH. So I hope you all review and keep reading along with Ally and enjoy! 







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Beauty Explosion: Welcome to a whole new life


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