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The Platonic Friendships of Mia Zabini by HeyMrsPotter
Chapter 2 : Hogwarts Again
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September the First arrived, Mia and Blaise walked through the barrier to Platform nine and three quarters together. As soon as she was through, people started to stare at her, wondering who this new beauty was. Mia held her head high, stuck her new large chest out and walked straight on to the train, eager to find Ron. She had missed him in a completely platonic bestest B.F.F. way. She found him, along with Harry and Ginny in a compartment a little way down the train.

“Errr, can we help?” Ron said, staring at Mia.

“Don’t you recognise your bestest B.F.F?” Mia replied, winking (because that’s what Hermione Granger would do).

“’Mione?!” Harry exclaimed, jumping out of his seat.

“Yep, it’s me. What do you think of my new look? Looks are very important to me now.”

“You look AMAZING!” cried Ginny, who immediately began a conversation with Mia about clothes because Ginny loved fashion, she was a complete girly-girl despite having grown up with six brothers.

The journey to Hogwarts was fairly uneventful. Mia and Draco met with the prefects and gave them instructions to patrol the train, then Mia joined Harry, Ron and Ginny in their compartment once more. Luna and Neville, who were now head over heels in like for each other as platonic friends, visited too. Luna looked dreamy and blamed everything on Nargles and Neville lost his toad, for a change.

After the feast, McGonagall gave a speech about the importance of house unity, (which couldn’t possibly be a hint of an impending friendship between a Gryffindor and a Slytherin) and introduced Hermione and Draco as the new Head Boy and Girl. She also revealed that there would be a ball at Halloween, much to the shock of the students and you, the reader. Ginny positively squealed with excitement, true to her girly personality.

Mia left the Great Hall fairly quickly, excited to see hers and Draco’s new dormitory, to which Headmistress McGonagall had just given them the password, unity. They arrived at the portrait that guarded their new living quarters, it depicted all of the headmasters and headmistresses Hogwarts had ever had. After giving the password, the portrait hole swung open to reveal a room which was half silver and green with various snake-like objects around it and half gold and red with lions all over it. Draco and Mia both decided to go and look at their bedrooms, they went their separate ways at the top of a spiral red-gold-silver-green staircase. Mia was thrilled to see that her room was exactly like the one she had at home, black and purple and gothic-just like her.

She decided to take a shower before bed so grabbed her purple and black and gothic washbag and her purple and black and gothic pyjamas and pushed open the door that led to the bathroom. Unfortunately, Professor McGonagall had not warned Mia and Draco that their bathroom was a shared one, two doors at opposite ends of the bathroom led to their respective bedrooms. Draco, wearing only silver and green silk boxer shorts, was about to go in the shower. Mia gasped at the sire of almost-naked Draco. His torso was pale and extremely muscular, ‘must be from all of those years playing quidditch, a sport that predominantly involves sitting down’ she thought to herself. After the initial shock, she quickly excused herself and went back into her bedroom. She couldn’t get the image out of her mind, she was definitely having strong platonic feelings for Draco Malfoy. This was not good.

The next day, presumably after a day of classes which will never be mentioned, Mia decided to go and visit her bestest B.F.F, Ron. She was feeling guilty for all of the platonic thoughts she had been having about a certain blonde-haired Slytherin, and thought some time with him having pleasant conversations would take her mind off the Slytherin friendship-God. She gave the password for the Gryffindor common room, no explanation of how she knew it, and entered. The image that unfolded before her was one that she never expected to see.

Ron was sitting in the corner of the common room, at a small table next to the window. He was smiling and laughing with someone sitting opposite him. It wasn’t just anyone though, it was his ex-bestest B.F.F, Lavender Brown, and they were playing chess. Neither Ron or Lavender had noticed Mia, they carried on playing chess and talking, Mia crept closer so she could hear what they were saying.

“Of course you’re the only one, Lav-Lav.” Ron was saying, not paying attention to his Knight which was currently beheading one of Lavender’s bishops.

“Do you promise, Won-Won? Promise I’m your only bestest B.F.F? I thought you and Hermione-“

“Nah, that’s nothing. I just pretended to be her friend all these years. It’s you I want Lavender, I wouldn’t play chess with any other girl.”

“Is that right, Ronald?” Mia finally spoke up.

“I-‘Mione, what are you doing here?”

“Sorry, am I interrupting your cosy little conversation with this slut?” Mia always called people sluts, even when she was Hermione Granger.

Lavender stood up to face Mia. “I am NOT a slut! Me and Won-Won were bestest B.F.F before you, he chose me, probably because I am way better at pleasant conversations than you, get over it!”

Mia turned on her heel and ran out of the dormitory, her beautiful locks of shiny black hair flowing behind her. She ran all the way to her own common room and threw herself dramatically down on the sofa, allowing a few tears to fall from her violet eyes and down her porcelain cheeks.

“Mia? What’s wrong?” She heard Draco’s voice and looked up to see his concerned face.

“It’s Ron, he’s been having a friendship with Lavender Brown behind my back.”

“That WEASEL!” Draco yelled. “How dare he?! You’re much better off without him, Mia. Trust me. Let Lavender have him, she’s rubbish at having conversations anyway. Trust me, I’m the Slytherin friendship-God, I’ve had conversations with loads of girls.”

Mia giggled. “I know, I’ve heard the rumors.”

“I’ve changed now though.” Draco said quietly. “I’m different now, sensitive and everything. I don’t just want a girl to have a conversation with any more.” His steel-grey orbs stared into Mia’s violet ones, she knew he was telling the truth.

Ignoring the fact that it was only September in the last paragraph, it was suddenly the week before the Halloween ball. Draco had asked if Mia would be his friend to the ball and she was thrilled. There was a trip into Hogsmeade so that the girls could buy new dresses (because it doesn’t matter what the boys wear) Extremely girly, not tom-boyish in the slightest, Ginny was the most excited for the shopping trip. She dragged Luna and Mia around all of the dress shops in Hogsmeade, there was definitely a lot of them, until they reached the final shop and all found the perfect dresses. Their feet were very sore as they walked back towards school, Luna blamed it on the nargles.

On the day of the ball, the girls started getting ready eight hours before it was due to start. Mia was happy that she did not have to use Sleekeazy hair potion this time, as her hair was no longer bushy, but sleek and shiny. Even though the girls had been getting ready for hours, they still left their boy friends (friends who are boys, completely platonic, remember?), impatiently waiting in the common room for them.

First to dramatically descend the staircase was Ginny, who was wearing a dress in a colour that would usually clash horribly with her flame red hair but on this occasion we’ll pretend it didn’t. Next was Luna, who was wearing a dress that no doubt had some obscure addition to it, like dirigible plums. Finally, Mia entered the common room, wearing a beautiful dress that was the exact same shade of violet as her eyes, it was extremely low cut and clung to all of her Zabini curves. The boys all told the girls that they looked nice, any stronger adjective would suggest that they were more than platonic friends.

Of course, the ball was a huge success. It was for fourth years and above but Mia and Draco had arranged and after party in their common room from midnight, when the ball finished. The after party was even more fun than the ball itself, Mia and Draco had gotten the house elves to give them a ton of food, because Mia Zabini didn’t give a rat’s arse about S.P.E.W, and they had smuggled several cases of butterbeer in from the Three Broomsticks. Having such a high alcohol content, the butterbeer got all of the seventh years extremely drunk and after a couple of hours, most students had either gone to bed or had paired off and were having very heated, passionate conversations in various corners of the room.
Mia and Draco were sitting together on the sofa, a reasonable distance between them, in front of a roaring fire.

“Have you had a good night, Mia?” Draco asked her.

“It’s been amazing, how about you?”

“Well, it’s been good. One thing would make it better though...”

“What would that be?” Mia asked him as he shuffled closer to her on the sofa.

“If you said you would be mine. My bestest B.F.F. We have been friends for a month now Mia, I think that more than makes up for the seven years I was completely awful to you. What do you say?”

Mia patted Draco on the shoulder, a friendly gesture, and nodded her head. “Yes, Draco. I’ll be your bestest B.F.F. You’re the only person I would want to be utterly platonic with, to have conversations with and most definitely play chess with.”

Draco stood up in front of the remaining party guests and announced his and Mia’s new state of friendship. Ron called Malfoy a ferret and Luna thanked the nargles that the pair had finally realised their feelings towards each other.

And they all lived platonically ever after.

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The Platonic Friendships of Mia Zabini: Hogwarts Again


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