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One of the Boys by jillybeans
Chapter 10 : Girls' Night and Gossip
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I somehow found my way back to Gryffindor Tower. I vaguely remember muttering the password and climbing the stairs to my dorm, Dom whispering frantically and squealing the whole time. The whole time I wondered what I’d just done. I sank down onto my bed and kicked off my shoes. I put my head in my hands.

What the hell have I done?


Dom paced the floor in front of me, muttering rapidly. Finally she said,


“Let me know when you wanna talk, mkay?”


I nodded feebly, but said nothing. I was still in some state of shock.


Our existence carried on like this for some time—Dom muttering and me shunning out the world. Suddenly, the door to the dorm slammed and I jolted my head up.


It was Rose, and she looked a bit worse for wear. She held a carton of Cookie Dough ice cream in her hands. I held out my arms feebly for it. She gave it to me. Dom conjured up a spoon.


“I swear those Quidditch boys are a bunch of savages! They practically clawed me to death for information and asked me to relay six detailed death threats to Ella, but they’re rather nasty, so I’ll abstain for now. And they’re probably going to gang up on Davies and kill him, just so you know,” Rose ranted.


I said nothing, and lifted another spoonful of ice cream to my mouth.


Dom could stand the silence no longer. She was desperate for details. “Oh, come on, Ella! Tell us! Spill every juicy detail! Recount the events leading up to the kiss, your reaction, and everything in between!”


I sighed, set down my spoon, and began my story. I told them how Chase had introduced me to his friends, then kissed me, and that my reaction to the whole thing could be summed up by the words, “Holy shit, what the hell have I done?” Then I dove into the spiraling cesspool of my feelings.


“—and I’m not even sure how I feel right now! I mean I’m happy he kissed me—have you seen how hot he is? Best two minutes of my life. And he’s very friendly and fun and I have a great time tutoring him—oh no, our tutoring sessions! What’s going to happen with those? And the team! Mother of Merlin, I’m dead. D-E-A-D. They are going to kill me! Al will be furious—they all will be furious—and Finn—and I’ll be teased forever—I bet Nick and Sam are making up some ridiculous song or something—and just… ARGH!” I collapsed into the pillow on my lap in confusion and despair.


“Ella, your hair is in your ice cream.” Rose said tentatively.


“Leave it.”


“We can fix this, El, no prob. We can fix this.” Dom promised.


I lifted my head up just enough to glare at her. “Really? How—just how—do we fix this mess? I’ve kissed the boy of my current dreams, but my six best friends—excluding the two of you—are gonna kill me for it!”


“Cool it, Commander Sass, I’m sure Dom has a plan.” Rose looked at her expectantly.


“Uh, I was just thinking that we just let everything cool down overnight, then in the morning we’ll see what everyone remembers. Half of the people involved are at least partially drunk, remember? Don’t mention anything about the party; other people can bring it up but try and change the subject if they do. Deny. Everything. Most importantly, we’ll see how Chase feels about all this tomorrow, and then we’ll see if we can get things back to normal.”


I felt that the plan (if you could even call it that) was rather crappy—there were so many loopholes and “what if” s, but I was too tired physically and emotionally to argue or come up with a better one. Regardless, having an actual “plan” of action lightened my spirits.


“Fine. Just fine. But if I die tomorrow it’s on you.”


Rose clapped her hands. “Mission accomplished! Can I have some of your ice cream now?”


I pushed the half-empty carton towards her. “Sorry if it tastes slightly like strawberry shampoo.”


“Now that we’ve gotten that drama out of the way, it’s Rose’s turn to spill her guts! Ryan Gallagher, hmm? Tell all.”


Dom was so commanding in her quest for gossip, it was like a criminal investigation.


“Well, I was just dancing with a couple of my upperclassmen friends from Charms Club, no big deal, and he just sort of appeared in our circle. You know how that sorta happens sometimes? Well things just sort of escalated from there and then it was just the two of us slow dancing real close… and he was leaning in when I was summoned by a certain screeching blonde.” Rose recounted.


“Eeee!” Dom squealed in girly excitement for the million and first time that night (the first million occurred in the aftermath of the Davies Dilemma). “So do you like him? On a scale of 1-10 how hot is he? Ooh!” she punched me. “Ella— you could set the two of them up, right?”


I gave a non-committal shrug. “Possible. I’ll mention it after I get over my imminent death.” Although my original confusion was gone, my snarky sarcasm about the event was still going strong. “And who knew Rose Weasley was such a party animal?”


 She smiled. “I can’t spend all my time in the library! And, Dom, he’s hot, no doubt—aren’t all the Quidditch guys—so I’d give him about a 9. And I sorta like him—not a lot like Ella likes Chase—but enough. And you don’t have to set us up, Ella, I’m pretty sure he was piss drunk and won’t remember any of it.”


“Did you just say our cousins are hot?” Dom looked scandalized.


Rose shrugged. “I call ‘em like I see ‘em.”


I laughed. “Only two of them are your cousins, Dom—the rest are fair game!”


“Too true.” Dom admitted with a smile. “Why don’t you tell us all about them, then? You’re the only girl that they pay attention to for more than five minutes. Clue us in on the Quidditch Team Drama!”

I hesitated. I didn’t really want to talk about my team. I was just tired. Plus there wasn’t any “Quidditch Team Drama” to report. “Err…”

“Pleeeease?” Rose pleaded innocently.

“Fine.” I gave in. “There isn’t much to tell. We’re pretty low drama; just lots of sports, team bonding, and a bunch of inside jokes the two of you wouldn’t get.”

“Like something about James Bond?” Rose asked.

I gaped at her. “That’s my thing with Finn! How—?”

“It was a part of his death threat for you.” She explained. “Do you want to hear the rest of them?”

I shrugged, grateful for an opening for a different conversation. “Why not? I’ve gotta know what I’m up against tomorrow.”

“Ohh-kay... I’ll see what I can remember of them. Er… Finn said something like, ‘Shame on you Bond Girl, James Bond is going to set his Nutella minions on you,’ and Al was talking about how princesses don’t make out with princes from other kingdoms. Ryan just strung together a lovely list of expletives, the twins actually did write you a song about their anger—it’s got some creative rhymes in it—and Freddy says he’s setting the house elves on you.”

I tried digesting the weird threats from my equally weird teammates.

“Er… yeah. That sounds like them.” I said finally.

“Should we be concerned?” Dom asked cautiously.

“Nah, I’ll be fine. Worst case scenario is I get kidnapped and publicly embarrassed.”

“Your team sounds weird.” Rose declared.

“We are.” I said simply. It was totally true.

“Elaborate!” Dom pestered me. “I want to know what they’re like at practice—what they’re like outside of class.”

“But I tell you about practices after each one!” I whined. Can’t they just give up the topic? Quidditch boys aren’t that exciting.

“You just tell me about your Seeker moves and how muddy you got, not about the guys themselves!”

“Just start with the basics,” Rose suggested.

I sighed. This might take a while. I launched into a long speech similar to the one Finn had given me on my first day of practice. “So you’ve got your Chasers- Al, Freddy, and Ryan. They’re probably telepathic…”

We talked for hours about pretty much everything in the entire Wizarding World until the morning sun was peeking through our dorm window. We indulged in power naps for an hour or two, then prepared for the battle I would have to face over breakfast and Quidditch practice that afternoon.

“Just remember to deny everything.” Rose reminded me as we got dressed.

“Got it, got it; I’m supposed to act like nothing happened,”


Dom put her hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eye. “Are you ready, my soldier?” she asked seriously. I nodded.

We descended into the warzone.

long time no upload!

i've been working on this one in my spare time when not studying for finals or working on one of my kajillion end-of-the-year projects or running around like crazy at track practice. you can expect another delay before the next upload, but by then it will be summer and i'll be writing again! (when i'm not enjoying the sunlight and spending time with friends like most humans... because i'm normal like most humans...)

what are your thoughts on this chapter? PLEASE REVIEWWWW! (there's been a drop on reviews and it makes me sad... so do it!)

EDIT- I bring sad tidings to you all.

So to make a long story short, I got to a private school that gives students laptops as part of some technology program (idk what it's about- all i know is i get a free laptop).  So basically my laptop is school property until my senior year. This means that I have to turn it in to the school next week and they're going to do all sorts of technological things to it, and i won't get it back until the END OF JUNE! END OF JUNE! (how am I supposed to survive?) And since I can rarely use my home computer due to my younger brother's obsession with Minecraft, this means i'll barely be able to write and update at all :( :( I'm so super sorry- I have no power over the IR department! Stay with me, mes amis, I'll be writing as soon as i get my hands on a computer. Maybe I'll "borrow" my sister's...

Again, sorry updating's gonna take so long.



 (and for those of you who don't take French or have a friend that's trying to teach it to an "incompetent latin nerd", "mes amis" means "my friends"

EDIT- 6.17.13 the side effects of being laptopless

i have hijacked my dad's work computer to update you on the current status of OOTB.

frankly? it's rather sucky. I've got about 1 page of new stuff. As i can't use any of the other computers in my house, i've been typing on the ipad, which isn't the most enjoyable experience. all the apps I used tended to delete eveything i wrote as soon as i closed them (thank you, googledocs and inkwell...) 

but never fear, i'll perservere! my brother has a summer camp during the day this week so that means i have access to the desktop computer from 1-4! woo-hoo! look for an update soon! (maybe! fingers crossed!)

xoxo Jils

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