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A Broken Jigsaw by Yayy im a Hufflepuff
Chapter 18 : Seeking and Finding.
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Draco was pacing his fireplace as he read the seventh spell book of the week. Every single spell book he had read was long boring and was making him more frustrated by the second as every single one told him he needed to wait a month with some part of the person so he was getting pretty desperate. He didn’t have a month as Ginny had come by his flat every single day to help him and provide him with the fearful incentive to find Hermione as if he didn’t find her before Ginny’s wedding in October, he would be on the receiving end of a Bat Bogey Hex. So that was basically how Draco found himself reading the oldest book Shuen could find in his father’s library. Then the fireplace lit up and Draco jumped away keeping his page.

          “Hi Ginny,” Draco groaned as he looked back at the book. He was now into the H’s of the old spells.

          “I’m not Ginny mate,” said the voice of Harry. Draco looked up in shock and sighed with relief.

          “Thank god, you have no idea how nervous she’s been making me feel. Popping in and staying the whole damned day breathing down my neck like Snape in a potions exam,” Draco hissed as he returned his eyes to the page where he was starting to see the spells beginning with I. Harry chuckled as he heard Draco’s low murmur and sat down on the sofa.

          “How close do you feel,” Harry asked.

          “I think this is quite possibly the last book I have the will to try. Every single spell so far says I need a piece of… wait…” Draco stopped suddenly and Harry looked up with wide eyes.


          “I think… What does this sound like? Inveniet Mei Dilectionem. It’s Latin but the English is find my love. The only thing it says underneath is that it needs nothing more than feelings,” Draco read. Harry frowned at Draco.

          “It sounds like what it says. Do you think it will work?”

          “If this doesn’t I don’t know what will and I will just have to wait,” Draco whispered.

          “Well cast it, no point in waiting around,” Harry said as he stood and faced Draco.

          “Okay…” Draco took a deep breath and muttered the words a few times to make sure he was pronouncing it right. “Right, inveniet mei dilectionem,” Draco said clearly as he copied the wand movements in the book. A blue light was formed as Draco completed the spell.

          “I know what that is, Harry murmured after a second as the blue light moved towards Draco.

          “What’s it doing?” Draco whispered as he backed away.

          “Let it into you then apparate into nothing. You’ll be fine, I promise,” Harry grinned. Draco watched Harry hard for any sign of his childhood enemy taking the piss, but when he saw none he stopped walking backwards and let the ball of light in. He gasped as it settled next to his heart and caused a heat to radiate to the ends of his fingers and toes and without thinking first, he apparated away.






Hermione locked the front door and then headed to the small kitchen where Elizabeth was cooking.

          “Hello, everything all locked up?” Elizabeth asked when Hermione appeared in the doorway.

          “Yeah,” Hermione smiled as she sat down. Elizabeth gave her a warm smile as she placed their food down then she gave Hermione a piercing gaze.

          “Hermione, how are you?”

          “I’m fine,” Hermione smiled.

          “No, how are you really?” Elizabeth persisted. Hermione frowned at her plate then took a shaky breath.

          “I love him and I miss him more than anything at the minute. My parent I can live with as long as I’ve got him. Without them both, it’s hard to wake up every morning,” Hermione breathed. Elizabeth merely nodded and they finished their meal in silence. Hermione left the room straight after washing her plate and made her way up the stairs sadly. Elizabeth watched the girl leave the room and then chose a book off the shelf and took it upstairs to read on her sofa.


Hours later, just as she knew she would, she heard a knock at her door and placed down the book to go and answer the door.

          “Hello, may I help you?” A blonde haired young man stood at the door with a defeated look on his face.

          “I’m just wondering if you’ve seen this girl.” The man asked as he handed Elizabeth a still photo of Hermione. Elizabeth beckoned him inside and then sat him down at the table and began to make a cup of tea.

          “Why are you looking for her?” Elizabeth asked.

          “I need to find her and apologise, then tell her I love her, if she’ll listen to me,” the man murmured. Elizabeth observed Draco Malfoy carefully.

          “I’ve been watching you today Draco, going from house to house, shop to shop and if she hadn’t confirmed something, you wouldn’t have been able to find this place. The house applauds you,” Elizabeth said calmly then she headed upstairs.


Draco sat in the small kitchen rather confused as he stared at the tea she had left him, then thinking he’d found another person who couldn’t tell him where Hermione was, he turned to leave only to be stopped by a human squeak of surprise as he placed his hand on the door. Draco turned around and saw Hermione stood there, and then she was running and hurled herself into his arms.

          “It’s really you?” Hermione breathed as tears ran from her eyes.

          “Of course… Listen Mione, I’m so unbelievably sorry,” Draco started but Hermione shook her head.

          “No, I’m sorry. I was an idiot. I knew you loved me and I loved, still love you, so I’m sorry,” Hermione gushed. Draco looked at the witch he held then gently raised her face so he could place the gentlest of all kisses on her mouth. Hermione seemed to all but melt in his arms and holding her tight he lowered his mouth to her ear.

          “I love you Mione,” Draco whispered.

          “I love you too Draco,” Hermione whispered back, then she flung her arms round his neck to pull his mouth back to hers in a passionate kiss that caused Draco to melt. He loved the witch in his arms more than anything in the world and he was never going to let her go again.






The following morning Hermione woke up with a smile on her face as Draco stroked her arm softly.

          “Morning beautiful,” Hermione turned over and her eyes met with Draco’s with a smile.

          “Hey,” Hermione grinned then she went to roll out of bed only to be pulled back by her tee-shirt.

          “Where do you think you’re going?” Draco asked as he raised his eyebrow at Hermione.

          “Well I was going to get breakfast.”

          “Without giving me my good morning kiss? I don’t think so,” Draco smirked. Hermione chuckled to herself and then pressed her lips to Draco’s waiting ones only to go to pull away and find that Draco had sneakily twisted his fingers in her hair and held her tightly in his arms. “A proper good morning kiss Mione,” Draco whispered as his already liquid silver eyes burned molten. Hermione laughed but conceded quickly.


Half an hour later Elizabeth knocked on the door.

          “It’s Sunday, we don’t open till twelve but you really should come out of bed now. It’s almost eleven,” Elizabeth called. When she heard laughing she slowly pushed open the door to the spare bedroom that had become Hermione’s room. She was met by the sight of Hermione straddling Draco as she held her hair back from her face as she and Draco kissed, thankfully both were still fully clothed.

          “Eh-hem,” Elizabeth fake coughed. Hermione jumped like she’d been electrocuted and moved off Draco where she looked at Elizabeth with shock.

          “Morning,” Hermione spluttered. Elizabeth laughed at the expression on Hermione’s face and shook her head at the frustrated expression on Draco’s. She remembered the expression well as she had seen it often on the face of her Richard when they were Hermione’s age. Elizabeth shook herself as she realised she had caught herself thinking of a subject she had blocked from her mind. This girl she had taken in was bringing up memories from her long since buried past and with the same stroke, was laying all her demons to rest.


          “Hello Hermione…Draco… I trust nothing, untoward happened last night.” Hermione shook her head quickly which caused Draco to burst into laughter and wrap his arms around the small witch after he sat up.

          “I love you,” Draco whispered. Hermione shivered as she heard his whisper then climbed out of bed and gathered her things together before hurrying to the bathroom.

          “You love her,” Elizabeth smiled as she leant against the door.

          “Yes. More than anything,” Draco replied as he relaxed back and hooked his hands behind his head.

          “You’ve got the heart of an amazing witch. I haven’t known her long, but I can tell she’s a good girl,” Elizabeth said quietly. Draco nodded softly then he sat up quickly.

          “What did you mean last night when you said, the house applauds me?” Draco asked.

          “Well how interested are you in hearing the tales of an old woman? Because to understand the house, you must understand me,” Elizabeth smiled. Draco lay back for a few seconds then he nodded. “I’m a muggleborn witch who was in a high position when Voldemort first came to power. I was making life easier for muggleborns to live in the wizarding world.  So of course I would be one of the first to go. When I heard they started attacking muggles, muggleborns and what they called “blood traitors” I was at work. So I rushed home only to find the dark mark above my house and my half-blood husband and 7 year old daughter dead inside. I wasn’t ready to die so I ran away to the muggle world where it was easier to avoid the death eaters. The last magic I used was a series of protection spells on me and this building. I made it so the house decides who could enter by answering conditions such as not having magic and if you did have it you would have to search long and hard for it with pure intentions. Your love for Hermione accompanied by her love for you allowed you to find this place after you’d done a fair amount of searching, but I must ask that as long as you’re here, you don’t use your magic. I have lived a muggle life for 25 years and I don’t wish to be around the thing that took away my family… At least not yet,” Elizabeth said quietly. Draco stared at her and Elizabeth stared right back into the grey eyes of the man, she then saw him glance away to his wand.


          “I understand that it is hard. I’m not saying you can’t carry it with you, Hermione wears hers around her neck, but please don’t use it,” Elizabeth pleaded. Draco nodded as he picked up his wand and then placed it in the pocket of his joggers that were folded on the floor next to the bed.






That day passed quickly and Draco helped out in the store moving things along quicker and getting used to no magic, but by the end of the day Hermione found him restlessly twirling his wand between his fingers in annoyance. Walking forwards she slid it out of his fingers and placed it on the bedside table before sitting in front of him on the bed while he looked at his wand.

          “Dray?” Hermione whispered.

          “Mione,” Draco answered.

          “Why don’t you go home instead of torturing yourself,” Hermione asked as she held his eyes with hers, noting that in his mood they were a cool grey colour and not the liquid silver she was used to.

          “I’m waiting for you to get your stuff,” Draco replied as he stroked her cheek with his thumb. Hermione felt her breath hitch in her throat at his touch.


All day Draco had behaved himself limiting himself to chaste kisses and soft touches of her hand or face or her now curly, but not wildly so, black-brown hair. Every single touch was like a jolt of electricity through her core making her want something more, but she had been building the courage to tell him something all day.

          “Draco I’m not…I’m not coming back to your flat,” Hermione said quickly.

          “Draco’s eyes went flat grey and Hermione shivered, and not in a good way, as he removed his hand.

          “Why?” Draco asked as he met her eyes and she knew she looked frightened. “I thought you wanted to be with me?” Hermione felt a sickening lurch in her stomach and she shuffled closer and caught his face with her hands.

          “I do want to be with you Dray, I love you. You know that. I just, I think living with you is not helping me heal well. You being here for me, loving me and supporting me is helping me in a way, but there are some challenges I need to face on my own and I can’t do that when I’m living right with you,” Hermione murmured quietly, she held her eye contact with Draco as she spoke and she noticed his eyes darken and lighten with every other thought that went through his head. She was not going to use legilimens to access his thoughts; she wouldn’t do that to him. After a while of sitting there staring at him Draco removed her hands from his face and took her face with one of his hands and Hermione rested her hands on his leg.

          “Is this what you need?” Draco asked in an almost silent whisper.

          “Yes,” Hermione whispered.

          “Then that is what we’ll do,” Draco replied as the liquid silver quality returned to his eyes right before he leant in and captured her lips with his. Draco snaked his hands around her thin waist and yanked her body to his. Hermione felt herself melt as his lips found the sweet spot on her neck. She loved this wizard more than anything. Not even how she used to feel for Ron could come close. She couldn’t think straight as he laid her back onto her bed and lowered his weight onto his, all her senses were being invaded by him, his scent, his taste, the feel and sight of him and the sound he made as she nibbled his lower lip was slowly making her want him more and more. When Draco dipped one hand between them and traced the soft skin revealed as he top rode up, she gasped with pleasure before dragging his mouth back to hers in a crushingly passionate kiss.

          “Hermione! Draco!” Elizabeth called from downstairs. Hermione groaned with annoyance at that woman’s timing as she pushed Draco away. Draco moved his attention to Hermione’s neck and she almost gave in to him, but at a second push Draco moved off and away from her.

          “Merlin’s beard Hermione, you will be the death of me,” Draco hissed as he locked eyes with her. Hermione smirked as she sat up slowly then her eyes met Draco’s and she froze. Draco’s grey eyes were molten silver, surpassing the liquid stage by a landslide, and they were churning with raw carnal lust mixed in with a love that made her head spin. It took only a second for Hermione to lose all rational thought and control and launch herself at him, pinning him to the bed while she straddled him as their mouths crashed together. But not ever willing to give back his dominance, he suddenly flipped her over and she found herself staring into his eyes. Unwillingly she slipped into his mind and she was bombarded by all his thoughts. Most of them painting pictures that made her bite her lip to suppress a slight whimper of need.


With a genuine smile Draco locked her back out and trailed his hand up her denim clad thigh, avoiding her centre as he started to stroke the skin above her waist. He wanted to take the witch for his own right then and there but he resisted and pulled away softly after a quick kiss to her neck. Hermione let out a quiet whimper as he pulled away and he only had to take a look into her lust filled eyes and notice the red blush across her cheeks to know that she hadn’t meant to moan and she genuinely wanted him to stay.

          “We can’t use magic Mione. And I don’t want Elizabeth to walk in on us,” Draco murmured. Draco saw Hermione’s eyes widen as she heard his voice. He knew it went deeper and husky when he felt the way he did and he was secretly glad that it made witches react the way they did to him, he could feel Hermione practically quivering next to him. “Are you okay?” Draco whispered. Hermione closed her eyes and frowned as she tried to clear her mind.

          “Go down to dinner, I’ll be down in a sec,” Hermione murmured. Draco chuckled as he looked at the witch and took in her ruffled hair and clothes, the closed eyes, pink cheeks and lips ever so slightly bruised and he found he had to fight to remove himself from her presence and once outside the door he sat on the sofa and rested his head in his hands as he tried to clear his mind of Hermione.


Hermione left her eyes closed for a time as she tried to quell her body’s need for Draco. It wasn’t like her to think like this, but then, she hadn’t been herself lately. Unexpectedly her mind called up the image from Draco’s mind but as she saw him kiss down her torso she cleared her mind figuring that where the fantasy was taking her, it wouldn’t be helpful.


As both Hermione and Draco sat there trying to clear their minds, they both began to recite the twelve uses of Dragon Blood, not for any purpose other than to clear their minds. But for as long as they were in that meddling house together, they would find their lust for one another would only subside just enough to think.








When Hermione finally came downstairs to dinner Elizabeth noted her flushed appearance and cast a quick glance at Draco who was equally flustered, strange for a Malfoy, she thought as she recalled the hard faces of Abraxas Malfoy and his son Lucius. Then she watched the way Hermione acted and noticed something was off and excused herself from the dinner table and hurried away to her hidden study where she looked at her wand in its glass box.

          “You must stop meddling with their emotions. They’re not a game for you to enjoy, you must stop this at once,” Elizabeth said sternly as she watched her wand. Her wand did nothing extraordinary but she knew that sending her commandments to the wand would reflect on the house. As she sat there she felt curiosity tingle through her fingers and she slowly reached for the key she wore around her neck, she had told Hermione that she kept her wand lost in the attic, but the truth was she kept it somewhere hidden but accessible to her and refused to use it.


As she unclasped the key she slowly reached to unlock the little glass box and did so softly, hearing the lock click in the opposite way for the first time since she’d locked it. She slowly slid open the box and ran a finger down the length of her 10 and 3 quarter inch larch wood wand with a phoenix feather core. She felt that electric tingle shoot down her finger just as she had on the day she had gone to collect her wand at the age of 11. Taking a deep breath she picked her wand out carefully by her fingertips and then she grasped hold of the wand properly and felt a warmth flood through her that she hadn’t realised she was missing. Her wand welcomed her back after twenty five years without a single moment of hesitation or anger at her neglect. At least her old wand was willing to welcome back an old Hufflepuff.








Hermione felt the shift in the atmosphere almost as if it had been a physical thing then she looked up at Draco and found the lust in his eyes was residing slowly.

          “Uhm,” Hermione murmured.

          “I… I don’t know what came over me,” Draco murmured. Hermione nodded awkwardly.

          “I apologise you two, the house decided to make decisions for you,” Elizabeth smiled as she took her seat back at the table. Neither Draco nor Hermione failed to notice the new hair accessory that was the old woman’s wand, nor did they fail to miss the small smile that graced the corners of her lips. Yet as they made eye contact with each other they chose not to comment on it.


          “So Hermione, where are you going to live?” Draco asked.

          “I was thinking of getting a flat somewhere between here and your flat. This place isn’t very far from yours considering I ran here,” Hermione answered with a soft smile in between bites of food.

          “Oh… What kind of flat though, muggle or magic. And where are you going to work?” Draco asked. Hermione had to hand it to him, he wasn’t going to go down without a fight and she admired that in him.

          “I’m thinking muggle, so I have my electricity and all that and then I can add whatever magical things I think I need. And I was hoping to either stay and work here or do something with some magical journalism,” Hermione answered. Draco nodded calmly and Hermione smirked triumphantly. Elizabeth looked up as she noted Hermione’s words.

          “What’s happening?”

          “I’m moving out to a muggle flat when I find one,” Hermione answered. “I was either going to ask for a job here, or get a bit of as-and-when work in journalism,” Hermione answered. Elizabeth seemed to ponder this for a moment and as she thought she slid her wand out of her hair and flicked it towards the kitchen area so it started about making a cake, before sliding her wand back into her bun.

          “I’m not denying you here but think carefully. I feel you should return to your own life and your own career. It doesn’t do to dwell in places you’ve healed in, and I see you’ve already figured out that staying with Draco when your feelings are so strong would be counter-productive,” Elizabeth said quietly, but firmly. Hermione nodded as she considered her options before she grinned.

          “Guess it’s back to some journalism I guess, after we do a flat hunt. I have enough galleons in my vault to pay for a decent amount of rent on a small one bedroom flat,” I smiled. Draco shook his head as me as a disbelieving smile graced his face.

          “First thing tomorrow love,” Draco said as he smiled properly. Hermione felt her heart flutter at his casual use of the word “love” and she couldn’t help but blush.




Author’s note

Awh they’re back together again. And what a lovely fluffy, smushy, romancy, saucy little chapter this is ;) (Well you may be the judge of that lovely readers).

What do you think of this chapter, what do you think of Elizabeth? She’s a randomer who came out of the random depths of my brain but heyyyy…. She’s a Hufflepuff (like me) and her wand (10 ¾ inch, larch wood, phoenix feather core) is mine from Pottermore.

I’m finding it a bit difficult to hold back on the Dramione romance thing now, it’s like the characters are just running now and I’m struggling to hold them back but all in due time…

On a different note I wrote a bit of a random story the other day, it’s darker than I usually go, still going strong with the Dramione romance, but hey, have a look if you haven’t already? Leave me a review if you haven’t already? Let me know if I should continue with it :)

All you reviewers are absolutely awesome btw!!!!!

~ eden xxx


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A Broken Jigsaw: Seeking and Finding.


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