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Trouble by fan of harryhermione
Chapter 4 : A Yearly Tradition: A Game of Truth Or Dare
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“Remember the yearly tradition?” Rose asked Al and me after we finished all our homework.


“Yeah,” Al said. “Everyone has their badges ready right?”


“Yes, I think so. Every member of The Game has it.” I said.


“Also the new ones?” Rose asked.


“I made one and I gave them. We also had two spares.”


“Lil’s and Jams’ badges, yeah their badges were taken for being a prefect.” I said.


“Ok good. Time: 9:00pm… after our dinner.” Al fixed the time. I picked up my badge and saw it glowing bright golden.


“Hope they don’t get caught.” I said.


“Never. They are trained by us. Remember?” Rose said confidently.


This The Game is a tradition started in second year. It is played every year after our first week in school. The first day we started playing truth or dare.


“Hey Al, when are you going to give Quidditch try outs?” Rose asked. “’Cause Liz and I are fit to play beaters.”


“Ummm…. Next week.” Al said.


“You need to give a notice, you know.” I said.


“Of course. We need a new keeper and a chaser.” He said.


“And a new seeker.” I said.


“Hey I am the seeker.” AL complained.


“That is why we need a new seeker.” Rose said and we burst out laughing.


“Ha ha very funny.” Al grumbled. “Hey let’s challenge the Slytherin for a friendly Quidditch game.” Our face must’ve brightened up. We were damn bored.


“Let’s go.” Rose said.


“You collect the players, Rose and I are going to bring your broom and ours.” I jumped up from the couch took Rose with me to the boy’s dorm.


There was no one. Every one was in the common room or snogging somewhere.


I opened Al’s trunk. There it was the newest model of Lightning bolt. The Lightning Bolt 2000.


Al’s dad and mum both are obsessive over Quidditch. They buy their children the newest broomstick if they become a captain. The three of them are captains in their house.


“Ok, let’s take this. “ I took it and went to our dorm. I opened my trunk and got my broom. I begged dad to buy me this. It is the Ray bolt 101. It’s not fast like Al’s broom but it’s fast.


Dad bought me this despite mum’s protests. Dad’s crazy about sports. He bought it for me because I told him all about Quidditch. He told me that it’s an awesome game.


Rose picked up her broom. It was the same as Al’s. The four siblings had the same broom.


“Let’s go Liz. We’re going to pulverize those Slytherins.” Rose said with a determined look. “We are not called the best beaters after Fred & George uncle for no reason”


“Yeah, let’s go.” We both went out to the Quidditch stands. There were 7 players for each tem. The Gryffindors were wearing Golden. The Slytherins were wearing Silver.


Almost half of the school came to watch the game, starting from the first years to the seventh years. I think I saw Prof Sheridan and Prof Tobias. People were betting on who’d win.  This is an official game.


“Wow, this is an official game. I thought it was for fun.” Rose spoke my thoughts.


“Hey, Liz, Rose glad you brought my broom.” Al ran across to us.


“So many?” Rose asked Al.


“Yeah, I only told Jams to make the Slytherin team ready for a friendly game and our teammates and some Gryffindor who decided to play as a chaser and a keeper.” Al explained.


“So the word spread?” Rose asked.




“Let’s bring on the game.” I said and we went to the field.


Prof Tobias decided to be our referee, which brought a loud nasty cheering from the Slytherin. Prof Sheridan told us to be careful.


Rose and I took our bats and places. Prof Tobias released the snitch the bludgers and the Quaffle.


I could see the dilemma of our keeper. He didn’t get where to guard. Just then, the chaser form the Slytherin team, Roxie Nott to be exact almost threw the Quaffle inside the goalpost. Just in the moment Rose and my team work saved it from reaching.


We couldn’t even get a rest when another bludgers almost hit Rose. The Slytherin beaters were grinning sheepishly at me.


We swore on revenge and hit one of them on the head. He just crashed and broke his head probably. We taught him a lesson not to challenge us.


“Thomas scores ten. Twenty to zero.” Longbottom shouted at the top of his squeaky voice.


Then I think Al spotted the snitch. Jams also saw this and ran with him for the snitch. But I saw Al smirk at me before he dived for the ground. The old move. Wonski Feint. Anyway Jams didn’t understand this but thought the snitch was going down with him.


Jams should really be a chaser. He has all the qualities for a chaser. Scorp should be the seeker. I mean he is shouting at Jams. Al smirked at Jams, who hit the ground.


“!70 to 0. Gryffindor wins!”  We all got down. It was a friendly match but the Slytherins were scowling. Jams going to get a scolding from them and possibly a demotion.


I saw Al shouting to the Slytherins. I went and hugged him.


“Worried I broke a bone?” Al asked all cheekily.


“We won!” I shouted and hugged him again. Rose joined us.


“Isn’t it supposed to be a friendly match?” Rose asked.


“Yeah,” I sang happily.


“Ummm… two of the most nastiest people in Hufflepuff are going to kill us then.” I noticed what she meant and took Al’s hand before he could register anything and ran. Rose was right behind us.


“Hey what happened? You were panicked, like you saw Voldemort.” Al panted.


I looked at Rose. She gave me the same grave look back.


“Last year, we supported some Slytherins instead of Hufflepuff in a fight.” Rose explained.


“For good reasons.” I muttered.


“Anyway, they took it seriously, now if they ever see us with Slytherins they seem to attack us.” Rose finished.


“We seemed to prank them, but usually we get caught. We need something bigger.” I sighed.


“I bet we’ll think of something.” Al brightened. “What about scaring them?”


“Hmm…never thought of that. We’ll keep that in mind Al.” Rose said.


We marched up our common room and saw Lil, Jams, Zem and Scorp already there.


“Hey Guys,” Scorp said all casually.


“Hey Jams did Scorp beat you up?” Al asked smirking.


“Hey, I never thought you’d use that, mum told not to!” Jams exclaimed.


“Going to run to mummy again, now are we?” Al grinned and plopped on beside me. I laughed. I remember the running-to-mummy incident. Zem didn’t. And Jams didn’t want her to know.


“Once upon a time there was guy,” Al started in sing-song voice, Jams blushed.


“Whose name was James Potter,” Lil took the cue.


“In his third year at Hogwarts, he ran into a fight with his friends and siblings,” Rose continued. I knew the story well, and they looked at me like they were expecting me to continue.


“He got beaten by his friends,” I said.


“Then ran to his momma to fight his fights.” Al said.


“His momma came to Hogwarts and scolded his friends and siblings.” Rose finished.


“True story,” All of us said together. Then we burst out laughing.


“Very funny,” Jams muttered blushing beet red. Zem was also laughing along with us.


“So this is what that’s what about.” Scorp exclaimed.


“’Scuse me?” Rose asked.


“You know, Red, you guys were dragged to Slytherin and we saw the fight, with our own eyes” Scorp said.


“Oh great, I was publicly humiliated.” Jams whinnied.


“You’re such a nerd, it isn’t common for Slytherins.” Scorp said.


“Hey I am not a nerd. By the way where’s your sister?” Jams said desperately trying to change the topic.


“I think she’s going to arrive here with Jules,”


“Jules is friend with Shania Malfoy!” I think I couldn’t hide my surprise, due to the screaming.


“Yes, sheesh McGivar, stop shouting will ya?” Scorp said holding his ears.


“I don’t like your sister, she’s nothing like you,” Al frowned.


“Same here,” I said.


“What’s not to like about her?” Scorp asked.


“She’s a true Slytherin. You know the ones during your dad’s time.” I said, Al nodded his head in agreement even Lils agreed.


“Oh great, now you all hate my baby sister!” Scorp complained as Jules and Malfoy entered.


“Hey Jules, Shania,” We all said, but my voice had a criticism in it.


“Hey,” Jules greeted cheerfully.


“Hi guys,” Shania said, then she glared at me and the way Al and I were sitting. I knew this look. Every time a girl was jealous of my friendship with Al, they give me this look.


I shrugged, which made her even angry. Let me give you a bit of back ground information about Shania.


She’s Scorp’s younger sister, which you can guess due to the arguing earlier. She’s nothing like Scorp. She’s mean, arrogant basically most of the things Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron Weasley hate about Draco Malfoy.


She has blonde lush hair, and big baby blue eyes. She was like a super model. Honestly if Scorp’s dad hadn’t held her leashes she’d be a super model. And believe me, I know.


In Hogwarts she acts like the unofficial Hogwarts Slut. She practically dated every single guy in Hogwarts; except Jams and Al. Oh did I mention she’s a fourth year? Shocking, really.


Scorp doesn’t seem to notice this also the fact Shania has a crush on Al. Al deserves a hell lot better.


Shania squeezed in between the space Al and me, which is very little. She started flirting with Al. Jams made a gagging motion. Scorp started talking with Jules. Zem, Lil and Rose looked disgusted as I felt.


“We should name her the official Hogwarts Slut.” Rose mouthed at me.


“Definitely.” I nodded. Al looked uncomfortable. I decided to save him.


“Hey Shania, don’t you, like have other things to do? Besides flirting with my boyfriend?” I didn’t mean to say my boyfriend. But I think it is good, because Shania seemed pretty angry, and I can see I got under her skin.


Al looked grateful. Shania snapped at me and whispered furiously. “He’ll soon be mine, dork,” And got out of the common room. We started laughing. Scorp didn’t look all that offended.


“I should tell about her to dad.” He muttered.


“Thanks for saving me Liz dear.” Al exclaimed and threw his arms around me. I laughed and hugged him back.


“That was awesome how you made her get angry and frustrated, but your boyfriend?” Lil inquired with an eyebrow raised.


“The only thing which got in her nerve,” I shrugged. I couldn’t let them on, on how much it confused me.


“But she saved me life,” Al said excitedly.


“You look like a kid about to open Christmas presents.” Jules remarked.


“Nice remark Holmes.” I said, Jules looked at me confusedly. Rose and I laughed. Since, Rose’s mother is a muggle born, like me, she taught all her children this kind of stuff.


Al cracked a smile, though I am not sure how he knew about Holmes. Or was he smiling about the looking like Christmas present, it doesn’t look like his thing though.


Scorp quickly changed the topic to school homework. In the first week of school, there’s a lot of homework.


“Red, you did your Potions homework?” Scorp asked to Rose, since she was the one throwing daggers at Scorp for bringing this topic out.


I looked at Al. He nodded at me. We slowly got up from their argument and went near the lake and sat.


“They sure can fight.” Al said.


“Weasley and Malfoy blood, remember?” I asked, smirking slightly.


“Hey, I also have Weasley blood.”


“So you’re also a bit temperamental.” I grinned.


“Looked in a mirror? You’re the most temperamental person ever seen.” He said.


“Change of topic: You saw Evangeline Brown making googly eyes at you after the game.”


“She’s not that much hot, you know.” He said.


“Ummm… I totally agree.” I said. “But she thinks she is.”


“Must get that from Lavender Brown.” He remarked.


“Your dad talked a lot about her?” I raised an eyebrow.


“Hey, she dated Uncle Ron back in sixth year.”


“Ancient Hogwarts.” He grinned hearing this.


“Yeah, don’t let my dad catch hearing you this.”


“Never.” I looked at his eyes like daring him to challenge me.


After a few moments of silence. “Malfoy flirts with you a lot.” I said.


“Scorpius? I hate to think he likes me!” Al chuckled as I punched him on the arm.


“No, not Scorpius, you git! Shania Malfoy.” I made air quotes with my fingers. “The Hogwarts Slut.”


“Really? Hogwarts Slut? Who made this name?” He asked with mock interest.


“The Lizzie McGivar, of course.”


“The worst name ever!” He screeched.


“You look horrifying like that.” I said quietly and that got him angry.


“Hey Albus Potter, with remarkable charm and handsomeness does not look horrifying.” He protested.


“You do too.”


“Do not.”


“Do too.”


“Do not.”

”Do too.”


“Do not.”


“Do too.”


“Do too.” He said and looked confused.


“You admitted you look horrifying. Ha, I won.” I yelled. And he slumped his shoulders in defeat.


“I am never going to win an argument with you.” He said dejected.


“Aha. No need to feel dejected, Mr. Potter, soon I believe, you’d be just like your father.” I said in my imitation of Professor McGonagall’s voice, Al laughed.


“McGonagall doesn’t talk like that.”


“Got a crush on her, now have we?”


 “I do not!”


“Then why are you so defensive of her?” I asked in a sing song voice.


“Dad says she’s very nice and all.”


“Since when do you listen to your dad?”


He was about to answer just then Nick came and sat beside me.


“Hello Lizzie,” I can hear Al snickering.


“Hello Stoll,” I said, hoping he’d catch my resentment and go away.


“I thought we were in the first name basis after that party.” He doesn’t and now is toughing my arm. I flinched. I swear I am going to drown Al in the black lake after I am done with this guy.


“Sorry, Nick,” I slowly explained. Like I am talking with some dumb guy, which is true. “But I think I explained to you that day that it was a dare.”


“A dare which took out your secret passion for me Lizzie,” Then the most disgusting thing happens. He tries to kiss me. I pulled away from him as soon as his lips touched mine.


“You disgusting little…” I whispered furiously. “Stupefy.”


Next up, Al. He looks like he’ll burst out laughing, which he will. But he’ll think better of it.


Because just then I jumped onto him and started tickling him.


“Ok I surrender.” He raised his hands up.


“Let’s run away from this guy.” I pointed disgustedly at what’s his name and ran taking Al’s hand.




We are in the Room of Requirement, Al, Rose and I, waiting for them to come and play The Game. Let me give you a bit of back ground information about The Game.


It’s a dangerous game of Truth or Dare. It was discovered by Al, Rose, Victoire, me, Lil, Jams, Teddy, Hugo and Fred in our second year. At that time Victoire read in third year, so now she reads in seventh year. Teddy read in fifth year and Fred and Hugo read in fourth year. Three of them now are graduated from Hogwarts.


First time we played it, it was childish but now we made it official and it is now known as The Game.


We made some batches which is supposed to be return if they graduate Hogwarts or become prefect, Head boy or girl. We give these batches to our closest friend.


It glows golden if we fix the time. It glows silver and get immensely hot when the time is near.


The Game has a few rules. We play it with a bottle. If the front side of the bottle lands on someone, the player on the other side has to choose his or her task.


If the player forfeits, we have a full box of written truth or dares for the player. They have to do it and if they do not, they’ll have to dip in the black lake naked.


Which is the sole reason we call it dangerous.


Scorp and Louis entered from Slytherin. They just came and sat beside us. Victoire, Jules and Lucy came.


Lucy reads in third year, Jules in fourth year, just so you don’t know. Louis is in fifth year. Then another pair of annoying twins Colin and Denver Walton came in.


Shawn Finnegan and Jamie Thomas who read in sixth and fifth year respectively and are also dating came in.


Anna Zabini and her younger sister Melina Zabini came in. Anna reads in sixth year and Mel reads in second year.


Zem is the last one to arrive.


That’s all. All of them circle around us. Scorp took a butter beer bottle from somewhere. He spun it. Really slowly, by that I mean really, really slowly, it stopped spinning.


It landed on Shawn and I was the one on the opposite side of the bottle.


“Truth or Dare Finnegan?” Mel asked.


“I’m not a coward, Mel, dare of course.” Shawn said confidently, thinking I cannot pick up a perfect dare.


I looked at Jamie. I had the perfect dare. I silently asked her permission and she gave me her permission at least I think she did.


“Ok I dare you to snog Scorp right… over there.” I pointed to one of the walls.


“No way!” Both of them shouted.


“You wanna forfeit Shawn?” I asked.




“Then snog him,”


“I object.” Scorp raised his hand. “I am not the one who is taking the dare, so I can object.”


“I bet there’s a rule about it somewhere.” Victoire said and conjured the rule book. Yes, we have a rule book for this game. It is also going to pass from generation to generation, the first generation being us.


“See,” Victoire gave the rule book to Scorp and then read it aloud. “If someone’s dare or truth includes another person, he or she will also be bonded with the doer. Therefore, they have to the work together.”


“Now you decide,” Zem gave them a smug look.


Slowly they went to that corner I pointed, with Al who had a camera in his hand. Most of us watched quiet intently but Jamie looked away disgustedly. I couldn’t blame her. If my boyfriend was snogging a guy for a dare, I’d do the same.


After a few minutes, they came rubbing their mouths and spitting.


“I got it all in a video and snapshots. Going to upload in Wiz parchments.” Al grinned. That’s the name of our software, Wiz parchments.


“You won’t dare.” Scorp said furiously.


“Actually I would,” Al said, “And you can’t do a thing about it.”


“Now, next turn,” Rose announced and took the bottle and spun it.


It slowly fell on…… Rose!


“Truth or dare?” I asked.


“Duh! Dare!” Rose said confidently. I could see Al’s mind thinking the same thing as mine. He whispered something in Louis’ ear.


“So Weasley, choose what kind of dare she’s going to face.” I told Louis. If you didn’t know Louis is a Weasley, you know now. He’s the other child of George and Angelina Weasley.


“Rose, I dare you to go and snog Scorpius in that cupboard for ten minutes.”


“Am I that attractive?” Scorp exclaimed throwing his hands up.


“No, you’re not.” All of us girls, excluding Rose said. She was in the color of her hair.


“I bet you’re happy that it’s Rose and not someone else.” Jamie said and shoved them in the cupboards. Al and I high fived each other.


“The plan’s going smoothly.” I said to him.


“What are you guys on about?” Mel asked, with the perfect suspicious look.


“Nothing,” Al and I said together in harmony.


“You guys are like the evil, in denial, newest version of Romeo and Juliet.” Victoire sighed. “Also annoying,” She added.


“WE are not!” I said, can’t people believe me for once. Yes I prank people by lying. But I don’t lie about these things.


“Whatever. You guys are so perfect for each other.” Anna said.


Al went up to the cupboard. All we know, about the cupboard is that it usually gets locked when two people enter it together.


I went up to Al. “They really are very annoying.” I muttered to him. He just nodded. Then both of us, as if we can read each other’s mind, pressed our ears against the cupboard.


We heard some moaning and rumpling of clothes.


“Eww,” I crinkled my nose and turned away. Al did the same.


“How many minutes?” Jules asked.


“Ten seconds,” Shawn said and we began to count down.




















“ZERO.” We all shouted and the magical broom closet opened. Bringing out a very disheveled, flushed Rose and Scorp.


“Guys, were you like shagging or something?” Louis asked.


“WE WERE NOT!” Both of them shouted.


“Sheesh, what’s wrong with you sixth years these days? We were never like you.” Victoire.


“You guys are much, much worse.” I muttered, loud enough to Al hear. And he laughed.


“Whatcha a laughing at Al?” Shawn asked.


“Nothing that concerns you,” Al said moodily.


“Jeez, Al are you on your period or something?” Denver asked all seriously.


“Shut up, you lot!” Scorp to the rescue!


“Sheesh, having a fight with your girlfriends, Al and Scorp?” Colin said motioning toward Rose and me.


“I am not Albus’ girlfriend.”


“I am not Scorpius’ girlfriend.”


Rose and I insisted at the same time.


“Wow, on full name basis, things are going pretty badly,” Jamie said. Then Shawn and she high fived. They are perfect I tell you.


“Let’s spin.” Rose grumbled.


This time I spun the bottle.


Slowly it landed on me. I cursed.


“Holy shit! Don’t I have any good luck today?” I asked to the sky.


“Truth or dare?” Apparently Al was having fun, if his snickering was any indication.


“Dare, duh! I am a Gryffindor!” I said.


“OK so Liz, I dare you to go and stay in that small cupboard over there with Al.” Lucy snickered. “For seven minutes.” I could see Lucy’s brain thinking. Duh! The sexual tension between them is too much. Which is not. If I try and trap them for seven minutes they will definitely kiss or something.


“Great, at least he’s my best friend.” I took his hand and went to the cupboard and closed it.


“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Al asked.


“That they’re trying to pair us up. Then, yes.”


“We are not going to look good together.” He said.


“For all they know, you maybe are dating someone and I maybe dating someone.”


“You’re not are you?”


“Definitely not.” I huffed. “What about you?”


“Nope. Nada. Though I may ask Samantha from Ravenclaw to Hogsmeade,” he said.


“God that idiot. How did she even end up in Ravenclaw is a question.”


“Hey, she’s a good snog.” He protested or defended. Whatever.


“YOU snogged HER?” I asked really loudly.


“Umm.. yeah, you know the first week of school is always best for having a snogging session with a dumb Ravenclaw.”


“A thing you and Jams and Scorp made some months ago!” I don’t know why but I was screaming. “And you didn’t bother to tell me? Your best friend?”


“It was just a snog.” I probably should’ve asked Just a snog? But instead I went.


“Then why are you asking her out?” If I wasn’t so angry I would’ve noticed my voice was a bit hurt.


“Just because I needed to…ugh.” He shut up and kissed me. My brain didn’t even process what was happening. I snaked my hands to his hair and brought him closer. He brought his hand around my waist. His lips are soft. He slipped his tongue inside mine and we were having a war with our tongues.


“We were supposed to snog.” He said after we were done.


“Al, if it weren’t me and some other girl were your best friend you would’ve made things damn uncomfortable.” I laughed.


“That’s why you are my best friend.” He said and kissed me on the cheek.


“TIME UP!” I heard everyone shout and the door flew open. I walked out. I realised my hair was messy. Like after sex messy.


Rose, Victoire, Lucy and all the other female cousins of Al looked horrified. Jamie, Anna and Mel were smiling.


The guys were snickering. Hey it is not like Rose and Scorp. They were caught snogging.


Al looked at me. I grinned at him. We were thinking the same thing.


“You sure you guys weren’t dating or something?” Victoire said with her eyes wide. But before I could tell something Lu went.


“I knew it. The sexual tension between them is too much. I knew if we trapped them in a closet they’d kiss.” Lu cried excitedly.


“Are you guys trying to like pair us up?” I asked, quietly and furiously.


“Duh, you guys are perfect for each other!” Lu said. All the girls except Rose nodded their heads in agreement.


“Is it the genetics Al?” I turned around to face him. “Are all your cousins’ idiot?” He shrugged. Both of us sat in our place in the circle.


The game continued with super speed. Scorp got to wear lingerie once. Louis had to dance with the Gangnam Style.


Zem had this truth if she really was in love with Jams as the rumors say. You know we give the person who’s supposed to tell the truth a potion like Veriterasum. Not completely like Veriterasum though. You have to tell the truth, but you’re also going to be aware of it.


She said yes! Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!


I am not over reacting.


They are dating and all, but they are in love now, something Jams rarely is. I mean Zem and Jams are perfect for each other. Dude they are the most perfect couple in our group.


But Jams, as we all thought, would end up alone. Then came Zem, who picked up with his attitude dates him and even fell in love with him. Jams said Scorp that he might be falling in love with Zem.


Now all is perfect.


We went to bed, in like 1 am. Fortunately for us tomorrow is Sunday. And unfortunately we have tons of homework to do.


I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t think about Al when I went to sleep.

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END OF CHAPTER 4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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