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One More Night by Lostmyheart
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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I was inspired by the Maroon 5 song ‘One More Night’ and this story came to live. Hope you’ll like it!


There she was.

Standing tall and beautiful, surrounded by the boys of Hufflepuff.

Her fiery red hair tamed in silky soft curls, bouncing every time she laughed.
Her lips curved in constant smiles, her deep brown eyes so beautifully captivating. Her lean and strong body, curvy in the right places, was a delightful sight – though maybe her dress was too tight in her brother’s opinion.

Ron stood scowling by the bar, barely giving his date any attention.

I could laugh so hard at this right now, but no. He must not know that I actually enjoy the sight we both look at. His sister.

I turned my attention to her, once again. I should probably be more careful with this, but somehow I didn’t care. I wasn’t the only one looking at her, admiring her blue bodycon dress, her longs legs and that perfectly shaped ass…

I quickly looked down at my drink. This might be a good time to refill my glass before my pants get too tight in one specific area.

“Finding anyone worth to spend a night with?” Blaise whispered as I approached the bar.
I grinned, “Sure, there’s always a girl. What about you?”
“I found a few” he smirked, “even got an offer to meet up on the 3rd floor, so I’m not complaining”.
We laughed at this. I wasn’t surprised that several girls had offered themselves to Blaise, I admit it; he is a handsome fella.

Though he is my best friend, I never told him of my little obsession with the redhead. Some things are best kept secret.

“Pansy made a move on me again” he whispered, I sighed.
“You have to be mean, cruel to stop her, Blaise” I said, “otherwise she’ll continue chasing after you to get my attention”.
“I know that, but our parents are business partners, so I have to be careful about what I say to her. If she finds something to use against me, she’ll make sure her parents hears about it.”

I emptied my glass with one large gulp. That black haired girl sure knows how to trouble Slytherin boys.
“We’ll get rid of her soon Blaise, just be patient” I told him.
He nodded and raised his glass, “to brotherhood” he laughed.
I showed him my empty glass and put it on the bar table.
“Aren’t you getting another one?” he asked. I shook my head.
“No, a part of me needs to be able to stand up tonight, if you know what I mean” I grinned at him and he laughed even more.

I left the bar table, just in the right time. She was leaving the Great Hall; the Hufflepuff boys seemed to be asking her why. She said something I couldn’t hear and pointed up.
Of course, every girl has to check up on her looks during the evening. Somehow they always lack self-esteem and think the worst of their makeup after a few hours without a mirror.

I followed her through the silent corridors, watched as her hips swung from side to side…
How she suddenly became a woman I have no idea. It was like she woke up one morning and there were the curves, tada! And all the boys had to have her, including me – not by choice. It was like an urge, a need I had to fulfil. She was intoxicating to me, irresistible.

I never cared for her, never noticed her until one day, on a bright shining day in September last year, she dropped something in front of me, in the Great Hall and bent down to get it...
I swear I could hear something growl inside of me, like a lion, hungry for something to eat.
I have to admit, I may have growled out loud, because at that moment everyone was looking at me.
For the first time, I had been stupid enough to make a sound like that. You can probably imagine the look on my face when I turned and walked away: Pure shame.
BUT! I didn’t let it turn me down, I’m a Malfoy and I can get away with anything. I wanted to punish her for making me look like a fool, even if she didn’t do it on purpose. Right then, I decided to be her first, the Weasley girl surely had to be a virgin. Not for long, if it stood to me. Oh the humiliation she was going to experience, I couldn’t wait for it.

Her heels making echoes through the castle, unable to hear my own footsteps as I close up on her.

“Are you enjoying the evening, Miss Weasley?” I spoke.

As I expected, she swung around, shock painted in her beautiful face.
Then replaced with fury when she realised it was me.

Then she slapped me hard.

Okay that I didn’t expect.

Instant pain rushed all over my face, the burning sensation of her hand on my cheek.
I couldn’t help but laugh, “I probably deserved that”.

“Like bloody hell you did Malfoy” she hissed, “following me in the dark corridors like a little snake”.
I couldn’t stop smiling, I chuckled, “You hit hard” I said, “I like that”.

Even in this barely lit corridor I could see her blush.

“What do you want, Malfoy?” she said.
“You know what I want, Weasley” I smirked and stepped closer.
“We made a deal, Malfoy. We agreed on stopping this, you know that.” She whispered as she backed away.
“Rules are to be broken, I’m sure you’ve tried that before” I replied, as I followed her steps.
I grinned as I pushed her hard up against the wall, she groaned in pain.
“Be quiet girl, you know I like it rough” I whispered as the lights in the corridor went out from the spell I murmured.


I opened my eyes; my dark room had a strong odour of recent sexual activity. I turned my head and saw Ginny sleeping soundlessly by my side. Her long red hair tangled from the rough night and she wore the shirt I had on last night.

I tried to ignore the strong urge to touch her face, kiss her lips.
I turned to look in the mirror on my wall; I faced a concerned version of me. I never thought I’d see my face with this expression. But I was concerned.

Never had I had the urge to kiss a girl while she slept, let alone kiss a girl goodbye after a night with her.
But I’m sure it just was because I wanted another round of pleasure. She was quite the girl, I must tell you. It was quite obvious this girl wasn’t a virgin, the first night I bed her. She knew exactly what to do and how.

I rose from the bed, put on some clothes and sighed. I knew I should have let her be; I shouldn’t be crawling back to her. As she told me last night, we had decided to end things.
But something stirred inside of me every time I saw her, I wanted her, I wanted to push her one more time, to tease her, to please her.

Six months ago I scored this lovely red haired Gryffindor, thinking it was the best way to humiliate her. She was so drunk; I too of course but still sober enough to think the plan of humiliation went well. It all went well; we flirted, we kissed, clothes hit the floor and before I knew it we were in my bed.
Somehow I thought that if I was to be her first, it would humiliate her for the rest of her life – don’t mind my reputation, I had slept with worse girls than Ginny Weasley. But to my surprise, she wasn’t a virgin. She knew exactly how to please me, how to kiss me, how to touch me. Magic happened and I was blinded.

Of course with a girl like her and that temper of hers, we’ve been on and off for those six months since.
Not that we ever had been an item, like I said, some things are best kept secret. But this secret has made me feel guilty even though I wake up satisfied every time.

I heard her stir; I watched as she opened her eyes and slowly lifted her head. She groaned and let her head land on the pillow.
“You know, it’s creepy waking up with you watching me like that” she said.
I chuckled, “I can imagine”.

She changed into her clothes and began fixing her mess of hair, in front of the mirror.
“I think we need to talk” I said, she turned around to face me.
“Last night was great, but I think we need to stop doing this”.
She rolled her eyes as a sound of disbelief escaped her. “This is so typical of you Malfoy, last week you said the same thing – why can’t you just accept it?!”

“Accept what?” I asked, a little surprised by what she said.
She stopped fixing her hair and her piercing eyes met mine. “Just admit that you like me, Malfoy”

I laughed, “I don’t like you Weasley” I blurted out. What on earth is she talking about? Me liking her? This was purely physical, what we had going on.
“This is a game; we meet up a few times to play, that’s all.”

Her face expression changed, “you don’t get it do you?”
No I didn’t, I had no idea what she was replying to.
“It is so obvious you have these feelings for me Malfoy” she said, “we’ve been on and off so many times I stopped counting! We always crawl back to each other, you more than me, like you did last night.”

“I didn’t crawl back to you!”
“I didn’t mean literally, you idiot! I meant-“ I slammed her up against the wall and placed my hand over her mouth.
“Be careful with what you call me here in the dungeons, Weasley” I whispered, “You shouldn’t be yelling, otherwise people will find out about us.” This girl could so easily piss me off.
Her eyes watched me, filled with anger; she tried to pushed away my arms, but I was too strong.
“I don’t care what other people think Malfoy, thought you’d figured that out giving that I wore a quite revealing dress last night – I noticed you kept watching me, a few might have noticed that too you know.”

“So you wanted others attention by wearing that dress?”
She smiled a devilish smile, “Am I not allowed to? I’m not yours, dragon.”

I’m not yours, dragon.

The words echoed in my head, I was stunned.
Before I knew it, she was gone from my grip. She left my room without saying anything more.
I stood there, speechless, my mouth dry from the air, my mind blank.


The next few days I tried as hard as I could to avoid her, without making it seem like I did.
Her words had struck me hard… harder than I ever thought they would. I never expected to feel anything for a girl, except lust of course… or hatred… perhaps annoyance sometimes. Argh! You know what I mean. But her, I’ve had feelings for her without even knowing they were feelings.
It all made sense now, why I always wanted to have her again. Why we always fought, why we always pissed each other off. “Friends with benefits” don’t do that, they don’t fight; they don’t care for one another like we did.

A mix of feeling guilty and loving the pleasure creates a confusion. I have gone deeper than I ever thought I would, I have grown feelings for a girl - and of all eligible girls in Hogwarts it had to be the Weasley Girl!
Whom I wanted to destroy to start with, but somehow she grew on me. How could I have been so blind? I can’t even remember clearly how it developed from a one night stand to an on/off relationship?

Her gift in bed may have been a big part of it, her easy-going personality (this I mean, when I haven’t pissed her off) and her infectious laughter.

Boy, I must have been so easy to seduce, or at least easy for her. I never had troubles with other girls, I could so easily forget about them except for Ginny.
I have never said her name out loud, now that I think about it. I have always called her Weasley, Red Head or girl. Though I have made sure we never became too personal with this ‘relationship’ I fell for her. Who would have thought that was possible?
I may have called her “my girl” a few times… maybe I shouldn’t have done that.

Ginny Weasley… Her name lingered in my mind. I can’t believe I’ve never said her name before.

“Ginny…” I said.

Hmm. That wasn’t so hard.

“Ginny Weasley.”

Okay, now I’m crazy. Sitting here alone, in my room and saying a girl’s name out loud.

It feels like I love her, I can’t be sure since I never have experienced feelings like this. I can’t get her out of my head, I get all sweaty and nervous when I know she’s near (this started to happen after I found out I had feelings for her) and I get clumsy.

The Great Draco Malfoy gets clumsy when he’s around Ginny Weasley.

If anyone found out, they’d find this hilarious. I’d get picked on for centuries. I’d imagine my painting, hanging in the corridors of the dungeons, young future Slytherins would laugh and say “here’s the first Slytherin to ever fall for a Gryffindor.”

 No one shall ever find out about this. I can’t see her again, even if it makes me the most depressed man in the world. I have standards and she doesn’t live up to them.
But I can’t stop thinking… Just one more night…


I watched her.

She was sitting alone by the table. Her group members had left the library a few minutes ago and she wanted to write a few lines more before returning to her dormitory.
Her beautiful long red hair, almost glowing in the darkness, braided. Her freckles visible one her cheeks, she must have been outside a lot lately, probably practising Quidditch.

I emerged from the darkness, well aware of the fact that we were now all alone in the library.

She squealed when she first saw me, “Malfoy you scared me.”
I said nothing and approached her. No words could describe how I felt right now.

I was speechless.

She rose from her chair, watching me coming closer. Never have I seen her beauty as clear as I did now. Her hair, her beautiful face, her figure, the way she carries herself. So much confidence in herself, it radiated from her.

Now wonder I fell for her.

Perhaps it was because I was about to say goodbye to her, that I could see her beauty so clearly.

I stopped a few inches from her, our eyes met. Hers filled with hope, anticipation yet sadness at the same time.

I lifted my hand, stopped mid-air, hesitating.
If I touched her, if I kissed her, I’d fall into it all again. I’d never be able to drag myself out of this.

I cupped her face, as my fingers touched her skin, oceans of feelings corrugated inside of me.
“We can’t keep doing this,” I whispered.
She nodded, “I know,” her voice raspy, her eyes watery.
A stabbing feeling rushed through my body, this was it, this was our last goodbye.

I noticed she wore makeup, something she never used to use.
“You’re wearing lipstick” I whispered, my thumbs caressing the outline of her lips.
She only wore make up on events and special occasions or when she wanted to feel better about herself… 

“I’ve missed you” she said, a tear running down her cheek.

Everything swirled inside of me.

I kissed her right there.




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One More Night: Chapter One


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