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The Only Test Hermione Granger Ever Failed by Slygrifflepuffclaw
Chapter 4 : A meeting with Dumbledore
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The only test Hermione Granger ever failed.

Chapter 3: A meeting with Dumbledore



However on Bellatrix’s other side there was a very handsome young man whose eyes seemed to draw you in even in a picture, and I looked at the name Tom Riddle. Underneath both of them thought was a picture of me in my real un-glamour charmed face and it read Hermione Black.


I stood there gawking at the tapestry on the wall. While the other three occupants of the room were discussing what we were all going to do next. “We have to put the glamour charms back on before someone sees her!” (Tonks)


“We should get her to Albus; he’ll know what to do.” (Remus)


“I think we should all just calm down, and think this through…” We all just stared at Sirius, none of them had realised that they were shouting; and then Sirius becomes the voice of reason, what is the world coming to? “Right, Remus got see if Albus is available… Tonks you go run interference with the Weasley’s… I have something to show Hermione…” They both nodded and left the room as Hermione unlocked the door.


Sirius led me threw the large house avoiding anybody else who might be snooping around… Finally they reached a large set of black double doors. Sirius pushed them open, and my jaw dropped. It was a massive library, bigger than the one at Hogwarts. Sirius started walking and I ran to follow him staring at all the books as I went. I passed some books I’d rather not have seen; like one called ‘Animagics Moste Dark’.   “Sirius, where are we going?” I asked as the titles of the books started implying darker and darker material.


“We’re nearly there Hermione, just try to keep up…This library is quite large and even family members have been lost for days in its shelves, trying to get out…” He led on and finally, he stopped. We stood in front of a large fireplace that Sirius lit as he sat down in a nice comfortable armchair; I sat opposite and sat quietly as he looked up at the sleeping portrait.


“REGULUS ARCHTURAS BLACK, WAKE UP!” The portrait nearly jumped out of its skin… if that was even possible. “Regulus, I need you to do something for me...” the portrait of Regulus just glared at Sirius. “…Fetch, Bella would you?” Sirius asked. Regulus blanched looked uneasily at us for a minute, then nodded and left the frame. “Hermione, I want you to know who your mother was before she met your father, she was a very good person, she even tried to make friends with Lilly at the start, but after she met your father she just sort of went down a slippery slope… I think she was starting to see what she had done around the time you were born. The fact that she let you be adopted by Muggles proves that, it was also the last place anyone would look for you, if your existence was ever discovered. There was a reason all the Blacks except me were in Slytherin; their cunning and sense of self preservation, although I think Bella would have made an excellent Hufflepuff…”


“Correct on all counts Sirius, except the Hufflepuff thing, I would have made a much better Ravenclaw!”  He was interrupted by a soft, sweet voice coming from the portrait. I looked up at the old, dusty frame and I saw a beautiful woman displayed on the canvas. She was a near exact copy of my unglamoured form, her face more resembled Sirius’s and she had dark brown eyes, unlike my blood red ones. “Now who is this… let me see…?  She has all the black features, she holds herself high, and so she can’t be yours Sirius that leaves me, Dromeda, Narcissa and Regulus. She’s too young to be a Tonks, and Reggie died too early so…” she looked me straight in the eyes and gasped, just as ‘Zar slithered out from under my sleeve. “Well I guess that answers that question. What your name?” She asked with a sweet smile. I was failing to see how this woman was ever considered evil.


“Apparently, my name is Hermione Black, but, up until yesterday I was Hermione Jean Granger.” She smiled and turned to Sirius again;


“Give her a locket tonight and a mirror before she goes back to Hogwarts. I don’t care what Dumbledore says, and I know you already sent someone to him. Oh that reminds me tell the old bastard… ‘The raven is ready to leave the nest’. He’ll know what it means; also the death eaters are planning a mass breakout of Azkaban. Be ready. I have to go, I’ll talk to you soon Hermione and if at all possible keep as far away from your father as you can.” She said as she left the frame leaving only the sleeping Regulus on the canvas.


Suddenly Remus’s head burst into the fireplace. “Sirius he’s ready for you.” He said his tome grim.


“Okay, I just need to go get some floo powder we’ll be there in a minute.” He stood, helping me up. “Do you want to take the snake with you?” He said as Zar curled up beside the fire, “Zar; stay here but keep out of sight, there should be some mice downstairs, if you’re hungry”  I smiled at him as he lifted his head and nodded his head and began to slither away. 


We both stepped in to the emerald green flames and appeared in Professor Dumbledore’s office. “Ah Miss Granger…” Sirius glared at him “…Sorry Miss Black would you like to take a seat?” He asked gesturing to an empty chair beside Remus. “Now due to the fact that your magical adoption is pretty much null in void as of yesterday, you will have to be resorted when you return to Hogwarts, in accordance with the rules. Now the way I see it we can do this… Either we tell the general school population or we tell them that Miss Granger transferred to Beaubatons and that you are a new student, now your close friends would know the truth, such as Harry, Ron and Ginny but the rest of the school would be oblivious.” He chuckled and reached to a small bowl of lemon drops offering all the occupants of the room one before popping one in his own mouth. “Now it is quite possible that yesterday’s events at Gringotts changed what house the Hat will put you in, the substantial power increase for one he said looking down at my copy of the test results that Remus had taken with him. “Now we will still do one for show on the first of September, but I would like to put the hat on you now while I look over this again to see what it thinks, as unlike me it’s never wrong.”  I nodded and Remus took the Hat down from its pedestal on the shelf it sat on.


Suddenly I felt the eerily familiar presence inside my head… “Ah Miss Granger back again, wait now Miss Black now. Aren’t we moving up in the world! Now I have to resort you so let’s make this quick. Ah that’s interesting you’re different from the last time we met.”


“Hmmm, but where to put you… You’re not the spontaneous family history defying type like you Aunt and cousins’, so putting you in Gryffindor again is out. You are not a Hufflepuff, too much of a temper, and not enough sex drive…” I giggled at that. Apparently the rumours of what goes on in the Hufflepuff common room were true.


“Ravenclaw would suit you well enough but your blood, calls to the Noble and ancient house of your ancestor from the House of Gaunt and Slytherin. Hmmm. Where to put you indeed; better be SLYTHERIN!”


Well that was a shock. I mean I know I’m related to the guy, but I didn’t think that I’d actually have to go to Slytherin. I was drawn out of my deep thoughts by Dumbledore addressing me again. “Well Miss Granger, I think that concludes our business for this evening, you will have a lot to explain to the Weasleys when you get back… When you decide what to do about what I have to tell people, just tell Remus and he’ll pass on the message” He smile again and his eyes twinkled behind his half-moon spectacles. Sirius then chose to speak up;


“Albus, I have a message for you… ‘The raven is ready to leave the nest’ and the Death Eaters are planning a mass Azkaban breakout. I just thought you should know sooner rather than later. But we should bring this up at the meeting tomorrow. Oh and I want to nominate Hermione for membership of the Order…” He trailed away at the last bit as Dumbledore went white as marble and Remus just started glaring at him.


“Very well, I thank you for the information and I will consider your…request. Although you know Molly will try to stop you.” He smiled weakly as we all stood to leave. “I shall see you soon Miss Black and as always remember; Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it. Now back to Grimauld Place with you before Tonks says something she shouldn’t.”


I stepped into the green flames between Sirius and Remus. As soon as my feet hit the cold, stone floor I heard lots of shouting. All the Weasleys were at the end of the table closest to us, shouting at Tonks, Mad Eye Moody and a tall, black man in long purple robes. Remus cleared his throat loudly and everyone looked at him including me and Sirius. Molly just stared at me and went to start shouting again, no doubt thinking I was my mother, but this time Sirius intervened.  “Molly Prewitt Weasley DON’T YOU DARE say one more word, you hear me? All of you sit down, this is going to take a while.” Nobody moved except Tonks, who went to stand beside Remus, there might have been something going on there, but at the moment I had more pressing matters. It was only when Remus started screaming that people started to move towards the nearest available chair, nobody wanted to anger him this close to a full moon.


I stepped forward and Molly recoiled and Arthur shrunk down in his seat. “Now, everyone I think it would be better for everyone if I put the glamour charms back on don’t you?” I flicked my wand and I started to turn back into Hermione Granger. I waited a minute to let them get over the shock “Now yesterday I went for an appointment a Gringotts. Needless to say I was shocked when the goblin pulled out a magical adoption certificate and a letter from my real mother. I then took the Inheritance test…” Mrs Weasley gasped, the test was somewhat frowned upon due to its use of blood magic. “…I had to have a core block and glamour charms removed by Bill and Fleur; and don’t be angry at them they were just doing their job. So as of now I am the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange and Tom Marvolo Riddle…” Ginny and Mad eye both flinched, all the others just looked confused, so I drew my wand and wrote Tom Marvolo Riddle in the air in front of them; and with a flick of my wand the letters began to rearrange themselves, like they did in the Chamber of Secrets…


I AM LORD VOLDEMORT.  Now there was a collective gasp from the entire room. “Oh Hermione dear, you poor thing” Molly said as she engulfed me in one of her bone crushing hugs. Then it was Fred and Georges turn to speak up. “Hey!” (Fred)


“How did you?” (George)


“Do that magic letter switching” (Fred)


“You’re not even…” (George)


“Seventeen!” they both finished in unison. I was about to open my mouth when Sirius stepped in. “The Black seal  on the adoption documents made sure that when Hermione saw the documents in Gringotts yesterday she was magically emancipated so she no longer has the trace.” He stated plainly


“Wicked” was all the twins could come up with.


“Now this is Hermione’s third time explaining this today so I think it’s high time we all went to bed. Hermione you’re sharing with Ginny. Ok is that everything? Yes? Excellent!” and left the room before anyone could say anything else. Soon after Ginny started leading me up several flights of the dark stairs until we got to our room. It wasn’t as dark as the rest of the house but it was still fairly gloomy. I saw my trunk already at the foot of my bed. I wonder how Zar was finding the house, I would try finding him now but it would probably freak Ginny out more, and she was already giving me  weird looks, but I sort of figured that would happen I mean my dad possessed her she’s bound to act differently towards me now…


Sirius came into the room a short time later. “Hermione, can I speak to you for a moment… in private?” I got up off my bed and walked out into the hallway with Sirius. He took a large gold and black locket out of his pocket and handed it to me. “This is a Black family locket; it will let you talk to any of the portraits in the house; although why you’d want to talk to most of them is beyond me… it’s mainly for talking to your mother.” He hesitated for a moment as if he was unsure of whether or not he should do something. Then he handed me a large hand mirror with a black frame around it. “…And this is one of the family mirrors, it works kind of like a telephone, you just say the person’s name and they appear using their own mirror and you can talk. I’ve will give one to Harry so that he can talk to me, you might find that useful when you go back, the switching house isn’t going to be easy…” I jumped up and hugged him.


“Thanks Sirius!” He smiled and wished me a goodnight. I turned to go back into my room, but I just had to ask him something that had been on my mind all day, since I got the second letter from my mother. “Sirius wait!” he turned around to look at me again his face contorting into a confused and questioning expression. “What did my mother do to get put in Azkaban?” His face darkened suddenly and his eyes went back to the cold, dark ones I’d seen a year ago.


“Apart from being a convicted Death Eater and one of your father’s top Lieutenants, she was one of the people involved in the torture to insanity by means of the cruciatus curse of…Frank and Alice Longbottom…”


A/N: And that my friends is chapter 3. Don’t forget to review and tell me what you thought. It’s coming up towards summer exams here so any chapters in the next three-four weeks will be VERY short.



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