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A little fox by lin
Chapter 1 : A little fox spirit
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     Eva is a little fox in China.


     I said she is little--but actually she is already eight hundred years old. Well, she's still quite young compared to other foxes in her race.


     Yes, she was born in a great family that pursue immortality. These animals learn magic arts in mysterious traditional Chinese ways--which are totally different from western magic system. Ancient Chinese believe that the greatest power in universe is 'dao', which is the law of all. And Eva, a little fox spirit, can already get power from natural elements like wind and water to perform several simple magic arts. By the way, she learned how to transform into human beings at the age of 28, which is the earliest in her family. 


      However, now she is facing a hard task--the grown-up trial. As a tradition in her family, every young fox have to get a trial and try their best to finish it in two hundred years. Then at their 1000-year-old birthday, they can be guaranteed as a real fox spirit, which can learn much more complicated magic and have much longer lives.


      'Eva, I will miss you...' Her little sister Linda said in tears and seems a little worried,' I can't believe this time they give you such a difficult trail! None of us has ever been to that western magic world... It's said that they use something called... magic wand? That's so weird. Anyway, it doesn't matter if you can not finish your task, but promise me you will take care of yourself, ok?' 


     'Don't worry, dear.' Eva gives her a big smile, 'Our Shaikh has sent a letter to Hogwards' principal Albus Dumbledore and he agreed to take care of me, remember? I'll be fine.'


     'This is for you.' Linda sniffled, 'I got it from my dad and I wish it could help you.' 


      'Oh my deity! A space ring! It's so precious...' Eva seems too moved to say a word. She gives Linda a tight hug, 'I promise you I will be back...with my trial finished. Be confident in your smart sister ok? I will bring you many gifts and interesting stories from that mysterious magic world...'




      --    'Ready?'


      --    'Yes, Sir.'


      --    'Good luck. Waiting for your good news, Eva.'




      On her left hand, a silvery ring shines quitely, looks beautiful and mysterious. Inside this ring is a space about 1,000 stere, and now 1/3 of the space is fulled of her things: magic weapons, yellow papers used for drawing magic symbols, books, clothes, exixirs, foods...... the only live thing inside is her lovely pet--who has been with her for more than 500 years--a white hairy cat, Mimi. Mimi still needs years of learning before she can transfer to human beings, and she is good at communicating with all species.




      Several seconds later, Albus Dumbledore's office.


      On the list of new students of Hogwards, a new name suddenly appeared with golden shine.


      ' Eva Ouyang.' Dumbledore reads out slowly, 'here she comes... from a remote mysterious Chinese race... owns magic power that none of us can understand... She will definetely change something, right?' He stares at his phoenix, 'was this decision right?'









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A little fox: A little fox spirit


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