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Bound to be Burned by rupertgrintislove
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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A/N: This is a story my friends and I have put our souls into. It took me forever to start, in fear of messing it up, but here it is. To my wonderful friends Lane and Tanya, no matter how far away I am I’ll love you two forever. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter. Any characters you do not recognize from the series are a part of my imagination.

I twirled the locket around in my hand, once, twice and then for a third time. That’s how long it took for the Death Eater to my right to kill his friend. With these people you learn quickly that there is no loyalty among each other, we all look for the person above us and torment the person below us. Fortunately, when running with this level of Death Eaters, I am the one above the rest. How did I end up in this position? A Gryffindor girl with a loving family? How did I get to this point in my life to be controlling a lower level of Death Eaters, enough that they are killing each other over my attention? I guess once your parents are murdered in cold blood by two Death Eaters, that part of sanity you had so desperately been clinging on to finally snaps.

Yes my parents were killed when I was in my fifth year, it was hard but I had to do everything I can to make up for their deaths. That is why after my fifth year I didn’t return to Hogwarts to wait there as a sitting duck under the reckless eye of Albus Dumbledore, I trained every day to be at the state I am now. A state that has allowed me to become a threat and a leader of this level of Death Eaters. A state that when the time comes I will be able to kill the Death Eaters who killed my parents and left me orphaned. That being said, I was never alone. Once mom and dad died my godfather, Alastor Moody, took me in and raised me as his own. He helped me through training practices that he coached his Aurors through at the ministry. For that alone I owe him more than my life.

“Miss, everything is prepared for tonight.” A Death Eater stuttered, bringing me out of my self-monologue.

“Prepared for what exactly.” I dragged out, looking at my wand in my hands. I looked up to see he was also glancing at my wand every couple of seconds, as if scared giving me the wrong answer would indeed end his life.

“For the muggle raid that the Dark Lord has us in charge for?” He mumbled, hoping the sound of his voice will warm my heart. A hard task since it is covered in thick ice.

“Ah yes, very good. For what reason was this one disposed of?” I asked, referring to the lifeless body in front of me.

“He was expressing words of caution about tonight. There have been whispers.” He started, but his words faded out.

“Whispers?” I snarled, my head snapping up. The man in front of me froze and looked around for support. As I have mentioned, you will find no support from your peers in this lifestyle. It is a dog eat dog world in the life of a Death Eater. A hooded figure from the side stepped up instead to answer my question.

“Yes, whispers. They are saying that the Order of the Phoenix has gotten word of our raid. That, well that they will be there waiting for us.” He said bravely, puffing out his chest.

“Are you admitting to be scared of a couple blood traitors with sticks, Carrow?” I teased. Amycus raised his head and snarled, spitting off to the side. I raised an eyebrow.

“How dare you suggest that we are not prepared to take down the Order of mudbloods?” Amycus snapped, looking at me with suspicion shining in his eyes. Amycus was always unsure of where my loyalty actually was, and rightfully so. He and his sister, not a bright lass but thick just the same, were always on my case about any information I passed through them.

“Very well, this goes to everyone then who has heard this whispering. I have not heard such rumours, but if you cannot simply handle a couple of mudbloods then maybe you would be better off as dead.” I stated loudly, gasps and snarls were heard amongst the group but I carried on, “As for the more challenging members of the order, if you all cannot find the skill within you to challenge them then I guess I shall take on the more powerful wizards. The cowardliness I have witnessed today will be brought to the Dark Lord’s attention, rightfully so. He should know what spineless followers he may have one day.” I snap, walking past them. They flinch as I grow closer but this motion is followed by a look of relief as I do not come directly to them.

“And will he know of the ones who showed courage, Miss?” A timid Death Eater asked from the corner.

I gave a dark laugh and looked around, some had the balls to join in others averted their eyes after contact. “Do well tonight and I will not need to tell him. He will know by how many Order members we murder. Now, I am off to my place. I expect everyone back and ready by six o’clock. Rest up. The Dark Lord has no patience for weak individuals.” I command, before throwing a handful of Flu powder into the fireplace. I whispered my houses address, not wanting it to be constant knowledge to this very low level of Death Eaters. All though low, I wouldn’t put it past the Carrow siblings to try and do some damage.

 I landed in my lofts fireplace and gave a deep sigh. Working around these evil bitches day in and day out can be so tiring. I shrugged out of my cloak and walked to the kitchen, hoping to get some breakfast for the first time in days. I have been at the meeting place every single day, planning this fake muggle raid enough to make it look like it was real. However, although muggles’ will be at risk there will be fewer than I have let on in my meetings.

An order sent down from Voldemort was given to me two weeks previous, saying to show my loyalty I must bring up the death toll. I knew this would come up eventually; my time spent was long considering I had yet to murder a single innocent soul. I contacted the Order the other day through Moody, giving them the time and location to stop the raid. From there, I would “die” and have to start over knew with a different level with a different identity. Tonight the plan was for there to be no survivors amongst the Death Eaters. Hopefully I would be able to pull this off, but if the Order is as good as Moody says there should be no problems.

I sigh again as I bite into my toast, it gets pretty lonely here by myself all the time. But I know that in the end it will be worth it, once I avenge my parent’s deaths. If only someone would let slip which Death Eaters were the ones to do it. That is one thing I have been having a hard time finding out, since the lower level Death Eaters I have been working with don’t know much, I cannot for the life of me find out who was sent out to kill my parents that night. I sigh for the last time before brushing the crumbs off my shirt and setting my plate in the sink. Enough thinking of them tonight, I have to rest before the fight. I just know the Carrows are going to screw everything up; those two have less brain cells than a normal person combined.

I ducked as a bright red curse flew over my head, “Stupid bloody Death Eaters, they have no bloody aim” I whisper, pulling myself up off of the ground. “If any survive tonight I will have no problem killing them off myself.” I snarl as I run back into the fight. The Order for some reason has yet to make their presence completely known, I know they are here due to the random shield spells I have seen pop up amongst the town. The Death Eaters are clueless as ever as they trip, flip and throw the muggles around. Simply toys to them, never mind that some of these people are just that, people. Humans that still deserve to live. I shake my head of these thoughts and plow on, casting shield charms and making it look like I am fighting and taking down many muggles. Most of my charms are harmless, just simply sleeping ones that will make the muggles appear to be dead when in reality they are just knocked out. They will awaken after we have modified their memory along with the rest of the town.

I push through, hitting Death Eaters without being noticed. It is then that I see the Order moving in. I cannot seem to find Moody, a calming yet anxious feeling. I have yet to see him since I ran away from his house a year ago, we had different views on my future and I decided to take matters into my own hands. I would drop him a letter every so often when I thought it was safe, but other than that this would be my first time seeing him.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal, and I mean it isn’t, just more of the fact that the last face to face conversation we had together ended in slamming doors and exploding windows. Not exactly the greatest memory of mine. I was shaken from my thoughts as I was hit with a stunning spell from behind. I flew across the courtyard and landed hard on my side. I winced as I tried to get up, only to realize the person who had cursed me was now in front of me. I looked up into the eyes of Sirius Black. Are you kidding me right now? He seriously doesn’t know that I am the one who was telling them where the raid was.

“Black.” I nodded, pulling myself to my feet quickly and lifting my wand. He looked surprised that I knew his name and disbelief was being shown clearly on my face. “You really don’t remember me do you?” I snarled, instantly angered. After what he did to me in school the least he could do was remember my bloody face, the anger grew inside of me until all I saw was red. My wand acted of its own accord and blasted him across the courtyard.

“Now, why don’t you leave my members alone lass?” A voice grumbled from behind me. I froze and an instant smirk was placed on my face.

“Now, now Moody, couldn’t let him get away without even remembering me now could I?” I smirked, turning around and raising my wand. We had discussed this previously; we had to make sure it looked like we were dueling each other, in case for some unknown reason a Death Eater or two escaped.

“I don’t blame yeah, but cut the guy some slack, he isn’t the brightest.” Moody joked, pretending to send a curse at me; I bent and let it hit the Death Eater behind me.

“Very true, but the lack of brain cells didn’t stop him from tormenting me at Hogwarts now though did it?” I asked coldly, more anger building up inside, I sent a curse at the Death Eater behind Moody, making him fall unconcious.

“I didn’t say it did now did I? I was just stating that maybe for the current situation let him be. But after he is all yours lass.” Moody smirked, stunning two Death Eaters behind me.

“Sounds fair.” I murmered, taking down a couple behind him. I looked around as Moody continued to curse, seemed like everything was settling down. The Order had rounded up the muggles and were hiding them in the shops, most of the Death Eaters lie either dead or knocked out on the ground. Some we will kill others we will bring back for questioning.

“Looks like you weren’t kidding about the strength of the Order eh Moody?” I breathed, my voice giving away how impressed I actually was.

“Yeah, we have been holdin’ up just right. More people have been going missing, but that’s to be expected these days.”  Moody replied coldy, knocking out one of the last Death Eaters still concious. It looked like the poor guy was coming over to help his leader out when Moody got him.

I looked at him in shock, clearly happy that everything went to plan. Just in time to see the building we were standing near by come tumbling down on us.

“Bugger” I thought as a piece of the wood came towards me. There was no time to respond before it hit me in the side of the head, making me collapse under the pressure.

“Cas!” I heard Moody yell in panic. But everything was going fuzzy, I sniffed at the weird smell around me. Weird enough it smelt like a fire. I tried to open my eyes but it was no use. My eyes remained shut and the rest of the world went black.

Author’s Note: Well there is the first chapter!! I know there wasn’t that much interaction in this chapter but the story is just beginning. I have the next six or so chapter planned out so if everything goes to plan the updates should be pretty quick! Let me know what you thought by leaving me a review, good or bad just let me know! J Thanks so much for reading!!


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