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The Journey Of Albus Potter: First Year by RachaelBrittain
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2, The Sorting of houses
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As the boats soon stopped on the edge of the lake, everyone slowly stepped out of their boats and made their way towards the castle as the noise increased. Everyone was excited with the fact that they were going to learn real magic, and especially about the sorting of houses, many people were very nervous as they didn’t want to go into certain houses, including Albus. He was terrified that he may end up in Slytherin unlike many people who were certain that they would be in a specific house. Albus, Ralf and Rose slowly made their way to the entrance hall, along like everyone else who was just about to start their first year at Hogwarts. As Hagrid had said, Professor Tweedy was waiting for them. She was a lanky witch with frizzy brown hair of which was turning gray. She stood in front of the large, closed, double oak doors of which everyone assumed lead towards the great hall. As the rest of the first years walked through to the entrance hall silence fell upon them all.

‘Hello and good evening witches and wizards, my name is Professor Tweedy and I am the head of your year. Welcome to Hogwarts School, I hope you had a good journey and enjoy your stay here at Hogwarts. I am also the flying teacher and Head of Hufflepuff house. Once I take you into the hall, you will stand and wait for me to call your name, and then sit on the stool which will be at the front of the hall, and you will wait for the sorting hat to make its decision. The Sorting ceremony will begin momentarily. When the sorting hat makes its decision you will then join your fellow house members at your house table, once the sorting hat has made its decision, you can’t change it. You will have to stay in your house for the next seven years at Hogwarts; your houses will be like your family here, so make the most of them,’ said Professor Tweedy happily.

The first years soon followed Professor Tweedy into the great hall where they stood nervously between the two long, wooden tables in the middle of the hall. There were five long wooden tables in the great hall, four of which were full of students; each of these tables represented a different house. At the top of the great hall there was another table of which was facing the other four tables but among this table were all of the teachers at Hogwarts. Everyone was looking towards the first years, who where just standing there looking around, most of whom were looking at the ceiling. ‘Wow it’s amazing!’ said Ralf.

‘It is, it’s not real by the way, the ceiling is bewitched to look like the sky, it’s beautiful,’ Said Rose in agreement.

The hall soon went silent as Professor Tweedy was now standing at the front of the hall with a tattered old hat held in one hand and a sheet of parchment in the other. ‘When I call your name you will come up to the front, sit on the stool and let me place the hat upon your head, and then wait to be sorted into your house,’ she said to the first years, ‘Sebastian Antomothy,’

Sebastian was a small brown haired boy who slowly made his way up to the front of the hall. Once he sat down on the stool nervously Professor Tweedy then placed the sorting hat upon his head which suddenly said in a loud, clear voice, ‘RAVENCLAW!’ There was then a loud cheer from Ravenclaw as the boy happily joined their table.

The ceremony carried on with the students being called in alphabetical order, everyone’s nerves slowly decreased as the sorting hat didn’t seem to be that frightening as it quickly made its decision then moved on. ‘Ralf Chant’ Professor Tweedy called.

Ralf went up nervously and sat on the stool the second the hat touched his head it yelled ‘GRYFFINDOR!’ Ralf then very happily joined the rest of the Gryffindor’s.

Soon it all changed in the hall, ‘Scorpious Malfoy.’ Professor Tweedy called. A boy with sleek blonde hair walked up to the stool and sat on it.

The hat then changed his ways of speaking, as before it only said one house, this time it spoke more than any one word. ‘Ahh, Malfoy, Scorpious Malfoy, Grandson of Lucious Malfoy he who ended in Azkaban by helping the Dark Lord.’ Said the Sorting hat as Scorpious’s face turned red, obviously he did not want everyone to know, but he also seemed proud as though everyone would now be scared of him. ‘Then your father Draco Malfoy, was sent by the Lord himself to kill Albus Dumbledore the only one who he who must not be named ever feared, Draco did not succeed, but Albus Dumbledore was killed that night by his own friend Severus Snape who was also a Death eater and was then the next headmaster of Hogwarts School. Dumbledore was the only person who was standing in the way of Harry Potter and in fact Harry Potter saved your father’s life as he would have been dead if it wasn’t for Harry Potter whom the Dark Lord wanted to kill. So, you have a history of Death Eaters in your family Scorpious, you’re a pure blood, I believe it is obvious what house you’re going to be in, SLYTHERIN!’ There was a large murmur from many voices of whom were talking about what the sorting hat had just said, Albus immediately felt hatred towards Scorpious even though he did not know him.

‘There isn’t a witch or wizard that hasn’t turned bad in Slytherin.’ Albus over heard someone near him saying.

‘There wasn’t a large speech from the sorting hat again until Professor Tweedy called, ‘Albus Potter.’ As his name was mentioned everyone in the hall suddenly went silent with the odd ‘OOO.’ Albus then slowly made his way up to the stool feeling very nervous and sat down uncomfortably on the stool.

‘Ahh another Potter now comes to Hogwarts; Albus Severus Potter, named after two headmasters of Hogwarts one of which murdered the other whom was in Slytherin. Like your father, you would do well in Slytherin, very well,’ said the sorting hat, but Albus was thinking strongly, not Slytherin, not Slytherin over and over again, ‘but your father also done well in Gryffindor, he was brave just like you. The famous Harry Potter, who defeated the Dark Lord and now is the greatest wizard of all times, obviously your brother is not the one, but you, you Albus are different, you look exactly like your father, who looked exactly like James Potter except his eyes, he had his mothers eyes, and you also have Lily’s eyes, so it must be you, It is Your turn Albus Potter, Gryffindor you shall be in.’ The Sorting hat then laughed after emphasising the words It is Your turn Albus Potter, This left everyone wondering especially Albus of what the sorting hat had meant. He slowly made his way to the Gryffindor table and sat next to his brother opposite Ralf.

‘What was the sorting hat on about? It is my turn? My turn for what?’ Albus asked his brother James.

‘I don’t know Albus, to be honest I don’t really care, I didn’t even know dad was famous, Ahh well, it isn’t my turn so there’s nothing I can do.’ Replied James carelessly, he was obviously irked that he wasn’t the one of whom was getting all the attention. Albus then quickly looked at Ralf; he shrugged and then turned around to watch the rest of the Sorting Ceremony.

‘Rose Weasley’ called professor Tweedy, A wave of vibrant red hair flew through the air as Rose went up and sat on the stool.

‘Ahh, Red hair, freckles another Weasley joins the school, GRYFFINDOR!’ Yelled the sorting hat just before it quickly burst into a song.

‘The Sorting is now over,
So do us a favour,
And sing a song,
All day long,
It’s a new year,
So come along dear,
And fill your heads,
Like I have just said,
At Hogwarts school,
But don’t be a fool,
Sing this song,
All year long.’

There was a loud applause but silence soon fell upon them as the head of Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall stood up to make her start of year speech. ‘Welcome first years to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and Welcome back the rest of you, I am delighted to see all your happy faces amongst us once more, I would like to welcome Professor Plotnik to our staff table this year, who will be taking over Professor Flitwick as Charms teacher. Once again Mr Filch has asked me to remind you all that the Dark Forest is strictly out of bounds to all students. Timetables will be coming around soon and quidditch trials will be held shortly after Halloween, your quidditch captains will let you know when the trials will be held. I hope you all enjoy your time at Hogwarts but for now let the Feast begin!’ Announced Professor McGonagall happily. At those last few words food suddenly appeared on every table, Albus then quickly helped himself to a chicken leg and a glass of Pumpkin juice whilst Ralf was looking up and down the table at the large variety of different types of food.

‘Ahh Albus glad to finally meet you,’ said a voice behind Albus. Standing there was a pale, white, transparent ghost. ‘I’m Nicholas by the way, the Gryffindor Ghost’ he added.

‘Nearly headless Nick, Hello nice to see you again Nick.’ Interrupted James before Albus could speak.

‘Hello Nick, very nice to meet you,’ said Albus quickly before he was interrupted again.

‘Ahh Albus you look just like your father, I use to be great friends with Harry and hello James I trust you had a good summer.’ Replied Nick.

‘Yes I did thank yo-‘said James who was once again interrupted.

‘Nearly headless? What do you mean nearly headless?’ asked Ralf.

Nick floated through the table towards Ralf and pulled his head off, although it was still attached by a small amount of skin, ‘this is how I can be nearly headless, Ralf I believe it is? Unfortunately my murderer did not chop my head off completely, otherwise I would have been able to join the headless hunt, they still won’t let me, but I would prefer it if you could just call me Nick or Sir Nicholas as some call me.’ Said Nick.

‘Ahh okay,’ Said Ralf just about to help himself to another chicken leg, but as he reached out all the plates disappeared and reappeared with deserts on. ‘OOO pudding,’ he said happily.

As everyone was soon full up the prefects of Gryffindor house stood up, ‘First year’s if you come with me I will show you where our common room is, so you can settle into your house or make your way to bed as it has been a long day and you will need your rest to start school tomorrow, your items have been taken up to your dormitory for you, come on everyone follow me,’ a tall dark haired fifth year said. Rose, Albus and Ralf got up at the table and followed the prefect to the grand staircase. They made their way to the seventh floor and turned right. ‘Keep an eye on the stair case’s by the way, they like to move. Behind this portrait is the entrance to the Gryffindor common room. The password this year is Mumbletonia so remember that.’

Placed upon the wall was a portrait of an old lady in a pink dress. ‘OOO new first years, Welcome to Hogwarts anyway, Password.’ She demanded.

‘Mumbletonia,’ said the prefect.

The first years slowly made their way into a large round room; there was a fire at the front of the room, with two sofas facing it, a coffee table in front of the sofas which looked like the best seats, the common room looked like such a peaceful place, it looked like home. ‘I think I’m going to go to bed, it’s been a long day, I’m quite tired, goodnight,’ Albus said to Rose and Ralf.

‘Wait up Albus, I think I’m going to go to bed too, goodnight Rose,’ Ralf said whilst making his way up the stairs to the boys dormitory. Ralf and Albus then walked into their room which had three other boys in already sitting on their four-poster beds in their pyjamas. ‘Hello, I’m Ralf Chant and this is Albus Potter,’ said Ralf happily picking a bed and pulling, his pyjamas out of his trunk.

‘Hello’ said a boy with short black hair, ‘I’m Roland Arvid,’

The smallest boy wear striped pyjama’s was the next to introduce himself, ‘I’m Lucas Kennedy,’ he said.

The last one seemed really nice and polite he said, ‘Hello I’m Eric Antonio, nice to meet you,’

‘Well I think I’m going to bed boys, goodnight,’ Said Roland happily.

‘Same,’ Lucas and Eric replied whilst tucking themselves into bed.

Albus then drew the curtains and went to bed, ‘Goodnight Ralf,’

‘Goodnight,’ he replied.

Albus started to think as he was drifting off to sleep, maybe his father didn’t tell him those things that everyone else had said for a reason; maybe he was just protecting me, maybe, maybe . . .

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