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Stolen freedom by Violets in the wind
Chapter 1 : Bellatrix's Revenge
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Two bodies. Both small and skinny, both covered in their own blood ant their own paper thin, torn clothes, both tied up. Harry Potter, the boy who lived opened his eyes slightly, to the girl he was lying around, both to protect her and for warmth. Smiling slightly, when he saw his wedding ring, he whispered to the girl " Kev? Kev, can you hear me?" as she stired, murmering "Harry?" and opened her eyes. What once was a deep purple, flecked with a green, the same as Harry's, grey, the same shad as Draco's, yellow, gold, blue and finaly blood red, now shadowed, hollow, dead. Harry's were likewise, after nearly 5 months of tortoure, Draco knowing nothing about this, Harry knew there was only two reasons he hadn't given up on everything. Draco, and "Kev". His huband, the love of his life and his best friend. 3 years since the war, and  since then, Harry and Draco got married in secret, with 'Kev''s help, and because of this, Draco's aunt kidnapped them and tourtured the both of them.


Realising she hadn't moved, he whispered again "Kev?" then seeinng how pale she was, past the blood, bruises and scars, he panicked, whispering "Kev? Kenny? Kennedy- Viollette, say something, move, dodn't be dead" shaking her slightly, then paniking even more, saying "For fucks sake Ried, do something, anything, please" Relived when she murmered "H-harry?" opening her eyes again trying to sit up, but froze as she heard him gasp at the extent of her scars. Smiling she whispered" It's alright, Harry" as he gently bit his lip, looking at the words carved into her arm, just about starting to heal "She did that to you, didn't she?" he whispered, now angry for her "Yeah... I'll live though" She whispered "The bitch" he hissed back, biting his lip as he heard the door creak open,a voice teasingly calling " Potter, Potter, what a rotter, tried to live, but got betrayed while trying, his husband left,  and your best freak is a liar. Reid's red, whoops it's dead, with her rotting father,and messed up brother..." the rhyme repeating it self as Bellatrix Lestrange comming into veiw, smirking at them 


Kev/Kennedy-Viollette lashed out "Go and join your dear husband", getting slapped by Bellatrix, she hissed "The little freak needs to learn some manners" as she pulled her up, and forced her up the stairs, with her struggling at every step, refusing to give her anny satisfaction of hearing her scream or cry as she was repeatedly crucioed her till she was thrown to the floor at the top, Bellatrix dragging her down the corridor scraming obscenities at her, both girls at it, as Harry heard another set of foot steps, both heavier and softer, as though it was a man, but didn't want to be heard. Harry thought to himself "Is it? Is it Dray? Please let it be, please let it be" Before he passed out, hitting his head again, breaking his glasses, and Kennedy's on the floor, from where they fell off her head, a pool of blood forming around him...

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