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Just Go With It by True Author
Chapter 2 : Running Away
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Amy Weinberg stared at the ceiling of her bedroom, waiting for the right opportunity to get out of bed. Her brothers Mathew and Richard were sitting right in front of her bedroom door, chatting in low voices. She knew that they were a bit suspicious about her behavior those days. They had noticed that she had packed a few clothes and other necessary things in a handbag and she hadn’t done anything naughty for a whole day. She had tried to tell them that she was packing because she was to leave the house next weekend as she was getting married. But it looked like they didn’t trust her anymore. She had tried to run away from her house thrice in just a month after all, and that was enough to make them more alert this time. It was hard for Amy to escape the house this time. But she hadn’t given up hope. She had planned to run away again and was determined not to return. She hated her house, her blood status and her parents. Her brothers were much better than her parents, and both of them were Ravenclaws. Still they weren’t out of their father’s words. They didn’t have the guts like Amy.

Amy was the naughtiest girl in the huge Weinberg family. She was aggressive, determined, funny and talkative from childhood. She had played pranks on each and every member of her family and they were almost afraid of her. She had been spanked and whipped and scolded but never showed any sign of improvement. Though she was naughty, she could win everyone’s heart by her innocence and charm. She had thick mousy brown hair, hazel eyes and lovely complexion. She wasn’t beautiful but she had grace and charm that made her so attractive.

Amy was quite a sensation amongst the boys when she was at Hogwarts, but she never had a boyfriend. She believed in soul mates and was waiting for hers to come. She was convinced that no boy at Hogwarts was her soul mate and had never paid much attention to any of them. She believed that when her soul mate would show himself, the moon (or sun) would be brighter and all the birds in the world would burst out in a lovely song. And now, at the age of twenty three, she had finally met her soul mate.

Charlie Hanson worked in the Three Broomsticks. Amy had met him during a Hogsmeade visit when she was seventeen. Charlie had just graduated Hogwarts and wanted to start his own pub. He had been working in the Three Broomsticks for experience. Amy was impressed by his deep, solemn voice, practical thoughts and heroic looks. He was very handsome, with dark blonde hair and electric blue eyes. He had been very friendly, but they weren’t dating or anything. But Amy was determined to get married to him. She believed that any person can get anything he really- truly desires. She desired freedom and Charlie and could get both if she ran away. She had even made a plan. A really fun one.

The idea had popped up in Amy’s head at the night when Ronan, a family friend had proposed her. She had accepted his marriage proposal right away and had acted as if she loved him. Her family was very happy with her decision, as Ronan was a pure-blood. They didn’t even suspect that there might be a plan in Amy’s mind. But her first attempt of running away had made them suspicious. She had been caught climbing the front gate by her father, who had been watching her from his bedroom window. She had lied that she was sneaking to her best friend Bree’s house for a party, but they didn’t wholly believe her. They caught her again for the second time when she was trying to pack food from the kitchen at midnight. She was trying to get their house elf cook something for her, but he ran to tell this to his mistress. Her mother had punished her by locking her into her room for two days without enough food. This was her third attempt of running away. Unfortunately, Matthew and Richard were keeping an eye on her that night.

Amy lay there for like fifteen minutes and then dared to get up. Her brothers weren’t talking anymore, hopefully asleep. She stepped into her favorite shoes with rubber soles and tiptoed to the bedroom door. She peered through the keyhole, kneeling on the floor. To her satisfaction, she saw that both of her brothers were fast asleep on the couch. Matthew was snoring, his head resting on Richard’s shoulder, while Richard’s head lay on the back of the couch. Their dark brown hair was gleaming in the light of the lantern. Amy slowly got up from the floor, revising her plan. She went to her closet and put casual muggle clothes, as she intended to hide amongst muggles if necessary. She decided to pack her shoes into her luggage and wear the rubber soled ones, just to be safe. She was going to escape from the back door this time, as no one’s window showed it. She had stolen the keys from their house elf Wiggly and had duplicated them. she got them out of her closet drawer and tiptoed to the door again. She could still hear Matthew snoring loudly. She smiled to herself once and then opened the door avoiding noise. She popped her head out to make sure if anyone’s watching and stepped out carefully. She locked the door silently with a charm just to be safe.

Amy’s bedroom was on the third landing while the back door was at the back side of the living room on ground floor. She had to ascend the stairs carefully without breaking the silence. When she reached her parents’ bedroom, she paused at the door for a second.

“Goodbye, mom and dad.” she whispered. “Take care. I’m not gonna miss any of you.”

Then smiling to herself, she made to the door again. Wiggly was sleeping on the mattress in the living room, quite tired. He was the only one Amy liked in the family, though he hardly obeyed her. She had always felt bad for the poor thing and had been very nice to him. She whispered goodbye to him too.

The back door was an ancient wooden door with the family name carved into it. It had a golden lock as well as a handle and the keys were charmed in a way such that only a family member could open it. The keys Amy had duplicated were now hanging  from the end of Wiggly’s dirty clothes while Amy had the original ones with her. Being a family member, she easily unlocked the door and stepped out.

After a moment, Amy Weinberg was standing on the streets of London amongst the muggles. The streets were almost empty as it was over midnight now. She took a deep breathe. She felt free and light when the cool and fresh air filled her lungs. The night winds were all about her- cool and refreshing. She could feel the freedom encompass her. She was no more a pure-blood family member. She wasn’t bound to marry a pure blood and give birth to a pure blood. She was just Amy- just Amy who could listen to her own heart. She was now free to marry Charlie.

“Amy Weinberg knows how to get what she desires.” She said proudly to herself.

She outstretched her arms and hugged herself quickly, closing her eyes in satisfaction. Then she turned back to take a look at the mansion that had been her house for twenty three years. It looked grim and cold, like it looked most of the time.

“I know you liked me family,” she muttered, “but I want freedom and that is something you’d never give to me.”

But there was a problem. She didn’t know how she was going to Hogsmeade.

I should go get my money from Gringotts she thought Maybe then I can figure out what to do.

And within a second, she disappeared. Now she was going away from them all, but who knows- she’d have to come back.


Hi! Here’s the next chapter for you lovely readers. =] Amy is my favorite now. I love writing her and I hope you like reading her. I’m trying my best to make her believable and realistic. If you think there’s something I need to improve, feel free to let me know. =]


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Just Go With It: Running Away


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