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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 19 : Chapter 19
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"What do you mean you kissed James?" Lucy cried loudly, as Lily screamed in glee beside her.

"I'm going to get a sister in law I actually like." Lily screamed, jumping up and down on the bed Lucy and Amelia were sitting on.

"Don’t rush things Lily, it was only a kiss."

"Yeah, but soon you'll be married," Lily cried still jumping around ecstatically.

"Everyone is going to hear you if you don't quiet down," Lucy said, turning around to try and grab her cousins leg to stop her bouncing around.

They were sitting in the room that used to belong to Ginny Weasley in The Burrow, which was Lily and Lucy’s grandparent’s house. It was the next morning and Amelia had just told them about what had happened between her and James the night before. This morning her and James were slightly awkward around each other but only because neither of them knew what to do next. Amelia knew that she would have to talk to Lucy about it and Lily was quick to join them as Hugo wasn’t going to be turning up to hang around with her.

"We’re not going to be getting married," Amelia told them, running her hand through her hair before looking down at her hands, feeling slightly nervous about talking to them.

"I don't even know if anything is going to even happen between us."

This stopped Lily; she looked down at Lucy and saw equal shock written across her face. They both turned to look at Amelia.

"But why? You do like him, right?" Lily asked; Lucy tutted at her.

"Don’t be silly of course she does. She talks about him enough during potions."

Amelia sighed before she answered, "I do like him, I really do. But..."

"But?" Lucy pushed, as Lily jumped down to sit next to them both. They were both still looking at Amelia.

"The only problem is that he finishes school this year, and I've still got a whole year to go."

"So? Lots of people have relationships like that. I don't see the problem."

"He’s going to Romania for three years," Amelia cried giving a small laugh, trying to get through to Lily and Lucy, but it seemed to be hopeless.

"So it’s a long distance relationship?"

"Too long a distance, he won't be able to come back too often, he's got a career to focus on. It won't be fair to him to give all that up for me."

"But you could try," Lily tried.

“Look I know you want me and James to have something, and believe me I do too, more than anything. But it’s just not reasonable. We've had a talk about this, a very long talk,”

This was true, they had stayed up quite a while after their kiss, which had lasted a fair few minutes, talking about their feelings and what would happen between them with James going off to Romania.

“We've agreed that it’s not the right time to have any sort of relationship, especially this close to exams, it could stop him from getting his dream job. If we both feel the same way when he comes back from Romania, then maybe we’ll try to have a relationship. But until then..." Amelia finished with a shrug. Lucy and Lily looked defeated as Amelia sighed again. The only guy she ever really liked, or had an interest in, she couldn't have and it was not a nice feeling knowing this.

"Well either way you're a lot better than Sarah," Lily told her, a disgusted look on her face. "I don't know what he saw in her."

"She seemed alright," Amelia said with a shrug, "James seemed to like her."

"Yeah and James really likes you" Lucy said, pointing at Amelia, who gave a small smile.

"James wants us to have something at least until the end of the year," Amelia admitted to them

"And why don't you?" Lily asked getting her hopes up again.

"Not only has he just got out of his relationship with Sarah -"

"That was months ago."

"It's still not that long ago, he might still be recovering from it." Amelia told her before continuing. "Also, I don't want to end up falling for him and then have to lose him for three years, and what if during those three years he meets someone else? I don't think I could let myself go through that. It’s best to not have anything so I don't get my hopes up. And then if at the end of the three years he meets someone or I meet someone, then it’s not meant to be."

"You’re being very reasonable, I don't think I would be able to do that,” Lucy admitted.

Lily sighed as the general mood of the group lowered, "Me neither. It sucks to grow up."

"Yeah it does," Amelia agreed.

They sat in a few minutes silence as they each began to think about the situation, both Lucy and Lily were thinking of how to get Amelia to go out with their cousin and brother and Amelia was thinking about the kisses that her and James had shared not more than a few hours ago.

"Isn’t everything going to be awkward between you two now?" Lucy asked, Amelia gave another shrug in response.

"I really hope not, he's such a great guy and I love being around him."

Lily and Lucy gave wide smiles to each other and Amelia rolled her eyes.

"I said I love being around him, come on guys you're not helping me. I need to not get my hopes up otherwise I'm going to go down there and tell him to forget everything I've said."

"Just do it Amelia. No hear me out!" Lucy added when she saw the look Amelia was now giving her, "even if it’s just until the end of the term have fun with each other, maybe don't become a couple, but have some fun with each other, at least you'll have that together."

"I don't know..." Amelia began with a small groan.

"If you don't even try you'll be wondering 'what if' for the rest of your life."

"You know she's right," Lily said as Amelia turned to look at her for her opinion on this all. "You’ll end up kicking yourself if you don't even try and then it becomes too late."

Amelia sighed, "I'll talk to James about it ok?"

"Yay," Lily and Lucy cried, clapping to themselves; Amelia couldn't help but smile with them.

“Well let’s go downstairs then,” Lucy cried standing up; Amelia looked up at her with a frown before she too stood up.

“I’m not admitting my feelings now you know,” she told her.

“I know that,” Lucy said rolling her eyes at her friend, as Lily stood up and they all walked out of the room. “I can just smell hot cross buns cooking and I’m hungry.”

Amelia followed them as they walked down the stairs and towards the kitchen. The smells coming out of it making Amelia’s stomach rumble appreciatively she was really looking forward to eating. So it seemed did James, Adam and Albus as they were all sitting at the dining room table, watching their Nan (and Adam’s honorary Nan) taking some hot cross buns out of the oven, steam filling the kitchen.

Harry, Ginny, Percy and Audrey were all sitting in the front room, talking with Arthur and Molly, Lucy’s sister, was helping out her Nan in the kitchen, preparing all of the jams and butters which were to be used on the buns.

The three girls all walked over to the table to take a seat as they waited for their buns, Lucy and Lily were quick to sit down leaving the space next to James free, She gave them a quick glare as they beamed at her widely, she took a seat slowly next to James and turned to give him a smile. He was staring at her a smile on his own face.

“Are you alright?” he asked her, his hand reaching forwards to grab hold of her hand and giving it a quick squeeze, before he removed his hand before anyone saw, but as Lucy and Lily were watching them carefully they of course saw everything. They gave quick ‘aww’s and giggles, before Amelia turned to glare at them and James gave them an odd look. Adam turned to look at them all wondering just what was going on and Lucy seemed to have realized that Adam was sitting at the table with them, she felt herself blushing as Adam gave her a quick wink and she hid her face from him quickly,
Amelia was quick to laugh at her, thinking that payback was fun. She would have to see if she could get Lucy to admit her feelings for Adam before the school year was up.


They were all sitting around the dining room, feeling very full of food as well as sweets, Nana Molly had given them all baskets filled with lots of different chocolate eggs, each filled with different sauces and syrups, Amelia was very surprised at the kind present from Molly and thanked her, Adam although thanked her seemed to be unfazed by it. ‘He must have had them before,’ Amelia thought.

It wasn’t as crowded in The Burrow as it would have been if the whole family had shown up. But Charlie was still in Romania having been unable to get the time off of work, Ron and Hermione were visiting Hermione’s parents house with Hugo and Rose, the same was with Bill, Fleur, Dominique and Louis who were visiting France to see Fleur’s parents and sister. Victoire and Teddy her fiancé were going to visit Teddy’s grandmother, so there was a lot more food for everyone else. Not that Nana Molly would have let anyone go hungry if they had turned up.

“It’s nice without everyone here,” Lucy admitted as Lily and James nodded next to her. Albus currently had his face buried in his Easter egg; strawberry fondant was covering some of his face and hair. Amelia watched him in disgust as everyone else seemed to have ignored him, probably used to his behavior by now.

“Why don’t you use your hands to break it apart?” Amelia asked Albus, leaning forwards to talk across the table, still watching him with a small look of disgust on her face.

Albus looked up at her from his egg and she could see that the fondant had definitely got into his curly hair.

“Because it would taste different,” he told her as though it would be obvious.

Amelia resisted asking him how and he buried his face back into the fondant.

“It’s definitely nice,” James responded turning his back on Albus to face the others. “You can move around without hurting anyone.”

Molly who had joined them all, eating small pieces of her chocolate like a normal person would instead of like an animal as Albus was, nodded her agreement.

“It makes you realize just how quiet everyone else has It.” she said. Lucy, Lily and James nodded. Adam and Amelia found it amazing that they thought that this was quiet, compared to their holidays at home which consisted of them, their parents and sometimes their Uncle and Aunt.

Amelia dreaded to think what Christmas was like when they were all together, imagining destruction and broken items, probably as well as broken bones. Although it sounded like a right laugh to have so many people around. She really hoped that maybe one day she could be a part of it all.

She turned to look at James, who was watching her with a smile on his face. She felt his hand slide to hers under the table and he laced his fingers with hers, she felt her stomach flip and an inane urge to jump around in excitement from it. She contented herself to just move closer to him so they could hold hands more comfortably.

This was going to be difficult.

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