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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 11 : Getting back to normality
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A/N: Kieron is not owned by me, he is owned by the lovely TheHeirOfSlytherin. He is her amazing creation so go and check him out in her stories :p

“You’re going to be late for the train Louis if you don’t get down here.” Louis heard his sister Dominique call up the stairs.

He continued stuffing a few more items into his already overfull backpack. His mother had brought him some more clothes over the holidays, much to Louis’s arguing that he really didn’t need any, and that his family were doing enough as it was. But as usual, it had fallen on deaf ears, he was very thankful though.

He grabbed for a pair of socks sitting on top of his badly made bed, and rushed out of the room, his backpack clutched in his other hand. He entered the kitchen, and put his bag onto the side as he sat down at the kitchen table to put his socks on.

Dominique grabbed hold of Louis’ bag and started emptying the contents, reorganising it all for him so nothing would start falling out of it, whilst Victoire and his mother seemed to be packing him a lunch for the train, both whispering to each other about what biscuits to put into what appeared to be a whole carrier bag full of food.

“Here you are Lou-Lou,” Dom said after Louis had finished putting his socks on and had stood up, she passed him his backpack, that was now zipped up.

“Thanks Dom,” Louis said with a smile, as he walked out of the room to grab his shoes so that they could leave. The others all followed him out of the door, all of them wanting to say goodbye to
Louis at the station, his father closed the door behind them and grabbed hold of Louis’s arm to side-along apparate them when they had reached their apparation point.

They arrived at platform 9 and ¾ around five minutes later, to see various students and their parents walking around. Louis and his family waved over at Percy, who was bringing Molly and Lucy back to school, Audrey must have been at work, as they found a place that they could stand and say their goodbyes.

Louis looked around expectantly as he stood. He had been hoping that Freya would have made an appearance to say goodbye to him. Crazy he knew, as her father would never let her come down here, but he still hoped that she would have. He must have looked downcast as his sister brought him out of his thoughts by asking him in French if he was looking for Freya. Louis knew the reason she was asking in French was so no one else who was lurking around would be able to know what the conversation was about, to which he was thankful. He really didn’t want the school knowing everything about his business, which they didn’t already know.

Louis gave a nod as he said back to her that he wished that she would have come down to say goodbye to him, but her dad must be keeping her inside.

Bill nodded as he placed a hand on Louis’s shoulder, telling him that hopefully Ted would come around soon and realise that he can’t control everything. Bill had been taught French by Fleur; he was becoming as fluent as his children, to the delight of Fleur, who had told them all that Bill had helped her learn more English when she was a teenager.

“Don’t start speaking French just to confuse me; you know I get paranoid that you’re all talking about me.”

They turned around at the sound of the voice and saw that Horatio had made his way over to them; he was looking at each of the Weasleys in turn as worry crossed his face. Victoire gave a small laugh as Dominique walked over to him and placed a small kiss on his cheek, before rubbing the top of his hair affectionately. “Don’t worry about it, Horatio, it wasn’t about you.”

“Be glad that Kieron’s not here to see you kissing Horatio on the cheek, I have a feeling that your boyfriend is the jealous type.” Louis joked, smirking at his sister. Dominique rolled her eyes at Louis as Horatio held onto his cheek with a smile on his face at the fact that a girl kissed him on the cheek.

“Kieron’s not my boyfriend,” Dominique told him.

“Not yet, but it won’t be long.” Bill stated quietly, but everyone heard him.

“Dad,” Dominique exclaimed, turning to look at her dad who was trying to look innocent and pretending that he hadn’t said anything. “You of all people shouldn’t be saying that, I’m your little girl, you should be protecting me.”

“I do protect you. Not that you need protecting with that left hook of yours,” Bill said, sounding amused and slightly proud of the fact that his daughter had a good left hook. “You especially don’t need protecting with Kieron around, that boy could definitely look after you for me.”

Dominique was shaking her head, but Louis could see a faint blush crossing her face.

Bill gave a laugh before putting his hand into his pocket, walking a bit closer to Louis.

“Here,” Bill said, holding his hand out to his son, who held his own under it sceptically. Louis felt a few coins drop into his hands and he looked down at them in shock, before looking back up at his dad in question.

“It’s for your apparation lessons,” Bill answered, “Me and your mother paid for Vic’s and Dom’s, so it’s only fair that we pay for yours too.”

“Dad, I can’t accept this, you’ve already done so much already.” Louis said, trying to give the money back, but Bill conveniently hid his hands in his pockets.

“I won’t be taking it back, you need to have those lessons Louis,” Bill told him.

Louis gave his dad a smile as he walked forward and hugged him, the money gripped in his hand tightly. He felt like all he done lately was hug his family and feeling grateful for everything that they were doing for him. He didn’t know how he would have got through anything without their support and love and this was the easy part of everything, he wasn’t sure how he would ever be able to repay them.

“You really are the best family I could have ever asked for,” Louis stated as he pulled away from his father and hugged his mother.

“That’s the soppiest thing I have ever heard come from your mouth. I think we need to man you up Louis.” Horatio stated, clapping Louis on the back after he had finished hugging his family.

They all laughed as Louis put the money into his backpack and zipped it back up, throwing it over his shoulder again. Victoire held the carrier bag full of food that she and her mother had prepared earlier, up to him and Louis took it thankfully. Horatio’s eyes seemed to light up as he noticed that it was full of food.

“We’ve packed extras because of Horatio,” Victoire told them, nodding at Horatio who grinned.

“Oh, thank you. You guys are awesome!” Horatio grinned, blowing them all kisses. “We should get going Louis before the train leaves without us. As always Weasleys, it has been an absolute pleasure to see you all; it’s an honour to call you all my second family.”

He gave them all a wink before he pulled Louis over to the train.

“We’ll let you know if we hear anything from Freya,” Dominique called across the platform in French. Louis gave her a thumbs up to show that he heard her before he climbed aboard the train with Horatio.

They found an empty carriage and took a seat in it, it was considerably emptier than it would have normally been. Not as many people went home for Easter as they did for Christmas, so there were many more carriages for them to choose from.

“Let’s dig into the food shall we?” Horatio said as soon as the train began to pull away from the station. He was rooting in his own backpack and seemed to pull out some items of food that his own mother had packed for him and placing them on the seat, so that they could both share.


Louis laughed as he walked towards the common room with Horatio in tow. They hadn’t long finished dinner, which they of course had second helpings of, even though they had eaten practically all of the food they had taken onto the train with them. Louis was laughing because Horatio had just told him that he should have taken a third helping of chocolate cake.

Louis and Horatio were ignoring the students that were walking passed them and staring at the two. Louis didn’t feel the need to hang his head and hide his face from them, avoiding their gaze like he normally would have done, he felt like things were starting to slowly piece themselves together in his life. He was starting to feel like he was beginning to make sense of everything that was happening, the only thing he needed was to get Freya to not listen to her father and make decisions for herself. He had decided to try and get her to see reason when he went back home at the end of the school year, he would go around to her house every day until he was able to see her, not caring how her father acted or what he threatened Louis with.

Until then he was going to send her letters, even if she didn’t reply to them, he wasn’t going to stop trying. He wasn’t going to let her get brainwashed by her own father, he was going to keep letting Freya know that he was going to be there for her, that he wasn’t going anywhere. They could do this together.

“Molly was definitely flirting with you,” Louis told Horatio with a smile as they entered the common room, the chatter in the room didn’t quieten down as they entered, something that Louis noticed and was thankful for. Louis had noticed at dinner that Molly was being quite flirty with Horatio, having come over from her own house to sit at their table with them. Quite close to Horatio actually, that he thought for a moment that Molly would have been sitting on Horatio’s lap at some point, not that Horatio minded in the slightest.

Horatio screwed his face up slightly as though he didn’t believe his words, “You’re just trying to get my hopes up Louis.”

“I’m not,” Louis said with a small laugh, “she really has been flirting with you. It pains me to say it as she’s my cousin, but I think that maybe you should ask her out.”

“Why would she be interested in me?” Horatio asked as they made their way to the sixth year boys dormitory, the room was empty, the other occupant’s more than likely still at dinner.

“I’m sorry, did you just say that out loud?” Louis asked, shocked, as Horatio threw himself down onto Louis’s bed and looked up at the ceiling, his hands resting under his head. Horatio gave him a small shrug in answer.

“Because you’re bloody awesome, that is why.” Louis told him, “Horatio you are funny, you’re intelligent, and you’re a fantastic person.”

“I don’t think it’s just Molly, that’s doing the flirting now.” Horatio said with a smile. Louis rolled his eyes before laying down next to Horatio on the bed and looking up at the ceiling. “Have you been hiding some secret feelings for me?”

“You’re a jerk.” Louis laughed.

“Don’t take this the wrong way Louis, but I want to be in bed with your cousin, not you.” Horatio stated, Louis pretended to be disappointed.

“Then go and tell her how you feel. Probably don’t mention that part of how you want to take her straight to the bedroom, it might scare her off, and you’ll have to face the wrath of my Uncle Percy.”

“Yeah, I’m having second thoughts on that idea.” Horatio said before sitting up and getting off of the bed, making his way to the bathroom. “Plus, I’ll let her ask me out if she’s really interested, otherwise I’ll just look like a pathetic loser.”

“You already look like a pathetic loser,” Louis said before laughing, Horatio shook his head at Louis.

“Ouch. I have missed this side of you, make sure he stays around,” Horatio told him before walking into the bathroom and closing the door behind him.

Louis smiled as he looked up above him, he had missed feeling like this as well, and he was almost feeling back to his normal self.

A tapping at the window brought him out of his thoughts; he sat up and looked over at the window. He walked over to it and opened it when he realised that his family owl Peck, was at the window.

Peck was standing on the window ledge and had its leg sticking out for Louis to take the envelope, Louis did so and Peck immediately flew away from him. Louis frowned slightly before looking down at the envelope in his hand, recognising his father’s writing instantly.

He opened it as he walked back over to his bed, taking a seat as he pulled the letter from the envelope, the envelope fluttered to the floor.

“What have you got there?” Horatio asked, walking out of the bathroom and over to where Louis was sitting reading the letter. “Is it Molly declaring her love for me?”

Louis shook his head before standing up and looking at Horatio, the letter clutched so tightly in his hand that Horatio could see it starting to scrunch up.

“Freya’s turned up at my house in tears. Dad says that she’s brought a bag with her and that she’s saying that she walked out of her house, apparently she had a massive argument with her dad,”
Louis looked down at the letter, the shock of the situation across his face. “She has actually done it, she finally stopped listening to him.”

He walked out of the room quickly; Horatio had to run after him to catch up. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to ask Flitwick if it’s okay if I floo my house and talk to her. I need to talk to her; I need to see if she’s okay.”


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