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my brothers bestfriend by Candeekiller
Chapter 6 : Surprises
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Lily Evans

I sat in the room of requirement awaiting Lucius arrival. it's the first time i've ever showed before he did. I sit here telling myself that this will be my last night with him. That i'll walk away tonight knowing that i'll never allow this to happen again.

he has feelings for you
Remus' words have been echoing in my head all day. if he wanted me to let go of the idea of Sirius' and I as a thing he really shouldn't have mentioned that to me.

"I'm a man of little patience."


"so it's nice to see i wont be kept waiting tonight."
his stride was elegant and confidant bringing his body closer to mine placing his strong hand and the back of my neck.
his fingers curled into my hair pulling me to rise from the arm chair i had settled in.
our eyes locked; i knew then there was something wrong. his eyes have never been kind or gentle towards me but they've never been cold either.
his gaze that normally burned with desire was making my heart freeze at it's indifference.

"you disgust me."

"feelings mutual"
he threw me down on the bed his body immediately pushing against mine atop the silk sheets cooling the warmth that was collecting in my abdomen. i couldn't stop the sounds that escaped me as he slipped of my clothes.

his hands were warm.
just this last time and its over.

do you really believe that?
my own mind was doubting as i gave into his touch. his eyes were cold but his body was warm and oh so enthusiastic. but i couldn't help but wonder if i would be able to stop after knowing the ways he could please me.

I had resolved. this is the last time. but when i told him e was less than agreeable.

"you cannot be serious."

"i am"

"you've sung this song before Dren."
i buttoned my pants and moved to slip on my shoes when i felt him grab me by the waist. pushing him off of me i stepped away my shoes in one hand and my school bag in the other. i had told my brother i was going to the library to study and that i'd meet him and the others later.
i doubt they actually expect me to be there.

"i mean it this time. i've grown tired of this game"

"excuse me" his voice was contained a touch of malice.

"you heard me"

"you can say you're done all you want but you and i both know this isn't over"
he ran his fingers over my collar bone stuffing a small slip of paper in my shirt as he said his peace before leaving me alone in what i guess you could call "our" room..

tomorrow night same time

i swore to myself i wouldn't show.

i entered the common room knowing my brother would be here waiting for me. Standing in the entrance i saw the he and Lily were having one of their rare peaceful conversations.
I say rare because honestly you have a better chance of seeing the giant squid then seeing the two of them having any interaction that is him asking her out and her slapping him in the face.

"I have arrived!" announcing my arrival i took a few steps closer; a warm smile coming over me as i thought how lucky i am to have such wonderful friends here.

"Dren! there you are i have been looking every where for you"
Sirius lifted himself from the sofa bounding towards me like an excited child.

"yes well as you see i am here and excruciatingly bored." i snapped my fingers at Sirius "dance for me slave boy. dance"

he chuckled lightly throwing his arm around me "then you my friend are going to love me"

"and why is that"
we took a seat next to my brother as Remus eyed us warily. catching his eye i shifted away from Sirius just a little but that only made him pull me closer; unintentional or not he didn't acknowledge his movement. to busy listening to James to be distracted

"Pads here wants to sneak out to hogsmade and got to london."

"how exactly are we supposed to get there?" i scoffed "none of us know how to apparate"

Remus smiled at my observation "she's right; it's not like we can just walk into these places and use their fire places to floo there; they all know we're students."

"exactly! besides it's completely irresponsible to even consider."
Lily immediately jumped on the chance to discourage this moment of supplied adventure but i couldn't help but notice a slight tinge of disappointment in her eyes.

"the hogs head could be convinced for the right amount of coin"
sirius and james glanced at one another and i knew that they had reached their conclusion and any one who came along for the ride was in for a treat.

i was definately in.
apparently so was Lily; i knew Remus was in even though he disputed it. knowing full well he only did so to keep Lily for jumping on him about not even attempting to keep james and sirius out of trouble.

"where do you suppose they plan on going when we get to london."

"dress nice"

"how nice?"

"casual nice."
she pulled herself into black skinny jeans simillar to the ones i was wearing and a sheer black blouse with a burgandy tank top underneath; smart as always she wore a simple pair of all black converse just as i did.

my top was a little more riskay. i wore a studded corset in a deep wine coloer with a simple leather jacket. the sweetheart neckline catching a little more attention then needed. our attire isnt unusual for us but still nice enough to allow us into any place the marauders wish to take us. 

we had chosen to skip dinner. chosing instead to catch dinner in london hoping that we would succesfully sneak off campus. we made our way to the statue of the one-eyed witch with lily tittering away about how awful an idea this was and how she doesnt know how we talked her into it.

"we'd be less likely to get caught if youd just shut up" i smirked at her light scowl as she registered how right i was; her curiosity about our great escape also on her mind.

"why are we standing in front of this statue shouldnt we be going through the front or the saide doors or something"

my brother and i shook our heads at her and james chuckled lightly "you know evans there is so much more to this school then meets the eye"

she quirked an eyebrow in his direction and he piulled out his wand lightly tapping the statue on the head "dissendium"

turning proudly towards lily he offered her his hand which she took only because of the darkness that lay ahead of us in the stairwell.

"of course you know about secret passage ways' i'd expect nothing less from the likes of you. is this the only one?"

though the words would seem cruel to any outside of our little group the small smile Lily bore as she took his had was paired with a sparkle in her eye. i knew this look. She was impressed.

there's not many things my berother can do to impress lily; after all he's only done so on three different occasions. The first being when she discovered the truth about the map they had created.

the second time was when she caught him and sirius turning back from their animagus form; it took some convincing but she had promised not to say a word to anyone simply because there was no way any one would believe they were that talented anyhow.

but the third time he impressed her was when she began to find my brother more tolerable then before. Seeing as she discovered the truth about Remus and how my brother stayed by his side loyal as ever and had even warned her; the love of his life; that should she ever tell anyone and put Remus in danger he would never forgive her. though lily did joke later that night at the prospect of having a way to rid herself of him permanently

"there are seven. i'll show you another time.could make a date out of it"
this is the first time i've seen lily not yell at him for rule breaking without a respectable reason. she is certainly softening up to him alot

"i would say dont hold your breath but the prospect of you dying is just to wonderful to pass up."

we snickered quietly at my brothers rejection. he just had to ruin it. Remus was at the front of the stairwell carefully leading the way hoping to sniff out anyone who would be in honeydukes at this time to prevent us from being caught.

there was just too many of us to fit under the invisibility cloak.

Sirius and I strayed in the back allowing James to tell Lily more secrets about the school; he was grinning from ear to ear. excited to have a civil conversation with her.

"he's making progress."

"yeah; i honestly think she likes him. if he wasnt such a douche all the time they'd probably be together already"

"prongs isnt a douche he just; i dont know. He isnt as confidant when it comes to lily."

"because he's a douche"

"because he actually cares about her. its easier with the other girls cause if they say no it deasnt really matter. With Lily; when she says know it breaks his heart everytime."

i shrugged half heartedly knowing that this was true. James has been trying for ages to catch her eye and everytime he fails he gets this look on his face like a peice of him just died. 

"he's still a douche"
sirius's arm found it's way around my shoulders making my heart beat erratically.

"yes well he is our douche. and we love our douchy brother"
there it is again. the reality that he cares for me as nothing more then his sister.

"where are we headed anyhow"

"theres this new place in town; well london."


"it's a lounge. has a bar and a dance floor"

"what kind of music do they play"

"from what i've heard they play a bit of everything but mostly alternative."

"guess we'll have to see when we get there."
he smiled as we reached the trap door that would lead us through thwe cellar of honeydukes. Remus sniffed around waiting to catch a scent.

"there;s no one down here but lets be careful they're still open and i can only catch a few scents."
we nodded and carefully stepped into the cellar. doing our best to no knock over anything as we made our ways to the stairs leading out of the basement. remus was right there were only seven or ten stragglers looking around the shop. still we managed to slip amongst them unnoticed.

"do you really think the owner of the hogshead will cave?"

"theres only one way to find out"
sirius steered me to the hogshead. they werent known much for their service or even pleasantries. they were known for their discretion. the hogshead was the number one place to go in hogsmade if you were up to something you didnt want others to know about.

it took more coaxing then we thought it would but with the 50 galleons my brother produced from his pocket the owner was more then pleased to supply us with flood powder and a fireplace.

"james" i stepped towards my brother before as we all grabbed a nice handful. 


"just a question. is muggle money needed for this trip cause i dont think any of us have that"

he laughed a little. afterall if it was a muggle run place we'd be screwed.

"nope. ran by wizards. and i hear we can get some great party favors."
party favors? there arent many drugs in the world of wizards; our usual thrills coming from muggle substances. They may not be able to do magic by my god their substances take you to a whole other level.

now magical drugs are harder to come by but when you get your hands on them your in for a wild ride.

my brother stepped into the fireplace; fistful of floo powder and spoke clearly

"The Round Table"

A/N so thats the end of that. i know i know i have them sneaking off to london unnoitced, they are the marauders. Adventurous by nature. anywho this is leading up to something special that my dearest friend will be helpin me write next chapter and believe me you are in for a treat also i called the club the round table because i thought its be a nice acknowledgement of king arthurs kngihts of the round table and who was his wizard friend?
why merlin himself lol i had to do it

just so were clear i dont condone drug use but i will have it in my next chapter. forwarning,.

hoped you enjoyed my pretties


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