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The Interview by HandofGlory
Chapter 1 : Getting a Job
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I miss Hogwarts.

It's only been four years since I graduated from there, but I miss having the easy life of a young witch. I would have no adult worries, living with my parents, going off to school to learn the wonders of magic. Of course, there were the random dangers that plagued the school. Mostly during my last couple of years of education though.

My sixth year, a troll somehow entered our school through the dungeons. The whole school erupted in a seemingly endless panic until Headmaster Dumbledore calmed us all down and sent us to our houses. I remember my friend Penelope Clearwater leading my house back to the Ravenclaw dormitories, and hearing the tales of two first years, the Boy Who Lived Harry Potter and his ginger friend Ron Weasley, confronting the hideous creature in a girl's bathroom and taking the troll out. And then that whole forbidden third floor corridor? Yeah, apparently, You-Know-Who was controlling our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher trying to get some treasure that was in the walls of our own school. Again, the names of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley came up again.

Next year, my final year at Hogwarts, was the whole Chamber of Secrets incident. Something or someone was petrifying the students, cats, and ghosts around the school. My friend Penelope was one of those students, stuck frozen with her beautiful mouth agape in shock. I visited her in the Hospital Wing everyday, waiting for any sign of revival. Every time I went, Percy Weasley, prefect of Gryffindor, was kneeling down at her side, holding her cold grey hand in his. Apparently they have been secretly dating, but that's not what I was thinking at the time, more that it was another Weasley being involved in the events of Hogwarts.

Sooner or later, that something that was causing harm throughout the school finally took one of the students for their own, a young first year named Ginny Weasley. Huh, another Weasley. And Harry and her brother Ron saved her again and closed the chamber. Obviously Harry Potter was a legend and a hero on his own, but maybe the Weasleys are champions of there own. Or there just there when shit goes down. Either one could go I guess.

After that whole debacle, school resumed as normal, and I graduated from that wonderful school. Which was weird, because finals were canceled due to events. I guess our grades were just based on our coursework throughout the whole year. Now I can go into the real world as the adult I always wanted to be, able to do magic and have an even more exciting adventure than a school filled with mischievous spirits, violent trees, and the whatnot.

Or so I'd thought. Life wasn't as easy as it was when I was a young child.

My dream job was to be an artist, painting the magical portraits and landscapes, and having them shown throughout the whole world. Perhaps I could make some mundane Muggle paintings to be sold throughout the world, put up in musuems for them to enjoy. But the job market for that is very scarce. Not many people request as many paintings as they used to. It wasn't paying much either, and I needed my parents help to keep up with paying for my flat.

And there were still dangers that weren't limited to the stone walls of Hogwarts. The criminal Sirius Black has escaped from the unescapable Azkaban, the Quidditch World Cup riots, the supposed return of You-Know-Who, the breakout of dangerous Death Eaters from that terrifying prison, the student uprising against the Ministry, You-Know-Who and his followers appearing at the Ministry. I no longer had that safe haven the school provided the protect me from all of this. I had to fend for myself in this dangerous wizarding world.

I can't keep relying on my parents anymore. They have done so much for me that I will be ever grateful for. I need to be self reliant, earning the Sickles and Galleons for myself, even if I didn't have my dream job. I need a job.

I decided to check out Diagon Alley. It should be easy to get a job there. Maybe I will be a shop assistant, helping out customers finding the product they need. Or I could help out at one of the wonderful restaurants, serving out food to the hungry wizards and witches. Whatever the job entails, I will do it.


The next day, I pick out some plain Muggle Clothes and pack my nicest robes to change into, and head off toward the Leaky Cauldron. As I enter the bar, I notice something different about the place. It wasn't as lively or inviting as it usually was, customers barely looking up or making eye contact with each other, keeping conversations to themselves. I guess everyone was worried about being killed, what with You-Know-Who and his followers being out in the world, and with the Ministry being as inefficient as ever, there was no one but themselves to rely on for safety.

I asked the bartender where the nearest restroom was so I could change out of my plain white t-shirt and blue jeans, and get into my nice, flow-y, sapphire colored robes. I took my wand out, and looking in the dusty, cracked mirror, I charmed my hair to make myself look more presentable to get this job, whatever it might be. It was nice not getting glares from customers for my unusual Muggle attire. I thanked the bartender and left for the back. I almost asked him for any positions at the Leaky Cauldron, but after seeing the state of the bar, along with the depressing mood of its customers and the mournful face of its owner, I decided against it. I want a job, yes, but I don't want to feel like killing myself every day.

I tapped the combination into the pure white stones of the wall. I'm surprised that these have not been affected along with the rest of the building. After entering it in, the stones folded over each other and let me into Diagon Alley, and what I saw deeply saddened me.

The main street that all the shops were on were empty. Not one single person walked up and down the alleys, entering buildings and staring into the stores, window shopping with a sort of daydreamy look on their faces. Boards covered most of the buildings themselves. Businesses have been shut down, including Ollivander's wand shop. Damn, that was the one job I would have wanted.

Going back to my memories, I remember my first trip to Diagon Alley as a new first year. I remember all the excitement that occurred on that day, the crowded alleys that were hard to navigate about without getting separated from my parents. I remember getting my first wand from this shop, as Mr. Ollivander presented it to me. The awe on my face as I felt the wand connect with me on a spiritual level, as well as the other students who were in the store with me.

A shame that it closed down. This was the one place I associated with Hogwarts the most, and it would have been a good reminder of the school I missed so much. But, I guess I have to move on and find somewhere else.

I walk up and down the alleys, trying to avoid stepping on the garbage littering the ground, as well as keeping my perfect robes from touching the dirt. If I was going to get a job, I have to look good, damn it!

I keep looking at every store, but there is no luck. Nothing is open for business anymore. Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor is also gone! No! That would have been my second place to look for a job. I'm terrible at serving food. But I got the same sense of excitement that I did when I was at Ollivanders, with children getting wonderful flavors of every kind here. Even the ever plain flavors such as vanilla and chocolate tasted gourmet here. Once again, another shame.

I turned my attention to the door leading to Knockturn Alley. Have I sunk myself that low that I would have to get a job in such a horrible, dark place such as this? Then again, with dark wizards and witches now becoming more active in the public view, I guess business wouldn't be too bad and the shops would be looking for help to garner to customers.

I put my hand on the pitch black knob when I suddenly heard loud bangs and noises from far away. I looked around the corner to see one building still alive with bright contrasting colors, sticking out like a sore thumb among the run-down and dreary buildings. Letting go of the door to Knockturn Alley, I walked cautiously to that building. My artist senses kicked in when I saw the blue and orange paint covering the building. If Diagon Alley was as lively as usual, this store would be an eyesore to the wizarding community. But, the bright colors acted as a relief for me, as there is actually a place that is running.

I finally got close to the building as I saw what the store was called. Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes.

Now, going back to all those horrible events that occurred after I left Hogwarts, I remember most of the names of the people involved in such events. I only recognized a few, but of those few, the name Weasley came up again and again.

And here it is again. From what I heard, they always were saving the world from You-Know-Who and his cronies.

Maybe this day, they will save me.

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