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The Lily Potter Problem by AHeat
Chapter 16 : When Scorpius Wins, and Knows It
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Chapter 16:  When Scorpius Wins, and Knows It

A few weeks later, it was the week before the Slytherin vs. Gryffindor match.  Usually this was an event Lily anticipated with much excitement, but her recent discovery of Scorpius’ new relationship had put her in a sort of slump.  She slept longer, which made her miss breakfast almost every day that week, she couldn’t motivate herself to do her work, not even potions, and she spend most of her time in bed rather than in the common room or the library.

June, Kendra, Mia, Natalie and Tom tried their best to console their down-in-the-dumps friend.  Lily was trying to let them in, but she just couldn’t stop thinking about Scorpius and how Alyssa was probably cheating on him.

Sometimes the answer seemed so clear to her; she should go up to him and tell him what she suspected and he would dump Alyssa and they could finally be together.  But a bigger part of her wanted him to find out on his own, and come to her on his own terms. 

This mental dilemma only added to her already emotional state.  She thought she could make herself get over him once and for all, but the more she tried, the more she ended up thinking about him.  His smile, which she had grown to appreciate this year, his toned, strong Quidditch body, the way his lips felt on hers…

Her depressed state was starting to become noticeable to others.  Several times a day she had people walk up to her and ask her what was wrong.  She only offered them small smiles and assurances that she was just stressed about OWLs.  It was early in the year, but it was never too early to start worrying about those tests (at least according to the teachers).

One of the people who seemed most concerned about her well-being was Scorpius.  Since she stopped dating Will Davies, Scorpius had been rather nice to her.  They could be considered friends—they ate next to each other in the great hall, they sat next to each other while studying in the common room, and they walked with each other to class.  The only snag was that most of the time Alyssa was there too.

The more she was around the girl, the more Lily disliked her.  She was self-centered, she never said anything nice and the only thing she ever talked about was bringing down Gryffindor.  Apparently, she had a bet going with one of her friends.

Lily kept going though, and managed to be grateful that at least she and Scorpius were now friends.

The last day before the Gryffindor match, Lily and Kendra were walking back from the Library when they heard noises coming from a broom closet.  The two looked at each other and rolled their eyes.  There was really only one thing people did in Hogwarts broom closets…

Since Kendra was named prefect at the beginning of that year (Lily assumed she herself wouldn’t get the title—she was too much of a trouble maker in her earlier years), it was her duty to break up couples in these situations.  It was not her favorite part of the job, but it was her responsibility.

“Okay, let’s open the door on three,” suggested Lily.  Kendra nodded.

“One,” said Kendra.

“Two,” said Lily.

“Three!” They opened the door to find Alyssa Smith with her shirt half off, hands tangled in the hair of the shirtless Will Davies.  Kendra gasped loudly, but Lily glared fiercely at Alyssa. It was taking everything in her not to bat-bogey the heck out of her.  Davies she could care less about, she knew he was a player.  But for Alyssa to cheat on Scorpius with a swine like him was too much for her to handle.

“Lily!” said Will with surprise, “it’s, er, nice to see you…”

“Save it, Davies.  I don’t care about you, I never did.  But you,” she turned to Alyssa, “you have a boyfriend who I think would be very interested to hear about your shenanigins.”

Alyssa looked at her with pleading eyes.  Lily had never seen anything more pathetic.

“Everyone just needs to calm down here,” said Kendra.  Lily growled at her friend; she did not need the voice of reason, here, she needed someone to have her back in a fight.

“Look, just give us detention and leave, alright?” said Davies.  It was clear he was eager to get back to their activity.  Lily pointed her wand at him, which promptly made him put his shirt back on and sprint from the closet, not eager to relive her famous hex.

Kendra turned to Alyssa and said, “I have to tell Greengrass about this.  I won’t tell Scorpius, and chances are neither will Lily, but you should feel ashamed of yourself.”

“You scored arguably the best guy in the whole school, and you treat him like this?” said Lily venomously, “You disgust me. He deserves so much better.”

“What do you care? Before this year you weren’t even friends,” countered Alyssa.

“Yeah, but now we are friends.  And there will come a day that he sees you for who you truly are, and when he does, I’ll be waiting,” said Lily.  She turned and walked back to the common room, a new sense of confidence rushing through her body.

“Lils, wait up,” said Kendra from behind her, “that was totally badass.  You put the fear of Merlin in her, I swear.”

“I hope so.  I meant what I said, though.  It won’t be long before they break up, I’m sure of it.  Then it will be my turn.”  Lily felt more confident than she had in weeks.  Things were finally looking up for her.

The next day, Lily awoke much earlier than the rest of her roommates.  She decided to go down to the pitch before the match and fly around a bit.  Just because she didn’t play Quidditch didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy flying.

She pulled on some robes and jogged down to the Quidditch pitch.  With her new sense of purpose, she felt more energized than she had in weeks.  When she walked onto the field, however, she saw that someone was already in the air.  Whoever it was flew down to her and nearly knocked her off her feet.

She turned around, about to scold the person, when she saw it was Scorpius.

“Hey there,” he said coyly.  She blushed at his flirty tone.

“Hi,” she replied lamely.

“What are you doing here? I didn’t know you flew,” said Scorpius.

“I just didn’t join the team because you were on it.  Remember, we kind of used to be sworn enemies.”

“Yeah, I’ve forgotten why that was…”

“I guess we just hated each other because we thought we were supposed to,” she suggested. 

“That was stupid.  I could have been friends with you much sooner if I’d given you a chance,” he replied.  He considered her for a minute.

“So, how are things with you and Alyssa?” fished Lily.  She wanted to know if the relationship had weakened yet.

“Actually, we broke up,” he said, not unhappily. Lily tried to contain her joy.

“Oh no! Um, why?”

“Your brother caught her snogging your ex-boyfriend in a broom closet last night.  He told me last night at dinner.”

Go Albus, thought Lily.

“Yeah, Kendra and I caught them, too.  Looks like they’ll be receiving double detentions.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I just wanted to let you find out how awful she was on your own.”

“She was pretty awful.  Must have hurt to find Davies like that so soon after you two broke up, though?”

Lily laughed loudly. “I was only dating him to make someone jealous,” she said. 

“Who might that be?” he asked, but she could tell he already had a pretty good idea who.

“Oh, just some guy who used to really get on my nerves, but I’ve recently discovered he’s got this whole other, amazing side to him…” she said, then moved a bit closer to him.  Their eyes met, and he closed the gap between them.

“He’s one lucky guy if he’s caught your attention,” he whispered, then leaned his head in slightly. She closed her eyes and waited for the kiss she’d been wanting all year…

“Oi! Lily! Where are you? LILY! Oh, there you are… oh…” shouted June’s voice.  Lily opened her eyes and saw Scorpius looking at the other end of the field, where her soon-to-be-ex best friend was standing looking at them uncomfortably.

“I, er, better get up to breakfast,” he said lamely, then walked back up to the school with his broom over his shoulder.

June walked over to find a stunned Lily watching the spot where Scorpius’ face had just been.

“So, bad timing?” joked June nervously.  Lily turned and glared at her friend.

“I’m guessing he broke up with Alyssa?” Lily nodded. “And that you two were just about to kiss?” Lily nodded. “And I completely ruined the moment?” Lily nodded again.

“Don’t worry,” sighed June, “you’ll get another chance, I promise.”

Lily hardly said a word on the way back up to the castle, or during breakfast.  June quietly explained the situation to Kendra and the triplets.  Lily looked down the table and saw Scorpius chatting animatedly with his teammates (all except Alyssa, that is), and when he caught her eye, he gave her a quick wink.  This seemed to put the fire back into her, and her mood brightened significantly as they made their way back down to the pitch to watch the match.

When the teams walked out onto the field, Molly announced the names (“Is it just me, or does a majority of that team seem to be related to me?”) and Albus and Scorpius shook hands.  They smiled at each other, something that was unusual for captains of such big rival teams.  The whistle blew, and the match began.

The Slytherins got a quick lead and managed to get a few shots past Hugo, but the Gryffindors soon retaliated and scored several points of their own.  The scoring went back and forth throughout the game, and it became evident once again that this match would be decided by the seekers. 

Scorpius was on top of his game.  Despite the fact that he had just broken up with one of his other chasers the night before, he seemed to be flying, passing and shooting with an extra sort of vigor.  Lily wondered vaguely if it had anything to do with her.

About an hour into the game, Albus was directing his chasers into formation when a bludger came out of nowhere and hit his arm.  He shouted in pain and flew towards the ground—it was clear that he was in need of the hospital wing.

Lily looked around the field and spotted June.  She looked very concerned for her boyfriend, but concern was suddenly replaced by fierce determination.  Lily suspected June was anxious to catch the snitch to end the game and go look after Albus.  A few minutes later, she did exactly that, causing Slytherin to beat Gryffindor for the second year in a row.

The green and silver clad fans jumped and screamed and celebrated.  Everyone made their way down to the field to congratulate the players.  Lily wanted nothing more than to go greet Scorpius, but she knew she needed to be a good sister and check on Albus.

“How’s the arm?” she asked her brother as she approached the defeated-looking captain on the Gryffindor bench.

“It’ll heal.  Unlike my pride.  Beat by my own girlfriend…” he said with mock-sorrow, before breaking into a grin and looking at June.

“Oi! I only ended the match so I could check on your sorry ass!” she countered.  She too grinned at him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

The fans were quickly moving back towards the castle, where Lily suspected another celebration party would soon be brewing in the dungeons.  She walked with June and Albus up to the hospital wing and got him settled.

“You sure you don’t want to join me for the celebration party?” Lily asked June.

“Nah, I’m good here,” she smiled at Albus.  They really did make a cute couple, Lily thought as she left them alone and walked back towards the dungeons.  She could hear the noise from the party all the way from the entrance hall. 

When she walked into the room, she searched the crowd for one face in particular.  She did not have to look very long, though, because Scorpius was rushing towards her, a blazing look in his eye.

They reached each other and he picked her up into a twirling hug, ending with the most amazing, perfect kiss Lily could ever imagine.  They continued with their sweet, but not overly passionate, kiss until they heard someone clear their throat.  They broke apart and found the whole house watching them.

Lily blushed and Scorpius grinned sheepishly.  Natalie and Tom looked a little miffed, but happy for their friend.  Mia and Kendra had looks that clearly said “it’s about time,” and Alyssa Smith looked simultaneously enraged and defeated.  No matter what the reactions of the crowd however, Lily didn’t care.

She looked up into Scorpius’ gray eyes and found herself getting lost in them.  She suddenly remembered her mother’s favorite story of her first kiss with her dad, how similar it was to the situation Lily was currently in.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” she asked.


A/N:  Yippee! I was so excited to write that scene ever since I thought of it way back in chapter six or so.  I know it’s really similar to Harry and Ginny’s kiss, but considering that was absolute romantic perfection, I couldn’t resist.  I’ll throw in a disclaimer just to be safe:

I do not own any of JK’s intellectual property, and her amazing characters and ideas are hers entirely. I am only using the world she has created as a place to write.

Honestly, I never really understood disclaimers: obviously, we did not write the brilliance that is HP.  Anyways, hope you enjoyed, and just one more epilogue-y chapter left. Stay tuned, my amazing readers! 

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The Lily Potter Problem: When Scorpius Wins, and Knows It


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