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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 8 : Actions With Moments
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Chapter 8

Rose waited in the ally, her back pushed against the brick wall. Scorpius and her had gone their separate ways not long after lunch. Rose had to admit that earlier for a slight second she had let herself become worried. A small part of her always became worried right before a catch, however this was the first time that one of her cases could potentially connect to her family.

While she waiting she realized that this was probably the first time that she actually preferred to work with Scorpius instead of Matt. Like her Scorpius’ parents worked in the ministry and he would do everything in his power to make sure that that portal didn’t have a chance in hell of being created. Not that she thought Matt wouldn’t put all his effort into this case, because he would have, but Matt could sometimes get caught up in the catch causing him to become a bit rash in his actions. Scorpius on the other hand wouldn’t let that happen, he would remain controlled and inline the entire time, not making any move without being thorough and that comforted her.

Her heart pounded as she heard footsteps come up behind her. Turning her face to Scorpius’ direction, he was in regular blue jeans, a plain t-shirt with what looked to be a hoodie over it.

“You get my owl?” Scorpius asked not wasting a moment.

Rose nodded “Yeah, I went ahead and notified Cornell to have a team ready for us when we send for them.” It was a big catch they were going to need more than two people.

“Good,” Scorpius said looking down to the ground, He looked like he was about to ask another question when a figure appeared in the ally walking towards them. “I understand,” a voice said into his hand.

Coming into a clearer view Rose saw Harper’s figure as he nodded his head, pulling his hand away he snapped a phone shut and gave a sarcastic smile, “My boss,” he said not needing to give any more explanation.

Meeting the two Aurors in front of him he said “So you two know what you are going to do?”

Both Rose and Scorpius shook their heads. Pulling out her wand “I’m going to use a defusing charm to contain the magic in the artifacts long enough…”

Scorpius finished “For me to catch Warwick, we have other Aurors coming in the help with the rest of the catch. All we need is a…”

“Destination,” Harper said “Got it.” Pulling out some objects from his backpack he handed Scorpius an old baseball hat and a flask of something.

Taking one sniff of the flask Scorpius turned his nose at the stench giving Harper a look that could only say you could have warned me. “Unfortunately Clark won’t be able to make it tonight, not that anyone would notice,” Harper said with a mischievous grin.

“How in the hell did you get a hold of polyjuice potion?” Scorpius asked pulling what looked to be a spare piece of hair off of the baseball hat, shaking his finger he tossed the lint aside.

“Stole it on a heist a few months ago, figured that it would come in handy and seeing as how I was right I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about.”

Picking up on his slight struggle Rose went to Scorpius to help him search finding one single strand of hair that was stuck between the fabrics of the hat as if it were a needle. Placing a cool hand on Scorpius’ to get him to stop moving she plucked the hair out and held it in front of his face, “Thanks,” He said as she gave a silent nod and dropped the hair into the flask.

Taking a swig Scorpius nearly choked on the taste while his muscles started to slowly contract, “Are you sure Clark won’t come interrupting?” he heard Rose ask as he felt his clothes become the slightest bit looser on him, and his hair grow slightly to the annoying length it was when he was in school.

“Trust me he’s out.” Harper said pulling a folded up paper and handing it to Rose.

“We’ll send Aurors to pick him up when were done,” Rose commented turning to Scorpius. It was weird seeing him as someone else and she had to admit that she wasn’t a fan of not having his eyes there to comfort her. Luckily Scorpius and Clark were roughly the same height the only major flaw was that his clothes were hanging slightly looser, although Harper didn’t seem to notice.

“That,” Harper said to Rose forcing her to turn back to face him “Is an underground map of Alexander’s lair, I have been piecing it together for months.” Looking down to the map she noticed how it looked to be a system of tunnels that all led to one central location, however the tunnels itself seemed to interweaving in and around each other. Harper waited until he Rose gave him her attention “Me and Scorpius have to go together but if you follow the route that I outlined on that you will be able to take a back way into Warwick’s hiding place without being noticed.”

Even with Clark’s face Rose could see the concern that Scorpius had about splitting up, although he tried to hide it. Rose shared the same concern but logically it was the only choice they had if they were going to get near Warwick and at the same time defuse the portal so reluctantly she gave an understanding nod and said “How do we get in?” 


Rose was careful not to make any noise as she continued down the dark tunnel. The light from her wand showing the small signs of wizardry that had occurred throughout the ground, for starters the walls seemed to be held up by some sort of charm and as she walked further away from the entrance, ladders started to appear on the wall each leading to a door that was about midway up the rock similar to the one that her, Harper, and Scorpius had entered through.

Harper has said to give them five minutes before she called for the other Aurors, he also mentioned that anyone wearing a baseball cap was a part of his team so to keep a look out.

Rose had waited exactly five minutes before sending sparks into the air that would have resembled fireworks to any muggle. Seeing the first person from her office arrive, she left the map which she had already memorized and instructions on what the plan was telling them, to wait for her cue before they came.

The tunnels itself was rather impressive it seemed as if Warwick had managed to create a sort of underground path beneath the city and the sewage system, one that only magic could successfully do.

Hearing footsteps not far from behind her she quickly ducked into a tight cavern, covering her mouth so that the person wouldn’t hear her breathing as they walked by. She must be getting close to the center, Harper had mentioned that there would be an increase in guards as she got closer to the center. Almost on cue she began to make the slightest sound of voices coming from the edge of the tunnel. Listening carefully she waited to see if another guard was coming toward her. Releasing a tight breath she began to walk again following the chattering voices.


Scorpius kept his eyes straight but not focused on anything in particular as he walked into the large room. Harper had become stiff and rigid now as he lowered his eyes to the ground needing no guidance on where he was going. “Nice of you to join us,” Alexander Warwick said although it was in his sisters voice. Looking around Scorpius noticed how he and Harper seemed to be standing on an elevated rock that was similar to a stage.

In the center of the room there were three wizards who stood in a triangle shape each with their wands held out, green rays extending from the tips creating what looked to be like a pyramid. Around the wizards were hundreds of people who circled around holding one another’s hands with their eyes closed and heads bent.

“Did you hear what I said Clark?” Scorpius felt as Harper jabbed him in the arm pulling his attention to the person in front of him. Even though it was Alexander, Scorpius noticed how Angelica had the same eyes as her brother, eyes that seemed to bore into someone skin and read their every thought almost instantaneously.

This was the moment that Scorpius was worried about, yes he looked like Clark, but would Warwick believe that he was Clark, slowly he shook his head no and said “Impressed.”

Warwick studied him a bit longer before he said “It is impressive isn’t it, but then again I am an impressive person.” Turning around Warwick looked around the room, admiring his work.

Warwick looked to the side to see that Harper was far enough away, before he leaned into Scorpius’ ear and whispered “Did you get a chance to check into his background?” he motioned his head slightly toward Harper.

Scorpius remained silent not sure what to say so he gave a slight shrug which could have been a yes or a no. Warwick released a breath, “And is he with us?”

Thinking quickly Scorpius said “He knows where his loyalties lie.”

Warwick remained still as contemplating something in his head, “If everything doesn’t go as planned tonight my rage starts with him,” He warned.

Giving a simple nod Scorpius waited as a group of Wizards came up behind them, one of them saying “Miss me?” Angelica’s face got a sly smirk as it turned around to see the body of Alexander in front of her. Walking over to it she wrapped her arms around his body in a tight embrace, which to Scorpius seemed a bit too friendly for the average brother and sister.

“It was cleaver of you brother to send that letter enlaced with a ghosting charm, the fools still don’t even know that I walked right out in plain sight.” Angelica said from her own body.

Alexander smirked “Only the best for my sister.”

Scorpius walked closer to Harper and released a deep sight “You know he suspects you,” he mumbled.
Harper didn’t speak although Scorpius could see his jaw become tight and rigid. Harper looked down to his watch “Well whatever he suspects he is running out of time to do something about it.”

Scorpius didn’t respond as his eyes started to scan the room for Rose


Rose could see why Harper had given her the route that he did, she was standing in a tunnel that was above the center of the room, giving her sight to just about everything.

The charms that she was performing were long and complex, they needed her absolute undivided attention to work, and at the current moment she felt as if she had done them a hundred times. The way a diffusion charm worked was through a series of several spells that would react to one master spell, and right now Rose was still in the setting up process.

She had sectioned the room off into parts, attempting to do a charm on such a large group would have been impossible. So slowly she performed a series of spells on each section and hoped that they worked. Feeling the sweat beading up around her head she mumbled “They better work,” then waving her wand towards another group keeping her eyes so focused on them that she could feel them burning.

Timing was the key, taking a breath Rose looked down to her watch as it came up to eleven fifty. With such a large group the diffusing charm would only last for about five minutes at best. Popping her head out of the tunnel she looked around the room for Scorpius. Looking down she saw his hat almost directly beneath her. Breathing she let her body relax at his presence, only to be shocked when he turned his head to her and winked with a grin.

Rose couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he could still sense her stare, shaking her head she pointed to the three wizards in the middle of the room. Scorpius only nodded knowing what she was thinking.

“You ready?” she mouthed. Scorpius nodded again, leaning in closer to Harper who had his eyes on his own team members, he gave a nod that it was almost time.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Alexander Warwick said pulling himself away from another group of people that Rose was sure were all Wizards. “It’s time,” He said raising his wand.

“Now,” she yelled releasing the master spell of the diffusion charm, grasping Warwick’s attention momentarily.

“Expelliarmus,” Scorpius said un-arming Warwick of his wand, feeling as his body began to go back to normal.

Warwick gave one look of recognition to Scorpius before he yelled “Get him,”  

Waving her wand one last time nearly two dozen Aurors apperarated into the cave and everything became chaos.


Sparks flew around the cave as Wizards fought against Wizards, muggles fought against the F.B.I. and other Wizards.

Even though Scorpius was blocking spells he kept his eyes on Warwick the entire time, as he rushed through the crowd to the closest exit. Whipping his wand around he manipulated the green rays of light from the cent to hit the wall of the cave that Warwick was heading towards blocking off his exit.

Releasing the lights the three Wizards fell to the ground out of their trance and looked around the messy room in confusion.

Rose jumped down from the overhead platform that she was on landing in a cat like position. Looking up a woman was running towards her with a rabid expression. Rose raised her eyebrows with complete calmness as she became excited for the fight.

Standing up as the woman came close to her Rose swung her hand back and knocked the women in the face and onto the floor. Staring at the women for a moment; it would have been easier to have just stunned her but honestly where was the fun in that?

Looking around Rose would have loved to stay and fight as many people as she could to help her other Aurors, but that wasn’t her mission. Her Mission was Warwick and he had to come first.

Turning her head she watched as Alexander ran from the exit that had been barricaded with rocks and to the one not far beside it. Pushing one of his Wizard followers out of the way he grabbed the man’s wand and shot at Scorpius, who was forced to lean against a wall to avoid the spell, allowing Warwick to leave the main area.  

Rose watched as Scorpius followed Warwick out of the room, prepared to follow them she felt her body suddenly flailing in the air towards a wall. Searching for the source of the spell she fired directly in front of her seeing Angelica Warwick coming directly towards her with revenge in her sights.

“Fuck,” Rose mumbled jumping into a dueling stance as Angelica licked her razor sharp teeth in front of her.

“It’s been so long,” Angelica sneered casting a spell that barely missed Rose’s face as the rocks on the wall exploded around her.

Dodging her spell Rose ducked and sent a gust of air so strong towards Angelica that it knocked her to the ground. “Not long enough.” She stated sending another spell at the woman that covered her eyes in a thick sticky black coating.

Running to the same exit that Scorpius and Alexander ran out of everything became eerily quiet in the dark space. Suddenly green sparks flew over head as she heard Scorpius yell “Rose get down,”

Realizing that she had just entered into the middle of a cross fire she felt as Scorpius’ strong arms wrapped around her back and led her behind a large rock, while simultaneously throwing a spell out that collided with Alexander’s.

“Seriously?” Scorpius said giving Rose a wide eyed expression while taking a quick breath before turning around and blasting a large wave of electricity out of his wand into the center of the room.  

Rose only shrugged as she turned around and sent sparks from her own wand, which hit a rock close to Alexander because she saw his shadow move. “How long do you think he can last for?”

“Not sure,” He answered wiping sweat from his forehead. “I do know that this is not working,” He motioned to the blue sparks that just hit the rock wall above them.

Covering her head with her hand she looked to Scorpius “And what exactly do you suggest? That you go out into the middle of it?” she said sarcastically, while waving her wand out into the open again.

“That’s exactly what I am suggesting.” He said turning to move out from behind the rock.

Outstretching her hand she forcefully grabbed ahold of his shirt and pulled him back “Are you crazy, I’m not letting you go out there.”

“Listen if I go out there it will take him off guard and I will be close enough to actually get him.” He reasoned. Rose still held a tight grip on to his shirt.

“No,” she shook her head while large white sparks flew above their heads lighting up the room so that Scorpius was able to see her eyes for a moment. A look of concern was drenched on her face and he looked away from her. “You could get hit,” she argued.

Scorpius was silent as he raised his arm to shoot another round of spells to Warwick.

Looking as if he was going to give into her plea she loosened her grip on him. It wasn’t a split second later that an apologetic look appeared on his face and he leaned into her ear and whispered an “I’m sorry,” just before quickly turning around and rolling out from behind the rock heading straight for the side of the room that Warwick was on.

“Scorpius,” she screeched her voice covered in rage.

Blocking one spell after another Scorpius bolted straight for Warwick seeing the edge of his wand rising above the rock and sparks flying out above him. Hitting the middle of Warwick's rock, Scorpius watched as the pieces flew apart and Alexander’s face had a stunned expression form across it.

Rose watched from behind her rock, her body completely still as Scorpius flicked his wand stunning Warwick, but not before Alexander had the chance to shoot one last spell directly at Scorpius’ chest causing both men to fall to the ground motionless.

The only sound to be heard was of Rose’s breathing.


Rose sat in the waiting room of the muggle hospital with a Wizarding wing in it. There was a hospital for just Wizards but with all the muggles that were involved it made more sense to come to this one.

Taking slow breathes Rose looked down to the ground alone with her thoughts. She wasn’t sure what exactly to think or do so she just waited. Never in her life had her mind been as blank as it was now.

Hearing the loud booming voice of Cornell coming from down the hall she stood up anxiously to greet him. The man had an odd expression on his face that almost resembled a smile. “I tell you Weasley that partner of yours is one impressive person, I just got done congratulating him on his work which I guess the same goes for you, good job.”

Rose mumbled a thanks her mind confused “I must say that is one of the more impressive catches that I have heard about. The other Aurors that were there seem to be pretty taken with him,” It took a lot of effort for Rose to listen to the words that Cornell was speaking “Obviously you were the only one who saw what happened with Warwick but they are telling me that the spells he used when he was in the main room were extremely difficult and complicated and he used them with little to no concentration.”

Rose gave a curt nod of her head as she crossed her arms “So I’m assuming that he is alright then,” her voice toneless.

Cornell seemed to be so caught up in the details of the story that he appeared slightly shocked when he remembered that they were standing in the middle of a hospital “Oh he’s fine, few bruises, probably won’t feel too great in the morning.” Cornell paused a moment before asking his eyes still in amazement “Did he really run into the battle like that without a single hesitation?”

“Uh yeah,” Rose said trying to think of her next words “May I speak to him now?” she asked curiously.

Cornell shrugged “I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to,”

Rose didn’t give Cornell another chance to ask a question, walking past him and straight ahead to Scorpius’ room. Slamming the door shut behind her she crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes to him.

Scorpius sat on the edge of a bed his shirt lying beside him and his arm extended out in front of him as he rolled his shoulder in tiny circles. Lifting his eyes to Rose he saw by her expression that she was mad about something “I get the feeling that you’re not here to congratulate me?” he said cracking his neck.

“Your feeling would be right,” She had a dark tone in her voice warning him to not mess with her.

“Come on Rose there was no other option and you know it,” Scorpius argued with her.

Rose vigorously shook her head marching towards him “We could have worn him down it would have taken a while but it would have given the same result and you wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

He was becoming just as angry as she was. Snatching his shirt from beside him he yanked it over his head. This was ridiculous he had done his job what more did she want from him. Yelling he said “Bloody hell Rose I didn’t realize that I meant so fucking much to you.”

“Well you do,” she shouted back into his face.

There was a long moment of silence as they both fumed, each boring into one another’s eyes. Scorpius’ expression was like stone as he released a long exaggerated sigh. Scorpius saw the fear on her face, he had worried her, more than he thought his action would have done.

Rose tore her eyes away from him. She didn’t come in here to start a fight, she just wanted to make sure that he was fine. Rubbing the temple of her head with her fingers she said softly “You know you mean something to me.”

“I know,” he spoke his own voice in a calming tone.

Focusing her eyes on the bare white of the walls she felt as his hand was on her waist, his finger as it snaked through one of the belt loops of her pants, tugging her legs closer towards him.

Rose’s body went rigged as she felt Scorpius' hand rise to her chin turning her face sideways. “You’re cut,” he said tucking some of her hair behind her ear, revealing a red line that was near the hairline of her head.

Tracing his finger down it she said “I’ll heal it when I get home.”

Pressing his hand to her cheek Scorpius waited for her to say something else, sensing that there was more on her mind. After several moments she breathed “You are not allowed to scare me like that.”

Scorpius didn’t say anything instead he saw a single tear escape from her eye, slowly skimming his fingers to follow it’s track while it slid to the ground. She remained motionless as she felt him touch her so tenderly, almost like she was in shock. Her heart slamming against her chest, he slowly began to pull her forehead to his.

Rose was unnaturally still as she felt her insides raging with her, wanting to give in; tearing at her muscles to move, only one small logical part of her head was urging her against it. Holding off for as long as she could she sighed relinquishing her fight, she raised her arms up and wrapped them around his neck, letting her fingers tie into the short strands of his hair. Closing her eyes her heart raced as she felt the heaviness of his hand on the back of her head, holding her in place. The corner of her bottom lip was pressed to his and if either one of them were to make the slightest of movements then they would have kissed.

But they didn’t. They both remained still as statues, only taking in one another’s warm breaths. Her entire body shivered to its core. To anyone that walked in it would have looked like they were two people who were desperately in love, but in that moment that’s what they were.

Scorpius shook his head, his breathing becoming unnaturally unsteady. Inclining his neck back, he made a noise that was a mix between a gasp and a moan. His bottom lip dragged along her cheek listening as Rose’s breath caught. Cupping her face with both his hands he raised his slightly, so that he could meet her closed eyes. “Look at me,” he whispered.

“I can’t,” Her voice heavy and raw.

Scorpius moved one of his hands to stroke it along her cheek, still clutching his hold on her tightly for fear that she might try to move, “Please Rose,”

He watched as she struggled against him, her forehead pressuring harder against his. He felt as one of her hands moved down the back of his head, her fingers traveling through the strands of his hair, sending chills through him. Her movement stopping when her palm reached his neck, firmly pressing against it unwilling to loosen its grip.  
Taking one long breath her eyes slowly began to open and he saw her. He saw the girl from the forest six years ago, the girl who had let him in and vowed to always love him. For a spilt second he saw his Rose, unmasked and he loved her just as much as before. “This isn’t fair.” Scorpius struggled to say in a rugged voice, quickly catching her forehead with his lips.

“I know,” her breaths were deep and quivering as she bit down on her bottom lip hard enough that she thought it might bleed, in order to hold back her screams of agony.  

He could feel her, the uneasiness of her breathing, the same pain that he was experiencing. She stood there taking him in, his breathing, his heat, everything until she couldn’t take it anymore. Gasping she pulled her head away from him and moved towards the directions of the door, “Get your stuff I’ll meet you in the lobby,” she said not looking back to him.

Scorpius closed his eyes in despair as he felt her rip away from him. It took only a second for her to come back to him and even less time for her disappear and run away.

Rose ran to get out of the room, propping herself against the wall outside to take quick recomposing breaths. Shutting her eyes she pushed back the part of her that was his, the part of her that made her weak and vulnerable, the part of her that had continued to love him no matter what. She always loved him, that was the one promise that she had kept, but  that didn't matter, all that mattered was that she regain her control.

Slamming her fist against the wall she opened her eyes feeling as her heart slowed and her breathing became steadier. Suddenly the door opened beside her and Scorpius emerged with his jacket in his hands “You ready?” he asked as if nothing had happened.

“Umm hum,” she nodded pushing herself off the wall and leading the way out of the hospital.

A/N: I really hoped you liked the Chapter especially the little moment at the end. Anyways Please review and tell me how it was, to be honest I am not much of an action writer, but I am REALLY trying to expand my skills on that so feedback or tips would be great. Anyways thank you so much for reading and please REVIEW.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with an update, maybe sooner because I am out of school for the summer. Thank goodness.

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