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The Truth Behind The Freckles by RavenclawGirl11
Chapter 7 : At The Burrow
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Amazing CI by inspector.@TDA


Some people say time flies when you’re having fun, so before I know it it’s the end of term. We’re all sitting in the Wotter compartment.

Dom shouts, "Bagsy not me!"

Al screams back, "Bagsy not me!" Alice, Fred and Oli repeat this. 

Rolling my eyes, I get up. "I guess I’ll be getting the sweets. Give me your money and tell me what you want." 


Ten minutes later, I’m walking down the corridor, purse full to the top with galleons. The trolley lady is pushing her trolley down the corridor slowly, using the trolley as a walking stick.

"Hey Lucia, do you want me to buy you a liquorice wand?" I look over to my shoulder at Robbie Zabini, Rachael Zabini’s twin brother. His skin is honey brown, hair a shade darker. Robbie’s eyes are a golden brown, his build slender but muscular. He’s considered to be the best looking boy at Hogwarts.

I shake my head, avoiding his gaze. Robbie struts over to me.

"I haven’t seen you in a while." He’s so close that I can smell his breath. The minty smell is overwhelming and makes me want to be sick. He leans over me, in a seductive way that would make other girls squirm with joy.

"I like you Lucia."

"I don’t like you, Robert. I’ve got a boyfriend," I reply coldly. He obviously isn’t used to rejection, because his eyes flash dangerously.


"I’ll just take the whole trolley," I say to the trolley witch, turning my back on Robbie. A little while and a considerable amount of galleons later, I head back towards our compartment. As soon as the Wotters and Co see me they pounce, taking all of the sweets. Everyone, even immaculate Dom, has some kind of colour or mark on their cheeks. They are so mature.


"LUCY!" Louis shouts running up to me, his blonde hair flying behind him. Louis goes to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic as did Victoire. He has bright blue eyes, high cheek bones and is very pale. His Veela side is more prominent than Dom or Victoire, so he’s considered very attractive. Some say that his features are wasted on a boy however Louis uses them to his advantage. With his British accent and good looks, Louis is forever getting girlfriends.

"Nice to feel welcome," Dom says sarcastically.

"As you all know, I, James Potter have been playing for England for three months." James says, boastfully.

"Anyone up for a game of Quidditch?" Uncle Harry asks, desperate to distract us from his son’s arrogance. Ten minutes later and we’re heading down towards the Potters private Quidditch pitch, broomsticks in hand. James and Al are captains as they’re the most experienced. On James’ team are James and Hugo as beaters (he plays for the Hufflepuff team, he’s in fifth year), Harry as seeker, Ginny, Fred and Lily as chasers and Rose as keeper. I’m on Al’s team, playing chaser along with Angelina and Charlie (who usually plays seeker). Uncle Ron is keeper, Louis and Roxanne as beaters.

"Rose you are not playing keeper!" Al shouts.

"Why not?" she shouts back.

"Because of the baby you fucking squib!" Dom yells.

"What baby?" Uncle Ron asks his voice dangerously quiet.


"What do you mean you don’t know who the father is?!" Ron yells in the living room. The majority of us are sitting in the attic, better known as the Hogwarts girls’ bedroom. It’s the same format as a dormitory however; it’s larger with more muggle features such as a television and sofa beds. 

"Because there are two possible fathers!" Rose blurts out. Silence fills the room, an awkward silence which is only interrupted by Rose’s sobs.

"Who did you sleep with?" Hermione says calmly after some time.

"Teddy and Scorpius." Rose says, her voice barely a whisper, but yet she sounds so proud. There’s a small popping noise, followed by another which means that Ron and Hermione are probably looking for Teddy and Scorpius. Slowly, everyone leaves the room apart from Victoire, James and I. 

"That’s why he broke up with me." Victoire says quietly. "We were going to married; we were trying for kids and he was sleeping with my baby cousin." She flicks her strawberry blonde hair out of her face, a blank look in her pale blue eyes. She walks out of the room, her high heels making noise as she moves. 

"Rose, Rose." James repeats his face full of despair. I’ve never seen him like this; he’s always so arrogant and self-sure. "I thought I protected her, my Rosie Posie wasn’t meant to get pregnant; she was meant to work at the ministry and become the Minster of Magic! Pregnant at seventeen, no I’m a failure Lucy, I may seem tough on the outside, but I worry about my family. I was worried about you Luce, but not anymore." His hazel eyes look sad, but proud at the same time. "You’re a good girl Lucia, you always were."


A/N: So… Seventh Chapter. This was sort of a short, filler chapter but yeah.

~ Macy x


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