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The Sight by Xaria
Chapter 5 : The Spy
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Chapter 5: The Spy


Delphia sat in a large squashy chair, her eyes cast down to her beaten up sneakers. A small fire burned at the far end of the wall, making the room feel hot and stuffy. Opposite her sat four wizards, one of them being her father, beside him sat a younger woman who kept glancing between her and the two elderly men that sat on her left.

Delphia played with the ends of her hair, the long blue layered strands reached right down to her hips. Lily had cut her hair two days prior to this meeting, telling Delphia that it's time she had to stop hiding behind her hair and having a hair cut would look much more sophisticated. Although she quite frankly didn't care whether she looked one way or the other. But in the end she agreed so Lily could stop pestering her. Even now she found it weird to look up and not have her vision blurred by her hair.


She focused on the crackling of the fire, trying to dismiss the nagging voices of the four adults in the room.


“Delphia, when your mother was alive, do you remember anything unusual about her?” asked one of the older wizards, his voice thick with age.


She saw Braxton tense beside the witch and she felt herself clench her hands into a tight fist. It always came back to this, always her mother. But there was nothing wrong with her mother, not when she was alive. Why were they asking questions now when she died so long ago?


“My mother was a good person, there was nothing wrong with her!” she lashed out but quickly pursed her lips tight and avoided eye contact with them.


“Is not knowing your own mother's name usual for you then?” whispered the witch, her dark eyes bore into Delphia's skin like acid.


A cold dread creeped up her spine as she realized what she said was true. Delphia didn't know her mother's name. She never really thought about it because she had always called her mum. Her mind swirled with memories of her and her mother, she tried desperately to catch one that told her who her mother really was, but there were none.


“I'm sorry but we've had enough of this,” growled Braxton, he stood up and grabbed his cloak from the coat hanger. “Come on Delphia, you should get back to Hogwarts now.”


“You're making a mistake Braxton!” the woman argued.


“Syliva, we came here so you can figure out what she knows, not to interrogate her!”


Braxton pulled out a bag and untied the string, inside was some powder, he tossed it into the fire and the flames flashed a brilliant green, he moved over so Delphia can go through, she stepped forward, having no desire to stay longer she said, “Hogwarts.” The flames wrapped around her and pulled her through the fireplace, she closed her eyes as the uncomfortable sensation of traveling by floo powder overcame her.


Delphia stepped out of the fireplace and into a circular room where portraits of wizards and witches covered every inch of the walls. Behind a large desk sat Professor Albus Dumbledore, he looked up as she entered his office.


“I wasn't expecting you back so soon Ms. Fairchild.” he said, his voice calm and quiet.


“There seems to have been a misunderstanding.” she started and explained what had happened with the Unspeakables from the Department of Mysteries. The room blazed a bright green and Braxton Fairchild strode out of the green flames.


“Bloody Unspeakables won't tell me what the hell is going on!” he growled and ran a hand through his messy dark hair. He looked to his daughter and sighed, “You'll have to excuse me Delphia, I need to talk to Albus alone. We can continue this conversation during Christmas break.”


Delphia glared at her father and stalked out of the office. The large wooden door shutting behind her. Outside on the seventh floor was empty, but that wasn't unusual. Delphia made her way to the portrait of the Fat Lady, hoping to get some rest before Alice and Lily start bugging her on how the meeting went.


“Oi, Fairchild, where are you going?” a voice called out from behind her, she winced as she recognized who it was. She picked up the pace but he quickly caught up to her. James Potter fell into step beside her, his hazel eyes looking straight at her. “Have you seen Lily?”


“No I haven't, go annoy someone else!” she hissed and turned on her heel to go the other direction. But of course he too turned back around.


“I have a Quidditch game this weekend and I want her to come watch my amazing aerodynamic skills.” he boasted.


“Aerodynamic? Isn't that a big word for you James?” she snorted and quickened her pace. The Grand Staircase came into view and she lightly jumped from step to step. “By the way, where is your little posse?”


“Here and there” he grinned as he followed her down to the third floor.


Delphia ground her teeth together as James began talking about the upcoming Quidditch game against Ravenclaw. She was on her way to the library and hoped to get rid of him before than. Although James Potter would never be caught dead in the library, but it was Lily's favorite place so if she was there, you could find James hiding behind a bookshelf like a stalker.


“You know,” she said, cutting James off in the middle of him explaining a very heroic act of him getting a goal. “I think Lily actually had to go ask Professor Slughorn a question about the potions assignment.”


The words were barely out of her mouth when James took off down the hall back to the Grand Staricase, “Thanks Fairchil!” he called over his shoulder.


Delphia sighed with relief and stepped into the library, the comforting scent of parchment and old books surrounded her. A brown head head poked out from behind the history section of the library.


“Delphia! I didn't think you'd be done so soon. How'd it go?” Alice asked. Behind the shelf Lily was standing on a stool reading titles of large books muttering to herself while Alice sat on the table swinging her legs back and forth like a child.


“Terrible. First they made me do these tests to see if I can guess things. And than they started talking about my mother being weird because I don't know her name.” growled Delphia and plopped onto the wooden chair and lay her forehead against the table.


“That is a bit unusual though, Delphia.” murmured Alice, her legs stopped swinging as she noticed how serious the situation was. “You've never heard anyone call her by her name? Not even on letter's or something?”


Delphia shook her head and turned her head to the right, her cheek resting on the table. Lily was reaching high up for a book, but her fingertips didn't even come close to it. “You do know you have a wand right?” she grinned at her red haired friend.


Lily brightened and lightly smacked herself on the forehead, “How daft of me!” with a flick of her wand the book was placed into her hand and she stepped off of the stool, a proud look of satisfaction on her face. “We better start walking to Transfiguration, McGonagall hates when kids are late.”


“I personally don't care whether I'm late or not.” Delphia mumbled miserably as Alice grabbed her arm, pulling her off of the chair, she flopped onto the stone floor.


“C'mon, don't be a lazy bum.” Alice grinned and pulled on her arm some more.


Delphia looked up at the ceiling as Alice dragged her across the floor (with a very disapproving look from Madam Pince) and out to the corridor. With a gentle tap of Lily's foot Delphia staggered to her feet. Outside of McGonagall's classroom a group of Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs were huddled by the door.


“I don't like the look of this.” whispered Lily. The three girls looked over the group and felt uneasy when the Marauders were not to be found.


“Ms. Fairchild, may I see you inside please?” McGonagall's voice came from inside clearly.


Delphia furrowed her eyebrows and went inside. But the room was vacant, and McGonagall wasn't behind her desk. She took a step backwards when there was a flash of bright orange and icy cold liquid fell all over her. Delphia wiped her eyes with shaking hands, orange slime covered the walls and floor, even all of the desks. It was all over her hair and body. Laughter sprang from outside the door and the four Marauders were doubled-over. Anger bubbled beneath her skin and the breath was knocked out from her, sending her into a complete wave of darkness.


The room was dark and cold with only the flickering of a fire in the hearth for light. A cloaked man sat in a large chair embedded with emeralds and engraved with snakes. A few feet in front of him crouched another cloaked figure, the angle and proportion of the body suggested they were female.


You told me to report to you once I had gotten some answers, My Lord.” she said from beneath a silver mask.


Yes, what have you found out?” replied the man, his voice cold and eerie.


She can see things from a great distance, as if she is spying. She knows answers that have never been spoken. I am unsure of if this connects to who her mother was, but I will collect more information. I will not disappoint you My Lord.”


Lord Voldemort looked down at her, his red eyes bore into her dark ones. He searched her mind for any lies or disloyalty. Satisfied with her answer he dismissed her with a nod. As the woman left he ran his hand over the head of a gigantic snake.


With her this war will quickly be won, Nagini.”



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