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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fifteen
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Gorgeous chapter image by DangerousDraco589 @ TDA.


I yawned as I helped myself to a glass of orange juice, opposite me Al and Scorp were in deep conversation about Quidditch. Whilst Rose had a book propped open against a jam jar and Dom was eating a bacon sandwich.

"Still tired?" Rose questioned.

"She was with Aaron wasn't she," Dom whispered.

"I heard that and you know perfectly well I wasn't, Dommie. I just didn't sleep that well, I had a strange dream."

"You trying out later, Flick?" Scorp asked as he and Al stopped talking. Well Al had at the mention of myself and Aaron.

"For what?"

"Quidditch of course," he replied.

Oh yeah, how could I have forgotten when he and Al have gone on about it all week.


Al looked at me over his bowl of cheeri-owls. "But you were our star seeker, Flick, we need you back other wise we're going to get crushed again. We lost the house cup last year and guess who won: Hufflepuff."

I shrugged. "Nothing wrong with Hufflepuff winning."

"You have to try out, Flick, you were the best seeker we've ever had. No offence to Martin he's good but he's no where as good as you were," Scorp told me.

"Thanks, but I'm done with Quidditch," I replied as I turned my attention back to my breakfast. The boys looked at me as though I was insane.

"But you can't be, that was your thing," Al told me. "You used to love Quidditch."

I shrugged again as my mouth was full

"Try outs are at ten, please come," he asked looking me right in the eye.

"I'll think about it."

He and Scorp left once they had finished eating to go and assess the Quidditch pitch.

"Are you gonna try out?" Dom asked me.

I let out a long sigh. "I don't know, I haven't flown in a while and I'm not sure if I want to."

It was something I had definitely missed, I quit the team after a close call during one of the matches just after I had found out. That was when reality hit for me. I thought Al was gonna have a fit when I quit a week before our big match. Actually I'm pretty sure he did.

"We've got to go down anyway, I promised Scorp I would watch him," Rose said as she closed her books, which had 'Hogwarts A History' stamped across the front in fancy lettering. "Come on it might be fun."

"Fun," Dom scoffed. "I don't see why people find riding around on bits of wood fun."

"Only because you fell off when you were little," Rose stated.

"Yeah because of James and Fred. You won't ever find me on a broom."

I drank my orange juice and picked up another piece of toast to eat on the way down. Rose was ready, but we had to wait for Dom who was eating another bacon sandwich. Rose glared at her and she reluctantly got up, pulling her coat on. When Rose glares at you, you know you have to do what she says.

We made our way out of the castle after I had stopped to get something from the dorm, it was sunny but there were clouds in the sky. Although it was cold it looked like it would be a pretty good day for Quidditch trials: it was dry and there was little wind. Instead of heading down to the pitch with the others I went towards the owlery first as I was sending dad's birthday card and present home since today was his birthday.


When I finally arrived at the pitch there were quite a lot of people, most of them I didn't recognise but there were a few that I did. I could tell who had been on the team the previous year as they were all huddled together talking. Again I recognised some of them since they used to be my team mates.

The three of us made our way towards the changing rooms to find Al and Scorp. I knocked the door of Madame Spinet's office which doubles as the captain's office and one of them called, "Come in."

I pushed the door open and walked right on in. It seemed so strange to be back in here.

I was a second year when I first joined the team. Originally I tried out as a chaser because back in his day, dad was one. But the captain at the time; Callum Flint thought I would be better suited as a seeker, I tried out and got the spot on the team. Ever since then I've always been the seeker right up until I quit the team.

"Hey, Scorp," Rose squealed as she went over to him to give him a hug and a kiss. "Good luck."

Dom mimed being sick and then excused herself so she could see if there was any drool worthy boys she could get her hands on. Dom was shortly followed by Rose and Scorp leaving me and Al completely alone.

"Are you going to try out?" he asked as he went walked into the boys changing rooms through the door from the office. Heading over to the lockers, where he pulled out his Quidditch top.

"I'm still not sure," I replied absently as I looked around the room, smiling to myself.

"Go for it," he told me as he pulled off his hoodie and t-shirt in one, leaving him stood before me half naked. At that moment the sun decide to shine in and directly fall onto his chest and abs. It was clear he had been working out again, Al didn't just get that body from Quidditch. Oh no, he runs laps around the pitch and sometimes even the lake as well as using a muggle gym through out the summer.

I tilted my head slightly so I could get a better view and so the sun would be out of my eyes.

"Like what you see?" Al smirked at me as he pulled his Quidditch top over his head.

I realised as I had been thinking, I hadn't averted my eyes from his body. "You wish, don't go getting any ideas that I'll be wishing you good luck like Rose did to Scorp."

"Wouldn't dream of it," he smirked.

I left so that I wouldn't get distracted by Al and went over to Rose and Dom who were stood at the side of the pitch near the people who were trying out. Al then came out of the changing rooms with his broom over his shoulder.

"Gather round," he shouted.

Rose being Rose then went over and pointed her wand at his throat muttering something, soon Albus' voice was booming around the stadium. "I want you in groups of ten if possible, and to start off with you'll just fly around the pitch."

There were squabbles over the school brooms as the old team handed them out to those who hadn't brought one with them. People were trying not to get the oldest one; a battered Comet Three Sixty. I'm pretty sure that broom has been here for years, and I swear bee's fly faster than it.

Al labelled the groups and taught them the basics before letting them take off one group at a time. The first group were pretty good, they seemed to consist of third years and above. The second group contained five first years who clearly had no idea what they were doing despite Albus' instructions.

A little ginger girl sped right into the commentator's stand and knocked herself out. After sending her and a few of the others who had fallen off to see Madame Pomfrey the third group flew their laps.

"He's quite hot," Dom commentated as we watched them circle the stadium.

"Um, Dom, you're with Frankie," I pointed out.

She shrugged. "Not officially and anyway no harm in looking."

The third group was a mixture of ages and I even though I recognised someone from Ravenclaw which was odd. In the end Al had to call them down and tell at least six people to leave since they weren't Slytherin.

"It's happened every year," he told me as came and stood by us, Rose was too busy staring at Scorp and Dom was looking bored and filing her nails. "It's like they all want to be on the team just because I'm Harry Potter's son."

"I'd never of guessed. So that's who you're related to," I said sarcastically.

Al went to give me a dirty look but then smiled at me, I felt myself melt a little inside but managed to pull myself together quickly. He then went off to see to the fourth group which was made up of giggling girls, all younger than us. Half of them couldn't even tell him which way of the broom was up so he shooed them off the pitch.

Finally the last group managed to to their laps despite two of them being deadly afraid of heights.

"Right," Al called getting more frustrated by the minute. "Unless you've been told to stay then please leave the pitch."

Most of the people skulked off towards the stands to watch the choosing of the team whilst others talked about going to Hogsmeade. Scorp told the original team to spread out and then one by one people went and lined up behind them. Al started off with the chasers what with him being one. There were four girls and nine boys waiting to try out.

Scorp split them into three teams and Al released the Quaffle so the could play. For some reason I couldn't take my eyes off Al, it might have been because I had recently seen him semi-naked or because he really was a good chaser.

My thoughts wandered to Bentley and Aubri, I missed them so much but at least I knew that Ria was going to come up to see me at the start of December. It's so strange to think that it'll soon be Christmas and then their first birthday. I have really got to start my Christmas shopping, especially since I won't be going home until the twentieth.

I was brought out of my thoughts as the crowd that had gathered cheered, I looked up to Al showing off. As he came to a stop not far from us, I rolled my eyes at him. Al winked at me before turning back to the people trying out.

Next they did the keepers, the original keeper was a tall blonde boy with broad shoulders who looked like he could certainly block all the goal hoops without moving. I wasn't sure who he was as he wasn't the keeper we had when I left, but I had heard Al yell 'McLaggen' at him to get his attention.

There were two small looking boys who looked like twins and one girl who was very tall with long brown hair stood in the keeper line. They each took their turn, the girl saving three penalties whilst each of the twins saved two. The huge boy who was already keeper managed to save four.

I was starting to get bored as they looked for their beaters, Scorp tried out and Rose started cheering like crazy. It was like being stood next to a hyperactive monkey with a parrot on their shoulder. Dom was still busy filling her nails but every now and again she would mime being sick or make retching noises. I though it was sweet that Rose was cheering Scorp on, at least Hattie wasn't here, something I was thankful for.

Somehow if she was here I would probably be joining in with Dom since Hattie would bound to go over the top and do a whole cheer leading routine or some crap like that.

Dom nudged me with her sharp elbows causing me to squeal, "Oww!!"

"Al's calling you over," she told me. I looked to where he was with part of his new team, he was waving at me and I reluctantly strolled over.


Al motioned for me to stand next to him and then he announced,"So we have, Charlie McLaggen as keeper. Myself, Anthony Flint and Nathan Dose as chasers, Scorpius Malfoy and Leo Cozens as beaters and now we need a seeker. That's where you come in Flick. Please say you'll try out?"

Al did his puppy dog eyes which are so hard to say no to, it was unreal how much I could see Aubri in my mind doing the exact same thing. And I certainly don't go saying no to Aubri so I couldn't exactly refuse Al.

"I haven't played Quidditch since I-" I stopped mid sentence as I realised I was about to say 'since I found out I was pregnant.' So I changed it quickly to, "Since I left Hogwarts."

"No," Al said abruptly. "You quit the team weeks before you left Hogwarts, for personal reasons if I remember correctly."

I didn't dare look him in the eye but said, "Yeah that's right I did but I'm fine to play now."

"So what was wrong?" McLaggen asked.

Before I could open my mouth Scorp answered for me, "Charlie, somehow if Flick quit the team for personal reasons. I doubt she if going to tell you why, if they're personal."

I gave him a smile and mouthed 'thanks' as Al watched me closely.

From over where the other seekers were one of the boys shouted, "How come she didn't have to fly around the pitch?"

"Because she can actually fly unlike some of you, who didn't know which side of the broom you held until ten minutes ago," Albus retaliated.

"She's his ex-girlfriend isn't she?" The only girl within the seekers shouted and pointed at me. I made a mental note that I disliked her already. "Special favourites is it?" She called again.

"No actually, Flick, is going to try out with the rest of you. If she so happens to get the snitch all five times then she's the seeker. If she doesn't and one of you do, then it's one of you."

Al turned to me and along with Scorp they pulled me to the side. "Please try out, Flick," They both begged me.

Shaking my head I sighed. I mean it would be good to get playing again. "Sure."

They both smiled at me and we walked back. "Here," Al said as he chucked me his broom.

"I can't," I told him as I handed it back.

"Just use it," he told me with a smile. My insides jumped a little as I joined the four boys, one girl and Martin: who is the current seeker. "Okay guys and girls, I want you all to fly to the goal hoops and then I'm going to release the snitch."

"First person to catch it gets a point, first person to catch it the second time its released gets a point and so on. The person with the most points becomes seeker. Got it?" Scorpius asked.

We all nodded and kicked off. I was glad to have worn my old jeans, a hoodie and trainers, it was quite strange to be on a broom again after all this time. As I rose I felt the familiar feeling of the air rushing against my face. After doing a few laps, I could hear Dom, Rose, Scorp and Al laughing from down below.

I flew higher and higher before going over to the goal hoops with the others and waited for the instructions.

"On the count of three, I'm letting the snitch go." Scorp's voice boomed. "One..two..three."

I watched as the golden ball flew from its box and then it vanished. At first none of us moved but then I saw a glint of gold by one of the hoops at the other end of the pitch. I set off and then looked behind me to see that they had all followed.

Having spotted it near the commentators stand I headed that way, Martin was close on my tail but I was lucky. I stretched out and grabbed the cold gold ball.

"One point to, Flick," Scorp announced.

I smiled to myself, it was so good to be back in the air. On the second go Martin got the snitch, on the third go the girl who had yelled at me caught it. She had a smug look on her face as she did a lap. In the end I managed to catch the snitch three times, Martin caught it once and the girl caught it once.

As we all flew back to the pitch, I could here cheers coming from Rose and Dom.

"That's not fair," Martin cried as he threw his broom to the floor. "She quit the team."

"Flick, caught it three times, you caught the snitch once. Everyone on this team has tried out for their position . Unless you can't count then I believe Flick won fair and square," Scorpius informed him.

Martin huffed. "Fine." with that he stormed off the pitch.

"Congratulations, Flick," Dom squealed as she ran over to hug me.

"Well done," Al congratulated me as he also gave me a hug.

I ignored the butterflies and we broke apart, Rose and Scorp also hugged me and told me well done. I felt so happy, I had finally got back on a broom after way to long. Not to mention I had made the Quidditch team again.

Rose and Scorp had gotten all loved up in the space of a minute and were all over each other like a rash. After rolling her eyes at them and hugging me once more, Dom excused her self and mentioned something about going to meet Frankie. I stayed behind to help Al put away the Quidditch balls in the office. Most of the crowd had gone now and the only other people on the pitch were some of the team and their friends.

"Where's Hattie?" I asked casually.

Al shrugged as he tucked the snitch into the right compartment. "Hogsmeade with Mel I think."

"Thought she'd having been supporting her 'Albie'." I mocked.

Al looked up at me. "She's not a big Quidditch fan, and she finds the trials boring. So her and Mel went shoe shopping or something to that new shop that's just opened: 'Fancy Feet'."

I snorted, what a naff name for a shoe shop.

"I'm glad your back on the team, Fliss."

I froze slightly at the use of my dad's nickname for me. No one ever calls me Fliss except my dad and family.


There was silence between me and Al we carried the crate with the balls inside to Professor Spinet's office before going to the boys changing rooms. We were alone and I decided that I was going to tell Al about Bentley and Aubri here and now. Nothing would stop me, Hattie wasn't around to barge in, Aaron wasn't here either and there was nothing stopping me. Except for my cowardliness.

"Um, Al, I really need to tell you something. Something important."

"Okay shoot," Al's muffled voice said as he pulled off his Quidditch top and got slightly tangled which allowed me to have a splendid view of his body. I tired my hardest not to stare, I really needed to focus on what I was going to tell him.

I swear Al was taking a long time trying to get his top sorted just to distract me. It's safe to say it worked. I blinked as Al waved a hand in front of my face. "Flick? So what was the important thing you wanted to tell me about?"

"Babies," I blurted. "Um Ria, my nephew and niece."

Al looked at me funny as he pulled on his normal t-shirt. "You're not making any sense, Flick."

"I need to go," I said hurriedly before rushing from the changing rooms and across the pitch. I didn't stop until I got to the owlery so I could send a letter to Ria. Once I was in the tower I used some of the parchment, a quill and ink that is kept in a box near the doorway.

All I could think was, I am such an idiot. Why the hell did Albus Potter have to be so damn attractive. I was so close to telling him.

Ria, I wrote,

You'll never guess what!  Today was Slytherin Quidditch trials and the gang persuaded me to try out for seeker. So I did and I made the team!!! It felt so good to be in the air again and I can't believe I'll be back on the team.

After the try outs I helped Al put back the balls and we were alone and I was so close to telling him about the twins. But I bottled it all because he took his stupid top off and I couldn't stop staring at him and I got distracted and I'm now sure he thinks I'm weird.

I hope Bentley and Aubri are doing well, I miss them so much it's unreal. I wish you could bring them to see me sooner but I shouldn't complain too much. If I send you a list of things will you start my Christmas shopping for my babies for me. I know it's too early to be thinking of Christmas but if I don't come home until the 20th there won't be much time.

Sending my love to you, dad and Oscar.

Big hugs and kisses for Bentley and Aubri, tell them mummy misses them and loves them to the moon and back.

Lots of love,

Flick xxx

I looked at it and read it through before rolling it up and putting it into an envelope. I chose a small barn owl and attached it to its leg once I had wrote the address on it. After telling the owl the address it hopped towards the window, before spreading its wings and taking off. I watched it go until it became a small dot in the blue sky.

As I went back up to the castle for lunch I thought of home, of Bentley and Aubri and of everything that had happened since I became pregnant. I sat in between Rose and Al at the Slytherin table which was slightly awkward. I hoped that Al had forgotten what had happened earlier and if he hadn't I prayed that he wouldn't bring it up.

"Well done." They chorused as they slid a chocolate fudge cake in front of me. On top of it in white icing was 'Congratulations Flick.'

"Thanks guys," I managed to say.

"Seriously, Flick, it's great to have you back." Al smiled at me.

I don't why but I could feel myself welling up. "I'll be back now."

Leaving the great hall and went straight to the nearest bathroom. I had the strangest feeling of deja vú, it was two nights after I been to see Minnie to tell her about my pregnancy. It was dinner time and I was sat with the usual lot when I felt like I was going to burst into tears.

I went into one of the cubicles, shut it and sat on the stone floor. Leaning back against it I put my head in my hands. I screwed my eyes up to stop the tears, wondering why on earth I was feeling like this Then again it could just be my stupid hormones, just as it was that night over a year ago.

Although there is no way I am pregnant, I've been there, done that and am so not doing it for at least another eight years. I sighed as I tried to pull myself together. I got back up and left, looking in the mirror to make sure my eyes weren't red.

"I'm doing this for them," I muttered to myself as I left and went back into the great hall. "No matter what."

Dinner was the same as normal and we were all in high spirits. As Scorpius cut the cake, I caught Al staring at me. For a moment we just looked at each other, nothing was said between us but I knew that even though he's dating Hattie he is truly glad I'm back.

And from that moment I felt the happiest I had felt since I had come back to Hogwarts.

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