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Falling Down by HuffleyPuff
Chapter 1 : Falling Down
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 She lay at my feet, her dark hair covering her face and her eyes wide open. She lay unmoving. May wand was still held delicately in my hand as he began to step around the body of the woman –girl- on the floor. She was foolish and only another captured under my spell and so she would be no great loss to me. I felt nothing for her even though I know that love had blossomed inside of her even to her last breath. But now Natalie was nothing more than a cold and dead shell on the pavement of Knockturn Alley.

Without batting an eyelid I quickly replaced my wand deep inside my robes before turning and leaving the area. Even though it was so late at night I couldn’t risk getting caught by someone. I had important work to do and spending time in Azkaban was not something I was planning on. Lord Voldemort needed to rise up from the ashes and soon every witch and wizard who does not accept me as their leader will perish by my hand. I was powerful and no one could ever stand in my way, if they did they would surely die a horrible and agonizing death.

For now I needed to stay low and keep myself out of trouble, the time would soon come when my followers and I will take over the wizarding world. We were all just pawns on the Ministry’s silly little games and no longer will I allow them to rule. No longer will the Ministry be able to imprison those who rise against them. Change was necessary and now change can come without great consequence. Death was only casualty of the war which was soon to come.

Stepping into the light of the moon, I ducked my head to avoid detection and began to walk back towards my home without arousing suspicion. Soon her body would be discovered and the whole of Knockturn Alley would be on lockdown. I needed to be away when that happened. If I was discovered those Ministry fools would surely check my wand.

Turning to get further away from the darkness, I began to slowly breathe through my nostrils. The smell of Knockturn Alley was almost repulsive, but yet there was a certain tinge of revolution to it- the revolution I craved. Soon the people would realize that the Ministry was worthless and that I was only capable of getting things done. No longer would those filthy Muggles be unknowing about my great power. No longer would the mudbloods be allowed to step foot in Hogwarts and no longer would the famous Albus Dumbledore be a threat to me.

I could feel my hands curling to fists as I even began to think about that old man. He could see through my from the moment I stepped foot in the castle. Every time his blue eyes would find me I could feel him staring right through the mask of lies and deceit I had been living behind. He had been a pain all through my school years and completeing Salazar Slytherin’s famous work was nigh impossible. But soon all that was going to change and he would be a problem to me no more.

Turning back onto Diagon Alley, I looked up and sent my eyes around to see if anyone was watching but the street lay eerily still. There was no a sound of anyone nearby and the slight chill would sent shivers down my spine. Turning my head back down the dark alley I had just come from a snarl curled my top lip. I would no longer have to think about that stupid mudblood girl and hear her foolish problems. I was finally free of her, but yet I felt something which I wasn’t sure about. Could it possibly be guilt?
Shaking the feeling off I turned my eyes front before stalking off back into the darkness and allowed the shadows to consume me as a scream of terror shot up through the night sky.


The following morning I awoke lying fully clothed on my bed. I had been having a troubled mind and so sleeping had become a luxury. Most of my precious time was spent on gathering all the information I could about Albus Dumbledore and the Ministry. I would need all the intelligence I could if I was ever going to have a chance to bring them both down. The power I wielded would do no good if I did not know what I was up against.

Not even bothering to get some food, I slowly lowered myself into an empty chair at the kitchen table before pulling my great research towards me with slim fingers. My eyes flicked over the words on the many pages when there was suddenly a knocking on the window. An owl sat with the newspaper in its beak and a letter tied to its leg. Flicking my wand, the window swung open and the magnificent creature swooped in before landing in front of me.

Delicate fingers untied the letters from its leg whilst the other reached for the small bag of many I kept on my person. Pulling some bronze knuts out, I placed them in the owl’s outstretched claws before watching as it spread its wings and flew away.

Pushing the letters to one side I gracefully pulled the newspaper over towards me and a wry smile appeared as I read the main article. A girl had been found murdered in Knockturn Alley last night and they had no witnesses or suspects. How interesting.

Closing the paper I pushed it away before next bringing the letters over in front of me. One was addressed from the Ministry and so I quickly screwed it up and burnt it with another flick of my wand. Those fools wanted me to be Minister of Magic, but I had bigger plans than being a pawn in their games. Being Minister didn’t give you true power, only true power could be taken and not given.

Fingers flicking through the other mail for anything interesting, my interest was then drawn to a knocking at my front door. Slowly standing to my full height, slim fingers pulled back the curtains just an inch to see who was outside. Two men in black robes stood at my door and one of them was holding a wooden box with two hands.

Ministry representatives.

Anxiety creeping slowly over my body, my fingers slowly curled around the silver doorknob before clicking it open and peering round the edge. “Yes?”

“Mr. Riddle?” One of the men questioned as he leaned slightly to try and get a better look at my face, but his request was denied as the shadows covered my features. “You may have heard that one Natalie McKay was found dead last night.”

Suppressing the snarl playing with my top lip I nodded my head. “Yes I heard, how tragic.”

My words played false and there was no emotion in them, but the two men didn’t seem to notice as one held the box out for me to take. “After combing through her apartment last night we found this box with multiple letters inside all addressed to you. As these are not evidence it would only feel right that these are left to you. I hear that you knew Miss McKay quite well.”

“I did,” I responded tersely as one hand quickly reached out and snatched the box. “Now if that’s all.” Not even waiting for a reply the door was closed in the two men’s faces and the box was placed back on the kitchen table.

Standing with my back to the door and my hands clasped behind my back my eyes stared for a long and hard time at the box in front of me. Half of me wanted to throw the contents in the fire, but that feeling of guilt was coming back and it was a yearning to read these letters. There was the interest into knowing what the letters were about, but then there was the burning hatred I thought I felt for the silly little girl.

Slowly but surely one hand reached out and rested in a gentle manner on the lid of the box. I felt the smooth wood under my palm and the small initials scratched into the lid. My fingertips played with the words, but my eyes were still concentrating on the opposite wall. This girl I had only used for my own bidding had loved me like no other girl. She was completely enthralled and that had only made my words mean more to her. I had felt nothing but hatred for her, but yet now she was murdered by my hand I could only feel guilt washing over me.

Guilt was a horrible thing and was a sign of weakness in the heart. I tried to shake the feeling away as if I was mistaken, but there was no denying the feeling as it buried it’s way deeper into my heart. Every time I thought of Natalie with her dark locks and shining blue eyes I could only see guilt clouding my thoughts.

Turning my eyes back to the wooden box, slowly and unsurely I began to unfasten the metal latches holding the lid down so I could get to the contents. I wasn’t even half aware that I had begun to open the box, but by the time I had realized the first folded letter was already in the palm of my hand.

Gentle fingers began to unfold the paper in my hand before I held it delicately with one hand as my eyes began to read the words. They were words of love and they penetrated deep inside me in a way I didn’t know was possible. The guilt building inside grew, but I managed to keep the cold and emotionless posture I always wore to hide my true feelings. I couldn’t even bring myself to read anymore of the letter and so I slowly replaced it in the box before closing the lid.

My heart was racing and my mind was filled with emotions never before witnessed. I pictured Natalie and all I could see was her shining eyes and glossy hair. I could see the way it bounced when she walked and that smile she wore on her face when she was around me. The way her eyes would sparkle in the light and the small silver flecks in her iris just seemed to be so real in my mind. Easily I could see the way she wore her uniform and the unique way she would do up her tie and the shine to her shoes so great you could see your own reflection in them.

In my ears I could hear her sweet voice, the hints of amusement in her tone and the laugh she would give me. I could hear the way she would talk about her old life and how it was non-existent anymore. Her voice filled with happiness whenever she talked to me about the way she felt and about how great I was to her.

It was within these moments I suddenly came to realize I was in love with her.

All those times I had felt something deep inside me and had brushed it off, that was my own desire and lust trying to break the surface of my old emotions. There was warmth to my heart which I had never taken the time to notice before. There was a brighter side to me and now it had only been smashed by my own actions. Natalie had died by my own hand and now that was a mark, a mark on my skin which was never going to wash off.

Picking up the wooden box slowly with two hands I could feel the sweet tears forming the corner of my eyes as I thought about Natalie. Every time I tried to push her from my mind she would only re-appear stronger and more determined to stay than before. She was going to haunt me and stay as a harsh reminder which I was never going to forget.

Love is the greatest weakness of all.

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Falling Down: Falling Down


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