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Good Girl by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 1 : Lessons Learned
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Hello my fantastic readers! This story randomly popped into my head one night and I had to write it. Hope you enjoy. :)

Disclaimer: Obviously I'm not JK Rowling, she owns all these wonderful characters and the fantastic world they live in. The song I used is "Good Girl" by Carrie Underwood, and, obviously, belongs to the lovely Carrie.


Hey, good girl (hey, good girl)
With your head in the clouds
I bet you I can tell you
What you're thinkin' about

“Ronald, come on! You’ll be late for dinner!” Hermione said as she talked to her boyfriend on the phone.

“I know, but I’m a little tied up at the moment, I promise I’ll make it to Harry’s a little after dinner, go ahead without me, I can meet you there and we can go home together,” he replied and she sighed.

Harry and Ginny were celebrating their three-year marriage anniversary and instead of having dinner by themselves, had invited Ron and Hermione over for dinner, claiming they had an announcement. Hermione already knew what it was; Ginny was pregnant, though she’d never let on that she already knew.

She stood and stretched her arms above her head, grateful to have the day off. She’d managed to read a book and clean up the house. She would’ve made an elaborate dinner for Ron, but because they were due to go to the Potter’s had decided she’d lounge around the house for the first time in months.

She hated showing up to Harry and Ginny’s on her own, feeling as if she didn’t have a proper significant other, but she continued to push it aside. She just hoped that Ron would propose soon and their relationship could finally move forward.

You'll see a good boy (you see a good boy)
Gonna give you the world
But he's gonna leave you cryin'
With your heart in the dirt

Hermione smiled at her reflection in the mirror. The short black dress clung to her curves in all the right places and the boots only accentuated her legs more. Her bushy brown hair was now fair more tame and cascaded in curls to her mid back. She shrugged on a red sweater and was about to apparate to the Potter’s when there was a knock on the door.

Hesitantly, she made her way to the door and looked through the peephole. No one was there and confusion drew her eyebrows together.

She opened the door slowly and a letter fell to the ground by her feet. Grabbing the letter, she headed back into the apartment and sat down in a chair in the kitchen. The front and back of the letter said nothing but for some reason, she knew it was for her. She tore it open with trembling hands and removed the piece of paper.



I’d like the chance to meet you sometime soon so we can discuss… well, your boyfriend. I’ve seen something that will more than likely upset you greatly and I want you to hear it from someone before finding it out on your own.

Meet me tomorrow after you’re off work? Six o’clock at that café a block away? Just leave a yes or no answer and tape it to the front door. I’ll stop by sometime when you’re at work and know whether or not to meet you.

~Someone you can trust


Her hands shook even more now. What could this person possibly have to say to her about Ron? She lit the paper on fire and dropped it in the sink, waiting until it was completely burnt to wash it down the drain. She took a deep breath before composing herself and apparating from the apartment.

His lips are dripping honey
But he'll sting you like a bee
So lock up all your love and
Go and throw away the key

“HERMIONE!” Ginny nearly screamed as she opened the door for Hermione. “Oh, it’s so good to see you!”

“You saw me yesterday, Gin,” Hermione said, laughing.

“I know, but you know what I mean. And you look stunning!” Gin said, beaming at her best friend as she pulled her into the house.

“Hey there, Hermione,” Harry said as he walked down the hallway and wrapped Hermione in a hug. “Looking good, as always. And we get you all to ourselves until that boyfriend of yours shows up, he doesn’t know what he’s missing!” Hermione smiled at her best friends, though inside her stomach was doing back flip after back flip wondering who that note was from and what it could be about.

Hey good girl (hey, good girl)
Get out while you can
I know you think you got a good man

The three friends sat around the den talking about their jobs and Ginny’s recent decision to finally settle down with Harry instead of being on the road with her Quidditch team all the time. Nearly an hour later, the doorbell rang.

“Oh, thank god! I’m bloody starving!” Ginny said as her husband went to get the door. She grabbed Hermione’s hand and pulled her off the couch so they could go to the kitchen and pull all the food from the oven where Ginny was keeping it warm.

The girls took all the food and laid it out on the table just as Ron and Harry made their way into the dining room.

“Bloody hell, Gin. Looks amazing!” Ron said, looked as if he were drooling as he pulled out a chair and sat down.

Harry rolled his eyes as he pulled his wife’s chair out and sat himself down across from her. Hermione took a seat and Ginny beamed at her.

Why, why you gotta be so blind?
Won’t you open up your eyes?
It’s just a matter of time ‘til you find
He’s no good, girl
No good for you
You better get to getting on your goodbye shoes and go, go, go…
Better listen to me
He’s low, low, low…

“Well… I suppose we should just spit it out,” Harry said, glancing to his wife. She nodded and looked between Ron and Hermione, beaming the whole time.

“WE’RE PREGNANT!” Ginny screamed and instantly began tearing up.

“Oh my goodness! That’s so exciting!” Hermione said, feigning surprise as she jumped up and made her way over to hug her best friend. “Congratulations!” she said to them both as she let go of Ginny and made her way to hug Harry.

“Congrats,” Ron said, standing up and giving his sister and best friend hugs, eying the food on the table the whole time.

A few minutes later, the couples were finished with the hugs and congratulations and were finally eating, much to Ron’s delight.

Hey, good girl
You got a heart of gold
You want a white wedding
And a hand you can hold
Just like you should, girl
Live every good girl does
Want a fairy tale ending, somebody to love

A few hours later, Hermione and Ron were apparating back to their apartment and Hermione kissed Ron on the cheek before making her way to the bathroom to shower, knowing full well he would be asleep when she got out.

Hermione spent nearly an hour in the shower, mulling over what the person who sent the letter could possibly want to say to her and the fact that her best friend was now pregnant. She’d always dreamt of being married by this point, or at least engaged, but she wasn’t sure if Ron would be asking her anytime soon and now here her best friends were, married with a kid on the way.

She slipped out of the shower and toweled herself dry, changing into her PJs before crawling into bed where, sure enough, Ron had collapsed in the clothes he’d worn earlier and was snoring lightly.

Hermione sighed and turned the light off before passing into an uneasy sleep.

But he’s really good at lying
Yeah, he’ll leave you in the dust
‘Cause when he says forever
Well, it don’t mean much
Hey good girl
So good for him
Better back away from him
You don’t know where he’s been

Hermione awoke to Ron grumbling about something and sorting through his dresser, clearly disgruntled.

“You all right?” she asked him, sitting up in bed.

“You haven’t seen my light blue tie, have you?” he asked without so much as looking at her.

“Umm no I haven’t. Have you checked the tie rack instead of all the ties you have tossed about?” she suggested, laughing to herself.

“Oh… no,” he shuffled away sheepishly and a few seconds later she heard an, “Oh, here it is. Knew I could find it.”

She laughed and got out of bed, making her way to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea. She made a few pieces of toast and some bacon and put it on a plate on the edge of the counter for Ron as she got herself a bowl of cereal and her cup of tea and went to go read before she had to leave for work.

Ron shuffled out of the room and grabbed the food, scarping it down before muttering a thank you and heading out of the apartment. Hermione sighed and closed her eyes, taking in the silence.

Why, why you gotta be so blind?
Won’t you open up your eyes?
It’s just a matter of time ‘til you find
He’s no good, girl
No good for you
You better get to getting on your goodbye shoes and go, go, go…
Yeah yeah yeah, he’s low
Yeah yeah yeah

Hermione spent the entire time at work thinking about whether or not she would regret leaving the note that said “yes” on her door. She wondered whom it was she would be meeting and if it would be good for her or not.

She couldn’t get anything done that day and her boss noticed that something was wrong.

“Hermione, are you okay?” he asked as she sat in a chair, staring at the wall.

“Oh, I’m fine,” she said weakly, hoping to convince herself. “Just ate something that didn’t agree with me I suppose.”

“Do you need to go home?” he asked, looking concerned.

“No, no, it’ll pass I’m sure. I only have an hour left anyways,” she said, giving him a small smile.

“If you say so. Let me know if you change your mind,” he said as he made his way to the next worker to check on them.

Oh, he’s no good, yeah
Why can’t you see?
He’ll take your heart and break it
Listen to me, yeah

She made her way to her boss a little before six and asked him if she could take him up on his offer, not wanting to be late to the café.

“Of course, feel better Hermione. Get some rest,” he said and she nodded.

A few minutes later, she was sitting at a table outside the café, drinking a glass of water and trying to calm herself. Her heart was fluttering in her chest and her stomach continued its gymnastics act doing somersault after somersault.

“Hermione.” She heard someone say to her left and knew she recognized the voice. She turned and found Draco Malfoy looking at her, concern etched into his features.

“Hello, Malfoy,” she said coldly and looked the other way, trying to see if there was someone she recognized. “I’m actually waiting for someone to meet me here.”

“You’re waiting for me,” he said, and pulled out the chair across the table, slowly sitting down.

“No I’m not, someone told me to meet them here and—oh,” she said, trailing off.

“Yes, that was me. Now here’s the question, will you believe me when I tell you something?” he asked seriously.

Why, why you gotta be so blind?
Won’t you open up your eyes?
Just a matter of time ‘til you find
He’s no good, he’s no good

“That depends,” Hermione said quietly, already regretting having come.

“Look, I’m just going to be upfront about this whole thing, okay? I can tell you really don’t want to be here now that you know it’s me, but I need to tell you something,” he said, his eyes full of an emotion Hermione couldn’t read.

“Then tell me,” Hermione whispered, her heart contracting painfully in anticipation.

Draco sighed, “Ron is cheating on you. With Lavender.” He looked at her for some sort of reaction and a few moments later, Hermione burst out laughing.

“That’s why you brought me here? To feed me some story about my boyfriend cheating on me with his ex girlfriend? That’s low, Malfoy, even for you,” Hermione said, standing up and walking away.

“GRANGER!” Draco shouted and a few moments later she felt someone grab her wrist. “Come here,” he said and pulled her away, despite her trying to escape his grip.

He pulled her into a small alley, “LET ME GO!” she shouted and he covered her mouth.

“You make it sound like I’m going to mug you! Give me five minutes. Please,” he said, his eyes pleading. He slowly took his hand off her mouth and she let out a sigh.

“Fine. Five minutes,” she said, glaring at him.

“Excellent, we’re apparating to St. Mungo’s,” Draco said and a few moments later, the familiar feeling of apparation taking over.

They apparated into a large storage room and Draco pulled her behind a large shelf.

“Stay quiet, shouldn’t be much longer,” he said and as if on cue, the door on the far end of the room burst open and Hermione could hear someone giggling.

She glanced through a hole between bottles of something she didn’t recognize on the shelf and Draco covered her mouth once more as she gasped, seeing Ron standing in the corner with Lavender Brown’s arms around him. He leaned down to kiss Lavender and Hermione nearly passed out.

Draco grabbed her arm and pulled her through a door that was behind them into a long, empty hallway.

“Why?” she whispered and collapsed. Draco caught her just before she hit the floor and apparated them out of the hospital, where he set her down on a chair and she realized they were back in her apartment.

“He doesn’t deserve you. You deserve so much better,” he said and she couldn’t help but hug him.

“I saw them together last week,” he said and she knew he felt the need to explain himself. “I confronted Ron about it because I knew you two were still dating. He told me that he trusted me to not tell you, but I thought you needed to hear it from someone before finding it out on accident. I’m sorry,” he trailed off, clearly not knowing what to do.

“Thank you, Draco,” she whispered. “Would you mind leaving me to collect my thoughts?”

“Of course,” he said and lowered her onto the couch. He turned to leave.

“Wait,” Hermione said and he turned around. “I’m sorry I ever doubted you while we were in school. I know that you saved Harry and that he did the same for you, I’m sorry we never got along, but I’d like for that to change. You’ve proved to me that I can trust you…”

He smiled, “I would like that. Write to me if you want; I’m in a small apartment here in London if you need me. Best of luck with, well, you know. I’m sorry,” he said and left the apartment.

Won’t you open up your eyes?
Just a matter of time ‘til you find
He’s no good, girl
No good for you
You better get to getting on your goodbye shoes

Hermione packed all her belongings into a bag and a few hours later was leaving the apartment and putting a note on the kitchen counter for Ron to read when he got home.

Dear Ronald,

I know about you and Lavender. We’re done, indefinitely. I’ll talk to you in a few weeks after I’ve properly composed myself and I’m not as angry as I am at the moment. But I’m letting you know now that we will not ever get back together.


Some part of her had always felt as if she and Ron would never get married but she never knew exactly why it was that she felt that way. She was glad to finally be free from him, though she’d never really realized she was trapped.

Hermione was finally free to live her life. She’d managed to make friends with Draco because of it, and was living in her own apartment a few weeks later, content with how things had turned out. She knew it would be a while before she dated again and that it would take a lot to trust someone so much again, but for now, she was happy.

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