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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 6 : Team investigations
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great ci by Crowley @TDA, thank-you :D

7. Team Investigations

 The whole school was in panic and the bombing sounds of chattering filed the great hall. Some were screaming some seemed to be in panic but no matter how hard the teachers tried they wouldn’t calm down.

Sirius and Marlene stood awkwardly in the corner, not sure what to do.

Sirius had been waiting for at least half an hour in the divination room before Marlene came back with professor sprout trailing behind her with a faint whisper saying she had trouble finding anyone to help.

And now every student had been sent into the hall for isolation until they were completely certain the school was safe.

James, Peter and Remus hadn’t turned up yet and Sirius was anxiously awaiting their returned, his hand held onto Marlene’s mindlessly until he looked down and quickly slipped it out the room suddenly going hot.

“It has got to be dark magic, the school wouldn’t be so worried if it was not” Marlene whispered, fear creeping into her voice. However she swallowed it back easily and replaced it with a soft smile.

Sirius nodded soberly “hey but at least we won’t have to do any divination” he nudged her slightly as she let out a airy chuckle.

“I wonder where the rest of your gang is?” Marlene wondered staring around the hall and going on tip toes to see if she could catch a glimpse of anyone she was friends with “Mary should be here by now, she was only in mugglestudies, it’d only taken her two floors”

Marlene began to bite her fingernails anxiously slumping against the stone walls of the hall her eyes transfixed on the doors ahead of her.
“They’ll be alright”

Sirius scanned the great hall.

The tables had been pushed up and only a few benches were left which was taken by a gang of slytherine’s who seemed only too happy to be there, laughs on their face as they jeered at the passing first years.

Sirius suddenly caught eyes with his younger brother, Regulas, his hair sleeked back stylishly and his school jumper hanging casually of his arm as he chuckled waving his wand and making a hufflepuff student fall flat on his face.

Sirius narrowed his eyes at him which Regulas only sneered at.

“Eugh! Pathetic they are” Marlene said next to him watching as they terrorized the poor hufflepuff kid, finally when one of the threw the child down Marlene sat up straighter “oh my god, we should go help him”

Just as Marlene went to go over, her wand held firmly in her hand Sirius’s hand collided with her’s again catching her before she went any further.

“Don’t” He hissed.

“But, look!” She exclaimed pointing towards them.

“If you go over there telling them off like that their new target’ll be you”

Before she could reply a short squeal from behind them interrupted her trail of thoughts.
“MARLENE!” Mary called running over to Marlene and pulling her into a sisterly embrace “What’s happened. No one is explaining anything”

“Divination teacher’s got… well I do not know, cursed or something” explained Marlene, she turned around to find Sirius gone, he had ran over to James as soon as he walked through the door pushing through the panicked crowd. She turned back around to face the slytherine group again and narrowed her eyes at them before striding angrily up to them calling back over her shoulder to Mary “I will be back in a minute”




“JAMES! REMUS! PETER!” Sirius called out jogging up to them, his hair flying about madly “Where the hell have you been!”

“I dunno, we just came from mugglestudies!”

Everything was going in slow motion and Sirius watched as people raced around him, hugging their friends with tears streaming down their faces.

He was caught out of it when there was a tug on James’s robes slightly.

A groan was heard as they boys turned to find Lily standing there a wound up look planted on her face.
“Look I don’t want to be here but I’ve got no one else to talk to”

“Marlene and Mary are over there, talk to them” Sirius said pointing toward where he’d last seen them, when he found no specific blonde and brunette he turned back around to face Lily “Well they were there”

“What about Snivellus, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to see you” James snapped surprising everyone there who raised their eyebrows questioningly. Even Lily took a miniature step back her eyes wide.

“Severus’s not here yet, and it might interest you to know that I don’t actually spent all my time with him the way you might think Potter” she hissed back sending a glare heading in his direction but still feeling guilty all the same when his face looked crushed and defeated “sorry” she whispered barely audible and flicked her head away towards the great hall wanting to get away from the marauders but not wanting to feel alone.

She turned back and sighed before giving a little smile to Remus and Peter, the only marauders she could stand.

“Sirius” James said edging closer towards him “We’ve gotta’ find out what’s happening”

“but the schools in lockdown, we’ll never get back out the great hall doors” Sirius exclaimed.

James wiggled his eyebrow’s nudging him slightly “You know me, I’ve always got a plan up my sleeve”

“And what would that be?”

Sirius stood confused for a minute, it wasn’t him who had said that, when he turned he saw Lily standing there innocently. He raised an eyebrow, surprised.

“Oh don’t look at me like that!” She snapped “I can break rules too… sometimes… If I want to…” She trailed of before suddenly shaking her head “Well I don’t break the rules but there’s no point us sitting here! The schools not going to tell us anything, are they?”

“Suppose you right” James said as he looked Lily up and down surprised by her actions “ok, but don’t get shocked when I show you my cloak”

“Your cloak?”
“An Invisibility cloak” Sirius answered “Do you have it on you?”
James nodded his head confidently beaming “I never leave it. I don’t trust those Hogwarts houseleves. They could go into the dormitories in the day and steal it!”

He pulled the two of them into the furthest corner and pulled it out of his pocket, Lily quickly caught him and huffed “This doesn’t mean I like you by the way”

He winked back at her “Yeah, yeah. You wait Evans, next week you’ll be literally begging me to go out with you”
“In your dreams potter”

“oh we do a lot more than that in our dreams” He sent her the infamous and familiar James potter smirk before throwing the invisibility cloak around himself.

Lily jumped back in amazement “I thought you were joking” she said stupidly searching the air for James with her hands spread out in front of her

“Evans you look weird” James said from under the cloak.

Lily’s eyes widened and Sirius rolled his eyes.
“Are you coming or are you not? Cause if we just stand here were gonna attract attention”

“Yeah…” she said slowly “But that’s just weird… amazing… but you know? Weird. I wonder what spells they use to make it. They obviously use a disillusionment charm, a very powerful one. I heard there’s only a few left” She piped up turning her head to Sirius who only looked bored.
“We don’t need a full history of cloaks Evans”

“It’s lily I’ll have you know” She bit back before feeling for the cloak, when she made contact lily lifted it up before pulling it over her.

“Weird” She whispered into James’s ear which made him tingle with delight, having never had her so close to him

“I know” he replied back just as Sirius joined them under.

“we haven’t used this all year” Sirius smiled delightfully staring around at the other two “We should go get Remus and Peter, where have they gone anyway?”

“There” Lily pointed towards them, the two were casually on tiptoes staring around for the others. As they got closer they began to hear their conversation.

“They’re probably causing havoc knowing them” Remus said stiffly shaking his head disapprovingly but a little disappointed that they had gone off without them.

James tapped him on the shoulder and he suddenly jumped up staring around widely. Sirius watched as a panicked look spread across his face and slowly falling to a suspicious stare.

“James?” He whispered “is that you”
“He has the cloak!” Peter squeaked excitedly.
“Please don’t shout that out Peter, anyone might hear” Remus said feeling around for the cloak and ducking under it quickly before anyone noticed. No one did of course, the worry that was spreading around the hall like fire kept them distracted.

Peter followed behind and the five of them were standing uncomftable under one cloak, their feet showing slightly, they all crouched under hoping that through all the schools panic that no one would see the mysterious feet walking about without a body.
“What’s Lily doing here?” Peter tilted his head curiously at her, his eyes piercing at her.

No one replied as they all held their breaths in passing the great hall doors.

Just as they flipped around the corner Sirius got a glimpse of a brunette Gryffindor and raven haired slytherine standing up together their wands raised but had no time to dwell on it as they were soon raising down the corridors as fast as they could considering they had five people cramped together under one quite large cloak.

“Where are we actually going?” Lily hissed in James’s ear who was up front as they all made their way up the moving staircases, making them all wobble and having to keep steady balance

“divination?” James said quietly.

As they made their way up to the north tower, along the many twisting corridors of Hogwarts with portraits eyes following them mysteriously as though they knew they were there even with the invisibility cloak thrown atop of them.

“So is this how you all get up to Mischief?” Lily asked.

“Yeah, basically. Your not going to tell anyone are you?” James quickly added.

“Well… no. I suppose I’d get into trouble if teachers knew I was doing this… so, no. And also as much as I hate you Potter I wouldn’t just go around telling tales on you. Anyway who the hell would believe me!”

James smirked but had turned around again and Lily hadn’t see it, thankfully.

Finally the five of them arrived and at the bottom of the long ladder was a body of some sort surrounded by many of adults all of whom were standing over her casting spells and sorts.

“I’m glad we didn’t all have to climb that” Sirius said nodding hid head towards the ladder as they all pressed their backs against the stone wall “can you image the five of us trying to stay hidden under the cloak while climbing!”

Lily bit her lip trying to stop the form of a smile about to emerge on her face and was glad James’s back was turned on her. She watched intently over James’s shoulder the scene before her and a frown was replaced on her lips as she tried her hardest to listen to the conversations.

“Its dark magic for sure Albus” A ministry worker said loudly standing next to the headmaster, who had a unmistakable sadness crossed over his eyes.

“I guessed as much” He replied taking a step forward “Such a waste, professor Gooden was such a kind and thoughtful women. The question is why would death-eaters place such a charm on her?”
“Why is it that Sir?” A short and chubby witch asked, her glasses askew on her pale face and looked as though she’d ages ten years within the hour.

Dumbledore studied the body once more before turning away “Because she was pure-blood, Lord Voldermorts main goal is to erase muggle-borns and muggles alike, pure-bloods are somewhat precious to him, more important. So the question is why would he go after a pure-blood, what had she done for him to want her dead?”
No answer was received, not that Dumbledore had been expecting one.

A few minutes past as they all stared down at the corpse of a women before a short and chubby women answered him, going red in the face as she did so “Perhaps, its her profession”

Dumbledore swerved around to face the women, studying her face for a moment “It is a possibility. What’s your name if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Naysa Tyler sir” she mumbled shyly taking out her ministry ID card to prove it was her “Secretary to the head of magical law enforcement department”

“It is an honour to meet your miss Tyler” Dumbledore greeted holding out his hand for her to shake before continuing not taking his eyes of the divination teacher “But what concerns me is that it happened inside these four walls, Hogwarts. It is said to be the safest four walls in the entire wizarding world”

There was yet another pause of intense silence where everyone’s face fell, completely blank with the worry flashing across each of their eyes all staring up at Dumbledore expecting him to speak on.

When he didn’t go on the women called Naysa sighed “Well I better be of, I better hand these notes to my boss” She smiled brightly as she picked up her old and rusted briefcase.

Naysa began to walk away walking past the five who’s backs were pressed hardly against the wall and breath taken away for a minute or two just as she walked past them.

Finally once she was out of sight the five released a breath but Lily’s eyes were soon wide once again.

“She had notes!” She hissed and James who swerved around to face her in the little space they had under the cloak.

“Well she was here to take notes Evans, I’m not surprised”

“No!” Lily sighed pulling them all around the corner and began to chase after the women named Naysa who had only walked a little further ahead.

The sound of their running footsteps seemed to echo around the corridor and Naysa turned suspiciously, however nothing caught her eye and she carried on.

“Why are we running after her, she’s only a secretary” James hurriedly whispered to Lily who was struggling to run with the cloak thrown atop of her and the four behind he trying to keep up.

“She said she had notes, notes on the incident!” Lily threw back at him a hard expression on her face.
“And what? Your just going to go up to her and ask ‘please can I look at those confidential notes just because I wanna know what happened’?” Sirius shot back stopping suddenly pulling back the others “It doesn’t work like that Evans!”

“Oh please, the biggest trouble makers in the school and you can’t even get a simple set of notes!” She shot back glaring “Anyway she seemed nice enough. You never know, she might just let us have a peek”

Just as Sirius was about to speak Peter seemed to step in, a determined look on his face “I’ll help you Lily” He mumbled quietly.

A bright smile lit up on her face “Aw thank-you Peter. Anyone else, I-”

But before she could even finish the sentence James had pulled the cloak of himself and began to run after the ministry worker, his already messy hair flying about after him.

“JAMES!” Sirius called after him before setting of himself.

James with his many years of quiddittch practise working with him managed to catch up with the plump little women, who was just tottering down the corridor which he noted had a large portrait of a knight moving across the walks causing havoc.

“Naysa?” James said uncertainly “I’m… uh… James” He said weakly wondering where he was going with this.

She nodded mysteriously “Shouldn’t you be in the hall, you’re a student. Its not safe to be out and about the school”

“Yeah well… I never much cared whether it was safe or not” His added and he would have sworn he saw the women’s lip curve into a smile for a split second.

“I should take you back” She said kindly “The schools divination teacher’s been killed”

“with what?” He said a little too urgently and realization hit Naysa’s face.

“Ah” She sighed “You want information to what happened”
“Yeah… kind of”

“Well its confidential” She smiled at him.

“Aw come on I just wanna know what caused it”

“Poisoned” she unintentionally slipped, realizing her mistake she clasped a hand over her mouth shocked “forget I said anything!”

“Why?” he urgently pressed on

“I don’t know, I’m just a secretary who makes tea for a living. Its your headmaster who you should be asking, Albus Dumbledore”

“JAMES!” There was a yell behind him and James swerved around to find Sirius, Lily, Peter and Remus running behind him before finally stopping next to him catching their breaths leaning over.

“How can you run so fast James?” Remus breathed leaning against the stone portrait.

“There’s more of you, how did you five even get out of the hall without being noticed!” Naysa let out astonished.

“We have our ways”

“Look I can’t tell you anything, nothing. Understand?” She cried out though a smile still stood out on her face.

“Please, it’s not like the school’s gonna tell us anything anytime soon… I just… we just” Lily corrected herself turning towards the others before seeing the smirk rising onto James’s face and she just rolled her eyes at him “Can’t you just… I don’t know? Tell us what you think?” She added unconfidently staring at her feet “Because, well… that’s not confidential is it?”

“I really must get back to the ministry, My boss will kill me if-”

“Please” Lily cut in tears beginning to surface in her eyes “It’s just… I’m… well… Muggleborn. It’s quite scaring knowing that the death eaters managed to kill someone from inside the school, a fully grown witch who knows spells beyond my imagination, a pure-blood. I mean… what can they do to muggle-borns like me?”
Naysa smiled at her sympathetically “Its ok dear” She said placing a comforting arm around her and pulling her into a classroom. The four boys followed behind.

She sat down on one of the desks and sighed “I can’t tell you what’s in these notes but I’ll tell you my observation”

“Really!” Sirius jumped in a little too enthusiastically his voice going all squeaky and high.

Naysa chuckled and nodded “Yes I will” She gulped back “Its weird, you all know she’s pure-blood so why would you-know-who go after her? Professor Gooden wasn’t a outstanding person, she was rather simple actually, no husband or children, a teacher, average grades in OWLs and NEWTs. The only thing extraordinary about her was that she was seer. I looked back over death dates and noticed the lack of seer’s around today, there’s practically none and most of them have died between now and the time you-know-who rose to power. It’s like he doesn’t want anyone to be able to tell the future”

The five sat in silence as they listened to Naysa talk, their heart racing as they did “Its like he’s scared of the future”

“What’s so important about the future that he doesn’t want to know himself?” Lily thought out loud.

“I don’t know, perhaps he’s scared they’ll be a prophecy about him, something he can never escape and also the attack happened inside the school with poison, as far as we know Proffessor Gooden never left the school. Someone in the school did this which is why the school is in dead lock down” Naysa explained before standing up suddenly “Look I really must go, I shouldn’t have said anything anyway. Do yourself a favour and get back to the hall and I never heard any information from me, understand?”
Just as she was about to open the classroom door she turned around again to face Lily “This war is scaring everyone dear, don’t be afraid” and then she was gone leaving the five of them staring blankly at where Naysa’s cloak had just whipped around the corner.

“She was nice” Lily stated expressionless “I’m going back to the hall, Severus should be there by now” She mumbled more to herself than anything before jumping of the desk and leaving through the door.

James’s face was crest fallen Sirius noted as Lily followed behind Naysa leaving the four of them there.
“Lets go” he said in a barley audible whisper.

When they were back out in the corridor again Lily was no where to be seen having chased down the flights of moving stairs and corridors, no doubt already there.

The war was getting far the dangerous now, and though Sirius hated to admit it, he was scared… very scared.



A/N I know Lily was quite civil with James and Sirius here but unlike some people I don’t believe Lily was spiteful to James all the time before 7th year, Lily was a nice person, to James included :D

all owned by the lovely JK Rowling of course

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