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Come Back With Me by Hotmammabellatrix
Chapter 5 : All Night?!?!
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Hi there!!! Sooo, I know I haven't written in absolute AGES, I just had a HUGE case of writer's block...I still probably should have updated anyway, but please don't kill me!! So, here is the fifth chapter of this book!!


Hermione's POV

I jumped in real surprise when the doors banged open, to reveal an extremely frazzled Lily Evans.

"JAMES BLOODY POTTER!!!!! DID YOU REALLY TURN ALL OF THE SLYTHERINS PINK?!?!" she yelled, and I covered my ears slightly, pretending to be rather frightened. I  really should get an academy award or something like that. I mean, I am a fabulous.I even have Sirius showing some kind of sympathy for me. From what people have told me about Sirius in school is that he was...well, arrogant twat, but hey, I would be too if I was as hot as him. Oh gosh...I need to get my head checked ASAP. I can't believe I just called my best friend's godfather hot. Ugh, what is life right now!!??

"Of course I didn't, Evans!! I'm Head Boy! I have to set a good example for all the other kiddies!!!!" he said with a charming smile at her. She simply rolled her eyes, and I really think I'm starting to like her. We'll be fantastic friends.

'DON'T LIE TO ME, POTTER!!" she bellowed, and I kept up my act by hiding behind Sirius and timidly backing up to the wall. In all honesty, she is rather frightening right about now. Her face is red, and she is livid. James looks at her cluelessly, and I actually believe him when he says he didn't do it.

"Oi, Evans, stop shouting. You're scaring Hermione." Sirius says coming over to me, and embracing me, rubbing my back soothingly. I allow myself to tense at his touch, and he takes the hint that I don't want him touching me. I see a look of hurt pass through his eyes, but it's almost instantly gone. Draco, fully healed comes over to me and holds me. I melt into his arms as he gives Lily a glare to beat all glares. I close my eyes and tremble in his arms. 

"You're really milking this." he whispers to me in a comforting tone to make all the others think he's telling me that it'll all be okay, or something cheesy like that. I simply nod, and he lets out a small chuckle that even I can barely hear.

"Er, sorry, Hermione..." Lily says awkwardly, but I just stay silent in Draco's arms. To be honest, I rather like this position that I'm in with Draco.


Draco's POV

I won't lie, I like the position that I'm in with Hermione, although she is milking it for all it's worth. Her body fits perfectly against mine, and I can smell her shampoo. I feel a little bad for Evans though. I watch her motion to Potter to go with her, and they both leave, Evans a bit sheepishly. 

"I still need to do a few more things with these students, now the rest of you leave. No buts, Mr. Black." Madam Pompfrey said, giving Black the evil eye. He just huffed and walked out of the room, taking his band of friends with him.

"I thought we were done?" I say in a questioning tone, looking at her. Hermione pulled away, and looked at her with questioning eyes.

"You still need to stay the night. I need to see if anything else is wrong with your mental health. Nightmares, things like that." she said, clarifying. So, we have to stay here all bloody night!? Good Lord.


A/N: Sooooo, yeah...that was really boring for being gone for a really long time,'ll get better, I swear!!! Comments are super appreciated!!! Love you all soo much!!!



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