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The Journey Of Albus Potter: First Year by RachaelBrittain
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1, the journey to Hogwarts. Wait, who’s my dad?!
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As the Scarlet train glided around the corner Albus turned on the spot facing Rose. ‘Hey, do you want to go and get a compartment before they are all full up?’ Albus asked.

‘Yeah, come on let’s go,’ replied Rose, as they set off down the long corridor searching for an empty compartment. They soon came to one which only had one person in whom had short light brown hair of which was flattened down.

Albus then slid the door open, stepped inside and asked ‘Do you mind if we sit in this compartment with you?’

‘Yeah, sure, go ahead,’ replied the boy quietly, ‘I’m Ralf by the way, Ralf Chant,’ he added quickly holding out his hand.

‘I’m Albus Severus Potter and this is Rose Weasley,’ He said whilst shaking his hand then pointing at Rose.

Ralf looked very shocked as Albus introduced himself, for some reason which Albus couldn’t figure out. Whilst each of them where taking a seat Albus turned to Rose and said slowly, ‘I wonder why all of them people were staring at my dad –‘He soon found out why Ralf was looking so shocked as he quickly interrupted.

‘Your dad! Harry Potter, the famous Harry Potter!? He was out there!? You wonder why everyone was staring at him!?’ said Ralf sounding surprised, and looking at the confused face of Rose and Albus, Ralf quickly added, ‘ Don’t you know what your dad has done?, haven’t you ever wondered how he got that scar on his forehead, scars like that don’t just randomly happen, he got that scar for a reason. Your father was one of the greatest, and still is one of the greatest wizards in the world, didn’t you know that?’

‘My dad is famous!? Since when? I thought he was just an ordinary wizard, why is he famous, how did he get that scar?!’ asked Albus looking very shocked.

‘Err, I’m not quite sure I’m the right person to tell you this, Sorry.’

‘Anyway how come you know so much about Albus’s dad?’ asked Rose.

‘There are many books about him, in fact probably hundreds, there were books wrote about him before he was even one years old. He was even famous before he was one, it’s unbelievable the things he did. They’re amazing. Harry Potter was a brilliant wizard.’ Answered Ralf.

‘Where exactly did you find these books?’ said Rose curiously.

‘Well, they’re in most book shops, you just have to know where to find them, I expect they will be in Hogwarts library, although they may be in the restricted section, I don’t know, I’ve never been in there, it’s my first year at Hogwarts,’ replied Ralf.

‘It’s our first year too, why exactly would the books be in the restricted section?’ said Albus whom hadn’t spoken in a while because he was in such shock that he didn’t know anything about his own father.

‘Well, these days it would probably be in the restricted section because anything to do with you know who is-,’ said Ralf.

‘No I don’t know who you know who is, who is he?’ interrupted Rose.

‘You don’t know who you know who is?!’ said Ralf with a surprised expression upon his face again, ‘and once again I don’t think I’m the right person to tell you this information.’

Luckily Ralph was saved from being asked any more questions by either Albus or Rose, as the lunch trolley stopped outside their compartment and a woman opened their compartment door asking, ‘would you like anything off of the lunch trolley?’

Albus asked Rose and Ralf if they wanted anything but they both shook their heads, ‘Can I have three chocolate frogs and a pumpkin pasty please.’ Said Albus as he pulled out his bag of money and gave the woman 60 sickles and 10 knuts. ‘Thanks,’ said Albus in return as the woman gave him what he ordered. ‘Here you go, a treat on me.’ Said Albus, passing a chocolate frog to Rose and Ralf.

‘Thanks,’ Said Rose.

‘Thank you Albus, you know you didn’t have to, I wonder what card I have.’ Said Ralf opening the chocolate frog and taking the card out, ‘Look Albus I have the card of whom you were named after, Albus Dumbledore, it says Albus Dumbledore, ex headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Considered by many to have been the greatest wizard of his time, Albus Dumbledore was particularly famous for his defeat of the dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945, for the discovery of the twelve uses of Dragon’s blood and his work on alchemy with his partner, Nicolas Flamel. Professor Dumbledore highly enjoyed Chamber music and tenpin bowling. I remember reading about him and Nicholas Flamel making the philosopher’s stone, which he who must not be named could have had in his possession if it wasn’t for your father Albus, but anyway soon after, Albus Dumbledore and Nicolas Flamel destroyed the stone.’

‘Wait, what did my dad have to do with the Philosophers stone? What is the Philosopher’s stone anyway? Asked Harry looking clueless.

‘Once again, I’m not the person who should be telling you this, Sorry,’ Replied Ralf.

Albus then turned away and began eating his pumpkin pasty whilst Rose and Ralf finished eating their chocolate frogs. Suddenly the awkward silence was finally broken when their compartment door once again slid open, but this time, it was a familiar face of which appeared at the door. Albus’s brother. James Sirius Potter appeared at the door, who was just about to start his second year at Hogwarts. ‘You three better put your robes on soon, we will be arriving at Hogwarts in about 20 minutes.’ He informed Albus, Rose and who he had not yet met, Ralph Chant.

The train glided to a halt just outside Hogsmead train Station. The murmur of excited first year students grew louder as compartment doors were opening and closing behind all the students coming off the train. Witches and Wizards ranging from the ages of eleven to seventeen were piling off the Hogwarts Express into the glorious station of Hogsmead village.

‘Come on,’ said Albus, ‘let’s find Hagrid, he will be around here somewhere.’

‘So, this Hagrid is the game keeper and Care of Magical creatures teacher at Hogwarts, right?’ asked Ralf.

‘Yeah, that’s right, he’s great, Ahh there he is Albus,’ said Rose happily.

Standing in front of Albus, Rose and Ralf was Hagrid, as happy as ever, a very tall man, triple the width of an average man, with his face mostly covered by his long and fuzzy black hair and beard. His hair looked as though it hadn’t been washed in ages or even brushed before.

Ralf gazed up at him in shock. ‘Wow!’ he said amazed, ‘Is he a giant? Wow I have never seen one before! He’s magnificent!!’

Judging by the size of Hagrid, Albus was not at all surprised with Ralf’s question considering Hagrid was double the height of a normal man. ‘Yes, well, no, he’s a half giant, in fact one of the very few left in the world!’ replied Albus.

‘C’mon, firs-years over here, c’mon everyone follow me. Albus! Rose! How nice to see yer.’ Hagrid shouted waving his giant hands, of which were the size of dustbin lids, at Albus and Rose.

‘Hello Hagrid, how are you? Said Albus.

‘I’m jus fine, jus fine, who’s this then? Asked Hagrid looking at Ralf.

‘Hi, I’m Ralf Chant, it’s very nice to meet you Hagrid, I have heard so many things about you from Albus and Rose.’ Said Ralf in reply.

‘Ahh I hope there good thing’s, knowing these two half o’ that stuff probably ain’t true.’ Laughed Hagrid, whilst the others joined in. ‘Yer can come along for tea on Friday with Albus and Rose as well, if yer want too.’

‘Thank you, I will gladly join you, see you then.’ Replied Ralf.

Hagrid then addressed all the first years who had arrived and took them to the Lake. ‘Right everyone follow me, be careful and watch yer step along this bit.’ Hagrid said loudly as the first Years followed him down a narrow path heading towards the lake. ‘Ahh if yer look, everyone in a moment yer will see yer firs’ glimpse o’ Hogwarts.

As they turned a corner edging out onto the shore of the black lake, the excited noise suddenly rose. The narrow path of which everyone had been walking down suddenly opened up into the large depths of the great, black lake. The lake was lined with little wooden boats all of which had their own little lantern in. Hogwarts was then in sight. Standing before them was a glorious, immensely large, wonderful castle. There was a loud noise of ‘Oooooh’ as everyone was amazed at the sight of how beautiful the castle really was. ‘Welcome to yer new home for now firs-years!’ Said Hagrid happily. ‘All aboard, c’mon everyone, four to a boat, mind yer step, now!’ Hagrid said. Whilst everyone else was stepping into their boat’s Hagrid joined Albus, Ralf and Rose in theirs. ‘yer don’ mind if I come in yer boat, do yer?’ he asked.

‘No that’s fine Hagrid,’ replied Albus.

‘Thanks, everybody in?! Yeah, right hold on tight! –FORWARDS!’ said Hagrid to everyone. The boats immediately started to flow forwards along the crystal water of the great Black Lake towards Hogwarts castle. ‘Right everyone when yer get to Hogwarts walk through to the Entrance Hall were yer shall meet Professor Tweedy who will then tell yer what ter do.’

The excited murmur grew louder again whilst they flowed across the lake. ‘Hagrid who is Professor Tweedy? What does she teach?’ asked Rose.

‘She’s the head o’ firs-years and Hufflepuff, she’s nice although she can be strict. She teaches yer how ter fly on the brooms, so I expect you’ll be one o’ her favourite students Albus seein’ as your fath-’ replied Hagrid.

‘What do you mean, I will be one of her favourite students?’ interrupted Albus.

‘Didn’t you know your dad was captain?!’ said Hagrid raising his voice.


‘Well he was Gryffindor captain, he was a brilliant seeker, so was your grandfather James he was a great seeker unfortunately he couldn’t become anything of it because o’ you know who, but it runs in yer blood Albus, unfortunately your brother wasn’t interested in quidditch, so its yer turn now, so I suggest you go for seeker Gryffindor need a new one this year, but firs-years don’t make the quidditch team, your father was the youngest seeker o’ the century, he was brilliant!’

‘Wait what?! Once again who is you know who?! No I don’t know who you know who is, but he seems to be coming up allot within my family, Who is he? And what does he have to do with my grandfather?!’ asked Albus angrily.

‘WHAT!? You’re telling me you don’t know how your grandfather died!? Oh no, I shouldn’t ‘ave said that, I shouldn’t o’ told yer that.’ said Hagrid, his voice slowly lowering.

‘No! I want to know what happened! They’re part of my family, I should know, and yeah I know how he died, he was murdered but I didn’t know who killed him, WHO IS YOU KNOW WHO!?’ Albus asked, raising his voice once again.

‘um, not right now Albus, I’ll talk to yer another time abou’ it, but quiet down, everyone is starting to listen in to this conversation, but, look here, a quick brief, you know who was the darkest wizard o’ all times, and the most dangerous, he had followers many followers, called death eaters, it was dark times, very dark times he killed as many people as he could, it was terrible, and he killed your grandparents, when Harry was a baby and he tried killing Harry, but Lily saved Harry by Love, Harry is the only person that has ever survived the killing curse in the world. This made your father famous. That’s how he got his scar, but something magical happened that night, your dad was just a baby and sent You know who away for many many years, the killings stopped, the death eaters went to Azkaban and the world was once again peaceful, but when yer father started Hogwarts you know who came back and tried to kill your dad, several times your dad was facing death in the face, but he stayed strong and never died, he survived and took down you know who, in his seventh year he killed you know who. The most powerful dark wizard of all time. Therefore your dad is now famous Albus, he is the greatest wizard of all times, and he was brilliant.’ Said Hagrid quietly.

‘Woah, why can’t people say you know who’s name?’ asked Albus a little confused.

‘Because people even now are terrified to say his name, the only people that ever said his name was both of your parents, Albus and Rose, Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore, the best headmaster Hogwarts ever had, I’ve said his name once, but I never will again, but I’ve said to much, shouldn’t o’ said all that.’

Albus was now sat in the corner of the boat. He was in shock, silence. Wow my dad was amazing, he was a brilliant wizard, I can’t believe it, and he did all those things! Wow he was an amazing wizard! I hope I can be like him, but why didn’t my dad tell me any of this, I want to know what happened, why did he hide this all from me, oh my, he was a great wizard, why didn’t he tell me any of this?! All these thoughts were going through Albus’s head with many different mixed emotions; he didn’t know what to think, why did my dad not tell me any of this? Silence soon fell upon them all, whilst they glided through the water towards Hogwarts.


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The Journey Of Albus Potter: First Year: Chapter 1, the journey to Hogwarts. Wait, who’s my dad?!


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