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Decided by sapphire25
Chapter 3 : Part III
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It was silent. Well, almost. There was a shatter of glass from the Ravenclaw zone, suddenly masked by a burst of cheers from my left. Benjamin was shouting at the top of his voice, joined by a few other Ravenclaws, if a little reluctantly. I didn't dare look back.

Instead I marched to the waiting cluster of Gryffindors.

"I can't believe it! We bagged ourselves a Ravenclaw!" One boy exclaimed, pulling me into a tight hug.

"Let  her go Dylan! Frost won't be happy if we kill a new Gryffie before the Feast even starts." Another voice called from behind, making Dylan release me from his grip. I smiled at the now sheepish looking lad, turning to watch the rest of the Sorting.

A few people, mostly Ravenclaws, were still gazing at me in horror, but I overlooked them. Benjamin caught my eye immediately, sending me a big wave and cheesy grin. Christopher smiled beside him, a look of disappointment and hurt clouding his usually bright eyes. I smiled back, making it reach my eyes for the first time in days.

"You shouldn't do that. By choosing Gryffindor you left your family behind. Waving at them like you're only stepping out for five minutes isn't going to help you settle in." A voice from behind me whispered. I recognised it as the one that told Dylan to stop hugging me, so I turned back to face him.

"And you are?" I asked, examining him carefully. Messy black hair, light brown eyes, a faint scatter of freckles, broad shoulders and a strong jaw. On the whole, he was handsome. Seriously, smoking-hot kind of handsome.

"James." He answered, meeting my gaze.

"I'll take it you already know my name, but just for the formality of it all, I'm Cassia. And for your first speculation, I know I left them behind. Is it really so wrong that I wanted to smile at my brother one last time before my mother filled his mind with words like 'traitor' and 'a disgrace to the family'?"

I turned back to watch the next girl, a Ravenclaw, take her place, not waiting for an answer. But James didn't catch on. He began to chuckle behind me, muffling the noise with his hand.

"I'm sorry, do I amuse you?" I asked, still not facing him. Instead I searched the crowd for my parents, where I guessed the glass shattered. My mother had been holding a flute of champagne during the Sorting.

"Well, yes actually. It's just you're so...un-Ravenclaw-ish, it's funny! The fact your mother's already shunning you from the family is completely like a Ravenclaw, but the fact you really don't seem to care completely bemuses me. Cassia? Are you listening to me?"

His voice faded to a distant hum. My breath caught in my throat, my eyes burning as I refused to blink.

They were locked with my mother's, which were full of pure loathing. I'd never seen such an emotion shown so strongly towards myself or any other person. My father was giving me a proud smile from beside her, but I didn't return it. Instead I held her gaze, locking my jaw. Finally, she turned away, her face one of disgust and disappointment. A hand slipping into mine jolted me back to reality.

"I'm sorry."

I turned, confused. It was James, his eyes searching mine.

"What for? It's not your fault. It's-"

"It's not yours either." He cut me off, causing me to snort. His eyes widened, staring at me as I began to shake with small ripples of laughter.

"Did you just...snort? Like a pig?" A smile tugged on his own lip.

"Well, yeah. Of course it's not my fault. Why on earth would I say such a Ravenclaw-ish thing?" I whispered, my voice bubbling with laughter. "It's hers for being such a stuck-up, arrogant, petty, snobbish, self-absorbed, name-maintaining bitch!"

I could feel James shaking with laughter beside me, sounding like a kneazle with a cold.

"I can honestly say that that was the last thing I expected to come out of your mouth. You're more Gryffindor than I thought!"

I was about to ask him what he had thought when the white-haired man spoke up, silencing the room.

"And that concludes our Sorting ceremony. Every child aged fifteen has chosen their House- I do hope none of them regret those decisions. For those who switched Houses, your families will be able to visit in three weeks, bringing your remaining belongings with them. Lessons will be cancelled for that day so other students can also visit their siblings. Now, to the Feast!"

I felt like the last sentence was directed at me and Benjamin, but before I could voice that opinion to James, I was swept along with the crowd of Gryffindors. I didn't register anything other than the exhilarating bursts of energy that flooded my entire body as I sprinted alongside them. Kicking of my heels, I clutched them in my left hand.

My right was still clutched in James'.




It didn't take me long to get aquainted with my fellow Sorted. Two Hufflepuffs and a Slytherin had also transferred, making me the only Ravenclaw. In the end, judging by what most people were saying, I was the last Ravenclaw to transfer to any other House for nine years.

They'd lost six of their own, making us a bundle of eleven- seven originals and four transfers. It turned out James was actually meant to be Sorted the previous year, making him sixteen, but couldn't because of his family. Blood and heritage or something. At least it explained why I hadn't seen him at school.

There was Melissa Gray and David Jones, the two Hufflepuffs, and Robert Quale, the Slytherin Sorted before Christopher.

Then there was James, Dylan, Cody, Elizabeth, Astoria, Lucian and Evanna. They didn't tell us their last names, though Elizabeth looked ready to burst hers out. Merlin only knows.

When the novelty of recieving a Ravenclaw had worn off a bit, though not entirely, they hushed, staring at the other Houses that were arriving. I stiffened when Ravenclaw entered, suddenly finding my empty goblet extremely interesting in contrast to the death glares I was still recieiving. I was the only Ravenclaw transfer, and one who's family was high up, and they weren't going to let me forget that easily.

Sensing my rigid demeanour, James gave my shoulder a light punch. I decided to take it as comforting gesture.

"Don't show them you're scared."

"What? I'm not scared, I'm..." I paused, trying to find a word. It was true, I wasn't scared, but avoiding eye contact was an act of weakness. And Gryffindors are not weak.

I raised my head, facing James. He smiled, subtly nodding towards the Ravenclaw table on the far side of the room. Hufflepuff lay between us, Slytherin behind. I cast a deadly look at every person, surprised at just how many eyes were actually on me. I could hear the whispers: traitor, disgrace, failure. Even more surprising was that this made me smirk. A proper, full on, Slytherin worthy smirk, like I was revelling in the attention.

I met every gaze, staring at them with superiority. Most looked away in embarrassment, disgust or fear. Others held my gaze for longer, giving me a small nod or faint smile and turning back to their friends. It was forfilling, knowing that they couldn't dare say those words to my face.


I jumped at the girlish squeal. Across the table Evanna was staring at the now food filled table, her face full of glee. I laughed along with everyone else, watching her flick her strawberry blonde fringer over her face in embarrassment. Never the less, I too was in awe at the different types of food lain put in front of me.

"Well? Are you going to eat or do you Ravenclaws prefer to inhale the food?" James asked, a smirk dancing across his face. I smiled back, reaching across the table and grabbing an olive roll and some form of fruit. I stared at it in confusion, trying to figure out what it was.

"Hey, Claw, what is it? Never seen a mango before?" Robert called from further up the table. I looked at him, smiling.

"No, actually, I haven't."

This was met by many gasps and laughs, others pointing out different foods and asking me if I knew what it was. Unfortunately most I didn't- Ravenclaws stuck to specific diets and tradition instead of delving into flavour and all.

"Here. You peel the skin and eat the flesh. Watch out for the seed in this middle. It's pretty big but just in case." James laughed, handing me a thin blade.

I took it, peeling back the green and red skin. All those hours spent peeling potatoes for Sunday lunch were worth it after all. Dylan gasped in mock horror when he saw that I could use a blade better than him, and left the fruit in a much better condition.

The conversation changed to questions about the train, journey and our new home. I listened intently, sucking on the sweet yellow flesh of the mango at the same time. We were well into dessert when the chatter suddenly ceased. Everyone's eyes turned to just behind me, the hush flooding the whole room.


I sighed, putting down my drink and standing up.

"Mother. How can I help you? Do you want to remind me what a disgrace I am, because if so, I got the message."

Luckily I'd slipped my heels back on once we'd sat down instead of dropping them in one of the many corridors, so I stood over her by a good few inches. I put my left hand on my hip, meeting her icy gaze and tone. Her fists clenched, her teeth grinding together. Behind her my father made his way towards us in embarrassment.

"Why? Why did you abandon us? We're your family Cassia. Blood actually means something in our House. Did you even think what this would mean? What on earth made you do such a selfish thing?"

My mouth dropped open into a shocked smirk.

"Why? You're asking me why? Why the hell not? I'm not a Ravenclaw mother, something you would have realised if you weren't so preoccupied with your stupid fantasies. That's all they were mother- fantasies! And of course I know what this means! You don't think that it killed me to leave behind Benjamin and Christopher and Lucy? But I did this selfish act because at least they knew that it would be better to let me go than have me moping around in a House that I so obviously don't belong in! The final push was my own father telling me to be selfish, so go stick that up your arrogant arse! How does it feel? To have your own husband, your own son, side with your traitor of a daughter?"

The room was silent now, everyone listening. Never before had a parent confronted their child during the Feast,and never before had the child spoken back so viciously.

"You are no daughter of mine." She hissed back, regarding me like a monster.

"Gladly. Can't say you were the best mother in the first place!" I smirked, curtseying ever so slightly.

That was the final straw. Her hand whipped up and cracked across my face. My mouth dropped open, my head snapping to the left. There was a pause when I turned back to face her. Slowly I stepped towards her, closing the gap between us. She leant back, fear overpowering her original sense of victory. With a flick of my wrist I yanked the locket from my neck, snapping the chain in two. Silently I took her hand, dropping it in the palm. Our eyes met, both raging with hatred, before she broke off and strode back towards her table. My father reached out for her, but she pushed him off, obviously not forgetting that I'd just dropped him in the deep end.

"I'll send Benjamin for the visit, with your stuff. Goodbye Cassia." He whispered, breaking the silence that had swamped the room once again. I nodded in reply, not meeting his eyes. I slid back into my seat with the Gryffindors, shock taking over my body. I wasn't the only one.

The entire room looked shell-shocked. I knew that she would shun me, hate me even, but to confront me in front of all the Houses during the celebratory Feast and slapping me across the face was a bit excessive. People never hit their children here, especially Ravenclaws. And she was an authority figure; our name is well known in the Great Halls.

"Well that was interesting." Cody exclaimed, earning glares from most people around us, even from the Huffepuffs sitting behind him. I on the other hand looked at him, breaking into a slightly aching grin.

"Yeah. Most excitement I've had in years." My voice, let alone my answer, shocked the others, bringing them out of their trance like state.

"What? More exciting than discovering the mango?" Robert chipped in, taking a swig of his pumpkin juice.

"Ooh, Merlin no! It wasn't that exciting!" I smirked. The others laughed, trampling on any remaining tension in the air. Other tables followed our lead, bursting into loud and over-exaggerated conversations about the event.

The ache in my cheek faded, the pit in my stomach beginning to disappear as I reminded myself that this was my family now. And if things didn't turn out as expected, and I needed outside help, Benjamin was coming in three weeks.

Three weeks to survive the House of Wolves.




~Author's Note~


Opinions on the new characters anyone? I REVIEW BACK! Plus your reviews are like chocolate chip cookies to me. So every word in that little box below is a crumb towards a cookie! Anyway, little reminder, I don't own Harry Potter (that is from J.K. Rowling) or Divergent (that is from Veronica Roth) and mangos are amazing fruits. I don't think anyone owns them though...I'll be updating soon guys, so keep on reading!

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