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Living In London by CharliesRose
Chapter 14 : Chapter 13, Part 2 - Albus
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Amazingly gorgeous Chapter Image of C Finnegan by annihilation @ TDA 

Let’s get one thing straight before we continue; C Finnegan is a class A Bitch. She was Hogwarts Most Hated. Ever. And everybody knew about her mean tendancies because everyone knew her. She treats people as though they are below scum. It’s not even as though she has some complicated back story with an abusive father or something terrible like that; no she’s daddy’s little girl and her parents are still happily married and both love her. I’ve spent enough time with her to know that. She is just a mean and horrible person in general.

How I met her? She shoved a frog down my shirt in our first ever potions class and called me pathetic because I messed up our potions assignment. She then laughed very loudly and we became friends. She was a Gryffindor, and we hung out a lot, even though my only other friends at the time (Rose and Scorpius) couldn’t stand her. I thought there was something fascinating about her, maybe it’s just that she’s so beautiful or maybe it’s her horrible personality. I couldn’t help but want to get to know her.  

Most people got to know her through the Hogwarts news paper, she founded it, and ran it all through the seven years she attended the school, along with a team of three others, including me. She wrote about everything, and anything, and she genuinely brought people to tears with her writing, she was that cruel. She was the next generation’s Rita Skeeter, with one subtle difference. It wasn’t her lies that made her such a horrible person, it was her brutal honesty. She’d never told a lie in her life, it didn’t matter who it would hurt, she just didn’t do it. She spoke the truth about everything.

After Hogwarts she tried out for a spot with the Prophet; they only gave her a tiny column and she couldn’t stand that, so after a while she quit and started touring the world looking for things to write about. She’d written a book already, and last I heard she was in Spain. And even that was over a year ago. She was never ver good at keeping in touch.

‘Hey Albie,’ she grinned as I placed her back on the ground. C was nearly my height, even without heels, so in the killer shoes she wore now, she was an inch or two taller than me. Her legs seemed to go on forever. ‘You look terrible.’ She leant forward and kissed my cheek, placing her long, thin fingers on my shoulder.

‘You look amazing, as ever,’ I grinned in response, ‘How did you get here?’

‘Apparated, I knew you’d be here for Christmas, but I’ve lost track of where you’ve been the rest of the time, so I thought this was the safest bet.’

‘How was Spain?’  

‘Hm,’ she marched back to her seat at the window, where I followed her obediently, ‘the weather is much better but the people, their lives are nothing spectacular to write about. Actually I’ve been in Brazil this last month.’

‘Just thought you’d pop back home to see dear old Albie before your next extravagant trip?’ I winked, ‘Scorpius is pissed off.’

‘Oh I know,’ C smiled, pulling my hand down so I collapsed into a seat on the window frame opposite the blonde. ‘He came up a while ago, got the shock of his life, swore at me, that filthy bastard-’

‘C!’ I protested warningly.

‘I’m sorry,’ she replied sweetly, without missing a beat, ‘as I was saying he didn’t seem very happy to see me, but your mother did,’ she rolled her eyes, ‘I always knew she was the only one in your family who didn’t mind my presence.’

‘Dad likes you.’ I pointed out.

‘He doesn’t count,’ she said shrewdly, ‘he’s the saviour of the Wizarding world, he’s supposed to like everyone. How have you been? As shit as you look?’

‘You’re quick on the compliments today,’ I noted sarcastically, C threw me a winning smile. ‘I’m fine.’

‘You’re lying.’

‘I’m better,’ I corrected myself.

‘After Jess’s-’

‘I swear C if I have to talk about that I’m going to punch you in the face.’ C leaned forward and pressed her forehead against my chest.

‘Sorry I wasn’t hear for you,’ she said softly, ‘I didn’t know what to say if I came home.’

‘S’ok sweetie.’

‘All right love birds? Can you go and make-out in some other dark corner of the underworld.’ Scorpius was standing in the doorway, his eyes were narrowed and he was glaring at C very uncharacteristically.

‘Play nicely,’ C stood up, her hair tumbled around her face, ‘I missed your bitterness Scorpius, it did brighten up my life.’ I followed her as she marched out of the room and down the stairs, with every intention to monitor the trouble she was bound to cause but Scorpius ended up catching my arm.

‘She isn’t staying,’ Scorpius growled, his grudge ran too deep for a few years apart to solve.

‘She’s my friend Scorp,’ I raised an eyebrow, ‘she can stay as long as she likes.’


She did stay, in the end. Nana Molly couldn’t resist and extra mouth to feed and mum refused to let C leave without catching up properly, I guess she was just like that. And so we sat at an awkwardly placed dinner table with C between mum and I, and the rest of the relatives divided up by their own conversations, completely ignored the new presence in the room.

C didn’t really mind, she didn’t care about being shunned by people that didn’t like her, she just ignored them and carried on ruining their lives. It was the way she worked.

‘So you’re now working in-’ my mum asked, pressing C for more information about her life that she probably wasn’t likely to give.

‘Not,’ C smiled brightly, cutting a potato into tiny chunks and placing each one in her mouth, on after the other. ‘I’ve got quite a bit of money from the book-’

‘Oh yes I read it, Al’s copy, it was very impressive, you’ve come on a lot since Hogwarts.’

‘-So now I’m just staying at home for a bit with mum and dad and seeing what comes up.’ She didn’t have a care in the world, this girl. There was me, I’d been looking for a job since... well... since Jess, and C could get one whenever she wanted, all she had to do was say the word and smile sweetly. If you didn’t know her, her smile could be quite the charmer.   

Mum raised an eyebrow and C’s comment, and C laughed.

‘I’m sorry is there a flaw in my beautifully constructed plan?’ she asked, innocently.

‘You rely too much on opportunities coming up, C dear.’

‘Yes Mrs P. And I’m sure that shall be my downfall,’ she continued breezily, ‘but for now I don’t really need to work. I can live quite comfortably the way I am.’

‘I know you C Finnegan, you’re never going to be content not writing something that will make someone else cry tears of embarrassment, sadness and Merlin knows what else.’

‘I never said I was stopping writing,’ she kept her grin on her face as she turned to me, ‘isn’t that so Al?’ she smiled.

Dinner ended and the crowds of happy Weasley people dispersed into the other rooms. Mum had struck up a conversation with Aunty Hermione, her hand rested against dad and I could hear the buzz of the radio in the living room spurting out children’s story’s to its avid under-ten-year-old listeners, and Uncle Ron.

C and I had kept up a conversation about her book. It was on the history of the nuttiest witches and wizards to date, Merlin and Dumbledore included. Admittedly it was a laugh. But something in C’s eyes told me she hadn’t pitched up and the Burrow so unexpectedly just to talk about her book. She kept glancing across the room, her eyes would settle on someone for a moment, and then she would smirk and turn back to me.

‘What’s up?’ I asked, after the seventh, or so, time she’d done that. This time choosing to roll her eyes and Scorpius swung Rose around in his arms and planted his lips firmly on hers.  ‘C, you’re so distracted.’ I laughed a little.

She looked at me sceptically, ‘come on Albus, let’s go for a walk.’ Obediently, like a puppy following it’s owner, I chased after her as she marched across the kitchen to the back door. She earned a few disapproving glares but other than that most of my family had resorted to ignoring her. It pissed me off.

The garden was a light with the early glow of the moon that had just come up and the first splash of stars. I could make out most of C’s figure in the dark, her eyes wide and staring out into the distance. She absently reached behind her and found my hand, lacing her fingers through mine. She’d never really been one for affectionate moments, the fact that she even wanted to talk so privately made my heart speed up with fear.

‘You know what I’m going to ask right?’ she said warily, not looking at me. She began to walk along the dusty track, we were heading for the village but it would take a good while to get there. Her eyes trained along the path in front of her. When I didn’t answer, her eyes flashed up briefly, ‘are you okay?’ she whispered into the night.

‘Why are you here C?’ I asked abruptly, ignoring what she had said.

‘Didn’t you want to see me?’ she smirked, her voice rising again.

‘Course I did, but the last time I saw you, you said you were heading to Spain and you weren’t coming home.’ I added, ‘ever,’ at the end to prove a point.

‘Yeah well I changed my mind, and didn’t I sayI was actually in Brazil before I came back? I ran into an old friend.’ She hid her smile between her long hair.

‘Really?’ I asked, knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist enlightening me on this new discovery.

‘Yeah, Sarah’ she said. I flinched.

‘I thought she was living in Scotland now?’ I asked stiffly.

C replied, ‘she is, she was there on holiday with her boyfriend, I travelled back with them, she’d doing great now, considering-’

‘And that’s what made you come back.’

There was a long silence. We had turned off the track at I don’t know what point and we were wading through short grass across the ledge of a rolling hill that dipped into a shallow valley. Trees of the Burrow grew tall on the right and threw shadows across our faces. C stopped and turned around, her face, milky in the evening, looked up at me.

‘Yes.’ She said quite honestly, ‘because I saw Jess’s sister, I came home.’

‘I’m not talking about this Claire!’ I snapped.

‘Don’t call me that,’ she snapped back, ‘and we’ll talk about what I want us to talk about,’ her voice softened, ‘I was a shit best friend, I ran away because you loved Jess more than me, which made me a selfish friend, and I didn’t come back when you needed me to and that made me heartless.’

‘We already know you’re both of those, but comforting isn’t exactly your forte.’ My voice had lost all emotion, I felt dead. I knew where this was going. I knew what she was going to say any moment now.

‘You’re my best friend Al.’ She whispered, ‘you were there for me after every one of the guys I kissed, you talked to me even when the whole school hated me, you didn’t care that your only other friends refused to sit by me, you let me copy your exam papers in class because I spent too much time writing that fucking news paper, you were the only friend that I ever had home to meet my parents...’ she ticked the points off on her fingers as she talked, but her eyes didn’t leave mine. I could hear it coming in her voice. She was going to say it. I wanted my mouth to open to stop her but I could barely breathe. It would be the first time someone had said it since it happened...

‘And when you needed me most I couldn’t bring myself to come home and face you.’

‘It’s fine,’ I tried to croak, the words came out in a slur, a mumble. I could feel myself shaking. I could feel the prick of tears in my eyes, I collapsed against the figure in front of me and she wrapped her arms around me. C had never been one for hugs but this time she was making up for every hug she should have given after Jess.  

‘I’m so sorry she had to die Al,’ she whispered, she was shaking too, ‘I’m so sorry.’

But it was the truth. It was time I forgave myself and let it go. It was over. Jess was dead, she was gone.




Wow guys, what do you think of that bombshell? Quite something hey? So I’m not sure if I told you all yet already but I’ve written a chapter, that is to come a bit later, that reveals Albus’s entire story. I sobbed. The whole way through. And this is just hinting at the beginning of the story. It’s quite sad.

Anyways I am SO SORRY that I have not updated in so long BUT reviews inspire me, let me know what you think about what’s happened/ what’s going to happen, any corrections I need to make. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW.

Lastly, JK Rowling is the owner of the Harry Potter world and anything else you might recognise I did not create either. I only write for other’s to enjoy.


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